Ricky's Secret




It happened like a dream come true: it was tickets and backstage passes to the Ricky Martin concert coming through town next week. Getting the tickets was really not such a surprise, as performers all give us at least a pair when they stay at our hotel. Being, however, that I had constantly passed up other venues in the past, I chose to accept these freebies. I was privately psyched at this windfall only because at 27 years old, I'm not supposed to like "pop" music...but what can I say, Ricky is an incredible-looking man, and who hasn't noticed how infrequently the guy wears shoes and socks. Now I have front row tickets and backstage passes to see him in his skin-tight leather pants and form-fitting shirts that show off his gorgeous body so nicely.

Ricky has been the subject of many a fantasy in my recent past, but my fantasy has always included a little twist...tickling. I have wanted with passion to reach my large strong hands up under his silk shirt and claw his sides and underarms. I can only imagine how that would make him shake and wiggle around. His deep manly voice, now muffled and drowned out with the heavy laughter and pleas to stop....anyway, you can finish the fantasy however you wish, back to the story...

Well, the concert came and I went. Great, high energy show and a surprising amount of men in the front rows watching as well. As it turned out, the guy next to me, Matt, was given backstage passes as well so we decided to hang with each other and meet Ricky together. While we were waiting backstage, Matt mentioned how sexy Ricky's bare feet were and how much he enjoyed seeing them that close up. I was surprised at this little revelation. You read about just running into fellow foot / tickling men on sites like Jack's but in reality, those meetings don't happen...at least not for me...but this time it did. I took that comment as my cue to mention the tickling...I figured if he could tell me about him liking feet, I could tell him about me and tickling. "I bet those feet are ticklish, too." I said, and the biggest smile of acknowledgment came over both our faces. We knew exactly what the other was getting at and wanting. It was at this time that we decided to devise a plan of attack.

Instead of waiting in the back to simply meet the man of our fantasies, we decided it would work to our benefit to wait at his hotel room. I told Matt that I work at the hotel Ricky is staying at and that we could go there now, and wait till after his entourage leaves him for the night and Ricky comes in, sweaty, energized, although maybe a little tired. Our plan was underway. We knew we had plenty of time so we went to acquire a few necessary items i.e. comfy leather restraints, nylon rope, massage oils, foot lotion...just the necessities...Both Matt and I agreed that using our fingers would be the best way to tickle Ricky silly. Neither one of us wanted to waste a second of good quality skin-to-skin contact with feathers or other common tickle toys.

We were ready for the sexy performer now. When Ricky came back to the hotel, we were shocked to see him without any of his people. I naturally inquired and in his sexy deep and very sweet voice, Ricky replied that they all are going out for the evening to the all night `after party' which they have after each concert in each city. That would give us the entire night alone with our man or at least several hours.

I told Mr. Martin that we would bring up his room service tray right away and send the hotel masseur right away. He gladly accepted my generosity. Now just for the record, I am 27 years old, a white and Hispanic mix with great coppertoned skin, and very strong and masculine features, large hands and feet, 6 ft. tall, slim, with a rather sexy torso...not muscular like gymrats, but very similar to Mr. Ricky's...just fit and trim...And Matt, well Matt caught my eye the second he took his seat at the concert. He is one fine specimen of a white man. Young looking, prolly 27 or 28 certainly no older than 30, wearing a tight t-shirt which shows off his very sexy abdomen and torso...very nice piece of manwork there. And that long sandy blonde hair drives me wild on him...he and I may have to get together on our own sometime. Anyway, I digress...

