Calvin's Bondage Knot



A bondage knot for single appendages restrained in tension (as in spread-eagle) that maximizes circulation and spreads out the distribution of tensile load.

Make a loop in the rope using an overhand knot. The loop should be sized so that when the knot is on one side of the ankle (or wrist), the end of the loop will be on the opposite side.

Take one of the two lines from the knot and wrap it around the ankle and through the loop. [Note: normally everything would be rotated so the knot would be higher, and the loop lower, on the ankle than shown here].

Reverse course with the line, wrapping it all the way back around the ankle and through the newly formed (second) loop. Continue alternating wraps back and forth, forming new loops, for as many as desired.

When making the wraps, alternate passing over and under the other line (i.e. the one that will tie to the restraint). On the last wrap, feed the line through the most recently formed loop (from the foot side) then across and through the first loop (from the knee side).

If snugged up a little, this should prove sufficient--but if you want more security, add a slip knot (as shown) or some other knot.

Hints: For comfort, the wraps should not be slightly loose, not tight. If there is going to be a lot of tension on the bondage, or the person will be restrained for a long time, wrap the ankle with a small hand towel first (distributes the load better). For a soft, flexible 5/8" diameter line, the end of the line that will form the wraps should be about 54" long (4 wraps).