The Morning After



I slept the last night over at your place after a party. I had gotten pretty drunk, and you decided it wouldn't really matter where I slept in at that stage, so you half dragged me into your car, and drove to your place. I remember small parts of talking about tickling and bondage after we arrived at your place last night, but not much. In the morning, you had made some breakfast, and while having it, we chat a while about this and that. Soon, you ask how I would like to try what we talked about yesterday. I smile shyly and just say "OK" quietly.

You lean closer to me and take a hold of my wrist, starting to lead me towards your bedroom. Knowing what's coming, I playfully resist you, but you just increase the pressure of your hand and drag me to the bedroom after you. You gently toss me on the bed and start going through the drawers while I quietly sit on the bed, waiting eagerly. I don't have to wait long for you to produce leather cuffs from the drawer. I'm not wearing much, but you still order me to strip my t-shirt and briefs. I slide my shirt off, and you watch me, as the shirt brushes past my already stiff nipples and past my hair. I toss the shirt on the floor of your bedroom, and next I peel off my briefs. My penis jumps up as I remove the covering briefs, and now I am totally nude, sitting on your bed.

You step forward silently and direct me with your strong hands, positioning me on my stomach on the bed. Next, you take the leather cuffs and attach one cuff to each of my wrists securely. You firmly pull my hands behind my back and attach the cuffs to each other, leaving me helpless with my hands across my back. You step off the bed and leave me lying on my stomach. Staring in front of me. I hear you opening a drawer again and try to peek at what's going on. You just say, "No peeking, my dear friend!" and I have a quick close-up of a blindfold before all I see is darkness. I am feeling pretty helpless by now, with my hands bound behind my back, and blindfolded, but you obviously think it's not enough.

I feel you taking a strong hold of my legs, and the next thing I know, you're dragging me backwards on the bed. You take ahold of my left ankle, and pull it towards the side of the bed. Now I remember seeing a glimpse of leather restraints attached to each bed post and am about to put up a little fight to make it less easy for you, but you already have my left leg snugly strapped, and have a tight grip on my right ankle by the time I react, so there really isn't anything I can do but lay nicely and wait for what you have in store for me.

You drag your fingers along the soles of my feet to give me the impression of HOW vulnerable I really am. I buck a little, but bite my lip to keep myself from giggling. "I see" you say. "Trying to be tough, are we? Well. I think we can change that soon enough."

I can't see anything because of the blindfold, but I could swear you're smiling in a wicked, but amused way. I give a frustrated yank to the bonds, and find them to be VERY tight indeed. Good job. My thoughts are suddenly interrupted as I feel you lifting my upper body up from the bed while sliding something from underneath me. As you lay me back, I realize you have placed a lengthy piece of cotton rope below me, almost at the height of my hips. You tie the ends of the rope together above my body, and I find my arms strapped down to the small of my back.

"So, you didn't think I was tied ENOUGH?" I ask you.

You reply, "Hey, I just want you to feel completely safe and secure!"

I guess I have to settle for that. You ruffle my hair and step back to admire your handiwork. I must admit it. I am rather securely tied, not much slack allowing me to struggle. I feel you getting on the bed again, and you place yourself on top of me, pressing me tightly on the bed. I feel the bulge in your briefs pressing against the crack between my butt cheeks, and as I squirm, it presses slightly deeper. It obviously pleases you, since I hear you grunt softly beside my ear.

You press your lips close to my ear, and whisper barely audibly, your lips touching the side of my ear slightly, "Are you ready?" I start to reply, "Ready for w...fhhhmmmmmhh..." but my sentence is left incomplete as you clamp your hand tightly over my mouth. I squirm again, causing your bulge to chafe against me. You press tighter against me, holding me pressed tightly on the bed. With your free hand you start stroking my other side lightly. This causes me to breath heavier through my nostrils, and you feel me tense beneath you. You add the pressure, and force a muffled giggle from me. You move your head closer to me again, and start nibbling my ear gently as you continue to tickle my sides increasingly. Your hands move up and down my very ticklish sides and make me convulse underneath you, squealing and moaning from behind your hand that is gagging me. You remove your hand from over my mouth, but I don't have time to ask any questions, as you use your other hand to cover my mouth, while attacking my other side with the hand that was a moment ago gagging me. Your fingers dig their way into my armpits, and you manage to get a high pitched, muffled laughter out of me: "HHMFUFFFHMMMMMM!!!" Your attack towards my arm pit continues, and if you wasn't gagging me with your hand, I would be screaming and laughing as you skillfully play with my tender armpit. Moving again down, back to my already-tender ribs and sides, you torture me and make me squirm underneath you. Mind you, that's not much of a squirming I manage to do with you on top of me. Suddenly, I get a chance to catch my breath, as you climb off the bed, giving my butt a playful slap, telling me to "stay put." How very amusing you are.

I hear you move some things again and wonder what you're planning to do. Next I feel you kneeling on the bed besides my head. You ask me to open wide, and when I do, I find my mouth being stuffed full of sock! I hear the sound of duct tape being ripped off from the roll, and you wrap a couple of layers of duct tape around my head to keep the gag tightly in my mouth. After having gone through your drawers, you return by the bed, this time beside my feet.

The first stroke of the paintbrush still comes as a surprise, and I laugh a muffled laugh from behind my gag. You continue to make slow circles with the brush along the soles of my right foot, and keep me giggling, gasping, and squirming my toes. Next you attack the tender spaces between my toes, slightly teasing them with the brush, while using the fingers from your other hand to tickle the crap out of my foot! I am laughing hysterically through the gag, trembling, and struggling against the bonds, and I am getting really exhausted and sweaty by now. I try to yell pleadingly for you to stop, but all I manage to get out sounds something like, "UHHHMMMMMFFHUMMMMHHGG!!!!!"

You just laugh and tell me that I'm not going anywhere for a while. Just when I think I can take it no more, you leave my right foot alone. I sigh silently, only to find out my poor left foot is the next target! The same tickle torture goes on for a while, and then you start rubbing some lube over the sole of my foot. After that, you add the toothbrush to the action, and slide its bristles along the sole, without giving a damn about my desperate, muffled howls. Next you decide to give at least the toothbrush a rest and make a use of the paintbrush again, and start tickling the inside of my vulnerable thighs, while sliding your hand beneath me, stroking my hard and throbbing penis. Just when I am about to start coming, you release your grip, still continuing to draw the brush along my ticklish thighs.

Next you reach over to my gag, and carefully peel off the duct tape, allowing me to spit out the soaked sock. I have not much time to start a conversation before you once again attack the sole of my right foot with your fingers. Now that I'm not gagged anymore my screams and laughter fill the room. HAHAHAHHAAAAAGGHHH!!! OHGODOHOHNOPLEAAASESTOPPLEASESTOP!!!! HHAHAHAAAAHHAH!!!!!

Without any signs of mercy, you continue to tease my feet, obviously enjoying it immensely. By the time my voice starts to sound really exhausted, you decide to give me a rest and get back to stroking my penis. I moan silently as your hand moves up and down my shaft. You stroke yourself while getting me off. As I start shooting my load, I hear you moan, and feel your hot juice spilling over my legs. I gasp and lay panting, exhausted, still tied up on your bed, as you start cleaning up. After you're done, you stuff the sock back in my mouth despite of my protests, and wrap the duct tape around my head to keep me securely gagged again. Then you stroke my hair gently and say, "Well, I'm taking a shower now. Be good and I might consider untying you when I'm done."

With that you head towards your bathroom, chuckling slightly.