The Chair



Jim and I were good friends, we'd been good friends since grade school.

He was the kind of guy that could eat anything and not gain weight, while I was the one that always seemed to gain it. As far as I could see Jim was like Jan-Michael Vincent, when he was hot and young, while I was like Dom De Luise. (Wouldn't you know?)

We used to play games, each assuming the character and emulation of our, imagined, look a likes.

Our favorite game was: "Cowboys and Indians." Where the captives were stripped and gagged. You know, so they couldn't yell out our location. If they did, their penis was smacked with a stick or...

But, together, Jim and I liked to play "Truth or Consequences" where the looser had to take whatever the winner had to dish out.

I really liked to get Jim in the looser's position, as I really liked to torture him by tickling him to near exhaustion.

If I wasn't careful, at that point, Jim would piss on himself and we'd both end up wet. Then, he'd vow: " To really get even with me, the next time!" Which, I'd look forward to.

So it was that September day:

Horny, I (as any fourteen-year-old would be) asked Jim: "If he was up to a game of Truth or Cons.?"

I could already see that he was just asking for the dare as I could his stiff cock outlined in his jeans. (I often wondered: "Why or Mothers' and Fathers' didn't notice that?")

Most men and boys will become erect when they are faced with an exciting event about to happen or are frightened. To a boy, that age, the penis and balls are the most interesting thing, except for what you can stick it into and "Get off!!!"

Naturally, I knew that Jim's answer would be: "Yes!!"

That Day would be special for me, as Jim was to sleep over in our tree house that night, and we would always jack-off each other after we watched the late night monster movie.

Jim, had never been sucked-off and I had always wanted to do that for him, I knew that he would really enjoy that. But he was always afraid of that for some reason. Even so, he smelled so good to me, that I got an erection every time I thought about it. His small, but strongly built frame was the perfect boy body. With blue eyes and dominate nose, tightly curled, dishwater blond hair that was the same color all over his body. Jim's cute, pubic hair patch accented his eight-inch uncut manhood perfectly. While I was barely six inches and cut.

I loved him; not like a Brother or Father would, but loved him as a Lover would. I'd do anything to please him, especially when it came to sex. But I couldn't really let him know the way I felt as it probably would turn him off cold. He really couldn't see the harm in our jacking each other off but he had his "hang ups" and I had mine. As he was always talking about this girl or that girl, while I was envisioning Jim and me together, for life. I especially liked blowing on his balls and noticed them move as if to get out of the way of the cooler air. The slightest change of air temperature would cause his balls to move. When I'd blow on them or touch them he'd laugh out loud and tell me to stop! He was very responsive to touch anywhere, especially under his arms, abdomen and belly button, legs and most of all, his feet.

After we had watched the monster movie, Jim would always pull his pants down and spread his legs and I'd begin to fondle him, until he'd shoot his load. Then, he'd do the same to me. All though, I'd keep my legs together, unlike Jim who kept them apart, and I could cum twice to his once. Therefore, he actually thought: "I was a better man than he."

None-the-less, his balls were bigger than mine and I liked watching them while I played with him, during our sleep overs.

With all that in my mind, Jim agreed to play, "Truth or Consequences." Boy! Did I have a consequence planned for Jim...

I had found an old barber's chair in the trash and retrieved it for our tree house, as I had Jim in mind and our game of: "Truth or Consequences."

Our tree house was rather unique, because the roof was nearly eight feet from the floor. The floor was nearly nine feet by twelve feet in dimensions. More than enough to revolve the chair on it's axis while in full reclining position.

I had taken great care and effort to move the chair from the trash pile to the tree house for my purposes and had made a few changes to the chair.

I had attached a foot stock made out of plywood and long enough between the ankle holes to adequately spread Jim's legs apart for easy access to his inner thigh, when he would be seated in the chair in the reclining position.

I also had padded the ankle holes so Jim wouldn't get any serious injuries if he'd jerk around while I was tickling him.

But the chair had one real advantage in that the original foot rest could be revolved out of the way, so I simply attached the ankle stock to the opposite side of the foot rest, so I could have either by simply rotating the thing up or down.

In the down position the ankle stocks were on the underside of the foot rest. But when rotated up the ankle stocks would be ready for use and the backside of the foot rest made a sort of shelf that I could use to place various tickling tools on so I could change any tools needed quickly.

