The Agony of De-Feet:
Straight, Prick-Teasing Soap Stud
Bound and Tickled



Mateo ("Matt") De Santos, was a darkly handsome 6' 3" 25 year old Latino/Italian God. The incredibly handsome Mateo had recently been cast in a "daytime drama" (OK, it was a soap) shot in Hollywood, and was already a minor celebrity. Mateo had caught the eye of America's women (and plenty of the men, too, as Mateo was fully aware; Mateo was so "all that" it wasn't even funny). Mateo played a role on the soap portraying a wrongfully-jailed Latino dude that required Mateo (due to the ratings-mad producers) to appear bare-chested as often as possible, his perfectly chiseled, extremely dark olive-skinned hairy chest being shown in most every scene, including one in which he was breaking rocks with a sledgehammer in the prison yard to show off his gleaming, rippling musculature.

Although Mateo detested all "fags," he had already learned to use them to achieve his goals. In fact, that's how he landed the soap role. Mateo used his hot bod to tease and entice the entire spectrum of humankind, which was not difficult; Mateo's perfect skin was extremely dark olive in tone and his full, sensuous lips and flaring nostrils, his perfect "movie star handsome" profile, hairy chest and cute butt were just icing on the proverbial cake. Mateo had learned that lots of agents, directors, producers, etc. in Hollywood were gay. Plenty of others were straight like Mateo and several were women. Mateo never had any problem with the women agents and casting directors. He'd freely bang their brains out to get a role no matter what dogs some of them were. With the gay dudes, he'd simply tease them by "inadvertently" revealing as much of his studly body to them as possible, often leading them on to think he was gay, and that he would be "available" if they let him have a part or became his agent, only to treat them like yesterday's garbage when he got the role or climbed to a higher tier of more prestigious agents, Mateo openly laughing at and mocking them to their embarrassed faces that they actually thought he was gonna let them "queer" him, the "fuckin' faggot assholes".

Mateo had landed the soap role by using a succession of gay agents and casting directors to full advantage. His last "link" had been Mark Goodrich, a 35-year-old casting director who was gay. Mateo had let Mark wine and dine him at the best restaurants and clubs, and even began "hanging out" with Mark, Mateo always giving Mark a "look" like Mateo was available if Mark could land him a soap role. Mateo even accompanied Mark to Mark's super-exclusive health club whose initiation fee and dues were so notoriously high that only the rich and famous could afford to bare their butts there. Mateo was relieved that the health club was a "straight" one at least, not some faggy bathhouse-type gay health club. Mateo made sure to give Mark a show every time they stripped down to get into their gym stuff or after their workouts, when Mateo made sure to give Mark an eyeful, Mateo slowly stripping out of his sweat-soaked workout gear and sweaty jock to reveal his incredibly dark, olive-skinned body, which contrasted with his bare ass and crotch which were themselves a lighter olive/white tone, his hot perfectly chiseled chest couthly covered with manly, wiry jet-black body hair as were his pubic area and long, dark, muscular legs, hirsute patches of the same sexy body hair also appearing under his bulging arms and in the crack of his humpy "to-die-for" cute little butt. Mateo even "accidentally" dropped his sweaty jock into Mark's gym bag, tossing it in carelessly like he made a mistake which bag was his own. Mateo noticed that Mark noticed this, but Mark did not correct the error. "Thought so," thought Mateo. "Give the fag some entertainment" thought Mateo, Mateo secretly getting a thrill knowing the prestigious agent would be beating off while sniffing Mateo's sweat-soaked musky jock, pretending he was licking the handsome actor's hairy balls, big cock and cute little butt.

Well, "let the fuckers dream on," thought Mateo, "but as long as I get a part, who the fuck cares?" Mateo also made sure he bent over to full advantage as much as possible as he changed or showered opposite Mark, giving Mark tantalizing glimpses of his cute little virgin hair-encircled butthole and furry asscrack, Mateo sometimes grossing himself out by even winking suggestively at Mark when he did so, or when Mateo openly massaged and semi-jacked on his big thick cock and hairy pendulous bull-balls as he showered opposite Mark.

Mateo even would announce that his shoulder muscles were "tight" after a workout, letting Mark eagerly massage his massive, muscular incredibly dark olive-skinned shoulders and back as Mateo ooed and ahhed in relief as he sat upright on a gym bench clad only in a skimpy gym towel below Mark, often deliberately jerking his back and shoulders so that they made unexpected contact with the front of Mark's own gym-toweled front, Mateo smirking to himself in triumph when he felt Mark's cock rock-hard and quivering under the towel in lustful response, Mateo once even feeling the teased gay dude's cockhead popping out from under the towel and making contact with the hot, smooth cap of one of Mateo's deeply tanned shoulders, Mateo pretending not to notice.

On another occasion, Mateo stood naked before Mark at the gym after a workout, and asked Mark for his "professional opinion" as to whether or not Mateo's body hair "needed a trim" anywhere, in case he had to do a "full frontal" for a movie, also whether it was advisable to "trim" his armpit hair or the hair in his asscrack or not. Mateo let Mark tremblingly examine his sweaty-from-a-workout pubes, armpit hair and even his assfur up close, Mark visibly shaken and confused and obviously overwhelmed with lust at his close contact with Mateo's intimate areas. Mateo smirked to himself as Mark stammered that all looked OK to him, to leave them as they were, but that "periodic reviews" of these areas by Mark would be advisable.

When no one else was around, Mateo would even announce that his "feet were sure hot and tired after that workout, dude" Mateo lying back and stretching out luxuriously on the gym bench showing his hairy muscular chest and the deep recesses of his manly hairy armpits to full advantage, while helplessly horny and incredibly aroused Mark knelt by Mateo's size 12 feet and gave him a foot massage, Mateo deliberately, yet appearing to do so inadvertently, opening his legs revealing his cock, hairy balls and the crack of his ass from under his gym-towel-wrapped waist, to Mark's excited view.

Mateo let the "fag" as Mateo derisively thought of him unbeknownst to Mark, massage his big sexy feet, sneering to himself as he felt Mark sniffing his hot feet after his long sweaty workout, only occasionally scolding Mark when the clumsy fag lost his rhythmic massage motions once in a while and trailed a finger or two against the sensitive skin of Mateo's big feet, which made Mateo giggle embarrassingly in a decidedly not-leading-man fashion.

