Our Little Secret




Eddie and I have known each other for about eight years. We were both second-string wrestlers in high school, the both of us were just made too scrawny. We would spar with each other and usually I would tickle him to get him off me. He'd try and tickle back, but I was better at it. We have been tickling each other ever since.

After high school, Eddie entered a program to become an EMT, and I got a job at the gym we frequented. It was easy work and after a while I was an assistant manager in charge of the midnight to 8am shift, which consisted of one employee, me.

So it wasn't glamorous, but at least Eddie got to work out for free and I actually got paid to do it. Towards the wintertime the place was virtually deserted, so we could hold our tickle fights right there on the big exercise mat.

I only had two customers that came in on a regular basis. The first was Ron. Ron was the epitome of working out, and he wasn't just big, he was strong. I watched him lug around barbells and weights like they were made of balsa instead of iron. The second was Doug. Doug had made all state in gymnastics and would have made the Olympic team if he hadn't blown out his knee playing free safety during his senior year. He was so lean and quick. Muscular without being bulky. That's the kind of body I had always wanted.

Ron was our Wednesday night regular, he had told Eddie and I one night that he normally works out during the day, but once a week he wanted peace and quiet during his workout. We normally just left him alone.

Doug came in every Thursday night. From what I had talked to him about in passing, he was an insomniac who worked Sundays through Thursdays for some retail store. He was off Fridays and would work out all night and sleep all day Friday and Saturday. Eddie and I left him alone for most of the night, until he finished his workout. Then we would watch as he stretched his muscles.

First he would sit down on the exercise mat and take off his crosstrainers. That alone would get us going. We would watch as he would spread his legs and twist his body in every direction. He would roll into handstands and point his toes. From the shape of his feet in those white ankle socks of his, he had high arches, and we would sit there and wonder if those feet of his were ticklish.

We use to talk about tying him up some night and finding out, but neither one of us had the nerve.

Then, the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, Ron had arrived at his regular time, then to our surprise, Doug showed up.

We waited around for Doug's show as usual, but since we didn't really pay any attention to Ron, we missed that fact that Ron had caught it as well.

Well, the week passed. The next Wednesday, Ron showed up carrying his big, black, gym bag as usual. We had done a killer of a tickle fight earlier that night and Eddie went to shower as I signed Ron in.

"You're Gary, right?"

"Yeah." I said, surprised that the guy even knew my name.

"That guy that was here last week, is he a regular?"

"Yeah," I replied, "He comes in every Thursday, last week with Thanksgiving and all, he came a night early. He'll probably be here tomorrow. Why do you ask?"

"Because, I need your help Gary." The huge bodybuilder reached across the desk and dragged me across it with one hand. I remember I screamed as he easily overpowered me. From his bag, he pulled a pair of handcuffs and shackled my wrists behind my back. I tried again to scream for help. I guess he was tired of me screaming, because he pulled a roll of duct tape from the bag and taped a few strips across my mouth. He half carried, half dragged me across the room and duct taped me, facedown, to an old weight bench. He stormed off towards the showers. A few minutes later, he came back and dragged the bench, with me still attached to it, to the locker room. I saw Eddie with a large towel wrapped around his torso. Ron had wrapped him in tape also, preventing him from moving his arms and had tape gagged him as well. As he rolled around on the floor I noticed his ankles were crossed and taped, keeping his movement limited.

"There was a guy in here last week, I want his name."

I would have gladly told him had I been able.

He picked up Eddie's ankle and cuffed them under his arm. He gripped a foot with one of his hands and began to grind his fingernails into Eddie's bare sole.

"I been watchin' you guys. I come early and sit in the parking lot watching you guys tickle each other. Well you guys don't know tickle torture 'til I got ya. See, I know how ta tickle guys, until they do whatever I want."

Eddie screamed as well as the tape gag allowed, he hated having his feet tickled and couldn't stand still for it. Now forced to bear it, he was going wild with agony. I watched for an hour as Eddie tried to squirm free of the big man's grip.

I'm not sure when it happened, but I think Eddie passed out. All I knew was that now, it was my turn.

The big bodybuilder bent my knees and brought my feet up to my butt and began taping my calves so that I couldn't straighten my legs. He stood behind me and slowly removed the laces from my Airwalks. It was like he was playing with me. When he had ripped the shoes from my feet, he started scratching my socked feet very lightly. Helpless to fight it, I started giggling.

"I want that guy. You two are gonna get him for me, or I'm gonna do this to you two every Wednesday." He started tickling faster, increasing how fast I was giggling. He made me giggle until I was almost out of breath, then he pulled the socks from my wiggling feet and started grinding his nails in my ticklish soles the way he had to Eddie. I was panicked into hysterics. I couldn't stand much more, I had to move somehow. I had to pull my feet from his grasp. In the end, I felt myself slip into unconsciousness.

I woke up in the shower with cold water raining down on me. I looked over and saw Eddie starting to wake up as well. We were both free. I noticed movement coming towards the showers.

"That's your choice." Ron told us before he left. "Get me that guy, tomorrow night, tied up and helpless. Deliver him to my place, or I'll come get you two again. I'll see you tomorrow."

We debated the pros and cons for about it for about ten seconds, then began devising our plan to grab Doug.

Doug arrived late the next night. We were in a panic. When we got to the point where we thought he wasn't going to show, we considered closing the place and running. We had got our stuff together when we saw Doug's car pulling into the parking lot.

Eddie took off for the locker room as I waited to sign Doug in.

