Robin's Wild Ride



Echoing eerily off the damp, black walls of the cave, Robin's voice seemed to deepen.

"Batman, you stay here. I'll check out what's up ahead."

The Boy Wonder glanced back for only a moment as he stood poised just inside the dome of shiny black stone that formed the cave's entrance.

"Alright, old chum, but be careful - we don't know what may be lurking here."

"OK, I'll be careful, Batma-haaa-AAAAhhhahhh.... " Robin had suddenly lost his footing, and pitched suddenly down a long tube. He had fallen through a trapdoor especially constructed to be invisible at ground level, built to catch the unprepared. And it had worked.

Down, down, down he slid helplessly through the darkness. Neither his gloves, his elbows nor even his boots were able to slow the pace of the dizzying trajectory on the smooth sides of the tube. The experience was so startling that he even forgot to end his last sentence, and his voice rang out in a song of a single vowel: "Aaaaaaaaahhhh....."

Then, just as suddenly as it had begun, the ride was over. He hurtled out the other end of the tube and landed on his ass with an unceremonious bounce on the cold stone floor.

The spot where he had landed was brightly lit, and his eyes were straining to adjust to the difference. Suddenly a great rumble from above, like a thunderclap, startled him.

(Actually, it was the booby-trapped 'cave' that he had just left, collapsing in on itself. Far above, at ground level, the cave, the tunnel and all possible clues had vanished in a dusty cloud, leaving a massive pile of disordered rock- and Batman alone and bewildered.)

But before the Boy Wonder could make out any of the room's details, the sharp sting of a blackjack on the back of his head made everything swim and spin to darkness again.

He awoke to a splitting headache, and the sound of a familiar voice, echoing through a vast room. "I have you now, my little friend ..." The Riddler's voice was low and calm, almost purring, but it could not help but betray his intense excitement.

"Riddler! You-" Robin's arms instinctively lashed out forward, but a rope at each wrist pulled taut and held them at bay. He was still groggy-awake, but not yet fully aware. He tossed and turned like a drowsy sleeper "- What--- what have you done to m-What is this?"

"I've got a Boy Wonder on a string.... " Riddler almost sang the joke, then sputtered into rapid giggling. He danced giddily around his captive, high prancing steps. Three times Riddler circled the boy, each time savoring more the helpless Robin's predicament.

And helpless he was. Riddler's burly henchmen had suspended the unconscious Robin upright, from the ceiling using a sturdy contraption of ropes, steel hasps and bars, and leather sleeves, with his arms and legs spread in an X formation. From winches bolted to the concrete floor, two ropes rose to pulleys suspended from the ceiling, and then down where they cinched with steel hasps into two leather sleeves that imprisoned the boy's wrists on either side of his body. A thin steel bar was linked to each hasp at the wrist, to keep the arms at a fixed distance apart. Similarly, both of Robin's legs were spread wide; his shins were lashed and strapped to the sides of a leather vaulting horse- each fully bent at the knee so the bare soles of his feet twirled, exposed and defenseless, behind him, as if pointing to his green boots which lay limply on the floor below. All in all, though the thin nylon ropes and steel of the contraption had quite fine lines and symmetry, they were more than strong enough to withstand the struggles of ten boys. Never mind one.

Riddler glanced up at this contraption, for this first time complete with its intended 'occupant'. There was his prey, suspended only slightly higher than the boy's true height.

And utterly helpless.

Suddenly realizing how well his plan to kidnap and capture Robin for his own pleasure had turned out, the Riddler let out a howl of laughter and desire that made the boy's blood run cold.

Barely able to contain his excitement, the Riddler approached his prisoner from the front and reached up. The sleeve and leotard of Robin's costume had been roughly cut away on each side from armpit to shoulder, to provide better access to the trembling, naked armpits of the young victim. Each was a study in athletic perfection, open and waiting, with a long inviting plume of curving black hair glistening inside.

"Well, well well, I'd say you're in a rather.... ticklish situation, wouldn't you say? Heee hee hee haaa haa! Heeee hee ha ha! HEEE hee ha, eh?" He cackled madly as he gently teased the delicate skin and hair under Robin's left arm.

