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Dad's Sunday Tickling Ordeal ~ True Tickling Tales

The Barefoot Bodybuilder ~ Forced Workouts
The Barefoot Bodybuilder, Part Two: The Initiation ~ Tickle Initiations
The Captive ~ Punishment Tickling
The Treehouse ~ Brotherly Tickling
Turn-About ~ Revenge Tickling

Hot Footin' Bear ~ Tickle Torture

B.J. Michaels
Mid-Term Exam ~ Endurance Tickling

Tickle Island ~ Punishment Tickling

Bill Cory
Camper's Nightmare ~ Punishment Tickling

Names Changed to Protect the Not-So-Innocent ~ Cum Control

Doc's Checkup ~ Clinical Tickling

Tickle Poker & Last Words ~ Tickle Games

Modern-Day Stocks ~ Tools of the Trade
Ultimate Foot Bondage Device ~ Tools of the Trade

The Foot Doctor ~ Clinical Tickling
Gravity Boots ~ Forced Workouts
The Intruder ~ Revenge Tickling
Long-Distance Tickle ~ Tickle Adventures
Mark's Fraternity Initiation ~ Tickle Initiations
More Than He Bargained For (Chapter 1) ~ Interactive Stories
The Stranger ~ Revenge Tickling
The Talented Top ~ True Tickling Tales
Wrapped and Tickled ~ True Tickling Tales

My Brother, the Tickle Freak ~ Brotherly Tickling

A Well-Thought Plan Goes Awry ~ True Tickling Tales
Caught By My Roomie ~ Surprise Tickling

Cactus Jack
Let's Roast The Sucker ~ Tickle Torture

Holding The Truth ~ Brotherly Tickling

Calvin's Bondage Knot ~ Tools of the Trade
Matrix for "See/Say/So" ~ Tickle Games

Camping Trip ~ Tickle Adventures
The Stocks (M/M adaptation) ~ Tickle Interrogations
Tarzan's Torture ~ Heroes and Villains

On Command ~ Cum Control

Christopher Rosalie
Tickled Yuppie ~ Tickle Wagers
Tickling Arthur's Feet ~ Cum Control

D's Diabolical Devices ~ Tools of the Trade
A Day In Hell ~ Tickle Wagers
First Tickle Bet ~ Tickle Wagers
Paying My Debt ~ Tickle Wagers
Soles of a Spy ~ Tickle Torture
S-T-R-E-T-C-H ~ Tickle Torture
Stuck ~ Surprise Tickling
Toll-Booth Tickling ~ Tickle Wagers

A Farmboy's Memoir ~ Cum Control
Lord Kinzuboro's Gift ~ Cum Control

D.R.von Todtenhausen
Jan's Torment ~ Tickle Torture

Mike ~ True Tickling Tales
Stark ~ Surprise Tickling
Zack ~ Tickle Adventures

Ironsides ~ True Tickling Tales

The Dark One
Revenge is a Dish Best Served Black ~ Revenge Tickling

Revenge ~ Cum Control

Say "Uncle" ~ Endurance Tickling

Apology to a Psycho Sole-Licker ~ Revenge Tickling
Bear Season ~ Revenge Tickling
Dave and the Dickersons ~ True Tickling Tales
On The Bayou (with L.Pare) ~ Punishment Tickling
Psychotic Foot Fiends and Tickling Terrorists ~ True Tickling Tales
Tickle Interrogation ~ Tickle Interrogations
Tracked, Trounced, Tied and Tickled ~ Tickle Adventures

Dean H.
Feet Beaters ~ Tickle Torture
M/M Experience ~ Endurance Tickling
Room 1720 ~ True Tickling Tales
Tickle Torture Contract ~ Tools of the Trade

Down Under
The Kidnapping of Michael ~ True Tickling Tales
TenderRibs' Great Adventure ~ True Tickling Tales
Tickling a Cute, But Shy, First-Timer ~ True Tickling Tales

David's Fun ~ Tickle Interrogations

The Pipe ~ Surprise Tickling
Rob's Parties ~ True Tickling Tales
Sleeping Bag Tickling ~ True Tickling Tales
Tickled Half To Death ~ True Tickling Tales
Two Ticklish Brothers ~ Brotherly Tickling

