As soon as I walked in the door my mom started yelling at me.

"You want to tell me how the dent get it my car, huh? How did this happen?"

"A couple of nights ago, I took Cindy out and I had a little accident."

Chris, my younger brother, just stood there smiling.

"A little accident!!?! How did this happen?"

"I was parking the car and I guess I got too close to the fence. I'm sorry, really. It was just an accident."

"Jason, your not in high school anymore, this is not kid's stuff. You have to grow up and take responsibility. You are going to have the car fixed and YOU are gonna' pay for it!"

After I calmed my mother down I went into my room. Five minutes later my brother comes walking in with a big smile on his face.

"Hey Jay, what's up?"

"Hey asshole, why did you tell mom about the car? I was going to take care of that today. You got me into a lot of trouble."

"Hey well then you should have taken me to the arcade like I asked. But no, you went to the movies with Cindy."

"HEY, I told you I'd take you some other time, I couldn't break my date you jerk."

"Did you guys suck face?"

"Get the fuck outta here! You're gonna pay for this!"

"Oh I'm so scared!"

I had to get him back. He has to learn to mind his own business. Hummm, mom's gonna be away all day tomorrow on a seminar. Perfect, tomorrow Chris' ass is mine!!


"Bye Jason, be good while I'm gone and look after Chris."

"Oh I will mom!"

"Remember what I said, responsibility!"

"Got it mom, bye."

Chris was still asleep so I went into the basement and found some handcuffs that we used to play with when we were younger. Cops and robbers was always a favorite game of ours. I went back upstairs and headed toward Chris's room. I quietly knelt near his bed and ever so carefully moved his wrists to the headboard. I carefully weaved the cuffs through the bed frame and cuffed his wrists. He never woke up. I left his room and went back into my room. I laid on my bed and waited for him to call for help. Boy was he gonna be surprised when he wakes up. He woke up about a half hour later.

"Hey, mom, anyone, WHAT'S GOING ON?"

I slowly entered his room with a big smile on my face.

"Hey Chris, what's up?"

"What do you mean, get these off, MOM!"

"Scream all you want, she's not here!"

"What's going on? Get me out of these!!"

"Remember when I said you'd pay for telling mom about the dent in the car?"

"Oh come on, PLEASE, what are you gonna do, LET ME GO!"

I walked over to him and sat on the corner of his bed.

"Relax, I just wanted to play cops and robbers, like when we did when we were younger."

I then started to message his stomach and chest.

"Hey, what are you doing? I'm sorry, let me go! PLEASE!"

"How many times do you jack off?"

"What, I'm not gonna tell you!"

"Hey, I know you do now tell me how many times."

"Once, sometimes twice."

"Sounds normal for a 17 year old."

I lifted his t-shirt up a little and slid my hand underneath and went for his nipples.

"Hey Jason, what the hell are ya doin'? Come on, let me go."

"Well I thought we'd play some games today like `How many times can I get you off,' `How far can Chris shoot,' you know, games like that."

"Get off of my you pervert, I MEAN IT, GET OFF!"

"Oh I may get off later after I make you suffer." I grabbed his t-shirt and ripped it off.

"Hey little bro, working out?"

"Jason PLEASE, I'm sorry!"

"Too late."

I grabbed a hold of his pants and slid them off. I ran back into my room and dug through my old Boy's Scout box. I found some rope that we used to practice knots with and I headed back to Chris's room. He knew what I was up to because his legs were all over the place.

"Hey Chris, cooperate with me and maybe I'll go easy on ya."

I grabbed his left ankle and tied it down. He was still trying to kick me with his right foot.

"You're really asking for it!"

I finally grabbed a hold of his ankle and tied it down.

"Wow, this is a GREAT Kodak moment!"

"Fuck you!"

"Now now, relax."

"What are you going to do?"

"Ah I'm just gonna make you cum."

"That's no punishment, you're a pussy!"

"That's true. You may enjoy it the first and second time."

"What the fuck are you talking about?"

"Well you didn't let me finish, I'm gonna make you cum over and over."


I grabbed one of his fat neckties and gagged him. It was payback time! I sat on his bed and lightly caressed his dick. In no time it was hard. I reached over and opened his dresser and found his jack-off-lube. I squirted some on his dick and some in my hand. Time to go to work! I rubbed the lube into his dick and then looked at his shiny dick.

"Boy, get ready because I'm gonna work your cock!"

I then started to slowly stroke his cock up and down. He was still whimpering NO but I just continued. I purposely took slow strokes up and down his lubed shaft. He started thrashing around.

"This is your own fault. You couldn't keep your mouth shut huh?"

Chris just grunted and tried to break free from the handcuffs. I just continued stroking him slowly. I wasn't going to let him get away with this, he had to be punished. Once in a while I'd just use my thumb and run it around his cockhead. This drove him nuts!

"Don't fight it, this is what you get! Just relax, I'm gonna make you cum over and over."

This just pissed him off more.

