Disobeying The Master




This friend of mine told me about this guy who likes to jack people off. My friend loves getting jacked off, heck; even I jacked him off a couple of times, too. He said I should meet this guy. He gave me the phone number and I called him.

"Hi Sean?"

"Ya, who's this?"

"Tony. My friend Jimmy told me I should call ya."

There was a pause.

"Oh ya, I know Jimmy. So, you wanna get off, huh?"

"Well....ya. What exactly do you do?"

"Well first, has anyone ever jacked you off before?"

"Ya, Jimmy and me mess around sometimes."

"Ya, he told me that you fool around sometimes. How old are ya?"



"So, what do you like to do? You jack someone off and then send them off?"

"Well.....something like that. The only way you'll find out is when you come over, so how about it?"

"OK, when?"

"Next Saturday, OK?"

"OK, that's fine with me."

"Get the directions from Jimmy."


"Before you come over, I need you to do something for me."

"Ya, like what?"

"Don't play with yourself until next Saturday. This is important, don't ejaculate at all, OK?"

"Wow, that may be tough, but alright."

"You promise?"


"OK, see you next weekend. Bye."


Wow, today was only Monday. I already feel horny. Man, this is gonna be a tough week!


I was nervous about seeing this guy. Last night I shot a huge load just fantasizing about today. I was afraid that he might find out I jacked off almost every day, but how would he know that? I'll just act cool. I got into my car and drove off. He didn't live too far, just a few miles. I found the house and rang the bell.

"You must be Tony?"

"Hi. Yes I am. And you are Sean?"

"Yes, come in."

Wow, he was good looking! He looked maybe 25, 26. He was in a tank top and his muscular arms were showing. I started getting hard just thinking about his fists wrapped around my cock.

"So, did you keep your promise?"

"Ya, I haven't touched myself all week."

"Good, follow me into the bedroom and let's get started."

"Nice place you got here."

"Thanks. OK, let get down to business. Take off your shirt."

I took it off and threw it on a chair.

"Wow, you look pretty good! Any boyfriends, girlfriends?"


"Humm, well let's get started. Lie down"


As soon as I lay down he grabbed my right arm and he started fastening my wrist down to the bed.

"Hey, what are you doing?" My left arm was still free and I started swinging it.

"Relax. You mean Jimmy never told you about this?"

"No, what are you doing?"

"Calm down. I like to tie down the guys I work on because sometimes when I make them come, they lose control. Now give me your other wrist."

I felt somewhat relieved because I figured if it was OK with Jimmy, then I'd be all right.

He finished strapping down my wrist. Both of my wrists were tied down near my sides. I felt like a mental patient or something.

"Relax, I'm gonna take off your pants."

He undid my belt and unzipped my fly. He felt my dick through my underwear. After he got me hard, he pulled down my pants and underwear and he threw my clothes on the chair. He then strapped down my ankles.

"Is that really necessary?"

"Hey, my house, my rules."

"Sorry. I didn't mean-"

"It's alright, just relax. OK, let's get to work."

He leaned on one side of the bed and he caressed my cock a little. When my dick became fully erect he went to work. He grabbed my dick and started jerkin' it. He didn't grab it too tight or anything like that, it was just right.


"You like this huh?"


He was only playing with it for about 5 minutes and I felt like I was ready to cum. I started breathing heavily and my body tensed up.

"I'm gonna cum.....ahhh"

"Just let it out boy!"

I came and shot a pretty nice load. "Ahhhhh....that was great, thanks...ahhh that was good."

"Your welcome, but something is not right here."

"What do you mean?"

"That was the lousiest cum shot for the first time in a week! You have been playing with yourself haven't you?"

"No, really, I haven't!"

He went to his dresser draw and pulled out a scarf. He came over to me and before I could say anything he gagged me. I tried to break free from the bindings but I couldn't move.

"Relax. I'm gonna get you off again. You owe me more than that last load."

He leaned on the bed again and he started jackin' me off. I moaned and moaned but he just ignored me, he just kept jackin' my cock. After about a half hour, I felt like I was gonna cum again. My body tensed up and he forced every drop out. He came over to me, took off the gag, he did not completely remove it though.

"OK, so now do you wanna tell me the truth?"

"What? Like I said, I didn't play with myself at all, really."

"You expect me to believe that you didn't cum ALL WEEK?"

"OK....I'm sorry, I did jack off."

I knew he was upset. He crossed his arms over his chest and with a mean look he asked, "How many times?"

"About two or so."

"How many times EXACTLY?"


"OK, then I'm gonna make you cum 5 more times."

"WHAT, you can't do that, I'm sorry, LET ME GO!"

"I told you not to touch yourself, you come over here and I get two lousy loads from you and you expect me to be satisfied?"

"I'm sorry, really, please let me go!"

"No way, you got yourself into this mess now you will have to suffer through it."

"I really can't, my dick feels sore, and I really can't cum anymore."

"Your dick is sore huh.....WELL THAT'S BECAUSE YOU WERE PLAYING WITH YOURSELF ALL WEEK! Don't worry though, I got something that will soothe that dick of yours."

He put the gag back in my mouth and he reached into his draw again and took out a bottle of lubricant. My mind was racing. Oh no, what did I get myself into? I started shaking my head NO. I started grunting and bouncing. He straddled my chest and pushed my head back down. I looked into his eyes, hoping he'd have a change of heart. Instead, he put a collar around my neck and fasted it to the bed. Now I couldn't pick my head up anymore.

He got off my chest and sat on the bed. He poured the lube onto my dick and before he grabbed my dick he said, "Get ready boy, I'm not gonna stop until you shot five loads." As soon as he said that, he messaged the lube all over my dick. After he made sure my dick was lubed, he gripped the base and went to work on my cockhead. I jumped! I was going ballistic!! He made a hole with his fist using his thumb and index finger and he worked my cockhead. I moaned and grunted and he just ignored me. He worked my cockhead for about a half-hour. After he was done torturing my cockhead, he started stroking my entire dick. He still held the base in one hand and with the other he stroked my cock slowly from top to bottom. Again I moaned and grunted and he just continued working on my dick. The motherfucker was stroking my dick so slowly I couldn't take it. I tried to speak but the gag muffled what I was trying to say. Every once in a while he'd pause to relube my dick. Ah, that fuckin' gel!

An hour goes by and he's still jackin' me off slowly. I wanna cum so badly! I felt the urge to cum, but it would take forever at this pace. I started sweating. After about another hour I finally felt like I was ready to explode. The urge was SLOWLY building up. I started clenching my fists and I prayed that he'd get me off.

The urge was flowing through me like electricity. I needed to cum so bad. I tried to pick my head up but I couldn't. He continued pumping my cock and my fists were still clenched. I was almost ready to cum, I felt it but there was nothing I could do to speed up Sean. His slow strokes were killing me. He kept urging me to cum but it was never enough. I concentrated on the feeling and I closed my eyes, hoping to cum. The urge was growing but still slowly. My stomach got tight and I felt the urge rising more. Ah come on, let me cum, fuck!

Sean knew I was ready to cum but he never sped up. Finally I started shaking and he pumped the cum out of my dick. My cum shot so high! It was some violent explosion! He continued stoking my dick until nothing came out. He then cleaned me up.

"Now that was some load! That was really nice!"

I just lay there. I was too tired to move.

"Now make the next one better than the last."

I almost broke my neck trying to lift my head. I was bouncing and screaming into my gag. He just ignored me and he poured the lube on my dick, grabbed the base of my cock and he worked my dick again, SLOWLY.

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