Professor Wiley vs. the Football Team



Professor Ian Wiley teaches Human Anatomy at the University of Oklahoma. I am Thad Simms, Professor Wiley's teaching assistant. We were working late one night in the lab when I saw a large envelope come shooting out from under the door. I opened the door, but I was too late. Whoever it was had already made it out the front door of the building. I proceeded to open the envelope and pulled out a set of 8 x 10 pictures, a video tape and a note. I must have gasped when I saw the first picture because Ian came out of his office to see what was wrong. The picture was of Professor Wiley, totally naked, with one guy sucking his dick and another sitting behind him with his arms around his shoulders and his tongue in this ear. Ian snatched the pictures from my hand and stormed back into his office. I peered in through the door and hesitantly asked, "Ian, do you want to talk about it".

Ian Wiley was one of the most handsome men I had ever seen. He has sandy brown wavy hair. His face was a true work of art, with full inviting lips, perfect white teeth and dimples. He wore gold wire-rim glasses which gave him that preppy handsome young stud look. His body was equally impressive. He is about 5' 11" and 180 pounds of well-defined muscle. He also dressed the part of the college professor. He always had on a starched oxford shirt, dockers and a sport coat or sweater.

With a pained, hesitant look on his face, Ian began to tell me the story of his encounter with the football team. He said he was being pressured by the coach to take it easy on his "men" when it came to final exams. He said he had dismissed the comments the coach had made and continued to run his class a usual. He told me that the team had labeled him a "fag" after he had asked the quarterback, Jonathan Davies, to take off his shirt in front of the class for a lesson on chest and shoulder muscles. At the time, Jon complied, but was made fun of by the other players when Ian ran his hands over Jon's chest and shoulders during his lecture.

I smiled at Ian and said, "Lucky you. Not many people have had the good fortune to even see Davies' chest, much less touch it." He hesitated, but then shyly grinned back at me.

"He's quite a specimen when it comes to pecs and abs," he said.

It was then that I began to realize that Ian was probably going to live up to his new label.

Ian said that Davies had left his shirt off for the rest of the class and afterwards stayed behind and proceed to taunt him with his flawless tight skin and bulging crotch. He said as tempted as he was, he had never made it with a student.

"When the team began to realize that I wasn't going to budge, the taunting got worse. I went out to my car late one night and there were five guys, including Davies, leaning against it wearing nothing but running shorts and shoes. I pushed past them and one of them grabbed my ass as I got in my car. The next night is when this happened". He held up the pictures.

"I was leaving my office, when the same group of guys shoved me back in and locked the door. Your welcome to see what happened next if you want."

Ian walked over to the VCR and plugged in the tape.

Five hot-looking jocks wearing shorts, tight tee shirts and tennis shoes surrounded Professor Wiley. One of them swept everything off the desk and two more grabbed Ian by the arms and pulled him back onto the desk. They laid him down on his back on the desk and pinned him down. Davies hopped up on top of him straddling his waist, putting his hands down on the desk on each side of Ian's head. He got down face to face with his Professor and said, "OK FAGGOT, YOU'RE ABOUT TO LEARN A LONG, HARD LESSON".

The jocks went to work on him. They produced a set of ropes and proceeded to tie one onto each arm and leg. His knees were bent over the end of the desk and they tied each ankle to the desk legs. They then pulled his arms up over his head and secured the arm ropes near the floor to two vertical pipes that ran up the wall. They pulled the ropes tight, stretching out his body into a spread X position.

Ian pulled and struggled against his bonds. Jon Davies stood up on his knees and slowly pulled his tee shirt up and off. He looked down at Ian and said, "Remember this?" He flexed his torso muscles, stretching his arms back behind his head. Jon's biceps were huge and well cut. His chest was equally huge and perfectly defined as it tapered down to his rippled narrow waist. The rest of the jocks stripped off their shirts and moved in around the desk. They were all shifting and adjusting their growing cocks.

Ian was surrounded by nothing but rippling mounds of tight, tanned muscle. Sweat was building on his forehead. One of the guys handed Jon a buck knife already unfolded. Ian's eyes got real big as Jon leaned back into his face. He said, "Don't worry, pretty boy, I'm just going to cut your buttons off". And he slid the blade under the first button on Ian's shirt. With a jerk, the button popped off. Then the second one. Third, Fourth, and Fifth. Jon pulled the shirt open to expose Ian's sparsely hairy chest moving up and down, the base of his ribs expanded and his stomach sloped down to his size 31 waist. Jon ran the side of the blade lightly across his chest. He jerked at the feel of the cold steel on his nipples. Jon slid the blade up the left shirt sleeve and began to cut the oxford cloth from his body. The shirt was pulled from under him fully exposing his tightly stretched arms and torso.

Several of the jocks now had their shorts off and were stoking their swollen dicks. Professor Wiley looked around him and asked, with a bit of a crack in his voice, "What are you going to do to me?" One of the totally naked jocks standing at Ian's head leaned down and rubbed the ripples in Ian's abs and moved his hands up his chest and across his nipples. He said, "We are going to teach you how to service the football team, you little bitch." And he pinched Ian's nipples hard.

Jon turned around, straddling Ian's chest and slide the sharp knife under his belt. He gave the knife a jerk up and it cut through the leather like paper. One of the team pulled the belt from his waist. Jon unzipped Ian's fly and grabbed hold of each side of the zipper and ripped his pants open. His pants ripped all the way down the crotch. One guy on each side of the desk grabbed hold and finished the job, ripping the pants completely off. They were left hanging around his ankles. All that was left was his paisley boxers.

