Armpit Tickling



The first time I saw Mark, I thought he was very cute and he was my type. His handsome face used to appear with smile and laugh. I adored him so much because he was so cute and attractive, in addition to his perfect body. The only dream I had every day was tickling his nice sweaty hairy armpits. Thank god, he became my roommate and we shared an apartment. Every time he came out from the bathroom, I spent my time staring at his half-naked body. My attention was always on his armpits. I think I have an armpit fetish. His armpits had less hair than I expected, but his handsome face, plus his armpits, were enough to turn me on.

Although I liked him so much, I was not brave enough to tell him how much I liked him because I knew he was straight and I was afraid he would be scared knowing that he lived with someone who liked him sexually.

I kept my feelings for him to myself. Every time I jerked off, the only one in my dreams was Mark. In my fantasy, I tickled his armpits and licked them. Just imagining that turned me on until I came. I kept my fetish for his armpits a secret until I could not bear it any longer.

One day, Mark and I had a sport scheduled on campus. We played tennis every Friday evening at 3 o'clock till 5. When we got home, our clothes wet with sweat. Mark took off his shirt in front of me to make his body cool before he took a shower. I did the same. The scene in front of me was very arousing. I enjoyed his perfect and smooth body. Actually, I like a hairy-chested men, but the beauty of Mark's face really attracted me, so I didn't care whether he had a hairy chest or not. I just liked his face and his armpits for sure. I waited to see he if he raised his arms so that I could enjoy the beauty of his pits. Hmm.... those sweaty and hairy armpits were so nice. I wish I could have smelled, tickled and licked....

I was rock-hard just watching his beautiful body. The sweat made his body look even more appealing. The smell of his body sweat increased my desire to enjoy his perfect body. It was difficult for me to hide my hard cock. I was thinking hard how to get a chance to tickle him. I could wait no longer. I had to find a way to tickle him, NOW!

"I finally beat you," Mark said, smiling. He looked satisfied at beating me in the game.

"Okay, you won. You are smart and strong. But I guarantee you are not strong enough to handle my tickling" I said, touching his abs. I thought I did not have to find another reason to tickle him. That was just the reason. I was going to prove to him that he was weak and could not boast about himself as a strong man if he could not resist my tickling.

Mark was surprised when both my hands suddenly attacked him. His hands tried to defend his body. My attack was so brutal that he could not handle it. Mark giggled and laughed as I touched his ribs, his abs and his armpits. Oh my god, my soul was just flying when I could finally touch my fingers to his right armpit. I wriggled my left hand in his armpit while my right hand dug into his left side.

" I hate this... No way...Ha..ha...ha..ha..." Mark laughed heavily while protecting his body.

Mark tried to tickle my ribs to make my fingers leave his armpit. No way! I let myself be tickled by him, but my concentration stayed on his armpits and ribs. I did not mind his tickling, I just enjoyed tickling his perfect body. Mark looked frustrated because he failed to escape from my tickling. He was not able to hold his position, and he fell to the floor with his back on the floor. Then I fell down to his chest too because my left fingers were still in his right pit. My position on top of his body really increased my desire. My position on top was just like the position in my every-day-dream when I jerked off. I guess he could feel my hard cock on his crotch. I just didn't care! There was nothing to hide any longer because now he knew that I had an armpit fetish and his armpits were my favorite.

My right hand grabbed his left wrist and tried to move his left hand above his head. Although Mark was stronger then me, he could not concentrate fully because my wriggling fingers tickled him too much and distracted his attention. Finally I was able to move his hand above his head exposing his hairy left armpit. The sight of Mark's armpit was too much for me. I was very aroused just looking at his exposed left armpit. My heart beat faster and I felt my cock shaft stiffen even harder. I could not tickle Mark's exposed left armpit because my right hand held his left wrist and my left fingers were trapped in his right armpit, although I could still wriggle my fingers, causing Mark to laugh and shriek.

I moved my nose to the exposed armpit, sniffing his sweaty hairy armpit. The smell of his sweaty armpit was really nice and arousing. " ha.....ha...ha......ha..." Mark laughed harder when my nose sniffed his left armpit because of my nose wiping his pit hairs. I took a deep breath, enjoying the smell of the sweat in his armpit. Oh my god, I could not believe my dream finally come true. Tickling and sniffing Mark's armpit was always my fantasy, every day fantasy. And now it was reality.