Mateo had to admit his hunky bod was a little sensitive to that kind of tickling treatment; damn Mateo had never forgotten that time back in high school, what was that bitch's name, oh, yeah, Janelle, when Janelle the bitch had discovered Mateo was ticklish during one of their wild sex sessions. Mateo was the high school quarterback and Janelle was one of his "groupies". Mateo fucked the brains out of Janelle for about two weeks, then dumped her like used trash for a busty cheerleader whose daddy had money. Janelle ran into Mateo on his way back from a night out drinking beer with his buddies, and enticed the now pretty buzzed letterman-jacket-wearing Mateo for a roll in the hay for old time's sake, no hard feelings. The crafty Janelle told him she wanted him so much she'd begin by worshipping his feet, removing both of his big athletic shoes and socks and proceeding to kiss and lick them to Mateo's astonished joy; it was only fitting for the little low-class whore to kiss his feet anyway. Mateo couldn't believe it when the bitch tied his ankles with his own heavy-duty shoelaces and proceeded to tickle his bare feet mercilessly with her talon-like nails and fingers. Mateo screeched and begged and pleaded to no avail, the bitch not even stopping when Mateo announced that he had to pee after all that beer and the tickling was making it worse. That only encouraged the vengeful bitch, who kept it up even more until, to Mateo's drunken horror, his traitorous cock erupted with beer piss inside his tight, sexy jeans, staining them completely and running down his hairy legs to empty onto the pavement as his legs hung out of the open rear window as he laid on the leather back seat of his Z-28 muscle car. Then the bitch made fun of him and pulled down his tight jeans exposing his hot-piss-soaked Calvins, made transparent by their piss-soaking. These too were unceremoniously yanked off of him, Janelle yanking them over his feet which were still tied together with the shoelaces, leaving him bareass from the waist down. Then the bitch had gone to the rear passenger side of the car and yanked Mateo's letterman jacket and tee shirt off of his head, leaving him completely naked, his hairy chest heaving, lying in the remains of his own piss, then tied his wrists together with his other heavy-duty shoelace and then tied them to the locked window roller so that Mateo's hairy armpits were hopelessly exposed. At this point, the bitch had called out for "Brian" who turned out to be the bitch's new boyfriend, and the quarterback of their high schools' cross-town rival, who had until then been hidden behind the cover of some trees. Then Janelle tickled Mateo's bare feet while she leaned into the car and tickled Mateo's bonerizing cock with a feather and Brian reached in and tickled Mateo's hairy armpits and chest, laughing uproariously, lording it over his rival quarterback and the ex-boyfriend of his current "babe". After several minutes of this, Mateo, screaming for mercy, giggling hysterically, and sweating like a stuck pig, shot a huge load like a cannon to the sound of the duo's laughter. The fuckers left him there like that naked and covered in his own piss and cum, Brian scooping up some of Mateo's own cum and rubbing it onto his nose and mouth, then taking a grainy photo with his father's Polaroid and showing it to Mateo. Mateo noticed that Brian had a huge bulge in his own crotch after that session, Mateo yelling out that Brian was a "fuckin' faggot" but also noticing that Janelle had taken the feather with them as they left, hiding it behind her back. Mateo was finally able to free himself and drove home, finding an old pair of gym shorts in his trunk to cover his embarrassing nudity. Mateo often wondered and hoped whether Janelle had ever used that feather on Brian later, Mateo surprising himself by popping another bone at the thought of Janelle coaxing Brian the rival quarterback to strip bareass for her, tying up Brian, and letting the smug bastard get his comeuppance, teasing that feather into Brian's every nook and cranny, finding his most sensitive spots, his pits, maybe even the fucker's balls, shit maybe even his smug little butthole (hope the bitch makes him smell the feather after that!), if the bitch was that wise, then his feet, his ribs, then tickling him into dementia as the big bully begged for mercy, till the big cross-town rival stud blew a big fuckin' load just like Mateo had been forced to.

Just thinking about that long-ago incident always reminded Mateo to closely guard his secret weakness, trying not to let on to anyone that he was the least bit ticklish lest they use it to their advantage like the vengeful Janelle had. Shit, Mateo's specialty was using his knowledge of other people's craving for his hot bod to his own advantage; he sure as hell wasn't about to let anyone know there was a way to turn a smugly confident, studly hard-body Mateo into a quivering mass of jelly; Mateo was determined to "cover his cute little butt" and make sure no one found out his secret.

Mateo had shamelessly led on Mark Goodrich until Mark had landed Mateo the soap opera role, then Mateo had laughed in his "faggot face," as he crowed to the humiliated Mark, after he had the part and when he'd changed to an even more prestigious agent who was already getting the up-and-coming star Mateo juicy parts in upcoming feature films with "name" actors. Mateo was on his way up, already one of the New Hollywood "brat pack" often photographed as he hung out at the SkyBar and other trendy clubs and nightspots, often on the arm of one of the glamour-puss "babes of the moment" in their tight black mini-skirts.

Mateo was not surprised, but he was impressed despite his outwardly de rigeur blasé attitude, when he was contacted by a person identifying himself as being from "People Magazine," that they wanted to do a "piece" on Mateo as an up-and-coming young star, wanted to photograph him in his newly rented house in an ultra-secluded and private area of the Hollywood Hills, which had a commanding view of the Los Angeles basin, the "whole world at his feet" as it were. Damn, these new agents were finally getting him good publicity. "People Magazine" could be just the special, extra boost his career needed to take it from soaps to leading man. Damn, here came the big bucks, the multi-million dollar picture deals, ad campaigns, the works. I am so fuckin' cool thought Mateo; I could probably sell my fuckin' turds on the Internet now; everyone wants a "piece" of me, as it were, even my sweet shit doesn't stink; I am so "all that" I can't believe it!

Mateo was all spiffed up and in his trendiest gear, specially purchased on Rodeo Drive at great expense just for this "shoot", when he met "Frank" at his door. Frank identified himself as the "photo-journalist" who would be taking the pictures and interviewing Mateo for the article, a 6' 1" dude about 35.

Mateo was all smiles and exuding masculine charm from his every pore, eager to please and get a good write-up. Prior to the "shoot," he had indulged himself in lying out in the sun bare-assed in his totally private view backyard, his dark olive-skinned body totally glistening with suntan oil, sipping vast quantities of trendy Evian water to keep his perfect body properly hydrated. He followed this with a full body massage from a celebrity-savvy Personal Trainer, then had a long hot shower and a soothing soak in his sunken Jacuzzi tub in the master bathroom after the masseur left, so Mateo was totally relaxed, the picture of vibrant health when he opened the door to "Frank".

"Frank" interviewed Mateo about the upcoming films and roles he wanted to plug in the article and took several pictures of the trendily clad Mateo showing off his impressive newly rented "digs," as Mateo downed copious amounts of more trendy Evian water to quench his thirst in the rising heat. "Frank" was later joined by a cute "bimbette" who was incongruously dressed in a prison guard uniform. "Frank" explained that the network wanted to promote the storyline on Mateo's soap about his being a wrongfully-jailed Latino stud, that Mateo was to pose on his bed (with his shirt off of course, as always, "Frank" teased) handcuffed by the "prison guard babe" to the headboard, looking wide-eyed and pleading to be set free, to make a "jail-break". Mateo had to laugh and privately thought it was probably a good idea to showcase his hot bod in a big national magazine like that and to promote viewership of his part on the soap.

Mateo took more hefty swigs of the ice-cold, refreshing Evian water, finishing off the large bottle, then good-naturedly allowed the "babe" to handcuff him to his bed with his shirt off, his hairy chest and darkly exotic steamy armpits completely exposed as the expensive cologne-scented depths of his hairy rainforests were shamelessly exposed to the lens before several pictures were taken. On a "break" Mateo winked at the "babe" and said "Hey, babe, just think what millions of housewives wouldn't give to have soap stud Mateo De Santos cuffed to a bed. Today's you lucky day! Doing anything after the shoot?" Mateo winking salaciously at the babe and then giving a "just kidding" wink to the photographer. Mateo had to admit there was something undeniably sexy about being bound like this; maybe he'd have to explore a little kinky sex now that he was in Hollywood, until Mateo remembered the "Janelle" incident and thought better of it. Damn, it did feel kinda weird lying there with his pits so fuckin' exposed; anyone could like reach out and tickle Mateo in that sensitive area, thought Mateo as he began to break a slight sweat. Mateo shifted uncomfortably on the bed as the hot, dry Santa Ana winds began to blow through the room from the open French doors, the hot dry winds lightly caressing and parting the tufts of hair growing under the superstar's bound arms, teasing the exposed, vulnerable flesh of the ticklish actor's underarms, making him squirm slightly despite himself, goosepimples appearing on his exposed chest, making his manly nipples rise into points through his luxuriant chest hair.

"Frank's" cell phone rang at that moment. At the conclusion of the call it was announced that the "prison guard babe" was being "called away" for another assignment. The "babe" rushed off scurrying to her next "shoot". "Frank" announced that they would have to use the photos they had already taken, but that they were fine. Mateo then suggested that 'Frank" release the cuffs. "Frank" looked all over but could not find the keys. "Damn, the girl must have had them in her purse when she ran off to her next assignment. Damn, and it was some new shoot down at Sea World in San Diego! Shit, and I know for the fact her cell phone's on the blink. Damn, no way to reach her."

"What the fuck are we gonna do?" queried Mateo trying to leave the whining note of rising hysteria and deja vu he was feeling.

"Don't panic, Mateo. These cuffs usually can be unlocked using a hairpin or a screwdriver. I've got a screwdriver in my camera bag. I'll try that. The Fire Dept. is the last resort, but that could lead to embarrassing publicity and would ruin the handcuff-scene 'surprise' when the article runs."