Caught In The Act ~ Punishment Tickling
Coming Forward ~ Revenge Tickling
Dave's Punishment ~ Revenge Tickling
The Fiend ~ Cum Control
The Gel ~ Tickle Torture
The Interrogation ~ Tickle Interrogations
The King's Entertainment ~ Cum Control
The Last Train to Finchley ~ Surprise Tickling
The Machine ~ Cum Control
Rocker's Revenge ~ Revenge Tickling
The Stable ~ Cum Control
The Three Rooms ~ Punishment Tickling
The Wall ~ Cum Control
Wind Feather ~ Revenge Tickling

After The Match ~ Endurance Tickling
The Major ~ Military Tickling
The Pay-Back ~ Military Tickling

Elric Bonds
Home Coming ~ Cop Tickling

Eric Lane
Cum Control Lesson for a Straight Boy: Steve-Part 1 ~ Cum Control
Straight and Bound: Mark ~ Cum Control
Straight and Bound: Steve ~ Cum Control

Erik's Revenge ~ Tickle Initiations
The Flier ~ Tickle Adventures
A Laughing Matter ~ Tickle Adventures
The Military Secret ~ Tickle Adventures

Fun With a Lifeguard ~ Tickle Torture

Executive Tickle Torture Machine ~ Tools of the Trade
SCORTMODE: A "Professional" Punishment ~ Punishment Tickling

The Morning After ~ Tickle Adventures

From the Journal of a Hypno-Tickler ~ Tickle Adventures
The Volunteer ~ Clinical Tickling

Dr. Gumm ~ Cum Control

Deputy Hank Silver ~ Cop Tickling

Getting Griffey ~ Cum Control
Milking The Bull ~ Cum Control

Robin's Wild Ride ~ Heroes and Villains

Asylum ~ Clinical Tickling
Crew Team Discipline ~ Forced Workouts
Dana's Big Mistake ~ Punishment Tickling
Interrogation By Tickle (Chapter 1) ~ Interactive Stories
Officer Cole's Secret (FootFile No. 1) ~ Cop Tickling
Shipped Out - Part One ~ Military Tickling
Tied and Tickled ~ Revenge Tickling
Tommy's Big Boy Boner ~ Cum Control

Accidental Disclosure ~ Surprise Tickling
Straight Boy Tickle Trap ~ Surprise Tickling
Ticklish Intern ~ Tickle Adventures

The Goblin King
Number 57 ~ Tickle Torture

Over Again: A Milking Story ~ Cum Control

Brotherly Attitude Adjustment ~ Brotherly Tickling
Harney's Punishment ~ Punishment Tickling
High School Wrestler Tickle Punishment ~ Punishment Tickling
Jake and the Tickling Booth ~ Revenge Tickling
A Ticklish Son Of A Gun ~ Punishment Tickling

Prince Val's Persuasion ~ Cum Control

Brian's Torment ~ Brotherly Tickling
The Cast Party ~ Clinical Tickling
Cop Tickle Interrogation ~ Cop Tickling (password required)
Get James Bond! ~ Heroes and Villains
Let Him Have It ~ Revenge Tickling
School For Scandal ~ Punishment Tickling
A Snowy Winter Day ~ Revenge Tickling
The Three Roommates ~ Tickle Adventures

Arm Wrestling ~ Tickle Wagers
Chin-Up Suspension ~ Forced Workouts
Cop Tickle Interrogation ~ Cop Tickling (password required)
Craps-You Lose ~ Tickle Wagers
Dumbbell Flies ~ Forced Workouts
Elevator Tickle Attack ~ Surprise Tickling
Forced Chin-Ups ~ Forced Workouts
Fourth-Quarter Tickle Blitz ~ Endurance Tickling
How To Build Stocks ~ Tools of the Trade
Inclined Crunches ~ Forced Workouts
Jack's Bondage Playroom ~ You Don't Know Jack...
Jack's Tickle Torture Hints ~ You Don't Know Jack...
Locker Room Revenge ~ Revenge Tickling
Racked and Tickled ~ Tickle Torture
Seven Hard...Hours ~ Cum Control

James West
Tied & Tickled ~ Endurance Tickling
Montana Blue ~ Cop Tickling

Jasper Zilch
The IHID Machine ~ Military Tickling

Jay Grafmiller
Jay's Tickling Tools ~ Tools of the Trade

Jeff Kincaid
Tickler ~ Cop Tickling

Tickling the Team Captain ~ True Tickling Tales

Tim, The Ticklish Skatepunk ~ Tickle Wagers

See/Say/So ~ Tickle Games
Tickle Dominos ~ Tickle Games

Joe T.
A Birthday Present From Crazy Nick ~ Surprise Tickling
The Training Room (drawing) ~ Cum Control

