The Pipe



I live near a park and one night while cutting through, I notice there's construction going on.

There's pipes scattered all around. I look into one and see its big enough for someone to fit into. I was alone in the park when all of a sudden I hear a muffled sound. I go around the pipes toward the bushes and I see a pair of work boots sticking out of one of the pipes. I stand in front of the boots and say, "Hey, what's going on in there?" I hear, "I'm stuck in this damn pipe. Can you help me out?" I just stand there staring at his boots getting a hard-on. It's a dream come true. I say, "Sure," and grab a hold of his legs and give a little pull to see just how stuck he really is. He doesn't move at all, so I very slowly reach up and start to untie his boot strings, making sure his boots are loose. I shout, "Maybe this will work," and grab under his boots by the heels and yank with all my strength and fall over backward still gripping two boots. He yells out, "Hey, are you all right out there?"

I laugh while getting up saying, "Man that didn't work either, but I think I broke my ass on that fall." Then he starts to giggle saying, "I bet that was one hell of a funny site, you falling on your ass."

"So you think that was funny, huh? I'll give you something funny to laugh at."

I reach out and run one finger across his left socked foot, from under his toes down to his heel and back up again. His foot jerks and his toes start to wiggle. Before he can say anything, I grab hold of both socks and rip them off his feet. And stand there starring at 2 big magnificent size 12 bare soles, they look so very white, clean and so tender. To which I hear, "Hey buddy what are you doing out there? I thought you where going to help me out." I just stroll over to the bushes and snap off a few twigs, and pull the leaves off.

Then I say, "So, are they as ticklish as they look, BUDDY?"

I hear, "Oh no, not that. You wouldn't, WOULD you?

I yell out, "I WOULD."

And I start stroking the branches up and down both soles. His feet start twitching but I don't hear any laughter. So I concentrate on one foot, running my fingernails under his toes, down his arches, and the side of his foot. I decide to tickle his arch, scratching ferociously, when all of a sudden (BAM) hysterical laughter.

I continue for another 5 minutes, then I stop to give him a rest. I start running my hands over his feet to feel the texture of his soles, then I bend down and grip his ankle and lick up his sole. His foot jerks and he starts laughing again, so I lick one foot and reach over and run a stick across his other foot. When I start to lick under his toes, he goes absolutely crazy. Now he's screaming hysterical laughter. I keep it up for about 5 minutes. But I couldn't take anymore. I stood up and unzipped my pants and pulled my throbbing dick out. I started tickling his feet with one hand while jacking myself off with the other, when all of a sudden, I'm shooting into the air.

I tell him I'm going home to get some tools to help him out. I only live a block away, so I go home and get some tools, all right. Brushes, Combs, Feathers, Forks and Rope.

I was only gone for under 10 minutes but when I return there was a kid about 16 tickling those bare feet. I sneaked up on him and grabbed him around the waist he jumped with a giggle and turned and said, "Oh, it's you".

I was surprised and said , "Do you know me?" He said," No, I was watching you from the bushes and it looked really fun. I always hoped something like this would happen." He then looked up at me and said, "Can I help you tickle this guy?" I picked up the box I brought with me and said, "Sure, take your pick." He got a big grin on his face and pulled out a comb. I grabbed a brush. He started running the comb along his left arch, while I ran the brush along his right. The feet jerked and laughter poured out of the pipe. We used different objects on those bare feet for the best response. He settled on a pair of stiff feathers to work on the toes while I picked a round brush to twirl along his arches. I tied his big toes together and pulled them back to his ankles and tied them off. So his soles where taut and his toes where opened up.

He tortured under and between those toes with feathers. While I put the round brush between his arches and spun the brush so both his feet where being tickled at the same time.

He went crazy with laughter and was swearing for us to stop. His feet where jerking like crazy.

I thought he might pull his toes out from all the torture that kid was dishing out. He then let out a scream and his whole body was shaking. I got excited and bent down staring at his now crimson-colored soles and went a little crazy.

I started scratching my fingernails all over those sensitive soles driving him to the brink of insanity. The toe feathering was also continuing There was no laughter, just a long ear-piercing scream. I couldn't stop myself, I just dug my fingernails into those soft soles. That kid just kept sawing those feathers between his toes without a break. I was thinking this guy must be on the brink of entering hell, when all of a sudden he stopped moving and all was quiet. The kid got scared and thought we might have killed him. I was breathing heavy and was sweating like a pig in a oven. Shaking, I got up and reached into the pipe and felt his stomach. He was still breathing, he just passed out from the intense tickling we dished out to him (Poor Baby).

I looked down and the kid had a raging hard-on, just like I did. I unzipped my pants and pulled my throbbing cock out, saying, "Man we worked him over like two dogs in heat. I don't think I've ever been this hard before."

The kid just smiles and pulls out his own throbbing dick and starts pumping. I grab hold of my cock and reach over and start stroking his bare soles again while pumping like a madman as does the kid. I pull back and shot my load and hit a bullseye as it lands across his toes.

The kid shot his load and hit a better target all over his soles. He says, "That was Fucking intense." He wondered if he could stand being tickled like that. We went on, "My Brother used to wake me up for school by uncovering my feet and tickling me until I got out of bed. But nothing like what we put this guy through. It would be cool to see if I could take it." I say, " I also have very ticklish feet, we could get together sometime and test each other's feet for sensitivity."

And I gave him a card with my name and phone number and told him to call anytime.

Then I laughed and went home.

The happy end.

Except for that guy in the pipe - Oh well......