"Frank" then approached Mateo on the bed, straddling Mateo's heaving, hairy chest, applying the screwdriver to the lock in the handcuffs where they were fastened above Mateo's head. "Frank's" suit panted ass brushed against Mateo's furry six-pack abdominals as he bent to try to loosen the lock, to no avail, "Frank" resting back on his haunches to contemplate further action. In doing so "Frank" inadvertently laid the cool tip of the screwdriver onto Mateo's heaving, hairy chest, causing Mateo to jump and squeal and flinch, the mere touch on his sensitive skin making it crawl. "Frank" said "Sorry, dude, hey, are you ticklish or something? How about that? Who would have thought that, a big hairy stud like you!"

"Naw, no way, man, I'm not ticklish, you just fuckin' surprised me, that's all. C'mon , man, you gotta get me out of these fuckin' cuffs, man. For one thing all that fuckin' trendy Evian water shit I've been packin' away, it's makin' me need to er, relieve myself, ya know? I mean, man, I gotta pee, like, really bad, you know? So hurry!"

"Damn, Mateo, I'm sure I'll be able to loosen the cuffs soon, but maybe not soon enough if you have to go that bad. Are you sure it's really that urgent? You won't piss your pants or anything will you, dude?"

"I, er, don't know, but I mean I gotta go like really bad, you gotta get me free soon, you've just gotta," said Mateo with a rising whine, Mateo starting to jump around on the bed like a little boy who's gotta pee really badly.

"Hmm, your bladder is probably filled to the max. You drank that whole bottle didn't you, dude?" queried "Frank" eyeing the large empty plastic water bottle across the room.

"Yeah, I did, dammit! C'mon, please, Frank, You gotta get me outta these things! FAST!"

"Well, Mateo, the only thing I can think of to spare you from pissing your pants is for me to maybe find a laundry tub or something and haul out your cock for you so you can let fly into that for the time being, then go back to freeing you." said "Frank".

"No way man! C'mon! No!!! No, wait, I'm about to piss my pants, oh my God, OK, yeah look in the laundry room there's a big plastic tub there, yeah bring it here, FAST!!!" whined the mortified superstar, the mere thought of relief making Mateo want to pee even more.

"Frank" finally came in with the tub, unzipped Mateo's expensive Hugo Boss pants, reached into his Calvins and extracted Mateo's big cock in his hand, helping Mateo to sit up a little more and aiming his cock into the tub. After holding back for so long Mateo embarrassingly had difficulty starting the flow, Mateo being even more mortified when "Frank" resorted to softly cooing to "Go ahead, think of Niagara Falls, ease it out, c'mon boy" like some patient father at toilet training, as "Frank" gently encouraged Mateo with fatherly pats on Mateo's bare back and neck until Mateo groaned with relief as a huge stream of hot yellow piss poured out of Mateo's big cock with abandon into the plastic laundry tub, the frothy yellow liquid practically filling the tub. "Frank" gave Mateo's cock a few last shakes to get every drop out, then eased an exhausted, relieved Mateo back down into a lying position on the bed. Mateo thanked "Frank" profusely, saying he didn't know what would have happened if "Frank" hadn't helped him out, then realized that "Frank" was lying next to him on the bed, still stroking him on his chest like a little boy who had nearly failed at potty training, and that "Frank" had not replaced Mateo's big cock into his pants for him, but instead was idly patting it, as it hung flaccidly out of Mateo's pants, then adding increasing pressure to the patting until it became a massaging, almost a jerking off of the superstar's large reproductive organ.

"Hey!! What the fuck do you think you're doin'?? You some kinda fuckin' fag or somethin'?? Cut that the fuck out!!!"

"Yeah he's a 'fuckin' fag,' asshole, and so am I, as you already know!" said another voice loudly, Mateo whirling his head around to see none other than Mark Goodrich, the former casting agent he had dumped after he got the soap role due to Mark's influence.

"You fuckers!!! What the fuck is this all about? What the flyin' fuck do you want from me?? I've got money now, how much do you want?? Just let me go!!! And you goddamned fuckin' slimeball faggots damn well better not lay one queering hand on me or I'll, I'll, I'll...."

"You'll....You'll..... what, asswipe? You're in no fuckin' position to make any demands, but since you're not gay we're willing to refrain from forcing you to have sex with us, as much fun as that would be. No, we're just here to make sure you learn your lesson about teasing and using people and then tossing them away when you got what you wanted from them to advance your hotshot career. Oh, and we've been videotaping all this for posterity, Mr. Superstar, so I'd think twice before you tease, use and step on people in the future, unless you want your fans to see the videos. Oh, and by the way, there never was any "People Magazine" article, dipstick! That was my idea and since I had your address and phone as your former agent, I just bluffed and you fell for it hook, line and sinker, dumbshit! Say hello to my partner Bill, by the way, there is no 'Frank'" crowed Mark. "I knew you knew my partner's name was Bill, so the 'Frank' business was just extra insurance."

Horrified, Mateo yanked and pulled on his cuffed wrists in an effort to free himself and yelled "Help!!! Somebody help!!!!! Two fuckin' faggots got me cuffed to my bed naked!!! Call the police!!!! I'm a superstar!!!!! Help!!!!!!" Mateo forgetting how remote and isolated his rented house was. It's lonely at the top.

Bill pointed out to Mark that he had confirmed that Mateo was super-ticklish. A vengeful Mark therefore eagerly joined Bill on Mateo's bed, Mark straddling Mateo's heaving hairy chest and digging in all five fingers of each hand into both of Mateo's upraised totally helpless armpits, Mark blowing on the armpit hair and parting it with his breath to expose light, almost white, sensitive underarm skin in the process, sniffing the musky male aroma as well, then scrabbling his fingers wildly through the tropical rainforests, causing Mateo's eyes to bug out in abject horror at being tied up and helpless with his sensitive skin exposed to torment, Mateo screeching "AIEEEE!!!! NOOOO STOP THAT YOU MOTHERFUCKIN' GODDAMNED FAGGOT!!! LET GO OF ME!!! STOP IT I SAY!!!! I'M A SUPERSTAR!!!!! YOU CAN'T DO THIS TO MEEEE!!!! AIEEEEEE!!!! EEEEEEEEEEEEEKKKKKKK!!!! HAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA HEE HEE HEE HEE HEE HEE HEE HEE!!! OH MY GAWDDDDDD!!!! NOOOO!!! STOPPPPPP!!!! I CAN'T FUCKIN' TAKE THIS SHIT!!!! STOPPPP!! I'LL DO ANYTHING!!!! JUST STOPPPPP!!! OH MY GAWDDDD!!!! AIEEEEEEEE!!!!! ARGHHHHHHHHH!!!!! HELPPPPP!!!!!"

Meanwhile, Bill proceeded to remove Mateo's Hugo Boss pants and Calvins as well as his shoes as Mark continued to simultaneously tickle Mateo's hairy, sensitive pits, Bill grabbing each of Mateo's incredibly dark olive-skinned hairy legs, pulling those long, dark, muscular, hairy, incredibly perfect objects wide apart and attaching Mateo's designer silk-socked feet to the bedposts at the bottom of the bed, Mateo feeling little Santa Ana wind gusts against the sheer silk bottoms of his designer socks, insanely making him feel more naked than if his feet were actually totally bare to the elements.

Bill teased Mateo's silk-socked tootsies, blowing his hot breath on each of Mateo's wriggling size-12s and burying his face into each of them, sniffing and sucking and licking and nibbling on the superstar's ticklish soles and toes through the sheer silk, laughing at how Mateo's big horsecock was already responding to all the tickling and teasing stimulation the rest of his body was feeling, even though no one had even directly touched Mateo there...yet!

Mateo was already a basket case and the duo had barely begun to tickle and tease his deserving, perfect body. Mateo shrieked and struggled and pleaded to the extent he was able to catch his breath at all, especially since Mark had departed from his armpit tickling to instead tweak and tickle Mateo's hair-encircled, at-attention tits strumming the eraser-point tips of Mateo's super-sensitive tits, then raking his fingers down the denuded, struggling soap hunk's sides and ribs, poking fingers into Mateo's innie navel and causing him to arch his back, screeching and pleading for mercy.

