Cory Puts his Best Foot Forward


Keith Steeclif

Cory was very excited about his first day at his summer job. Living in Buffalo, he'd always wanted to spend his summer at Niagara Falls, and he landed a job a one of the many haunted houses that littered the tourist area near the falls.

Just completing his sophomore year at college, Cory was doing great, getting high grades and a member of the state gymnastics team. Cory was on the Dean's list and in the best shape of his life and ready to have a summer of fun.

When Cory arrived for work, he was paired up with Brent. Brent was a senior in college and this was his third year at the haunted house. Cory noticed right away how good looking Brent was, though he tried to put such thoughts right out of his mind.

Brent was nice to Cory, showing him around and seeming genuinely friendly.

"I've got to be honest with you," Brent said shortly after he started to show Cory around, "You first year guys get all the shitty assignments. And yours is about a boring and stupid as it can be."

Cory didn't care and he told Brent so. He was just looking to make a few bucks and he didn't care what he did.

Brent finished showing Cory the other horror chambers and stopped at one called "The Demented Magician." The haunted house was a combination of was figures and real live performers. In this room, there was a wax figure woman strapped to the wall with daggers all around here body. The last dagger that should have completed the ring around her instead pierced her heart. Then there was a wax figure of a man suspended from his ankles into a tank of water. He was obviously drowned.

In the center of the room loomed a large wax figure of a Magician. He had a maniacal look on his face and he was holding a chain saw. In front of the Magician was a typical box for sawing a person in half, already in half, but empty.

"We call him Mel," Brent said, patting the figure on the shoulder. "He's our magician gone mad."

Then a voice from behind said, "Yeah, and I'm his hapless victim."

Cory turned to be greeted by another good-looking guy named Kiel. Kiel was already in costume, so his face was made up to look like he was dead with blood all over. At his mid-section, there were guts and stuff hanging out, but sticking out at a weird angle.

"Kiel goes in this half of the box right here," Brent said as he opened the top half of the box. They showed Cory how Kiel climbed in, kneeling at the bottom of the box and leaning backward to stick his head and wrists through the stock-like openings in the end. When Brent closed and locked the box, it looked like Kiel was cut in half with his guts all sticking out of the open end of the box. Cory noticed that there were similar guts hanging out from the open end of the other half of the box.

Brent opened up the lower end of the box.

"And this will be your home for the summer," Brent said. Cory looking in the box. It was deeper than it was made to appear from the outside, and padded with a little landing near the top of the box.

"I'll need you to take off your shoes and socks," Brent said.

Cory figured where this was going and complied. Barefoot, Brent invited him to lay in the box.

First, Brent lifted up the little landing, which was nothing more than a piece of word attached on a hinge. This gave Cory enough room to squeeze into the box and maneuver himself onto his back. The box was only big enough to fit Cory from his ass to his head. His legs were sticking up out of the box.

"Now," Brent said," pull you legs back so your feet are up over your head. " When Cory did this, Brent lowered the wooden ledge and told Cory to lay his calves along the board. Cory was laying on his back, his knees bent up toward his chest, his calves laying on the ledge, and his heels hanging out of the edge of the box. Brent then lowered a padded wooden cutout over Cory's ankles and locked them in place.

Looking down at Cory Brent said with a smile, "Comfy."

Surprisingly, Cory was quite comfortable and he told Brent so. Suddenly, Cory felt fingers run up the sole of his left foot. Non expecting such a thing, Cory instantly burst out laughing.

"Whoa, a bit ticklish are we?" Brent said. Cory felt Brent's fingers on his bare sole again, this time Brent said, "Kootchie, kootchie, koo." and tickled up and down Cory's foot. Cory laughed hard.

The tickling only last a couple of seconds, but Cory was already panting from his laughter. "I'm quite ticklish actually," Cory confessed, feeling very vulnerable stuck in this box but also feeling a little excited. Which also made him feel embarrassed. But Brent didn't tickle him again, so Cory soon relaxed again.