The seat had been replaced with expanded, flat, metal wire, about 1/4 inch thick. The many holes in the wire allowed free access to anyone's butt that would sit upon it, while allowing numerous rope attachment points. But I especially liked the two metal rings that I had attached to the chair's metal seat. When a person, be man or boy, would sit in the chair the metal rings would be on either side of his groin. Because of their larger size and swiveling, would allow a rope to slip through them easily and could be tied to whatever body part I might choose. The other end I could attach to whatever, like the ceiling.

I drilled several holes in the chair's back rest so I could run a rope through them to the other side to hold down Jim's chest and abdomen, like the laces on a tennis shoe.

The head rest was movable up or down. So all I did was attach two swiveling metal rings to it. One on each side, so I could eliminate any movement.

The arm rests were nearly three inches wide and longer than a man's arm. So I again attached swiveling metal rings to each side of each arm rest so I could "lace down" Jim's arms as well.

When a person was laced down in this chair in the seated position and the chair was moved to the reclining position and locked there. That person's butt and legs were hanging free of anything touching them and were easy to get to. As the laced down chest and arms and stocked ankles were causing the suspending of the legs and butt.

The chair had one thing more interesting, it had a jack so the whole chair would rise up to nearly thirty five inches or down to twenty four inches. Once pumped up it only took a twist of the pump handle to let it down fast or as slowly as I wanted. This feature was so a barber could cut different size people's hair with ease.

I really liked the way the thing looked, so medieval! I had masturbated while sitting in it several times as I dreamed of what I was about to do to Jim.

I had told Jim of our new addition, but he could not see how the tree house floor could hold up the weight of a barber's chair. I assured him that: I had solved that problem with a few extra boards nailed in the right places.

I had also discovered that if I put a rope through the arms of the chair and tied them to the roof rafter, tree branch and rotated the chair one full turn. The chair would raise off the floor nearly ten inches. The farther apart the rope was at the rafters the higher the chair was lifted. While if I tied the rope ends to a single spot the rope would hardly lift up at all. In fact it would take many full turns of the chair to even begin to lift it. I felt that there must be a math riddle here to be solved, but my mind was more interested in what I would do with the chair, now that it was in our tree house.

The time had finally come when Jim and I said our: "Good nights", to my parents and we retired to our tree house to watch the monster movie.

We climbed up a rope ladder to a trap door that was nearly in the center of the floor. I suppose every tree house has a trap door in the floor. At least, ours did, to keep out unwanted visitors, like our parents.

We climbed through and entered the tree house right before the barber's chair. Jim's eyes got very big, when he saw the thing. It was like a monster after his balls. His first words were: "I'm not going to sit in that thing!"

I didn't argue with him, just went on doing normal things and really ignoring the CHAIR. Finally, we were both getting tired and decided to lay down, for bed. Of course, that meant a jack-off session before we went to sleep

Jim slowly began to pull his pants down to his knees as he took up his usual position on our sleeping bag bed on the floor. I really loved this part of the night because I could watch is un-circumcised male member grow and reveal it's pulsating tender head in the dim lantern light of our tree house. Inviting me to play with it.

Before long, he was at full erection. I finished removing his pants and gazed upon his beautiful nude boy body.

His feet were already a size 11 _ and still growing. His near six foot height gave his legs a leaner appearance that my shorter legs did not have and I envied that athletic look.

His belly button was especially interesting to me as he had a thin strip of hair that ran from his belly button to his pubic hairs, just above his cock. We called that: " the tongue line." I could tickle these spots for hours and listen to him giggle and laugh. If only he would let me do so. But when I began to really get the best of him, he'd loose his temper and I knew that one of us would really get hurt if I didn't quit messing around with him and tickling him. Deep inside, I knew that IF I ever got the chance to really tie him down and tickle him that I could break his aggressive temper. That just wouldn't allow him to loose at anything.

When we'd wrestle and he'd start to get the best of me, I'd always know how to get to him by tickling him in one of those special spots. He'd let me go and we'd catch our breath and just enjoy the moment of perspiration, tired muscles and close maleness, that only best friends can know.

I never really let Jim know just how much I loved and enjoyed his body. You see, mutual masturbation is a very real part of a young boy's life. But not all boy friendships develop into life long relationships. I didn't want it to end, ever!

Jim, anxious for the next few moments, urged me to hurry up and get into bed with him for our mutual jack-off session. But earlier that day, we had played "Truth or Consequences and I reminded Jim that he had lost.

That I hadn't selected the "Consequence" that he should face, until now. I assured him. However I knew that it was just a lie to get him into the chair.