Bill then proceeded to tickle Mateo's silk-socked feet with his fingers, toothbrushes and feathers while Mark simultaneously tortured the bound, hairy stud's torso and pits, causing Mateo to shriek in terror as his super-sensitive soles and toes were subjected to intense tickle torture like Janelle could not even have imagined, Mateo shocked that his sheer silk designer socks (why had he worn those today of all days?; damn it was that fuckin' Rodeo Drive salesman, no doubt another flaming homo!) were actually intensifying the effect of Bill's fingers, feathers and toothbrushes as they glided all the more over the soles and toes of Mateo's wildly squirming feet, Bill holding back the toes and forcing Mateo's hot, sweaty size 12s to arch helplessly directly against the teasing tickling instruments of "sheer" torture as Mateo shrieked and pleading piteously, never having experienced such intense tickle torture on his insanely ticklish, perfect body, Mateo screaming "NOOOOO!!! NOT THERE!!! OH MY GOD NOOOO!!! NOT MY FUCKIN' FEET!! I CAN'T FUCKIN' TAKE IT THERE!!! NO WAY!!! YOU GOTTA STOPPP!! I'M A SUPERSTAR FOR GOD SAKES!!! ARGGGHHHHHH!!!!AIEEEE!!!!! EEEEEEEEEEEKKKK HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAH OH MY GAWDDDDDDDDDD !!!!!! STOPPPPPP!!!!!! I'M GONNA FUCKIN' PEE MYSELF AGAIN IF YOU KEEP THIS UP, GONNA FUCKIN' TAKE A DUMP ON MY FUCKIN' SILK SHEETS YOU ASSHOLES!!!! STOPPPPPP!!!! NOT MY FEET!!! NOT MY PITS!!! NOT MY RIBS!!! OH GOD NOT THE BELLYBUTTON AGAIN TOO!!!! NOT TWO AT ONCE !! I CAN'T FUCKIN TAKE THIS!!! I'M GONNA HAVE A HEART ATTACK OR SOMETHING!!!! PUH-LEEEZE STOPP!!! LET ME CATCH MY BREATH!!!!! HELPPPPPP!!!! NOOOO!!!!" as Mateo pulled and struggled in his bondage, unwittingly showing off his excellent musculature as his sexy bod struggled, now covered in sweat from his exertions, giving the hot room a musky, athletic sweat scent.

Bill then removed the silk socks halfway, exposing the bare heels and soles of Mateo's sexy feet, the bottoms of Mateo's big feet being almost lily white and pink in contrast to the extremely dark olive skin on the rest of his hunky body. Mateo again felt unnaturally extra naked as his hot, sweaty tootsies were exposed to the Santa Ana breezes, Mateo willing that he at least be allowed to not lose the rest of his socks; damn then he really would be totally, bareass naked, damn!

Bill and Mark kept up the intense tickle torture, Bill digging into the bare soles and heels while Mark continue to assault Mateo's struggling upper torso and pits, Bill finally grabbing Mateo's socks and flinging them up off of his long sexy toes, leaving his big feet bareass to the entire world, Mateo shrieking in terror as Bill proceeded to intensely tickle Mateo's bare, sensitive feet and toes, tickling between each toe and driving Mateo wild, the superstar embarrassingly letting a big unintentional fart from his superstar asshole as he tried to fortify his abdominals from Mark's relentless tickle torture and in reaction to the intense feet tickling. Mark and Bill commented on how bad it smelled, how noisy it was, and teased and berated the superstar for again failing in bathroom etiquette, commenting on how much fun it would be to replay the tape and hear the hotshot soap hunk cut his loud fart again and again, to Mateo's abject, blushing humiliation.

Bill then knelt at the "foot" of the arrogant actor's big bed, gleefully reaching up and grabbing soap hunk Mateo's exposed, wriggling right foot, bending it back and holding it there by its long, strong toes, and using his other hand to tease over the hair-flecked ankle of the bound hotshot's straining, suntanned, muscular legs, Mateo squirming helplessly in his bondage and flexing each well-developed muscle visible under his hairy, deeply olive-skinned suntanned legs, Mateo squealing in outraged anticipation of what this vengeful "faggot" might be planning to do to his vulnerable, pink, exposed soles as they so precariously available to Mateo's attackers' every jaded whim. ("Hmm...maybe I shouldn't have teased that dude Mark in the gym so much" mused Mateo to himself. Too late to think of that now! Uh-oh!)

"AIEEEEEEEE!!!!!! SON-OF-A-FUCKIN-BITCH!!!!! NOOOOOOO!!!!! ARGGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! STOPPPPPPP!!!!!!! NOT MY FEET, MAN, HEY, NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! YOU FUCKIN' LITTLE FAG!!!!!!! I'M GONNA, I'M GONNA.....HEYYYYYY!!!!! AIEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! HAAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAH!!!!!! STOPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!" screeched the hapless soap hunk as Bill maliciously stroked and teased the entire surface of Mateo's exposed, pink, squirming soles as he held back the strong, squirming suntanned toes of Mateo's sweaty size-12 feet, alternating between his right and left foot in an unpredictable fashion, as the arrogant soap star was reduced to hysterics, his strong, suntanned muscular legs flexing and straining in a futile effort to free his ultrasensitive feet from their fiendish bondage.

Worse, while Bill was working on his feet, a fittingly vengeful Mark re-straddled Mateo's to-die-for midsection, plunking his jean-encased ass down on Mateo's widespread tree-trunk-like, deeply olive-skinned hairy thighs, Mark reaching down from his superior position as Mateo fearfully looked, wide-eyed, down the length of his own hunky, perfect body as he watched Mark's every move with total dread, stud sweat breaking out all over Mateo's hunky, muscular body, the "king of daytime drama's" manly, jet-black-haired armpits stretched out to the max as a result of his handcuffed position, emphasizing his helplessness to resist anything his captors wanted to do to him.

A winking Mark soon bent over his struggling victim again, again fiendishly approaching the sweat-glistening deeply olive-skinned surface of Mateo's perfectly gym-toned abdominals, (the ones millions of jaded, bored housewives (and others) had long drooled over when Mateo emoted on the tube) Mark admiring how Bill's ministrations below were causing the soap hunk's incredibly defined, six-pack abs to quiver and strain and exhibit their flawless perfection to the greatest degree as Mateo was being forced to inhale, exhale and giggle uncontrollably as a result of having his deserving tootsies teased to the max, his laddered abdominals flexing like a bellows under his deeply olive-skinned, sweat-glistening midsection, as Mateo gasped and giggled and strained in his bondage, his dark eyes looking on in horror as Mark's lithe, dancing fingers again vengefully approached ever closer to the bound soap hunk's exposed, writhing studflesh.

Mark began by idly tracing a single evil digit about a half-inch from actually touching the fearful stud's hunky body, tracing one finger just over the line of dark body hair that grew in a faint line down the center of Mateo's six-pack abs from just below his magnificent, hair-flecked, heaving chest with its rock-hard manly nips involuntarily standing up at full attention, then pointing the finger down, down, that thin line of sexy body hair towards Mateo's cute little hair-encircled innie navel, then down over the lower reaches of Mateo's abs where his luxuriant body hair fanned out to form a magnificently hirsute bush of knitted jet-black-haired pubes. Mark's teasing finger was soon hovering dangerously right over Mateo's huge cock and magnificent, sweaty bull-balls.

Mark couldn't help inhaling the incredible, sweat-soaked scent of the soap superstar's fabled crotch, then exhaling his hot breath right over the hunk's straining member, Mark smiling lecherously as Mateo's big whanger, the crowing stud's huge fuckstick, visibly throbbed, jerked, and expanded, its blood-engorged surface unconsciously swaying heavily and jerking in reaction to the insanely light touch of the merest brush of Mark's hot breath, the soap hunk grunting and groaning with undisguised growing lust, clearly embarrassed by his big cock's reaction to the unbidden pleasure the megawatt star was experiencing. Mateo was secretly shocked to be feeling that horny, lusty feeling deep within the pit of his stomach again, all the more so for getting so hot to trot in front of a couple of "goddamned fags."