Robin startled violently at the first touch, and clenched his mouth shut in an attempt to resist the tickling. But the poor boy had always been extremely ticklish, and his attempts to resist only made the Riddler increase the stimulation. After a short period of noble agony, he could withstand it no longer.

"AAUGGGHHAA! " Robin cried out, bucking and straining to avoid Riddler's savage, deft fingers. But the poor Boy Wonder found the nylon ropes that bound him held him fast.

Meanwhile, intoxicated by the excitement of his prisoner's wiggling and straining, the Riddler slowly increased the pace and pressure of the tickling, first under one arm, then both arms, as the hapless Robin continued to twitch and strain and struggle. It was not long before the boy was screaming and pleading with his tormentor in vain:

"No, no please--- Stop that, now, ha ha ha ha No, no ha ha-ha-ha-ha ha STOP You FEEEE-hahahahha oh oh ohhhhh No! No! No-stop stop Haaahaha STAAAAAHAHAAAAA NOO Pleeease stah-ha-ha-ha-ha... NO-ho-ho-ho-hho-ho-ha-haaa P-P-P-leeeaaa-ha-ha-ha Doh-oh-oh-ha-ha-ha tiih-hi-hi-hi-ha-ha. Naaaa-ha-ha-ha-ha.. No-haa-ha-ha-ah-ah-ha...Sta-a-a-ap Do-ho-ho-ho-ha-ha-he-hee hee-hee-ee-eee-heee.. I-I-I-I ca-Haa-aaaa-ahah-ahha...."

Robin gasped for breath as he danced and thrashed about, the poor prisoner of the unforgiving bonds which held him in mid-air, like a tormented gymnast. The unyielding ropes held his arms stretched wide and high in the air, twitching but nearly motionless, and exposed his super-sensitive underarms in all their vulnerable, virile splendor.

Although Robin was undoubtedly a young man of great courage, physical strength and agility, he had one terrible secret - one awful, utter weakness. And the RIDDLER had FOUND it !

"P-P-p-pah-pah-lee-hee-hee-haa-ha-ha-sss-s-ss-s-Stahahah ahhaaa AAAAAHahahaaa AAAAAhahahah AAAAAhahahah AAAAAhahahah d-do-ho-n't Ti-hihhiaahahahaha d-d-d-d-doh-ha-ha-ho-ho-hoo-HAAA-ha no-n-n-n-noaaaaaahh-ha-ha.. HAAAA-ho-ha-ho-Sta-ha-ha-HAAAAha-ho-ho-ha-no-nahh-aaa- AAAAAAHahahaa AAAAAAAhahahah..."

Wanting this sport to last as long as possible, Riddler was now enjoying "playing" Robin on his ticklish places rather like a musical instrument, adjusting the speed and intensity of his tickling strokes to alter the reaction produced in his captive. Now, he would ease off, to permit Robin to recover enough strength and breath to try to speak. But as he would began his shouts of outrage and protest, Riddler would then begin again tickling all the harder. The dance of his diabolical digits on the boy's ribs and armpits turned the shouts back into peals of laughter, and so on, with more bringing more, and faster bringing louder, and fiercer bringing louder and wilder still, until poor Robin's laughter was more like a mad scream.

"No-no-no-ha-hahaha-ha NO-No-Pleee NO-NO No-STTTTTAAAAAAAAAAAAAA-ha-ha- I can't Breeeeeeeee-a-ha-ha-ha-ah-ha-AAAAAH-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha Hahahahahah PlEEEEEEE...."

The reader will remember that the so-called 'Boy Wonder' was not a boy at all, but in truth, a young man in peak physical condition, and at the high springtime of adult masculinity. His energetic writhing made the cantilevered prison of rope, leather and steel creak and twist but, as mentioned before, its stubborn grip would not relent. Meantime, the prisoner's response to the diabolical stimulation was laughter that came full-throated and unrestrained. In fact, Riddler joked to himself, it's the only thing he's got that's still unrestrained at this point!