Because of Matt's more chiseled torso, I told him to be the "masseur" and I would take the tray-cart with Ricky's refreshments (he'll need them). The door was unlocked and we went in. To our delight, the incredibly sexy Ricky Martin was laying on his back in the bed, still fully clothed in his concert outfit. He looked up at us and seemed to take a little extra time scoping out his masseur. With that, he stood up, got himself a drink and I introduced Matt as being the man to give him his massage. They shook hands and Matt directed Ricky to the bed and instructed him to remove his shirt and leather pants. (We had already put our restraints and ropes in place earlier)...I continued to fiddle with the food cart so as to not make Ricky suspicious of my presence. The next time I looked up from the tray, the sight I saw was absolutely priceless...Ricky Martin, standing barefoot, in grey boxer-briefs, and barechested...and then quickly falling onto his stomach laying down on the bed and outstretching his arms above his head...We were both excited already and could barely contain ourselves but we managed...Matt straddled the outstretched Ricky body and began rubbing his back. I handed him the massage oils, jealous as hell that I wasn't the masseur!...and he proceeded to rub the warm oils into Ricky's back...We wanted to relax the recording artist sufficiently enough so as to have him roll over onto his back without protest, at which time we would proceed to restrain him. You could see Ricky's skin goosebumping up and sometimes slightly twitching at Matt's touch...Low moans came from Ricky encouraging us beyond belief. I took a handful of the massage oil and began rubbing Ricky's lower half. His long legs were perfect...slim, slightly hairy, shaped like a man's leg should be. When I got down to his feet and began rubbing them, I made sure to press firmly enough so as to not arouse him or tickle him...he was relaxing nicely and in about 3 minutes we were gonna have the worlds sexiest performer tied spread eagle before our eager tickling fingers. We continued this body rubbing for about 3 minutes longer and then whispered a request for Ricky to lay on his back. He complied without hesitation and I placed a warm towel over his eyes(for his comfort and for our benefit).

Matt guided Ricky's arms above his head and into perfect tie up position. Surprisingly, Ricky put up little resistance when I went to tie down his arm...as it turns out, he didn't realize what we were doing until we were done restraining him...And with Matt on one side and me on the other, getting his ankles in the restraints was a breeze. He began struggling at this binds but it was obvious he wasn't going anywhere...Again, not a lot of verbal resistance out of him, as we expected...could he actually enjoy this? He sounded almost playful when he asked "what are you two up to?" Well that was our cue...Matt, being the foot guy that he is stayed at Ricky's feet while I prefer the male torso and the ticklish ribs and pits and abs...love those! Matt started tickling Ricky's feet which made the sexy pop star squirm and smile big, but not a real laugh just yet...he continued tickling with his fingers but added the warm, wet tongue to Ricky's big toe and pulled his mouth over the soft fleshy skin of that toe with his teeth... This made the bull rock...He went nuts in an instant and almost knocked me off his midsection. The sound of that mans laugh and the look on his cute face was better than any fantasy I had conjured up. "HAHAHAHhehe...pleeees hahehehahah, guys, stop!hehhee.." Ricky's head thrashed from side to side and Matt stopped dragging his teeth over Rick's toes and let him catch a breath. He continued sucking and licking his toes, but that had the instant and obvious effect of arousing Ricky. The laughter subsided and the moans of pleasure started... "hahhhehehhmmmm..ooooyeah........hehhe..yeah..ohgod, that's goodmmm." It was my turn to see what part of that torso was ticklish...while he was still in the throws of Matt's foot worship, I began lightly caressing Ricky's stomach and hardening nipples...I could see goosebumps forming across his chest and you could see how his sides would twitch as I lightly caressed across the sides of his body...he was enjoying himself...but the pleasure part was to be for later...my light caresses turned instantly into thumb digging into his upper rib cage, just below his underarm....."HAHHAHAHAHHAH, NOOOO,hahhhaajjtickles, pleasse.....hahahahhhhahhah" his body was thrashing madly as he desperately tried to get away from my probing fingers....I sent my fingers searching through the forest of moist armpit hair and on into the hollow, and crazily ticklish flesh. Ricky screamed for mercy, through his laughter. I told him that my name is Jason and he immediately began laughing out my name, "NOOOOOO JasonheheheJasonhheheno please Jason stophehehehhehehe!!!" I love hearing my name in that "being tickled" voice....it's a begging and pleading sound, very empowering:)

"You're enjoying this Ricky aren't you"

"HeehehheNONO, stop, heheheheplease Jason....stop man..hahah!"