And Mateo's "Mr. Happy" was getting very happy indeed. All the teasing of his studly feet and body had caused the hotshot hetero to spring a raging hot boner. Mateo's prized possession was again already standing at full attention and Mark and Bill were still only getting started. Poor baby! Mark naturally commented on this fact to Mateo who managed to glare menacingly at Mark and warn him to "Don't even think of fuckin' with my big dick, you fuckin' cocksuckin' fag-boy!" the intended effect of machismo being seriously undermined by the fact that this was followed by an ear-piercing falsetto screech that would give a drag queen a run for her money, followed by more uncontrollable giggles when Bill managed to simultaneously give the fucker's foot a particularly evil stroking, Bill having switched from fingers to toothbrushes on the bound hunk's feet at just this precise, well-timed moment.

Mark, wanting to teach the arrogant soap hunk a lesson for being so fucking uptight and macho, then proceeded to first hover his ten outstretched, scrabbling fingers just above the vulnerable sides of the soap hunk's sweat-glistening, suntanned abdominals as they already quivered due to Bill's nonstop feet tickling, only for Mark to suddenly again descend right down onto the helplessly exposed sides of the macho soap hunk's manly sides. Contact!


Mark then got up off of Mateo's midsection and approached Mateo's pulsing, nearly rock-hard cock and hairy bull-balls with a few single, tapering feathers, Mateo's eyes bugging as Mark sadistically brought the tip of one feather to fiendishly tease the very sensitive tip and glans of the soap hunk's tumescent fuckstick, delicately teasing the sensitive skin there, causing Mateo to react from deep within his sexual psyche, a lust filled yearning rising up from his depths, somewhere in the pit of his stomach, as Mateo was forced to give a blissed-out look, the delicate teasing driving the superstar mad with need and rising lust. Mateo eagerly and greedily thrusting his mighty loins up against the invading feather, his humpy little hair-flecked butt doing little figure 8's against the other feather which was shamelessly teasing the soap hunk's hairy bull-balls and below, into the furry crack of the hotshot star's ass and even sensuously circling his hair-encircled virgin asshole, causing Mateo to uncontrollably oooo and ahhhh in pleasure, only to shriek and giggle as Bill continued to tickle and tease his hot, steamy tootsies.

Bill couldn't resist then darting out his hot tongue and tickling the soap hunk's exposed soles and toes with his educated taster, devilishly flicking his snake-like tongue back and forth and up and down the length and breadth of each of Mateo's steamy size-12s, savoring the funky studsweat smell of the hapless matinee idol's sexy feet, which had been encased in designer sheer silk socks most of the day. Bill smiled like the cat who swallowed the canary as he gleefully darted his tongue expertly over and between each of the superstar's strong, wriggling toes and studio-mandated, pedicured toenails, Mateo screeching in shocked tickle-frenzy as Bill continued to tongue-tease his bound tootsies while his even-more-vengeful (with good reason) partner Mark continued to relentlessly tickle and tease the rest of the bound stud's body as Mateo jerked, squirmed, twisted and arched his magnificent musculature in near-dementia as the duo fittingly exacted their revenge on his helpless, writhing body.

Meanwhile, Mark sadistically traced one single tapering feather into Mateo's sexy, hair-encircled navel as the bound soap hunk arched his magnificent, olive-skinned back right off the bed as Bill continued to chomp down and tongue-tickle Mateo's bound feet, while Mark continued to simultaneously tickle and tease the swollen cock, pendulous, hairy bull-balls and hair-encircled virgin asshole of the "king of daytime drama" with another single tapering feather.

While Mark continue to keep Mateo's big, throbbing blood-engorged cock and asshole primed with one tapering feather, and, while Bill continued to tease the soap hunk's helpless feet, ankles, calves and the backs of his knees, Mark simultaneously traced the other single feather up, up, Mateo's heaving torso, sliding that feather ever so delicately up the thin line of fur splitting Mateo's quivering, defined abdominals, up to hairy center of the soap stud's panting chest, Mark teasing that feather further up Mateo's hunky chest, then over each collarbone, over his olive skinned bull-like neck, then all over his Roman nose and face and into the shells of the superstar's ears, annoying the hysterical hunk no end, but the helpless Mateo could only continue to shriek, strain, quiver, flex, and pull at his bonds as he struggled to catch his breath as every square inch of his helplessly exposed, bound body was thoroughly worked over by Mark and Bill.

Mark then swooped his "upper body feather" down to, then around and around and over each of Mateo's erect, pointed, throbbing tits, teasing his ultrasensitve, hair-encircled nips and eliciting startled gasps from his bound hotshot, while he continued to tease the soap stud's big cock, balls and asshole with his "lower body feather" and while Bill continued to drive the arrogant son-of-a-bitch up the wall by licking Mateo's feet and sucking his toes.

Mark then gave a significant look directly into Mateo's dark, frightened eyes as Mark suddenly darted his "upper body feather" toward Mateo's exposed, sweaty armpits, Mateo involuntarily turning his head in dreaded anticipation as he watched Mark's feather circle ever closer to Mateo's hopelessly exposed steamy right armpit, Mateo involuntarily letting out an anticipatory whimper intermixed with his mewls engendered by Mark's simultaneous cock, ball and asshole teasing with the "lower body feather" and by Bill's relentless foot tickling and foot licking.

Mateo looked on in horror as the "upper body feather" fiendishly circled just above the pale, sweat-glistening skin of the soap hunk's hopelessly exposed and vulnerable right armpit in the area where the profuse armpit hairs parted as a result of being cuffed behind the hunk's handsome head, the ultrasensitive skin shamelessly accessible to Mark's devilish whims.

Mateo groaned, then shrieked anew as Mark suddenly made sadistic contact with the pale skin of Mateo's right armpit, Mark suddenly also bringing his "lower body feather" up to Mateo's exposed left armpit as well, only to tickle torture both of the "all that" superstar's hairy armpits simultaneously with both feathers while Bill continued to chomp down and inhale the scent of Mateo's funky feet, Bill's own tickling fingers also dancing up Mateo's hairy olive-skinned thighs to give unwanted attention to the superstar's raging boner, hairy balls and asshole, Bill slapping Mateo's big boner against the soap stud's own rock-hard abdominals and hairy thighs.

Mark continued to tickle torture the hotshot soap stud's hairy armpits, teasingly swirling the maddening feathers throughout the densely packed tendrils of Mateo's steamy studpits, droplets of funky superstar studsweat adhering to the tips of the feathers. Mark then directed the sweat-dripping tips of the feathers onto Mateo's full, sexy lips and onto his olive-skinned Roman nose, as Mateo continued to shriek and giggle insanely at his reaction to Bill's footwork and cock/ball/asshole goosing and teasing.

Because of Bill's sadistic ministrations below, Mateo was in no condition to close his braying mouth, Mark easily being able to insinuate the maddening tip of one feather over and around Mateo's full, sensuous lips, and over his loudmouth tongue, easily simultaneously tickling Mateo's hot oral cavity which still was surprisingly minty fresh from his preparation for the "shoot," and laughing as the startled stud tasted a few of his own stray wiry pit hairs that had become caught in the feather, while Mark forced the arrogant soap star to taste his own funky armpit studsweat fresh out of his own soupy studpits. Mark crowed at how the superstar soapstud was being reduced to chomping down on his own pit studsweat, while Mark continued to direct the other sweat-glistening feather tip all along under Mateo's magnificent chin, along the sides of his movie-star-handsome face, then over to Mateo's manly nose, into his nostrils and up and down the long bridge of the writhing superstar's Roman nose, laughing and ordering him to inhale deeply, to "snorfle up all that good studsweat, there's a good boy, yeah!!!" Mark idly noting that the old "long nose, long hose" adage was proven true yet again. Mateo was either super turned on to sniffing his own BO or was so out of it from having his sensitive nerve endings jangled to the max for other's enjoyment and amusement, but the end result was still that his humongous fuckstick was hard as a rock and responding wildly to Bill's simultaneous tickling handjob and teasing of the superstar jock's big hairy nuts, asshole, and feet while Mark continued to feed the arrogant dude his own smelly pit sweat.