The Red Anchor ~ Tickle Torture

Cop Tickle Interrogation ~ Cop Tickling (password required)

Cop Tickle Interrogation ~ Cop Tickling (password required)
Hot Summer Challenge ~ Forced Workouts

Keith Steeclif
Be Careful What You Wish For ~ Heroes and Villains
Cory Puts His Best Foot Forward ~ Tickle Adventures
Gymnastickles ~ Forced Workouts
Halloween Howl ~ Tickle Adventures
I See Laughter In Your Future ~ Punishment Tickling
Laughing Like Crazy ~ Clinical Tickling
Mischief In Metropolis ~ Heroes and Villains
No Bell Is Gonna Save You Now ~ Ticklish Celebrities
Saved By The Bell - The Laughing Years ~ Ticklish Celebrities
Vlad The Tickled ~ Endurance Tickling
When A Stranger Calls ~ Surprise Tickling

Freshman Loses A Bet With His Roommate ~ Tickle Wagers

Ricky's Secret ~ Ticklish Celebrities

Friendly Persuasion ~ Tickle Interrogations

Armpit Tickling ~ True Tickling Tales

Tickling The Shit Out Of A Tough Guy ~ Endurance Tickling
Trapping a Ticklish Red Bear ~ True Tickling Tales
When Your Tickle Partner Is Unconscious ~ Tickle Adventures

Lyle Blake
Adam's Ribcage ~ Forced Workouts
Finding the Ticklish Twin ~ Brotherly Tickling
Giving a Helping Hand ~ Cum Control
Horsing Around in Class ~ Military Tickling
How Ticklish Is Tony? ~ Tickle Wagers
A Ticklish Situation ~ Endurance Tickling

Maine Bear
Feather Gloves ~ Tools of The Trade

Dr. Leland Everhard's Totally Vicious, Wickedly Wonderful, Marvelously Malicious Tickling Milking Machine ~ Cum Control
Prison Tickle ~ Tickle Adventures

Cop Tickle Interrogation ~ Cop Tickling (password required)

The Arcade ~ Cum Control
Craig's Job Interview ~ Cum Control
Disobeying the Master ~ Cum Control
Keith's First Bondage Experience ~ Cum Control
The Many Cummings of Kevin ~ Cum Control
The Physical ~ Cum Control
Revenge ~ Cum Control

To The Victor Go The Toils ~ Tickle Adventures

Patrick Colby
Footslave ~ Tickle Torture
Mastery ~ Tools of the Trade
Medic! ~ Military Tickling
Tasting Jake ~ Tickle Adventures

Bar Chat ~ Punishment Tickling
Capital H ~ Punishment Tickling
Chain Letters ~ Punishment Tickling
The Check-Up (Timmy Trilogy, Part I) ~ Clinical Tickling
The Fetish ~ Revenge Tickling
Good Cop Bad Cop (Chain Letters, Part 4) ~ Cop Tickling
A History of Torture ~ Punishment Tickling
Jean-Claude Meets His Match ~ Ticklish Celebrities
Madman in the Ring ~ Tickle Adventures
The Most Powerful Towel-Boy ~ Revenge Tickling
A Night with the Cruise Boys ~ Ticklish Celebrities
Tickling Joey D. ~ Tickle Wagers

Whatever Happened to Baby James? ~ Cum Control

Inverted Rowing ~ Forced Workouts

Dr. Giggles ~ Clinical Tickling

Jock Initiation ~ Tickle Initiations

Billy's Tickle Torment ~ True Tickling Tales
Frat House Interrogation ~ Tickle Interrogations
The Hazing ~ Tickle Initiations
The Jogger ~ True Tickling Tales
A Swimmer's Armpits ~ True Tickling Tales
Test Subject ~ Clinical Tickling
Tickle Tricks Passed On ~ Tickle Games
Todd's Bellybutton ~ Military Tickling