A few minutes later, it was ready for the haunted house to open, so Brent had to close the lid on the box.

Brent said, "All you have to do is keep wiggling you feet and toes so people think you're the other half of Kiel's body."

"And what do you do?" Cory asked.

Brent had been wearing a white shirt and black pants when Cory me him. While Cory was waiting in the box, Brent had put on a red bowtie and had splattered blood on his face and shirt.

"I'm the mad magician's assistant," Brent replied, "I run about the room and make grabs at the on-lookers as they pass."

Brent shut the lid and Cory heard the dead bolt slide into place. Then all shorts of commotion started. The chainsaw started to spin and make real chainsaw noises. A recorded voice of the magician's mad laughter was played, and many screaming voices were blasted. It was too loud for Cory to be able to make out what was going on outside his little box prison.

Cory laid in his box, wiggling his toes and moving his feet back and forth. He felt stupid but, hey, he was getting paid nine bucks an hour, so he didn't mind.

After a couple minutes in the box, Cory felt something brush against his bare soles. It was brief, but it sent chills up his spine. Then it came again, and Cory could tell that it was Brent's fingers again. Brent started tickling Cory's feet as he had done before.

Cory started to laugh, his feet twitching and quivering. This time, Brent didn't stop after just a couple of strokes. He kept running his fingers and up down both of Cory's defenseless soles. In no time, Cory was in hysterics.

But Cory knew no one could hear him with all the other noise in the room. Brent knew this too and was tormenting the new guy. Cory figured this was some kind of initiation prank that Brent was playing on him and he'd stop tickling Cory's feet after a minute or two.

A couple minutes later, Brent did stop, and Cory thought his idea was confirmed. But a couple of minutes later, Brent started tickling Cory's feet again, this time paying particular attention to Cory's ticklish toes. Cory was hysterical again. But there was nothing he could do except laugh and laugh.

Again, Brent stopped after a couple of minutes, then started again after a brief pause. For the next hour, Brent tickled Cory's feet repeatedly. At first, Cory felt trapped and helpless, hysterically laughing as Brent tickled his feet without mercy. Then Cory started to think about Brent and that initial excitement that he'd felt when Brent first tickled his feet returned.

Each time Brent tickled his bare soles, Cory's excitement grew until he suddenly realized that there was a bulge in his pants. There was little space in the box for movement but, with some effort, Cory managed to put his hand over his crotch and rub. And each tickling he received from Brent made him even hotter.

As the second hour of Cory's first day started, he knew he couldn't resist his urges any longer. Struggling to move, Cory managed to unzip his pants and get his organ in his hand. The next time that Brent's fingers touched his ticklish feet, Cory started to pump. Brent was being extra cruel to Cory's ticklish soles on this pass. Within a couple of minutes, Cory reached orgasm. He tried not to let his toes splay, his arches flex, but he couldn't control the reaction. Brent stopped tickling just as Cory started to cum.

Cory let out a load that surprised him. As soon as it was done and he was again able to relax, Brent started tickling his feet again. Cory was instantly insane. Having just cum, the last thing he wanted right now was additional stimulation. But Brent was scratching his soles with vigor, making Cory absolutely nuts. Then Cory felt something new touch his feet. He quickly surmised that it was a feather; a stiff feather, and Brent was drawing it up and down Cory's defenseless soles.

Now Cory was hysterical in earnest. He was screaming laughter. He pounding his fists on the sides of the box and laughed himself hoarse. But still the feather kept tracing all along his bare feet, making him more and more hysterical.

Finally, after was seemed like an eternity, the tickling stopped. Then all the noise stopped too. Cory heard the top of the box being opened. He realized that his pants were still undone, but he was too exhausted to do anything about it. When the top of the box opened, Brent and Kiel were looking down at him and smiling.

Cory's indiscretion was evident as a long splatter stain across his t-shirt.

"Man, Brent, you sure can call 'em," Kiel said. "I don't know how you figure us out."

"I don't either," Brent said, "but one look and I can always tell."