"Stop moving around or I'll just play with your cockhead ALL DAY!"

He relaxed a little and I continued stroking his dick. About an hour later he tried to tell me he was gonna cum.

"You can cum whenever you want."

I noticed he started breathing heavier. Chris then clenched his fists. When I saw that I stopped.

He started yelling through the gag.

"Oh, I'm sorry, were you gonna cum?"

I wrapped my freshly lubed hand around his still hard dick and continued stroking his cock. He moaned again and I noticed he was coming close again. I continued stroking him but I slowed down even more. He started to bounce a little and I told him to stop. I watched his body tense up and he clenched his fists again. I stopped. Again he yelled through his gag.

"I will let you cum when I want you to, understand! Your dick is mine now, relax!"

Again I started slowly stroking his dick. And again he started bouncing up and down. He was trying to speed things up by fucking my hand. Without saying anything I grabbed the base of his cock with my other hand and I continued stroking his dick with my other hand but this time I gripped his dick harder and I took VERY SLOW strokes up and down his shaft. Now that I was holding the base of his cock he couldn't bounce anymore. This just drove him wild. He continued yelling and moaning. I think he was even trying to say "I'm sorry" but it was too late for apologies. I knew he was coming close again but since I was stroking him off so slowly it would be a while before he would shoot. After about 20 minutes he started to tense up again. I decided to let him shoot but I never sped up. I wanted that urge to SLOWLY build, I wanted to keep him there on that edge of cumming. I then noticed he tried to flex the muscles in his arms. Chris was getting ready to shoot. He moaned and grunted. I just continued slowly stroking his cock waiting for him to shoot. Chris started panting and he finally shot his load. Boy did he shoot; his cum almost hit the ceiling! After he shot his load I went straight for his cockhead. He jumped! I thought he was gonna break the handcuffs! I was still holding onto the base of his dick so he couldn't move around too much. He was still cumming while I was polishing his cockhead. His arms and chest were so tense. After I made sure I squeezed out all of his cum, I let go of his dick. He was still breathing heavily. I gave him just enough time to catch his breath and then I went back to work. I used some of his cum and lubed his dick. He started bouncing and yelling.

"Why are you so surprised? Did you think I was kidding about making you cum over and over? Relax little bro."

Since he JUST came I knew his dickhead was still sensitive so that's what I concentrated on. Chris was going wild. I held onto the base of his cock with one hand and the other one was polishing his dickhead. He started sweating and that's when I knew I had him right where I wanted him. I worked his dickhead for a solid hour. I then switched back to cock. I lubed up his hard dick and I continued stroking him slowly.


My mom was gonna be home in a half hour. Chris looked like he's been to hell and back. So far he came six times. I was still stroking his cock but I thought he had enough. I paused for a moment and looked at his sweaty body. His cock was still VERY HARD. Maybe I can get another load out of him. I really wanted to get him back for getting me in trouble. I leaned over him and took out the gag.

"Hey Chris, think you learned your lesson?"

"YES, please let me go!"

He was barely able to speak.

"OK then, I guess you had enough."

I was gonna unlock the cuffs when I noticed his dick was still very hard. Hummm, should I? I was still pissed at him and I wanted to get him good....hummm. Chris had his eyes closed so he did know that I just lubed up my hand. I started to lightly stroke his dick. He quickly opened his eyes.

"Hey Jay, what are you doing? You said you were gonna let me go?!?"

I gripped his dick a little harder now and I with my other hand I put the gag back in his mouth.

"I really don't think you're sorry little bro."

He grunted and bounced a little. He didn't have too much energy left.

"Relax, I want you to cum one more time for me. You better make this a nice big load too. I know you still got plenty of cum in ya boy."

He started to resist.

"LIE STILL! Don't move! You move a muscle and I'll make you cum a couple more times."

Chris finally loosed up and relaxed. I continued stroking his dick with one hand and I held onto the base of his dick with the other. I didn't want him to try to get away. I took slow strokes from the base to his cockhead. He just laid there motionless and grunted every so often.

"Remember, don't move. If you even move a finger I'll make you cum again. Just relax."

I continued stroking his dick and I looked up to see his face from time to time. He just laid there and grunted a little. I decided to concentrate on his cockhead again. He tensed up a little and moved his head from side to side.

"You're doing fine, just relax."

I worked his cockhead for about 10 minutes then I went back to slow strokes up and down his hard shaft. I noticed he was coming close again because he fists were clenched. I slowed down even more. I really wanted to get even with him. About 5 minutes later his whole body tensed up.

"Ya, you're doing great little bro! Shoot that load!"

I gripped his dick harder now and continued stroking his cock. His stomach hardened and he shot his load. I continued pumping his cock. He was done cumming but I just wanted to make sure so I continued stroking his dick for another five minutes. I finally let go and I uncuffed him.

"Now, I hope you mind your own business. Don't mess with me you little jerk!"

I went back into my room and as soon as I closed my door, my mom came home. I laid on my bed with a smile on my face and I drifted off to sleep.