"Please stop...ha...ha..ha.. ha. Stop. Ha...ha... I ... can't......ha....ha...stand ..ha..ha..." Mark tried to compose words while he laughed. The laughter really make me crazy and made me anxious to tickle him more and more.

Mark struggled to escape from my tickling. He could not get up because my body weighed him down. He thrashed and writhed when my tongue licked his left armpit. I felt my blood run faster in my cock making my shaft stiffen harder, like a steel bar, and I felt ready to cum when I licked his armpit. I still could not believe this was not a dream. The tasty, smelly hairy armpit of Mark was too delicious for me. I licked it repeatedly, wiping all his armpit area with my tongue just like a cat licking some milk. But Mark's sweat was much more delicious than milk. Once a while, I chewed his pit hairs and skin.

After about fifteen minutes of sniffing and licking his left armpits, I knew Mark was very exhausted. His body was wet with his sweat and made my body slide on his chest and abs. I really enjoyed his body squirming under mine. Quickly, I took my left hand out of Mark's right armpit and grabbed his right wrist. I moved his right hand above his head to expose his right armpit. Mark was too exhausted to resist. Now both of his hands were above his head, exposing both of his sweaty and hairy armpits. I almost could not breathe looking at the beauty of the scene in front of me. Two hairy and sweaty armpits of my handsome friend were exposed and ready to enjoy.

I moved my nose to approach the right armpit of Mark that had just been exposed. Sniffing his right armpit tickled him more and made him giggle. "Please... stop...ha...ha...ha...ha.. I .... Give...ha..ha..ha in... ha...ah..."

I knew that he said "I give" just to make me stop sniffing his armpit, but the excitement and the joy I felt were too much to stop. I started licking his right armpit just the way I licked his left pit, and it made him squirm and writhe . " Stop....Ha..ha..h..aa...ha.. I ... can't.... stop... " I was overwhelmed by the feeling of ecstasy . I put Mark's right wrist on top of his left wrist and held them together with my left hand. Now I had my right hand free to tickle his left armpit.

"Stop...ha..ha..ha.. ha...stop.....I .. can't ... ha..ha.. breathe....ha....ha..ha..."

were the only words Mark could form. I did not pay any attention to his begging for mercy. All I wanted to do was just enjoy his armpits for as long as possible. Although I used only my left hand to hold both of his wrists, he could not escape. Mark was too exhausted to free his wrists from my left hand. He just squirmed and writhed while laughing and shrieking. He was so ticklish, especially in his armpits. And those were the spots I worked over and enjoyed. My tongue was busy licking his right armpit and once a while chewing the pit hairs. At the same time, my right hand never stopped tickling and wiggling my fingers in Mark's hairy left armpit . All he could do was just laugh, shriek and scream.

This first-time tickling session in my whole life was really like a dream to me. Mark's delicious armpits had brought me to the edge of orgasm. I was flying on top of the world, enjoying both hairy armpits together, and finally I came: a load a hot cement on his crotch. I was surprised realizing that Mark's cock was rather stiff too because of lengthy tickling of his pits.

I moved my right hand down to Mark's crotch and grabbed his shaft under his boxer shorts. I was not sure what was his reaction would be if I scrubbed it. He was so hot that it made me turned on again, just scrubbing his rock-hard cock. Mark moaned and felt good as I scrubbed his shaft repeatedly.

" Oh...oh....Oh..." were the only words he said when I scrubbed his shaft. I interpreted that he was not refusing it. Thank god, he did not refuse what I was doing and even he seemed enjoy it. I encouraged myself to bring my mouth to his crotch and swallow his shaft. Oh god, my cock was hard again just swallowing his dick. "Oh...oh..oh...akh...akh..." Mark felt the feeling of ecstasy as I licked his dick repeatedly . After fifteen minutes licking and swallowing his dick, Mark shot a huge load. He moaned and bent his back, feeling one of the greatest orgasms in his life. And I shot the second time after that. I moved my head above to see his face. Mark looked exhausted, but I could see the feeling of satisfaction in his eyes. I smiled to him and he replied by hugging me.

From that time, I did not have to find any reason just to tickle him and enjoy his irresistible, hairy armpits.......

The End