It took some coaching, but I got him seated, naked in the chair. Then I began to explain the rules to him as I began to lace his chest to the chair first.

Slowly, I threaded the rope through the chair's back rest through one of the holes I had drilled just for this very thing and pulled it up, over and through the hole on the other side of his beautiful chest. Just under his strong pecks.

As I proceeded to tie him I explained that I was going to tickle him until he laughed out loud and that I was tying him, chest only, so he couldn't fight me off and keep me from winning again.

Jim thought a moment, then looked at me as cold as a corpse and asked: "Do you really want to play tickle me?"

For a moment, his different personality frightened me. Then, my sadistic desires took over.

"Sure, what have I got to loose?"

"Let's up the stakes. If I laugh you can keep on tickling me until dawn or you fall asleep. But IF you can't make me laugh within two hours, it is my turn to tie you to this chair and do to you, what I want to do for the next two hours, if you laugh, I get to keep on going until morning. Want to play my game?"

Challenged Jim.

Then he sang a little rhyme, while I finished lacing his chest to the chair.

"Smack my balls, smack my dick, make me cum that's the trick!"

When he finished saying that he willingly laid back and relaxed while I tied the last knot that held him tight against the chair and he closed his eyes.

I knew Jim better than he knew I did. As I had longed for this moment ever since I first jacked him off. I knew that he was planning to relax into, what was about to come. If I didn't do something to bring him out of his trance, he'd go to sleep.

I also knew that he (as most boys) prized his balls.

For me, it was almost more than I could stand. My male member was at full attention. I got hard just thinking about his scent and NOW I was about to realize all of my dreams to come true, in Jim's lovely boy body.

I leaned close to his ear and whispered to him: "You will be screaming in laughter when you cum for me!"

Jim did not make a sound nor did he make a move to acknowledge that I had even spoken...the clock was ticking and I only had two hours. But that would be more than enough time to finish him off.

Because I knew that Jim was slipping into a Yoga state of mind I had to act quickly to bring him around to the reality of my plans. I knew that he had ignored the many changes that I had made to the chair and most of all he had not seen the ankle stocks lying just under the foot rest his tender feet were resting on.

But the rotational abilities of the chair, I knew had completely escaped his notice.

Without a word. I revolved the chair around so I could change a few things at his feet. When I moved the chair, Jim took a deep breath and his abdomen got tight and I could see his six-pack quite clearly.

Nonetheless, I continued my deliberate assault on his helpless naked body.

Carefully, slowly I rotated the foot rest to the ankle stocks that I had made, just for Jim's ankles to be entrapped into for my pleasure. As I did this, I also began to rub his legs lightly to begin tickling him. He jerked his legs at my slightest touch. But I continued as I placed his right foot into the opening made for it. Next I placed his left foot into the matched opening and closed the hasp closed locking his feet into position. There would be no escape now! The tree house could burn down, but unless I let him out of the chair, he was doomed.

Now he was laced into a sitting position, naked and his feet were in stocks that separated his feet a full eighteen inches. "Nearly a foot for a foot", I thought to myself, as I was quite pleased with myself and with this chair I had made, just for Jim.

Yet, Jim made not a move, nor opened his eyes. He remained motionless and limp, unless I'd touch him. Even his male member was limp. Normally, by now it would be exploding with orgasmic delight during our jack off session.

Then a thought of real inspiration hit me: I'll raise the chair to full height and run a loop of rope around his peter between the hair and it's base, run the ends through the rings in the seat and then up to the ceiling. Where I had installed several metal rings, just for this purpose. Then, I knew full well what would happen if I rotated the chair too many times or if I lowered the chair. The rope that crossed over his groin would force his erect peter down between his legs until it touched the seat or slipped off of him. But in order for me to do that I would have to straddle Jim's naked, tied body to reach the metal ring attached to the tree limb holding up our roof, that was just above the center of the chair.

My Penis was now dripping pre-cum and I knew that I could ejaculate if I touched his body or anything else during my assent to the rafters while I straddled him.

Slowly, deliberately I laid the rope around the base of his penis and slipped the ends of the rope into each of the swiveling rings on either side of his groin, now nearly touching his young nut sack. From there I had to climb up on the chair and straddle Jim's bound naked body. I was so involved in what I was doing that I didn't notice that I had dripped my own, pre-cum, on his abdomen and pubic hairs.