Cory was dazed and confused. He didn't know what the two men were talking about. Then he suddenly realized that Brent was massaging his feet and it felt wonderful. Despite his situation, Cory found himself getting hard again.

"Don't be embarrassed," Kiel said to Cory, "Brent did the same thing to me last year. Tickled my feet until I thought I was going to jump out of my skin. And I had cum clear up to my chin before he finished."

Now Cory was still as confused, but very interested. "What?" was all he could manage to say.

"I'm sorry," Brent said, "But I can spot a ticklephile a mile away. You know, guys who get off on being tickled."

"But I never.." Cory started.

"Neither did I," Said Kiel. "But that first day last year when Brent tickled the shit out of me. Then I knew. And after a while, I learned how great it can really get. You think the tickling you got today was intense, you should want until Brent gets a hold of your whole body."

Brent started to lightly scratch Cory's arches, just above his heels. Cory started to giggle.

"I can be gentle, or I can be cruel," Brent said. "Most guys like not knowing which they're going to get, but I always respect any requests. Does that feel nice?"

It certainly did, but Cory wasn't ready to admit that out loud. "I want to get out now," he said instead.

Without hesitation, Brent released Cory's heels and the two men helped him out of the box. Cory turned away from the men red-faced as he zipped his fly. There was nothing he could do about the wet streak up his t-shirt, so he ignored it.

"Where is everyone?" Cory asked when he realized they were alone.

"Oh, we don't actually open for business until tomorrow," Brent said softly, "Today was just a dry run. There's no one here now but the three of us."

"Hey, don't be mad," Kiel said. He'd already taken off his custom, so he was standing in front of Cory without a shirt. Cory couldn't help notice his muscular body. The Kiel said, "If you want, I'll get in the box now and you can tickle my feet for revenge."

Cory thought about that for a second or two.

Brent came up behind Kiel and grabbed him around the ribs.

"He's even more ticklish than you are," Brent said, tweaking Kiel's ribs. Kiel cringed and giggled, but offered little resistance as Brent tickled his body.

Cory felt an urge to join in. He wondered what it would be like to be the tickler. To be the one doling out the punishment and watching the other guy's reaction. The idea appealed to him very much.

"Come on, Brent," Kiel said, "Strap me in."

Kiel moved the two halves of the box together and climbed in. Brent secured his head and wrists at one end and his ankles at the other. He then removed Kiel's sneakers and socks. Kiel wiggled his freshly bare soles and Cory suddenly desired to tickle them.

Brent moved to the open top half of the box. He reached in and started to tickle Kiel's washboard stomach. Kiel began to giggle, but his couldn't prevent the tickling.

"Come on," Brent urged, "Tickle his feet. It's fun."

Cory balked at first. But as Brent kept tickling Kiel's torso, moving up to his ribs, Kiel started to laugh harder and harder. His toes were wiggling and Cory watched as Kiel's soles wrinkled and flexed. The temptation to tickle those bare soles grew until it became unbearable and Cory moved toward the end of the magician's box.

As soon as Cory's fingers touched Kiel's bare soles, he was lost. The feel of his warm skin, Kiel's sudden reaction to his touch, the extra burst of laughter, all conspired to hook Cory on the tickling. Cory knelt down on the ground and started to tickle every inch of Kiel's feet.

Meanwhile, Brent was beginning to tickle Kiel's torso in earnest. A thorough and efficient tickler, Brent knew how to play the more ticklish spots against the less ticklish ones. He knew when to tickle without mercy and when to back off and let Kiel catch a breath. Kiel was always amazed at how long Brent could keep him racked with ticklish laughter without overstepping Kiel's endurance.

But now, for the first time, Kiel was experiencing the torment of two ticklers. Never before had he had one man tickling his ribs and armpits so effectively while another man was hungrily scratching and prodding his extremely ticklish feet. Kiel was in torment and he loved it.