Mark and Bill then took a breather themselves, circling around the bound superstar as they contemplated their next moves, Mateo's fearful eyes watching their every move with increasing dread. What did the "fucking asshole faggots" have in mind for him now? Damn, they were even whispering to each other and smiling conspiratorially with an unsettlingly fiendish gleam in their shining eyes, as the two "faggots" openly devoured their bound soaphunk's perfect body with their eyes, raking their lustful eyes down the length and breadth of Mateo's flexing musculature under his smooth, deeply olive-toned skin as he flexed his size 12 feet and pulled at his wrists trying vainly to escape, his suntanned hairy chest heaving with the effort, and his big pulsating boner stretching and expanding, as the thwarted superstar's extreme sexual frustration and muscle flexing in his bonds only made his traitorous prick huger and more hungry for its long-denied release.

Mark and Bill first amused themselves by delicately blowing little gusts of their own hot breath at selected points of the superstar's hunky hyperticklish body at random, alternately puffing and sniffing the stud, blowing little gusts into his sweaty armpits, making the tendrils of his pit hairs stand on end as the hysterical soap stud's body sent jolts of electricity through his hot body to his exposed, helpless pits and pit hair. Mark and Bill then blew tiny gusts onto his erect, hair encircled nips as he gasped, sighed, and mewled with sex heat, Mateo literally going ballistic when the duo began blowing their hot breath onto the glans of Mateo's big, pulsating cum-denied boner, over his hairy bull-balls, where they alternately sniffed in his musky scent, Mateo especially going apeshit when the duo took turns blowing their hot breath directly against the soaphunk's tiny, hair-encircled virgin asshole, Mateo straining in his bonds as he felt their hot breath penetrate his always protected, manly virgin portal, causing the mortified daytime drama megastar hotshot to arch his back in uncontrollable spasms as his cock jerked and pulsed in response, Mateo sighing, moaning, and literally drooling (orally and cock-wise) with rising lust.

While Mark continued to blow tiny gusts of hot breath onto Mateo's straining private parts, the superstar let out a series of shrieks and curses as the "goddamned faggot asshole" Bill managed to simultaneously blow hot gusts onto the exposed, pink, vulnerable surface of the superstar's spit-slickened tootsies, which twitched and wriggled in their helpless bondage. Bill teased the dude all the more when he combined expert tongue-bathing with the blowing of hot gusts on Mateo's size-12s, Bill occasionally "going down" on Mateo's long, strong, olive-skinned toes, sucking each of "this little piggies" like strong little cocks, his flicking, educated tongue driving the hyperticklish superstar to babbling, incoherent gasping dementia, as his studio-mandated pedicured toes and toenails were teasingly spit-shined by a vengeful Bill.

After several minutes of more teasing torture, and while Bill continued to feast on Mateo's twitching tootsies, Mark re-positioned himself facing Mateo, setting his jean-encased ass down just above the line of the soap stud's luxuriant pubes, Mark making sure that Mateo's cum-denied boner bobbed and weaved just behind him, Mark then letting the shocked superstar's hard cock find itself shockingly resting against the crack of Mark's jean-covered ass. Mark extended his long legs along either side of the outraged soap hunk's magnificent body, as Mateo writhed in his bondage due to Bill's relentless toe-sucking and foot-licking torture, Mateo shocked at the contact of his pulsating macho fuckstick with his "goddamned faggot former agent Mark's tight jeans, Mateo's futile struggles only resulting in his cock goosing its horny self against the line of the asscrack of Mark's tight jeans, Mark relishing the feel of Mateo's hot sexheat, which was readily detectable thorough the thin covering of denim. Mateo wondered "what the fuck" the "goddamned fuckin' faggot asshole" Mark was up to now, but soon learned when Mark's white-socked feet suddenly tickled Mateo's exposed sweaty armpits with his wriggling toes, mark deliberately using his sharp toenails through his sweaty socks to tease and torment the bound superstar, who cursed, shrieked and ordered Mark to "STOPPPP!!!! NOOOOO!!!! AIEEEEEE!!!! YOU FUCKER!!! NOOOOO!!!!!"

Mark ignored the soap hunk's braying orders, continuing to sop up the stud's pit sweat with his funky, now not-so-white socks, only to briefly slide his sweat-glistening socks down over Mateo's pointed, erect nips, teasing those sexy superstar nips with his sharp toenails through his sweaty socks, only to suddenly plunge both socked feet directly into Mateo's shocked, braying mouth and all over his handsome face, as the superstar was just letting fly with his latest curse of "YOU GODDAMNED MOTHERFUCKNNNNNNNNNNNPPPPHHHHOOOOOEY!" which was mercifully cut short by the cross-eyed soap hunk's contemplation of the two trampling feet which had been unceremoniously squashed right into the stud's movie-star-handsome face.

Mark then fed one of his socked feet to Mateo's shocked mouth, as Mateo nearly suffocated on the stench of his own pit sweat mingled with that of Mark's all-day-encased-in-athletic shoes foot sweat, while Mark trailed his other sweat-soaked foot all over Mateo's sexy five o'clock shadow beard stubble, then over his nose, ears, eyes and designer-cut hair. In order to ensure Mateo's compliance, Mark also reached around and yanked hard on Mateo's big boner and precious, hairy nuts, threatening to "do a double Bobbitt on him" by yanking off his cock and manly bull-balls if Mateo failed to service his feet to Mark's specifications.

Outraged by the contact, but fearful for the fate of his pride-and-joy fuckstick and balls, Mateo had no choice but to comply, the bound soap hunk reduced to slobbering over and sucking on Mark's socked feet. After several minutes of this, Mark ordered Mateo to remove Mark's funky socks with his white, perfect teeth, or Mark would kick Mateo's handsome face in and knock out all his precious pearly whites, already the stars of so many lucrative TV commercials.

Fearing he might otherwise soon be gumming with dentures, the outraged, red-faced superstar had no choice but to do so, slowly and with difficulty removing the sweaty socks with his shining pearly whites, carefully tugging on them with his long, straight teeth, Mark sighing with pleasure as the relatively cooler air of the room began to also kiss his tootsies. As Mateo was eventually able to remove both socks with his teeth, his reward was to have each of the smelly socks dangled all over his handsome to-die-for face, tickling and teasing him before they were placed right over his sexy Roman nose for further forced sniffing. Mateo was then forced to worship, lick, kiss and suck on each of Mark's bare feet and toes, Mark crowing about the superstar's abject humiliation, and relishing when Bill's continuing ministrations below would cause Mateo to shriek, giggle and moan, making the foot sucking all the more pleasurable for Mark.

Mark and Bill then re-positioned themselves, Mark getting up off the bed and Mark and Bill then pulling up chairs on either side of the bed, Mark and Bill using their bare feet to tease and tickle the bound Mateo all over, plunging their bare feet and toenails into Mateo's hairy, sweaty armpits, teasing his sensitive, hair-encircled nips, down his ticklish sides and ribs before concentrating on tickling and teasing the soap superstar's big throbbing prick, hairy bull-balls and even down to his carefully guarded virgin ass portal. Mark and Bill, winking conspiratorially, even proceeded to give the moaning, groaning, cursing Mateo an expert "foot job" using their bare, sexy feet to trap the straight soap hunk's straining member between their soft feet and toes, alternating between mind-boggling pleasure and sudden sharp pain as the duo switched between using their soft pink soles to slide sensuously up and down the length of Mateo's huge legendary fuckstick as he oooo'ed and ahhh'ed in pleasure, only to suddenly rake their sharp toenails against it or toenailing the arrogant stud's precious, hairy nuts, deliberately catching their toenails in Mateo's luxuriant pubies and yanking out stray pubic hair at will with their sharp toenails as Mateo yelped in pain. Mateo never know whether the big toe which was sensuously teasing the area beneath his churning balls and teasingly circling his hot asshole would continue its sensuous path as he mewled with rising lust, or whether that same big toe might re-position itself and suddenly rake its sharp toenail against his manly nutbags or jab itself against or even into his virgin asshole.