I had just finished tying the knot in the ropes above, when I looked down at Jim and noticed that he was studying my own peter and balls as they swung freely from side to side while I tied the rope knot above my best friend. But my pre-cum and erect state betrayed my true intentions. I was so horny that I could have cum all over him simply because, I knew that I really had him, for the first time in my life and I knew that I could really do anything I wanted to do to him and he could not stop me.

But Jim's mouth, head arms and hands were still free. For a moment I stood there and we each gazed at each other's naked bodies. Then I was overcome with emotions of petty for my best friend and the fix he'd allowed me to put him into. As I climbed down I asked: "Do you want to end this?"

He simply closed his eyes and shook his head in "NO" ever so faintly. By his reply, I knew the test was on!

I took in a deep breath, then said, to him: "You will beg me to quit and you will be laughing and cuming all over yourself at the same time."

I was so determined to deliver my promise to him that I forgot myself and began to tickle his feet.

I began to rub his right foot and he responded by flexing his leg and tightening up his stomach muscles.

Letting a grunt or two as he tried to breath and hold his laughter at the same time. Normally, he would begin to loose his temper and order me to quit, if we were just wrestling around. But not this time. His breathing got deeper as I continued the assault on his foot, with my hands. Then I took a hair brush that I had within easy access to the chair, as I had planned this for quite a while; I didn't want for anything to torture him with. I lightly touched a few of the bristles to the instep of his right foot, he immediately tried to jerk away but I continued the torment for a moment or two when he hollered out: "Hey! That's not fair! You didn't tell me that you were going to use a hairbrush on my feet!"

"That is right, I didn't say a thing about what I might be using on you to get you to surrender or laugh or even, CUM. But you will do all three, before the two hour time limit has passed." I responded.

"Never! You can work on me all night, I won't give in to you!" Jim retorted.

"Oh really? I had planned to work on you all night anyway." I answered back, with assurance.

Then I smiled at him and began to stroke his cock until he was firm and erect. Then I began to move up and down his shaft slowly squeezing as I went as if to force all the fluids from his manhood.

Each time I returned to the base of his cock to again pull upward, Jim took in deep breaths. Then when I released his manhood to begin again, He exhaled just as deeply.

After the forth or fifth stroke I decided to really play a mind game on him. I began to move slowly across his naked torso until I reached his right arm pit. As I moved my hand toward his pit, Jim quivered and shook, goose bumps formed all over his chest and ribs. His breathing was now irregular and his manhood moved from side to side as I proceeded upward. For a moment I thought the game would end.

Then when I reached his hairy armpit, for a moment, he settled back into his restful repose. Eyes still closed.

Then I began to pull at his pit hairs that were begging to be played with and wormed my fingers in to the deepest part of his moist pit. Jim started to move his arm, but then, settled into just a flinch. A flinch that responded to my every light fingered touch of his inner arm and arm pit. Goose bumps formed on his chest, arms and legs.

Slowly, I lightly massaged his muscular arm down to the elbow, careful to make sure that I was getting the best response I could from this willing, self controlled Adonis before me.

When I reached the elbow, I started to lace his arm to the chair's arm rest just as I had done to his chest.

I knew just how tight to make the rope by watching his skin depress enough not to cut off the circulation but to securely bind and hold the arm in place.

While I was lacing his arm down, the tickling sensations of the rope falling over him and then being pulled through the rings and over his arm, sent chills of goose bumps all over his body. I noticed that his legs even had goose bumps all over them. As before.

I secured his wrist and then began to move my hands in a massaging motion back up toward his arm pit. The light touch of my fingers made him try to pull away as his stomach muscles tensed. But I kept up the slow assent toward his arm pit and pecks. While he continued to make grunts and moans.

He was still trying to escape my gentle touch, when a new idea entered my mind. So I continued up his arm then across his chest, pinching each nipple and drawing a circle around it and gently rubbing the tender pointed tips then down his other arm. All the while he was squirming as I held his arm in place to be laced down as his other one was. Securing the wrist as before.

His leg movement and tensed stomach muscles and goose bumps betrayed his controlled demeanor and relaxed look.

Now, both his arms and chest were securely laced into position and he could not possibly free himself.

Slowly, I turned the pump handle's knob that would allow the chair to begin to descend. Slowly, the rope would tighten and begin to pull down on his penis from behind it.

Now it was time for me to recline the chair, as I did, I whispered to him: "I have a surprise for you."

Then I placed a strap around his forehead and fastened it to the head rest and laced it over his face so he had a X right between his eyes and down his jaw close to his neck and tied it tight. Next I tore a piece of duct tape and placed that over his eyes and did the same for his mouth. I liked duct tape.

