Gym Initiation



You love to work out. You go three times a week. Every night you go, there are the same four or five people in there. All of them are buff and when you see them flex you get hard. They like having you around and you become good friends. But what you didn't know is that they wanted to initiate you. One night you walk into the locker room to change into your gymclothes and you are jumped. A clothe is put over you mouth and then everything goes black. You wake up and you realize that you are tied to the bench press. What's going on you ask. Then a familiar face pops into view. Its one of your workout partners. "Hello, tonight is your initiation." "What the..."You manage to get out before a sock is stuffed in your mouth. You can taste the sweat that the sock is dripping with. Your mouth is covered with duct tape so you can't spit out the sock. You look down and see that your feet are tied to a separate bench since you were too long for the bench you are laying on. Your feet are tied tight to opposite ends, so you are spread-eagle. You notice many more ropes tying you down from your pelvic bone to your armpits. Then you look up and see that your hands are tied to the bar for the bench press. They are wrapped with duct tape so much that your wrists look like they end in a ball of tape. The bar has ropes going to pulleys on the floor and then the ropes go up to a pulley on the ceiling and over until the rope ends hanging from a pull above you exposed dick. You then realize that you are completely naked and that your balls are tied tightly to a square piece of iron which rests across the tops of your thighs, your balls resting vulnerably on top. Your friends come and hover over you.

"Here's the game. You will lift the bar and support it for a while. If the bars falls, something bad happens. You'll find out soon enough. While you hold the bar up, we tickle and rub this over your dick." He holds up sport creme for relaxing muscle pain.

"Welcome to your initiation." you are forced to lift the bar because the supports holding it are removed. It seems easy enough to hold the bar up since no weights are on it. One of the guys takes a sock off and you can smell it's terrible odor from three feet away. He tapes it to your face so you are forced to breathe in the odor through your nose. The smell makes you want to barf. Then the tickling begins. You find it even harder to hold up the bar.

"Now for the hard part" He takes a pile of weights and puts them on the end of the rope. "Twenty five pounds is good for now." Its getting real heavy for you, and you don't know what happens when it falls. " I forgot to tell you that we put the creme on only when your elbows are straight, so keep them bent." You bend your arms and the weight gets harder to hold up. The tickling is too much and you start to lower to bar slowly. The bar is about three inches from you chest and you can feel coldness on your balls. The weight is right above them and if you lower any more your balls are crushed into the iron plate. You push with all you strength and get it up all the way. You have your elbows straight before you realize it, and a coat of the gel is put on your dick. It starts to burn like crazy. The tickling is at its peak and the weight comes down. A huge jolt of pain is sent up your spine. You immediately push the bar up.

"Well, we're bored with this already. Let's go have a beer." All leave but one, who sets up a few wires and wraps them around your dick. The wires go to a box above the bar. "If you raise the bar and it touches the box you get a jolt" He puts the dial on "1" and hits the box to show you. The shock is huge and the bar falls a little. "Now imagine that shock times fifteen." He turns the dial to "15". Huge voltage. He laughs. The bar remains halfway up and halfway down, working your muscles the most. He adds ten more pounds to the stack, and as he is walking out of the room says, "Glad you're part of our group now. You passed the initiation. Congratulations! I will see you in the morning to untie you. That's about six hours from now, if I don't sleep in. Better hope my alarm clock goes off. Goodnight." The door closes and the lights go off. It's pitch black and your muscles are really aching. It's going to be a long night...