Blue-Blooded Health Club Studs Given Blue Balls ~ Cum Control
Braddock Gets His ~ Revenge Tickling
Butch Military Men Shaved and Tickled ~ Military Tickling
Feet of Clay ~ Revenge Tickling
Mafia Boss Tony Mummified and Tickled ~ Cum Control
Naval Retribution ~ Military Tickling
Payback For Rocco ~ Revenge Tickling
Revenge Is Sweet ~ Cum Control
The Spy Who Never Came ~ Revenge Tickling
State Troopers Tied and Tickled ~ Cop Tickling
Straight Dudes in Tickle Trouble ~ Revenge Tickling
Straight Video Producers Forced to Star in Their Own Tickling Videos ~ Revenge Tickling
Undercover Cops Get Stung in Their Own Sting Operation ~ Cop Tickling

The Chair ~ Cum Control

Scout's Honor ~ Revenge Tickling
Tattoo Tickling ~ Tickle Adventures
Ty's Tickle Attack ~ Surprise Tickling
War Games ~ Tickle Adventures

Abduction ~ Cum Control

Rob Cline
The Circle ~ True Tickling Tales
The Club ~ Tickle Initiations
The Contest ~ Tickle Games
Davvy Asked For It ~ Tickle Adventures
Erik ~ Forced Workouts
If The Shoe Fits ~ Tickle Adventures
The Interrogation ~ Tickle Interrogations
Jeff & Rob at the Gym ~ Forced Workouts
Naptime / The Request ~ Endurance Tickling
The Practical Joker ~ Revenge Tickling
Sock Tied & Tickled ~ Endurance Tickling
St. Andrew's Cross ~ True Tickling Tales
Tickle-Chat ~ Tickle Adventures
Ticklish Teen ~ Forced Workouts

Russ Miller
Taft Tickle Torture ~ Military Tickling

Scooter McGraw
Horse Thief ~ Revenge Tickling
Huntin' Camp ~ Tickle Adventures
Letter to a Tickle Buddy ~ Endurance Tickling
Outlaw Cowboy ~ Tickle Interrogations
Payback for Cowboy Ed ~ Revenge Tickling
Scooter's Tools of the Trade ~ Tools of the Trade
Tommy Gets What He Deserves ~ Revenge Tickling

Barbell Pulldown Challenge ~ Forced Workouts
Barbell Trapezoid Trap ~ Forced Workouts
Bench Press ~ Forced Workouts
Cop Tickle Interrogation ~ Cop Tickling (password required)
On-The-Job Tickling ~ Surprise Tickling
Tickle Prelims ~ Tickle Games

The Painter ~ Revenge Tickling
The Road Trip ~ Tickle Adventures

Ric's Punishment ~ Punishment Tickling

The Tickling Boy ~ Punishment Tickling

Issac & Zac's Revenge on Taylor ~ Ticklish Celebrities
Jonny's Little Secret ~ Heroes and Villains
Matt's Revenge on Poor Ben ~ Ticklish Celebrities
A Night with Ben and Matt ~ Ticklish Celebrities

The Gym ~ Forced Workouts

Classroom Antics ~ Surprise Tickling
A Very Ticklish Hunk ~ Surprise Tickling

Steve M.
Two Tickle Games ~ Tickle Games

Roger ~ Tickle Adventures
Ticklish Brothers ~ Brotherly Tickling

IRC Chat ~ Links
Tickling 2099 ~ Tickle Adventures
The Ticklish Princes ~ Tickle Adventures

The Prisoner ~ Tickle Games
Tickle Contract ~ Tickle Games
Tickle/Wrestling ~ Tickle Games

A Ticklish Hike ~ Tickle Adventures

Tickle Tester
Jared's Tickle Test ~ True Tickling Tales
Tickle Turnabout ~ True Tickling Tales

Tickler Jim
My Happy Valentine's Day ~ True Tickling Tales
A Weekend in Marathon Key ~ Tickle Adventures

Professor Wiley vs. The Football Team ~ Tickle Interrogations

Seth's Agony (first chapter) ~ Interactive Stories

Our Little Secret ~ Forced Workouts

Wayne C.
The Story of Sam ~ Cum Control
Tickling Juan ~ Brotherly Tickling

The Chapman Chronicles ~ Revenge Tickling
The Lifeguard ~ Revenge Tickling
The Porn Star ~ Tickle Adventures

Batman and the Riddler ~ Heroes and Villains
Bound Ecstasy ~ Cum Control
Frat Initiation ~ Tickle Initiations
Mark's Submission ~ Cum Control
The Return of Ropeman ~ Heroes and Villains
The Scrub Down ~ Military Tickling
Thom and the Mad Scientist ~ Clinical Tickling
War Is Hell ~ Tickle Interrogations

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