Now I really had him. He could neither move much or see or speak. He was mine all mine and I loved the feeling that gave me. Total control!

But the chair was still descending and I knew I had to act quickly. So I got a large candle, that wasn't as tall as it was big around and placed it between his legs on the chair's metal seat.

Jim's cock was beginning to soften so I gave it a few more rubs just to keep his interest up. Because we always brought cold drinks to the tree house in a ice chest. Ice was available for my next experiment.

Jim's erect cock was beginning to be pulled down between his legs ever so slowly. At times we'd play as if we were girls by tucking our stuff back between our legs and asking each other for a fuck. Then we'd laugh and resume our natural look.

Jim's cock was now about halfway down and I stopped the chair's decent with a twist of the knob.

Then I placed a piece of wood between his legs and placed some ice on it, so when his cock moved down as if it would be over the candle flame, it would touch the ice instead of being burned. I didn't really want to hurt him, not even a little. But I would scare him good.

Next I lit the candle and then moved to Jim's eyes and jerked the duct tape off of them and said to him:

"Do you know what your peter reminds me of? It reminds me of a English gentleman bowing to the queen."

When I said that, Jim strained to look at himself and saw his pulled down erect peter just about to be over a lit candle. So he thought.

"Well, Bud, guess who the queen is and guess who you are?" I asked as spooky as I could.

"I am going to let the chair down some more until your stiff peter is just over the candle flame and see how long you last before you beg me to release you. I'll bet not long at all."

I then, turned the knob and the chair began to lower and Jim's erect self was being drawn toward the candle's flame, as he could see it. Suddenly, he let out a yell, muffled by the duct tape and began to breath deeply as his stiff cock touched the ice. To him it was the feeling of being burned by the candle flame.

He was struggling to get free. Thrashing around. His nipples were hard and pointed and his stomach and abdomen were as tense as I'd ever seen them. He really thought that he was being burned.

I stopped the chair from dropping farther by turning the handle's knob, revolved the chair toward me and blew out the candle and held it up to him and said:

"See, you weren't burned I just fooled you into believing you were." While his cock still touched the ice under it.

Jim was covered with perspiration, yet his cock was still erect. Even though he was still tensed up and breathing heavily, I knew I had him right where I wanted him to be.

I pumped up the chair to full height again and held it there, while I retied Jim's manhood differently. This time I placed a noose around the base of his cock and balls and pulled it rather tight. That made his erection even bigger and he tried to draw up his balls as he tightened up his abdomen muscles. But the rope was stronger and his balls hung freely. Then I placed new tape over his eyes.

Next I ran the loose end of the rope that was attached to his cock and balls through a metal ring in the ceiling rafter and then to two smaller rope cords. Each cord had a binder clip tied to it. The clips were for his nipples and when they were attached, the whole thing was fairly taught. When I looked at what I had done to Jim I felt like a spider checking it's prey and plucking the encased corpse to make sure the victim wouldn't be able to escape.

While Jim was in this suspended state, I attached one clip to his left nipple. I let it take a good pinch of skin that went past the nipple's base. When I let the clip spring closed, Jim took in a deep breath and began to moan. But a moan wasn't a laugh, so I continued to do the same with his other nipple.

When I was done, I said to Jim: "Now, when I let the chair down, the rope will tighten up around dick and balls and it will also pull on each of your tits. Let's see which one will be the winner."

I then released the chair so it would descend ever so slowly, but down none the less.

While Jim was preparing to experience a completely new feeling, I thought it would be a good idea to really add to the experience with some of my own tickling to his exposed body.

My Dad hunted Pheasants and always kept the tail feathers which were long and skinny.

So I took my hair brush and began to lightly tickle Jim's ribs and abdomen and pubic region with the hair brush.

He flinched and wiggled and squirmed as much as he could while I tickled his body. Then I moved ever so slowly down his legs toward his helpless feet. There I began to tongue his insteps and lightly dug my fingers into his soles.

He squirmed all the more and I believed that I could hear the sound of laughter coming from under his gage

"Was that a laugh I heard?" I questioned.

He responded by trying to say no by moving his head. "Want to stop?" I asked. He responded, by moving his head "No" ever so faintly, as he was held tight against the headrest.

Then I took a Pheasant feather and began to tickle in the crack of his ass and around his bound nutsack, right next to where the rope was. He was moving as if in hysterics and I continued my assault on his feet again.