Mark and Bill contented themselves with this action for some time, eventually concentrating on a more sensuous footjob, amusing themselves as they repeatedly brought the horny superstar to the very brink of a shattering orgasm of soap hunk spunk, only to back off and laugh at Mateo's extreme sexual frustration and sadistic, but well-deserved, cum denial.

Mark and Bill amused themselves for several minutes that way, using the soft, pink, soles of all four of their feet to tease, pump, prod and tickle Mateo's gigantic cock, hairy balls and virgin ass portal relentlessly, the duo using the sweat glistening on the struggling superstar's flawlessly chiseled musculature of his to-die-for body to lubricate their own tootsies, then sadistically teasing and pumping Mateo's hot-to-trot whanger with their educated feet and toes, goosing and tickling the sensitive skin of the stud's hairy, churning nutbags, and sliding their slick toes all around and over Mateo's tightly clenched virgin asshole, even managing to semi-penetrate that carefully guarded citadel of macho pride to the soap star's grunting surprise and uncontrollable, blissed-out sighs, mewls and moans.

The now totally out-of-it superstar was reduced to moaning and groaning and yes, begging for release, as Mark and Bill vengefully brought the blue-balled hotshot soap stud to the very brink of an explosive orgasm with their pumping, teasing feet, running the soft, pink soles of their fiendish tootsies and their enveloping toes up and down and up and down the length of Mateo's pulsating, throbbing hetero fuckstick, using the remnants of foreskin on the glans of the arrogant "all that" superstar's humongous boner to audibly caress the ultrasensitive glans and tip of the mewling hotshot's cuntbuster, driving the deserving fucker wild with unfulfilled lust, as they simultaneously teased his hairy nuts and tiny virgin butthole with their feet and toes, Mateo going totally apeshit and offering to do anything, anything, if only the "goddamned fuckin' faggot assholes would let him cum, GODDAMNIT!"

Mark and Bill met such pleas with the derisive laughter they deserved, and merely continued to cum-deny the writhing stud as they playfully and conspiratorially continued to drive the soap hunk heartthrob up the proverbial wall, giving him the perverse pleasure of a the ultimate footjob but not allowing him to blast his arrogant bad-boy nuts, teasing him by saying "Ahhhh, does the big, bad, soap star want to blast his pathetic little two-bit scumbags, huh, now, does he??? Does he want us 'goddamned faggot assholes' to fix it so our soft, cuddly soles let him finally cut loose with his little itty-bitty dribble of soap hunk spunk, now does he??? Almost there, bitch? Wanna shoot your hotshot scum out of your red-hot weenie, now do you, huh??? Well, go ahead, show us what a big little man you really are, fuckface, go on, do it , shoot it, show us what a stud you are, yeah go on, do it!!!" only to deliberately back off just when Mateo was going " "Yeah I'll show you goddamned fuckin' faggot assholes. That's right do it, yeah, almost there, uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh, oh yeahhh, gonna blast you fag-boys with some hot spunk, oh yeahhh, any second now....!!!" Mark and Bill merely met this bragging announcement with profoundly exaggerated bored sighs as they yawned and merely suddenly squashed Mateo's straining prickhead with their talented feet, aborting Mateo's giant orgasm at the last second, leaving his big cock pinched at the very brink of orgasm, when the slightest touch would trigger the Fourth of July fireworks the soap hunk so desperately desired.

"Hey what the fuck?? What happened??? C'mon, I was gonna fuckin' cum!!!!! You fuckin' faggot bastards!!! C'mon, give it one little touch, c'mon that's all I need, gonna blast off, c'mon ,help me get off you fuckers!!!! I gotta blast my nuts, I tell ya, I just gotta! Now C'mon, do it! Let me get off, goddamnit!" all of which was met with further bored guffaws and chiding by Mark and Bill that "hey dude, if you need Viagra or something, we understand about you old farts who can't blow their wad or get it up, c'mon , man, we're waiting, c'mon, go ahead, show us what a stud you are. Can't you get your little noodle-doodle to work, asswipe? Whatsa matter, you mean the big soap stud can't even blow his wad?; what a fuckin' pussy-whipped wuss!" crowed the duo as they erupted in derisive laughter.

Mark and Bill kept up this cum-denying fancy footwork for several more minutes, again and again bringing the hapless superstar to the very ultimate brink of satisfying orgasm, only to back off again and again, as Mateo burst out in frustrated, agonizing sweatdrops, his olive-skinned musculature straining as the hairy-chested soap stud writhed in his bondage, dewdrops of sweat flying in all directions as the hysterical, cum-denied hotshot's sexual frustration drove him to near lunacy.

Choosing a moment when Mateo was trying to catch his breath after this long cum-denial session, Mark and Bill suddenly orchestrated a quick release of the stud's cuffs and ankle restraints, only to suddenly flip him over onto his taut, defined stomach after carefully arranging some pillows under his midsection, then re-cuffed his wrists and restrained his ankles, the net effect being that Mateo was bound to his bed on his stomach, but his magnificent, sexy white bubblebutt, split by a fine line of sexy jet-black sweat-glistening assfur, was upthrust as he was bound in an inverted "U" position due to the pillows underneath, which were carefully placed so that Mateo's huge, pulsating boner could not friction itself against any surface as he continued to writhe in his bondage.

Before Mateo could really even take stock of his new position, Mark and Bill each began double-spanking each cheek of the deserving, prick-teasing soap hunk's upturned assglobes, furiously spanking Mateo's hot buttcheeks until they were fire-engine red and burning and bore the imprints of Mark and Bill's big hands and the outraged superstar was cursing and shrieking as he ordered them to "STOP, I'm an important soap star, you queers can't fuckin' do this to MEEEE!!!!" which only caused mark and Bill to laugh even louder at the hotshot's fitting humiliation.

Mark and Bill then proceeded to trail one tapering feather each, each starting at Mateo's deeply olive-skinned bull-neck, only to trail slowly, slowly, and teasingly along the path to each of his incredibly muscular shoulders as his shoulder muscles rippled sexily under his smooth deep olive skin, then slowly, slowly, trailing back to the top of Mateo's spine, then all over the broad, smooth surface of the soap hunk's deeply tanned muscular back, only to plunge under and into the hairy, sweaty depths of Mateo's steamy studpits with the teasing feathers as he howled in tickle frenzy, Mark and Bill devilishly simultaneously reaching under Mateo's heaving hairy chest to pinch and twist and tease his erect hair-encircled nips, as the sadistic duo then trailed their devastating feathers slowly and teasingly down, down, the deep brown divide of Mateo's perfectly gym-toned muscular back, down, down, in a sensuous fashion, only to suddenly dig into Mateo's ribs and sides with their educated fingers eliciting howls of protest and outraged hysterical giggles.

Mark and Bill then winkingly ever-so-softly trailed each of their lethal feathers down, down, to the base of Mateo's spine where a light patch of studfur resided, delighting in driving the hotshot up the fucking wall by jangling the ultrasensitive nerves at the base of the fucker's spine, sending chills and electrical impulses throughout his bound body, and up and down his manly backbone, the added bonus being that Mateo also inadvertently was caused to wag his magnificent still red-hot-from-spanking ass for their amusement.