"But I think you're enjoying this Ricky. Is Ricky ticklish, huh? Does this tickle Ricky? Tell me you're ticklish, Ricky" "Tell me, 'Jason, I'm so ticklish.'"

My fingers are still finding various marks all over Rick's sides and armpits...he could barely speak, but he managed to follow very good directions...

"I'm ticklish Jason...heheheheplease..very ticklish...yes it tickles"

"Tell me you love what we're doing to you Ricky"

"You like being tickled by two strong, sexy men don't you?"

"YEEEESSShahhah...I love being tickled heheheh......hahahhaAHHAHAAAHH"

Ricky belted out this high pitched squeal which caught my attention cause I had not produced it...I looked behind me to see Matt had moved his head up into Ricky's inner thigh area and was tickling one side with his fingers and tickling his balls with his tongue.

Matt had stripped down to his joe boxers as well and looked incredible. I took off my shirt and shucked my pants and now all three of us were in our underwear and all of us with raging hard ons. As stood above Ricky, he had once again fallen into the bliss of pleasure that Matt was giving him by licking his long, thick shaft and sensitive ball sack. Ricky's breathing had become more rhythmic and he had a smile ear to ear. "oohhhhh, mmmmm...god...yeahh........"

I wanted to try something...I rather thought that Ricky put up way too little a fight during the set up of this which made me think that Ricky really does enjoy this...could he be a fellow tickle fetishist? So I asked him, while he was moaning, "Ricky, would you like me tickle you some more?"

"Mmmmm, yeah, please....yeah, tickle me"

I had what I wanted, Ricky loved being tickled...Ricky is a "ticklee"...

So I made him tell me where he wanted me to tickle him...

"Tickle me on my sides Jason."

I obliged without hesitation and Ricky began bucking like a wild bull once again. His manhood had gotten so big and a wet spot had made its way though his boxer briefs...oh yeah, this man was getting off on this treatment and he made no attempt to stop us or argue...

I was way too horny having his body gyrating under me but I had to touch his manhood...I reached behind myself and slipped my right hand into his underwear and was greeted with a beautiful thick, long, and hard cock that pulsated when I gripped it...

Matt was back at those sexy feet of Ricky's bathing them in his own saliva and tickling with his fingers...This attention to his feet was driving Ricky wild and my hand firmly stroking his shaft was bringing him to climax. But Ricky needed to be tickled, so with my free hand, I dug into tickling his left side and left armpit....now his own gyrations were providing the stroking motion.

"HHAHAHHAOOOOOOHHHhgodohhhJason.hahheahhhahhhit tickles, feels good...hahhaahhahhahhahh tickles,..hahahahhHEHEHHhahahhgod"

I don't think Ricky knew how to express his sensations...he began sounding like jibberish...but we could understand his laughter...I worked his cock out though the brief's opening so as to have full access. I stepped up the tickling on his ribs and applied slightly more pressure...just enough to get each rib bone....this had the effect of causing Ricky to buck wildly, getting himself off as I held his manhood in my palm...The culmination of sensations was sending Ricky over the edge and in one movement, he arched his back, lifting me with him, you could see his leg muscles thoroughly contracting and his toes curling over.

"AHHHHH, I'm CUMMMMMIINNNNGG...GAAWWDDD, YEAh, YEAAAAH" and his warm creamy Ricky juice came gushing out in what seemed like a fountain of pleasure. He continued spurting and moaning, an occasional giggle....His body tensed down and muscles went back to normal and he let out a loud exhale and with that, his pelvic area dropped and he was done. I continued rubbing his chest and nipples lightly. He was in ecstasy and made no attempt to get free...just laid there and mumbled something about it being "awesome"...I began undoing the wrists straps and he brought his hands down...Matt undid his ankles and I lay on one side, Matt on the other side of Ricky, and Ricky began caressing our chests. The last thing I remember hearing was Ricky's sexy voice saying "Which one of you is next?" and I felt a very ticklish poke to my sides. But that's another story...