I had forgotten that the chair was descending and that the rope around his dick and balls and tied to the binder clips were all pulling with equal pressure. He was falling and they were being pulled up.

I was so horny and ready to cum, that I began to stroke myself while Jim continued to flex and release his muscles against my tickling and make different sounds but not a laugh, just yet.

Suddenly one of the clips, pulled free and Jim tried to jump as a result of it's moving off; with a jerk. That made his stiff male peter fling about, though still pointing upward.

I began to lightly rub his inner thigh, and tickle his feet some more, when the second clip slipped to just half the original pinch it had on him.

The chair continued it's relentless downward motion and continued to pull on the ropes.

I couldn't stand it any more, so I made myself cum. Then I began to rub my semen into Jim's cock head.

He was beginning to show tears and made more guttural sounds. While I continued to massaged his cock. I began to jack it slowly up and down. Jim squirmed all the more and Goose bumps formed on his legs and abdomen. That was tensing and releasing and moving up and down quickly, supplying air. But the rope around his manhood restrained him quite well.

Then the clip slipped again. This time it was attached to just a tiny part of Jim's nipple pulling it out and upward. It wouldn't hold long and I couldn't let this slip by without winning.

Jim was in extreme pain, from the clip and I knew that Jim was beginning to really tense up and I knew that he wouldn't last long at this rate. So I massaged his taint area and his stiff peter just a little bit more. Then I stopped the chair from falling and pumped it to full height once again. Jim responded by relaxing in relief that would be all too short. He was drenched in sweat from his struggling against my sadistic pleasure with his helpless body. I removed the clip, then I tore some short pieces of duct tape and stuck them to the side of the chair here and there as I would soon use them. The rope had stretched a little but that wasn't a real concern as I took a piece of ice and some of the duct tape that I had previously tore and placed the ice in the center of that piece of tape and placed that over Jim's left nipple. He flinched as I placed the ice and tape there. He actually tried to fight against the ropes that held him there tightly against the chair and made some moaning as if to say take it off. But I really couldn't hear just what it was that he was trying to say.

So I ask: "Is that a laugh I hear? If it is, you'll stay here until morning. If you give up and want to quit, (of course that would mean that you'd "puss out"), then say so and I'd win. But I know you so well, that you wouldn't quit unless you are at the end of your rope. Sorry for the pun. But as I see it, that's just about where you are. . . At the end of your rope. This is the last time I'm going to ask you, "Do you want to quit?"" Jim didn't know that he'd been in the chair nearly two hours and in a few minutes it would be up. Because he was busy fighting my tickle torture of him and he was blindfolded with duct tape. But if he had known, he would have won and it would be MY turn in the chair. "No!, he must break. I must win at all costs!" I thought to myself.

Jim's response was hesitant, then he faintly shook his head: "No!"

"Good! Good Boy! I knew you wouldn't give up, not just yet." I replied with joy.

I placed an ice pack on the other nipple and Jim flinched as I placed it there.

While he was cooling off, I re-tightened the noose around his cock and balls, to make sure that the blood could get a fresh start and to really make sure that the rope from his cock and balls to the ceiling had no slack in it. In fact I, shortened it just a little, so that it would already begin to pull upward, but just a bit.

Then I took off the tape that I had placed on Jim's tits rather quickly and replaced the binder clips to each one just as before. Jim flinched and tried to move to avoid my placing the clips a second time to his, sore nipples. But the ropes that held him, retained him well. I allowed for a little slack in the rope that would eventually pull up on Jim's tender nipples.

Then I removed the duct tape from over his eyes and looked at him and said: "I know that this is the hardest thing for you to do. Take it and not get angry or laugh. Remember, If you laugh or cum you have lost and I get to keep on doing this until morning. If you win by not laughing or cuming then you get to do it to me, as my consequence.

But I remember overhearing my Dad and some of his old War buddies telling each other what would make a man go crazy. What I remember was: if a man could cum, but couldn't, over and over again. This is where you get a man to the point of shooting his load, but he can't because he has a tight rope tied around the base of his cock and balls. Then you make him try over and over again to shoot his load. It is a unusual form of tickle torture and one that is quite painful as your sperm tubes are at the bursting point and stretching because of all the attempted ejaculations. We are going to find out if it really works." Then I smiled at his blank stare as I replaced new duct tape over his eyes.

Then I rotated the chair a couple of full revolutions. That tightened all of the ropes up and especially the rope around Jim's cock and balls. His Cock was now, quite large, because of the entrapped blood inside.