Doug came in his street clothes as usual and signed the register. I had put a new sheet in front of him and when he left for the locker room I disposed of the sheet in the garbage can in front of the gym. I wasn't sure if Ron was ever going to let Doug go. I didn't want any records of Doug being there.

Doug entered the locker room and took a seat on the bench in front of his locker. He removed his street clothes and hung them in his locker. From his bag he produced a brand new pair of white ankle socks and pulled them on. He put on a pair of silk workout shorts and began lacing his cross trainers.

Eddie struck when Doug was bent over tying his shoes. He slipped behind the former gymnast and cupped a wadded handkerchief soaked in chloroform over his target's mouth and nose.

Doug tried to stand, but Eddie leaned all his weight on the startled man. By the time Doug figured out what was going on, he was already woozy. Eddie held the cloth over his face for a few minutes after he stopped struggling to make sure he was well out.

Together, Eddie and I took everything out of Doug's locker. We loaded everything into his own gym bag, and put him and the bag into the trunk of his own car. We locked the gym, and headed to Ron's secluded address. Ron was waiting for us and told us to put Doug's car into the garage. Once we were inside, he had us move Doug's sleeping body into the basement.

The three of us worked Doug's upper torso into a straight jacket. We lied him facedown onto a padded table where Ron buckled a strap across the gymnast's lower back to hold him down. Ron put a padded leather blindfold across his victim's eyes and a black ball gag into his victim's mouth.

Tying a rope to the buckle of the strap, the huge bodybuilder brought Doug's feet up to his butt and lashed them in place, still safe within their cross trainers.

Ron stepped back to admire his work. He turned to us and looked us up and down. "You guys are alright." He said. "You know what I'm gonna do? I'm gonna let you guys watch what happens tonight."

"That's okay." I said, holding up my hand. "We're just gonna get out of here if that's cool."

"No, it's not 'cool'." He said grabbing my wrist. From nowhere he pulled a pair of cuffs and overpowered me as he had the night before.

Eddie bolted for the door and found it locked. Ron was on him in a second, cuffing him as well. He sat us down in two chairs at Doug's side and roped us down. Using two more ball gags, he silenced us, allowing him to work uninterrupted.

Doug began to come around. His body began to strain against his bonds, to no avail.

Ron jumped up on the padded table and straddled Doug's back, facing his feet. The same way he had done it to me, he slowly began to untie the cross trainers that protected Doug's feet. When one was untied, he slowly untied the other. He went back to the first and slowly removed the shoe from the struggling foot. Then did the same with the other. When he was finished, the two high arched, pointed-toed, pure white-socked feet were helpless before him.

I had immense woodage.

He began with the left foot. Scratching it on the high arch, just below the ball of the foot. Doug reacted angrily through the ball gag that was effectively silencing him. Ron gave another scratch, this time down the arch, causing a muffled pleading to come from his captive.

Eddie nudged me. I knew what he was thinking. Those feet that we had always wondered about were as ticklish as we had hoped.

Doug's right foot received a little bit of attention as the pleading was replaced by a muffled giggle.

Ron's torture became more deliberate as his fingers whisked across the soft, socked surface of the ticklish soles in front of him. Doug exploded with giggles as he struggled against the bondage that held him helpless. Ron's fingers started scratching at the base of the toes, easily breaking down any resistance that Doug was trying to build. The captive gymnast wailed at the newest torture. The ticklish toes tried their best to avoid the penetrating attacks of the practiced tickler. In a few minutes the toes grew tired of their wiggling and Ron concentrated on them even harder.

Doug's wailing grew louder and louder. He was given a slight quarter as Ron took a moment to remove the perfect white ankle socks he had been tickling the feet through. The feet now bare received an even harsher torture than either Eddie or I had received. Doug had a lot of stamina, and Ron was doing his best to take every bit of it from him. Ron tickled and tickled the helpless bare feet before him with not an ounce of mercy.

Finally, Doug stopped screaming. It took the better part of two hours, but Ron's tickling regime had caused the captive gymnast to pass out.

Ron undid his own pants and began jerking himself off right there on Doug's back. After a few minutes, he shot his load all over Doug's ticklish feet. He used those perfect white socks to wipe the cum from the feet and from his own dick. He balled the socks up, took the gag off Doug, shoved the cum covered socks into Doug's mouth and put duct tape over his mouth so he couldn't spit them out.

He picked up the discarded cross trainers from the floor and took them over to his workbench. Reaching into each, he pulled the insole out of each one and laid it on top of a yellow sheet on top of the worktable. Using an scalpel he used the insoles as a pattern to make two insole shaped cutouts on the yellow sheet. He place the yellow cutouts into the cross trainers in place of the insoles. He walked back over to Doug, and worked the cross trainers back onto his bare feet.

"The yellow stuff is unfaced fiberglass insulation." He told us as he tightly tied the shoes onto the feet of the passed out captive. "When our boy here wakes up, his feet are gonna itch somthin' powerful. Unfortunately, he'll still be tied, so he won't be able to scratch 'em. With the shoes on he won't even be able to use his own feet to scratch each other."

Eddie and I exchanged horrified glances.

He slapped Doug on the cheek a few times to bring him around. Within a few minutes he was moaning and twitching, his feet ablaze with itches within his shoes. He pulled against his bonds to find them still inescapable.

Ron untied us and showed us out.

"You keep your mouth's shut. Ya got me." He warned us. "I can always take on two more slaves. You guys say one word, I'll find ya and make ya a new home here. Understand?"

We kept our mouths shut, like he had told us. I wrote this, but I tell everybody its fiction.

We never saw Ron or Doug again. We drove out to Ron's a few months ago and there was a reality sign out front.

Just to be safe, we still keep our little secret.