The quarterback ran his hand under the waistband of the boxers and grabbed hold of Professor Wiley's semi hard shaft. Ian gasped, "NO!!!!!!! THAT'S ENOUGH. PLEASE STOP!!!!!" Jon just laughed and stroked on Ian's shaft. His dick came to life in Jon's hand. It swelled up and stiffened, the head popped out of the top of his waist band. Jon was amazed at the increasing size of the Professor's cock. He said, "Not bad for a Faggot". The knife was slid under the boxers and they were split down the middle. The jocks had Ian's shorts ripped completely off in a matter of seconds.

Jon jumped down off the desk and let everyone, including the camera get a good look at his naked, spread out body. One of the jocks walked up behind Jon and yanked his shorts down. Jon's hard cock popped out and the crowd of jocks broke out laughing. Jon displayed his hardon proudly. Jon jumped up and straddled Ian's naked chest again and slapped his hard dick on Ian's pecs, then moving up a little he slapped Ian on the face repeatedly with his swollen shaft. The group of naked jocks moved in on the two men. The first pushed Jon back into a sitting position on Ian's chest and took the quarterback's cock into his mouth, at the same time he began racking his fingernails through Ian's deep exposed pits. Ian screamed out and jerked violently.


The hunky football player doing the tickling continued to pump his mouth up and down on his team leader's cock. Jon put his hands behind his head and arched his back, stretching and enjoying the blow job.

Jack, a sleek well built running back, pounced on Ian's rigid shaft. He teased the head of his shaft with his tongue. Ian's body spasmed and jerked. His screams only increased as his ribs and pits were probed and his cock was teased.

Another team member sat down at Ian's feet and removed his shoes. He ran the blunt tip of a letter opener up the souls of Ian's feet. Ian was in shear agony, Screaming and jerking wildly. The torture team stopped, one by one, deciding to give their Anatomy Professor a rest. Jon whispered into Ian's ear, "The Final Exam? Where is it?" Without hesitation, Ian said, "IN MY BRIEF CASE, PLEASE TAKE IT AND LET ME GO".

As soon as Jon had the final exam in his hand, he ordered his team mates to go back to work on the Professor's bare tender chest and his exposed feet. There was one guy on each foot and each pit. Sharp fingernails were raked through Ian's pits and were relentless on the bare souls of his feet. Ian's screams were short and uncontrollable.


The sweat that poured from his body only intensified the sensation. He could feel the drops of sweat running down his sides. The probing fingers slide more freely. His body was bucking up and down on the desk. Jon was laughing and riding him like a wild horse.

After a short rest the team put their shorts back on and then untied Ian. They quickly lead him naked, out of the building and across the dark campus to the Stadium locker room. They tied his wrists together with a rope and threw it up over a pipe in the showers and pulled his arms up tight over his head. His toes were barely touching the tile floor. The showers were turned on and the room began to fill with steam. Soon, Ian's body was hot, wet, and shining from the steam.

The shorts flew off as the guys moved in around Professor Wiley. A Jon and Jack went down on the warm tile together and began stroking each others cock as the rest of the team prepared to entertain Ian. Matt was the youngest in the group at 18. He was obviously turned on and full of energy. He couldn't keep his hands off of Ian, hanging helpless from the pipe. His shaft was at full attention, rock hard and pointing up from between his legs. He moved in behind Ian and rubbed his dick into Ian's crack and he reached around him and groped his tight stretched chest. Matt ran his finger nails down Ian's ribs and he jerked and screamed wildly.


Matt swung around in front of him and dug his fingers into Ian's pits.

"NO NO NOOOOOO, PLEASE!!!!!!!! PLEASE DON'T!" Ian screamed.

The other two guys caught on real quick and joined in on each side of Ian's chest. His body jerked wildly and he screamed for mercy.

Jon and Jack were leaning back on the tile taking in the show and pumping away on their cocks. The tickling went on none stop for 10 to 15 minutes. When they finally stopped, Ian hung limp, exhausted and breathing hard. Matt turned one of the shower heads on cold and pointed it at Ian, quickly bringing him to life.

Jon got up and returned from his locker with a short whip in his hand. Ian's eyes got big and he pulled wildly at the rope.

"Jon, Please don't do this! You have the final, What more do you want!"

Jon glared at him and said, "I want you to remember who is going to get a "A" in Anatomy".

Jon swung the whip and it snapped across Ian's chest. Ian jerked away and yelped in pain. Matt and Jack each took a hold of an ankle and pulled them back behind him. His full weight was now hanging from the rope and his body was arched with his chest sticking out prominently. Jon swung again and the whip snapped across his rib cage.


Professor Wiley woke up sprawled out naked on the 50 yard line of the stadium. The grounds keeper was down on his knees stoking the naked hunk's hard morning cock with his tongue. Ian moaned with pleasure before his head cleared and he realized where he was. A small group of guys in the stands cheered and applauded as the grounds keeper held Ian down and brought him to a screaming orgasm. They turned off the video camera and disappeared into one of the dark tunnels in the stands.

Ian pulled the tape from the VCR and dropped it on his desk. I asked him, "So, what are you going to do?" He pulled his shirt up in front of me, exposing his bare chest. There were red stripes across his chest and abs.

"I'm going to give them an "F", and I'll be ready for them this time. Are you up for some fun with the Football Team?"