When I placed the new duct tape over his eyes, he began to wiggle and squirm as best he could. I could tell that he really wanted to try and get free. But it was no use, the ropes held him tight. He began to make all kinds of grunts and the like. But none was a laugh, more like a yell, but quite muffled. He began to sweat again, his hair was nearly completely wet from his sweat and drops of sweat splashed on the floor, making it look like we had sprayed water there to wet the floor.

His beautiful tight butt was inviting me to torture it. I took my feathers and began to tickle him there first from the top then inside from between his legs then from under the chair through the holes in the seat. All of which was driving him wild. He could move his legs a little and it looked like he was dancing. So I spoke up and said: "You look like you are dancing, let's see how long you can dance for me.

Then I revolved the chair one more turn, that increased the pull of the rope all the more. Jim's nipples were being pulled real good this time as well as his cock and balls.

His cock and balls were becoming the highest point of him. The pull there was starting to raise him out of the chair, just a little. He was beginning to moan more loudly and more constant. He struggled to move his legs and arms. He was breathing in gulps of air through his nose and making more and more guttural sounds. While squirming to get free or at least find a comfortable position to be in. ( There was none. )

Then I placed my lips against his naked ribs just next to his arm pit and blew. It made a sound like a great fart and my vibrating lips sent tickling chills of near panic over his body. As I could see his abdomen tighten and release then his stomach do the same as he tried to suck in his balls.

But the hanging rope kept him suspended belly up.

Now I began to tickle his feet some more and also rubbed his inner thighs with my other hand while I worked on one foot then the other. Jim shook his legs and wiggled his toes and feet in a effort to rid himself of my torment. But I continued and he moved his legs up and down as best he could in reactions to my every touch. Then I reached over and grabbed a piece of ice and began to rub his inner thigh, close to his ass. He jerked and flinched and moaned even louder in protest. But it landed on deaf ears. Then I moved my cold hand up to his hard peter and began to massage it. Starting at the base where the noose was tightly around it all. That sent shocks of pleasure and pain through his body. Because the skin was now quite tight and pulled up altogether by the noose and it was extremely sensitive around the base of his cock and balls and pubic hairs. So with my other hand, I rubbed below the rope noose and his taint.

He gasp in air and a muffled cry or was it a giggle? I couldn't tell and really didn't care at this point. Then I leaned over him and put his stiff cock in my mouth and began to suck it and swirl my tongue around it's tender head and foreskin.

Jim clinched his fists, then released then clinched his fists again and wiggled his toes with every up and down stroke of my warm wet mouth that was sucking his fine rod.

This time he let out a long moan that could only be delight. I began to suck harder and I moved my head faster and faster up and down his shaft and cock head; while I massaged his pubic hairs and taint.

Then I felt Jim begin to really tense up, every muscle stood out, he clenched his fists real tight and rolled his toes down and shook and quivered and took in a deep breath and held it a moment...

Then he let out a loud moan as he exhaled and strained to push his hips higher, deeper into my mouth. His peter began to pulsate in hard spasms. His legs and groin muscles were as solid as a rock his taint began to bulge and pulsate in rhythm to his pulsating stiff peter.

I slowly withdrew my mouth off his peter and he continued to pulsate. His stiff cock continued to moved up and down for a few more moments then settled down to just pointing straight up.

I knew that Jim had tried to cum. But I pretended that I didn't realize that. Because there was no cum splashing around.

Jim relaxed into his being hanged by his cock and balls for just a moment, then I rotated the chair one more time. The rope drew up both his nipples and cock and balls even farther.

He started to yell and scream under his gage. But all was really heard was: "MMMMMMMM, hhhhhhhh,MMMMMMM!" While he tried to strain upward to release some of the pulling pressure on his tits and cock and balls. I couldn't help but notice how beautiful he looked with all of his muscles straining at once. His six pack moving up and down rapidly as he tried to breath through his sweat, that was dropping onto the floor now like rain drops.

While he was still crying, yelling, protesting my increased pull on his body by the last rotation of the chair that shortened the ropes as they wrapped around each other, I placed a twine noose around his beautiful, hanged balls and tied the ends of the twine noose to his big toes and pulled it tight. So his balls were stretched out well and his big toes were arched backward hard.

At this point, Jim really couldn't move at all without pulling on something. All he did was continue to: "MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM, hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, MMMMMMMMMMM!" While he held his fists tight and tightened and released and tightened and released his leg muscles.