Cory, being new to the role of tickler did very well. He scratched Kiel's arches as his feet flexed and crunched. He would make an occasional and unexpected assault to Kiel's wiggling toes, making the restrained hunk even more delirious with laughter. He watched Kiel's feet writhe and quiver in ticklish torture and he rejoiced in it. He'd never tickled anyone like this before, and he'd never been able to watch the helpless victim's feet twitch and wiggle. He'd never realized how soft and warm the soles of the feet could be. He'd never realized the pleasure of tickling ten little toes to total distraction. Cory loved every second of it; loving to be the tickler and at the same time wishing it was he being tickled.

Then, without thinking, Cory leaned forward and ran his tongue from the heel to ball of Kiel's right foot. Kiel managed to gasp in surprise before being again overcome with laughter. Brent paused in his own tickling to look back and see Cory feasting on Kiel's bare soles. The man was licking at his feet as if his life depended on it. And the licking tickled Kiel just as much as fingers or feathers. Brent made a mental note of that. He'd have to try it himself in the future.

The two men had been tickling Kiel for nearly an hour when he finally reached orgasm. A couple of times in that hour, Brent made Cory (with some difficulty) back off of Kiel's bare feet to give him a moment to catch his breath.

At one point, Cory had stripped off his shirt. He would kneel so his chest was up close to Kiel's toes, and then tickle his foot so the wiggle toes would graze his nipple. This seemed to please Cory very much and Brent made another mental note.

When Kiel finally came, Cory was watching his soles splay and didn't see Brent approach. Brent pounced on him, going right for the ribs. Cory was surprised and toppled to the floor, laughing. Brent was on top of him, digging his fingers into ribs, armpits, and stomach.

Cory enjoyed the tickling, but he couldn't stop from resisting. But then he felt someone grab his wrists and pull his arms over his head. Brent must have released Kiel's wrists just before jumping on Cory, for Kiel was now free and forcing Cory's arms up over his head. Meanwhile, Brent straddled his waist and waited for Kiel to overpower their victim.

Once Cory's arms were pinned up over his head, he watched as Brent slowly brought his wiggling fingers toward Cory's exposed ribs. The initial contact was explosive and Cory burst out laughing as Brent slowly and methodically moved his fingers up toward Cory's armpits.

As Brent entered his armpits, Cory became hysterical. He could not remember the last time he'd been tickled in his armpits and he quickly realized how extremely ticklish his armpits were. Brent noticed this too, and didn't hesitate to exploit it.

Within minutes, Cory was a hysterical mess, laughing uncontrollably and begging Brent to stop. But Brent showed no mercy and he continued to tickle Cory's entire upper body.

After a while, the two men released him. But Cory barely had time to catch a breath before the two had wrapped up his ankles and were tickling his bare feet. They'd rolled Cory over onto his stomach, so he pounded his fists on the floor as the two men diddled across his ultra-sensitive soles. They kept this up for another half an hour.

Once Cory was on his stomach, he crotch started to rub the ground. So after the prolonged foot tickling, Cory's hard-on was beginning to skim back and forth in his pants. By the time the two men had finished tickling his feet, Cory had again orgasmed.

The two men let Cory rest and recover; massaging his back and feet while he panted and gasped for air. When Cory had enough strength to sit up, Kiel cradled him against his bare chest and Brent rubbed both their feet. They sat like this for quite some time.

Finally, the two men helped Cory to his feet. The two tickle victims retrieved their clothes.

"Where are you staying for the summer?" Brent asked.

"I haven't found a place yet," Cory said, "I'm commuting from Buffalo until I can finding something."

"Kiel and I have an apartment together. You can come stay with us for the summer. And you won't even have to pay me rent. I can take it out in trade," Brent said with a wink.

"And will I still be working in the magician's box?"

"Definitely, but I'll let you and Kiel alternate days in the lower half."

Cory agreed to the arrangement.

"Good!" Kiel said with a big grin. "Now we all get to take our work home with us."

The three men laughed and walked out arm in arm, Brent tweaking the two men in their ribs as they left.

Yes, Cory was very excited about his first day at his summer job. And he was looking forward to his first night at his new apartment, and to a very long and laugh-filled summer.

Keith Steeclif