The duo next ever-so-softly and sensuously trailed each of their feathers, down , down and then around every inch of the bound superstar's upthrust spanked-red buttcheeks, twirling the feather fronds lightly over the still burning sensitive flesh of the hotshot's assglobes, causing him to ooo and ahh with the delicate touch on his burning tushie, only for Mark and Bill to slowly, slowly, trail and tease their way down Mateo's sexily assfur-lined asscrack from the base of his spine slowly down, down, in little circling, deadly motions, producing shrieks, ooo, ahhs, moans and mewls from the blissed-out, trussed up, megahunk, until the duo's feathers each teased and tickled around and around Mateo's tightly clenched virgin shitter, Mark and Bill using their lethal feathers to twirl sensuously around and around the hair-encircled most private orifice of the hotshot's perfect body, eventually and ever-so-slowly teasing the very pink clenched pucker of Mateo's tight virgin butthole, teasing the hot entrance to the daytime drama king's poopchute with abandon as the hotshot superstar gasped, cursed, ooo'ed ahhh'ed and sighed in disconcertingly lustful bliss.

While Mark kept up the sensuous tickling of the "all that" star's tiny virgin butthole, Bill managed to trail his feather slowly, slowly, down , down from the dude's hot asshole down to the backs of his hanging hairy bull-balls, teasing the soap hunk's spunk-filled nutsacs with the teasing feather, causing his pent-up cum-denied scum to churn to the boiling point as Mark continued to simultaneously tickle and tease Mateo's butthole mercilessly.

Bill alternately tickled and teased the very glans and tip of Mateo's red-hot prick, using the minute feather fronds to relentlessly excite the prick-teasing superstar's huge boner as it pulsated with cum-denied frustration, Mateo again begging to cum, to the derisive laughter of Mark and Bill.

Mark and Bill then ever-so-slowly and softly trailed their nerve-jangling feathers down the tree-trunk-like, hairy surface of each of the backs of the bound superstud's deeply olive-skinned legs, admiring how the incredibly defined muscles of his sexy legs rippled under his smooth brown skin as they relentlessly teased them. Drawing evil circles around the backs of the stud's sensitive knees as he howled and pleaded for mercy, down the backs of his hairy dark calves ever and ever closer to the pink soles and twitching soles of his helplessly exposed, vulnerable, twitching-in-horrified-anticipation feet and wriggling "oh, no not again!" toes.

Mark and Bill teasingly plunged onto those tootsies as Mateo screeched, shrieked, howled and pleaded piteously for mercy, the devilish duo beginning at the pink heels of the hotshot soap stud's inverted size 12's, only to ever-so-slowly, slowly slide their instruments of tickle torture down the centers of his pink, hopelessly exposed and vulnerable soles simultaneously in teasing concentric circles and unexpectedly wild and unpredictable patterns, teasing his arch and plantar region mercilessly, and teasing between each of Mateo's squirming toes and over the very sensitive tips of each of same, causing Mateo to shriek "NOOOOOOO!!!!! STOPPPPPP!!!! AIEEEEEEEE!!!! BAH WAH!!!! HAHAHAAHAHAHHEHEHEHEHEHEHEEH!!!! OH MY FUCKIN' GAWDDDDDDD!!!!! NOOOOOOOOO!!!!! STOPPPPPPPP!!!!!! NOT MYFEET!!!!! NOT AGAIN!!!!! OH NOOOOOOOO!!!!!! YOU MOTHERFUCKIN' FAGGOT ASSHOLES!!!!!!! OHHHHHHH SHITTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!! OK OK YOU WIN, YOU FUCKERS!!!!!!!! AIEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! OH FUCKKKKKKKK!!!! OK, I'LL DO ANYTHING YOU WANT, JUST STOP THIS SHIT, OK??? ARGHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! AIEEEEEEEEEE!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHEEEEHEHEHEHEHE!!!!!! OH FUCK!!!!"

All this fell on deaf ears, as Mark and Bill continued to tickle torture Mateo's feet and toes without mercy for several more minutes before Mark began to tickle torture the soap hunk's asshole balls and cock while Bill simultaneously worked over the bound stud's feet.

The duo then chose an advantageous moment when Mateo had been reduced to babbling incoherent idiocy, to suddenly release and then flip over the pantingly breathless stud back over onto his back so that he was again face up on the big bed, then re-bound him in a fittingly devious position with pillow under the small of his back, so that the hotshot superstud found himself with his arms again cuffed behind him, but with his long hairy olive-skinned legs bent way back over his head and also bound to the headboard so that the soap hunk soon found himself bound doubled over with his assfur-lined asscrack split wide open and way up in the air, and with his handsome head trapped between each of his tree-trunk like legs, his massive, pulsating cum-denied boner staring him smack-dab right in the kisser, just a hair's breath from touching his sensuous movie-star-handsome full lips.

Mark and Brian laughed and crowed at the superstar's new, humiliating position, Mark suddenly producing a large transparent, flesh-like dildo which he wagged salaciously in front of Mateo's horrified eyes, only to slap its life-like surface against Mateo's handsome beard-stubbled face, ordering Mateo to suck it or they'd tickle his feet some more till he pissed and shit himself. Fearful of this and fearing that the slapping humongous phallus might knock out one of his valuable pearly white teeth or something, a glaring, cross-eyed Mateo was forced to suck on the dildo to the sound of the duo's derisive raucous laughter, only to feel it being extracted from his sucking mouth and then teasingly knocking on the portal of the soap hunk's virgin asshole, as the duo proceeded to tickle torture the bound hotshot mercilessly. Mateo was soon shrieking, giggling and pleading for them to stop and was so out of it from tickling that he did not at first realize that somehow the pressure of the dildo which had been spit-slickened with his own spit, had allowed his virgin shitter to relax enough so that the head of the damned thing had actually penetrated the virgin entrance to the soap hunk's most heavily guarded and tightly clenched macho orifice.

Mateo shrieked in outrage and ordered the duo to "take that fucking thing out of my tight butt NOW, you fuckers!!!" to no avail, but was soon so distracted by the duo's relentless tickle torture of his feet, pits, ribs, nips and pits, that he was unable to prevent Mark from plunging the dildo deep into the hotshot soap star's virgin shithole, plunging it in and out, in and out and dildo-fucking the heartthrob's hot butt as the duo continued to tickle torture the bound stud, the dildo hitting Mateo's prostate as Mark simultaneously teased the tip of Mateo's pulsating boner (which was nearly touching the stud's wind-burned sensuous lips due to his position) and his hairy bull-balls with the tips of two evil feathers. Then, as Bill simultaneously pinched the soap hunk's hot erect nips and yanked on his hairy sweaty armpits, the net result was that Mateo heard himself screaming in mingled pain and pleasure, his striated sweat-gleaming olive-skinned musculature flexing in one final body-wide clench as his glistening abdominals tensed and quivered ominously, Mateo unwittingly clenching his prostate against the invading dildo as the pink soles of his feet tensed and his ten toes curled up in blessed anticipation, as his mouth flew open and he grunted and moaned out an "uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh, oh shit I'm fuckin CUMMINNNNNNGGGGG!!!!!!!" as the tip of his huge prick staring him in the face suddenly pooched open and audibly whooshed as bolt after bolt of highly pressurized soap hunk spunk erupted out of his big boner and squirted Mateo again and again right in the face, directly into his mouth, as well as into his eyes, hair and all over the head and headboard of the bed and the wall behind, as fountains of volcanic stud lava splattered with incredible force against the bound stud's helpless face, nearly drowning himself in his own studly baby-making cum, his churning nut oysters cascading out of his manly prick until his handsome olive-skinned face looked remarkably like the surface of a hot, freshly glazed Krispy Kreme doughnut.

Mark and Bill rubbed the soap hunk's spunk all over his handsome face and ordered him to lick it off their fingers under threat of more tickle torture.

The duo then left with the video tape, reminding Mateo that the soap hunk was "theirs" now, and scheduling their next session and arranging for the duo to "get" other soap hunks on the show in the near future, including the studly doctors at Genoa Falls General. Despite the whining superstar's pleas, the duo left him bound with the dildo jammed up his ass and his face covered with his own dried cum, where he was found the next morning by his cleaning lady who shrieked and crossed herself before calling the cops to free him. Not only was the soap hunk totally humiliated and ruined, but worse, he had lost a perfectly good cleaning lady as well, as was reduced to cleaning his own toilets. What a difference a day makes!