While he was suspended like this, I held onto his hanging rope and made sure that the same upward pressure was maintained as I rotated the chair opposite of what I had done earlier and began to slowly lower the chair as it unwound, enough for one good pump up.

When I stopped rotating the chair and stopped the chair from slowly going down and released the hanging rope. Jim couldn't tell the difference. By now he wasn't concerned with anything except his pain and his cock and balls.

Then I began to blow on his belly, that got a "M! M! M! M! M! M! M!" response while his fists opened and clenched again. He started to move his toes, but the pull on his nuts halted that.

Then I began to tickle his feet again and rubbed and scratched the bottoms and ball of his feet and tickle his big toes. He naturally flinched and curled his big toes downward. The twine then pulled at his entrapped nuts equally. Racked with pain, he'd stretch open his foot for more of the same.

Again and again, I enjoyed watching him pull at his nuts. First both feet, then one then the other. Jim tried to cry out all the more, but it did not stop. Finally I began to tickle my way up his legs to his hard peter, were I began to slowly jack him off. I could really see that he was smiling through his gag, that was starting to get loose on him because of his sweating so.

Faster and faster I began to stroke him until he tried to shoot off again. But the rope prevented that from happening. Following each pulsation of attempted ejaculation, Jim received a sharp pain in his groin and prostrate. With each attempted ejaculation and inner pain that followed, Jim would jerk and pull upward, trying to release the building painful pressure inside his penis base. His penis would jerk and fling around and I really enjoyed watching his torment that lasted longer this time than before.

But the hanging rope kept his peter erect and firm; "Standing Tall." Jim's peter began to settle down again and I could clearly hear a chuckle and see a large smile even though he was in pain he was also in great pleasure. His unclenched fists and relaxed hands revealed the full truth of his feeling at this time.

I allowed him to take in a few extra breaths before I spoke up and said: "This time when you try to cum, right when you really try to explode out your cum all over the place, I'm going to release the chair, so it will fall as quickly as it can. It will reach the bottom in three seconds.

Now you weigh 135 lbs. And the chair weighs 200 to 250 lbs. Add your weight to the chair and that is what is going to be pulling you dick up and probably off by the roots. You might actually hang there a minute before your cock and balls are torn away.

Jim had no way to know that I had actually planned to raise the chair just one good pump up that would jerk him hard when I did. But it wouldn't hurt him at all. In fact, it would relieve him of his torment, until I could get him untied and freed. As morning was about to come.

Upon hearing this Jim shook all over and began to sweat greatly and tried to shake his head in: "NO!" Then he began to try to yell out: "NO!" But all was herd was: "nooooo, nooooo!"

He clenched his fists and moved them from side to side in: "NO!" fashion. But I had started to jack him off once again. Only this time I also applied two spring clothes pins to his fore skin and two more to the base of his penis where the nut sack and penis join.

He tried so hard to move and strained until he quivered against the ropes that held and suspended him in the chair naked and helpless. About to loose it all on this one ejaculation. As I continued to stroke his hard cock up and down the clothes pins clattered as they hit against each other.

With each stroke, he strained and clenched his fists harder and harder then, when he was near orgasm, he tightened up every muscle and really tried not to cum with all of his strength. But my relentless jacking caused him to tightly curl his toes and draw in a long, deep breath and held it, as his nuts were being stretched to their limit.

Then with a sudden burst of strength, Jim yelled out hysterically: "NO! DON'T DO IT!!"

With that, he began to try to ejaculate and as he did, he yelled out in laughter: "YOU WIN. YOU WIN!"

Immediately I pushed the pump handle down, sending the chair up with a sharp jerk. That released his cock and balls enough that he was able to complete his ejaculation. But not once, not twice but four times. He ejaculated all over his chest and belly and was laughing and giggling and crying.

I immediately began to untie him and in a few minutes he was sitting there wet from his sweat and cum, rubbing his tits.

I stepped back and watched him for a moment before he looked directly at me with that cold as a corpse look and said: "You sadistic BASTARD!!" Then, he jumped from the chair and grabbed me in a full bodied bear hug. Then, he released me just a little and gave me a long kiss to the side of my neck. That took me back, as Jim had never hugged me, let alone kissed me before.

Then Jim released his grasp on me and looked me straight in the eyes and said: "I- - - LIKE IT!!"

Just then the sun started to break for the morning. We had many more sleep overs in the tree house and we are still best friends.