Tied guy with chest rope harness
Jack's Male Tickling Rack


Left Foot Introduction
Guys Tickling Guys?

Tickle Wagers
Sorry bud, you lose...
Right Foot

Left Foot Forced Workouts
No Pain, No Gain...

Tickle Interrogations
Methods of persuasion...
Right Foot

Left Foot Revenge Tickling
Payback is a bitch...

Tickle Games
Double jeopardy...
Right Foot

Left Foot Tickle Adventures
Wild & woolly......

Tickle Initiations
Hell Night...
Right Foot

Left Foot Brotherly Tickling
I'm tellin' Dad...

Punishment Tickling
Bad, bad boy...
Right Foot

Left Foot Endurance Tickling
Say "Uncle"...

True Tickling Stories
Nonfiction Tales...
Right Foot

Left Foot Surprise Tickling
... Gotcha! ...

Military Tickling
Sir! Yes Sir!...
Right Foot

Left Foot Cop Tickling
Against the law...

Ticklish Celebrities
Famous Hunks & Fan Fiction...
Right Foot

Left Foot Heroes and Villains
Ticklish Superheroes...

Clinical Tickling
By Appointment Only...
Right Foot

Left Foot Tickle Torture
Screaming with laughter...

Cum Control
Tickled Blue...Balled
Right Foot

Left Foot Tickle Drawings
The Line Kings...

Tools of the Trade
How To's & Hot Pics...
Right Foot

Left Foot

You Don't Know Jack...
Personal info...
Right Foot

Author Index
Poets Laureate...

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