But Wait!

Riddler suddenly pressed his body against his captive, and leaned very close. Robin's vain struggles in the unforgiving ropes had produced a prodigious sweat from the boy's every pore, which Riddler wanted to enjoy up-close. It had beaded up on the exposed parts of his sculpted, sinewy body, and the sheen that it gave off in the light made the contours of the boy's perfect muscles that much more appealing. Likewise, his skin-tight red-and-green costume had become drenched in the warm, musky, salty wetness that the Riddler was now close enough to taste. In fact, he impulsively gave Robin's neck a furtive lick, which caused his captive to shudder reflexively and moan in a curious mix of anticipation and dread. As Riddler's right hand stopped the oh-so-gentle playing in the hair of the right armpit, his left hand moved from Robin's breastbone downward, downward, and came to rest below the belt. And then, Riddler began to fondle and stroke the moist bulge at the boy's crotch.

Robin had been so relieved that the tickling had stopped, that it took him a while to realize what was happening. As his gasping breaths came back to normal rhythm, he tried to marshal a new cry of protest against this new violation. But the struggles against Riddler's merciless tickling had sapped his strength and resolve that the strongest objection that he could raise was a gentle moan. But he soon he was pleading again, which continued to the rhythm of the torment: "Aahhahh-ha-hehhh-uuhgh. Stop-stop, don't rub my ca-aaaahhh-Noaaahhhhh Noaa- I'm getting haaa-h-ha-hah-nnnnghh. Doh-oh-t ma-ake mee ha-ha-ha-ahhhnnd... Staaaa-ppp...Ahhh..P-p-aaahh Ohaaaa.. Ngnnnoohhhh...." Robin had realized during the tickling that it was futile to struggle. The cruel ropes would hold him tight, and he couldn't move a muscle to escape. Besides, Robin thought, I must conserve my strength to resist this stimulation-

"Will you tell me your secret identity?" Riddler barked a whisper right in Robin's ear, and licked it for good measure.

"NEVER" gasped the boy, as his breath returned fitfully.

"Ahh," replied the Riddler, as he returned to stroking and gently fondling Robin's cock, now gradually hardening within his costume. "But 'Never' is such a long... long.... Time..."

"Nggaahhh.. nohh noo noohhh.... " Moaned the helpless Boy Wonder. His willful and disobedient prick continued to fill with blood, rising steadily from the Riddler's firm and knowing touch. Despite Robin's mighty efforts at self-control, his dick was getting hard and they both knew it. His powers of concentration were no match for the combination of being a healthy young man and the ceaseless rhythm of the Riddler's stroking massage. Not only that, but like a terrible prophecy coming true, just thinking about the ongoing torment made his cock bigger and harder, and Robin was helpless to stop it. His boner now strained and pressed against the fabric of his red leotard, and he could feel a widening slick of pre-cum at his crotch. With every movement of the Riddler's steady hand came another wave of excitement, and after that, the cloth fabric of his costume turned into a hundred tiny fingers, reacting back and forth across his stiff shaft in a devilish conspiracy of torment.

Robin wondered for an instant what would happen next. Certainly he had had many orgasms before, both planned and unplanned-but never in a situation like this. How long, he wondered, before I can no longer-no! He tried to ban the thought of cumming from his mind, and managed to recover some control of his mad member, which was now as sensitive to his own thoughts as well as to the Riddler's touch.

Still he could not quiet the thoughts of what else might be ahead.. The ropes showed no sign of wear, and so he was utterly helpless to resist the Riddler's whims, and the Riddler showed no signs whatsoever of getting tired or bored of - the reader will forgive me - the task at hand.

"I've waited for this moment for years, my dear Robin...." Whispered the Riddler, as he licked and stroked the boy's dick. With a quick tug, Riddler liberated it from the cramped quarters of his costume, and it stood rock-hard and throbbing in helpless expectation.

"Holy Homo...." Robin moaned, which made the Riddler laugh loudly.

Again and again came the touch of hand and tongue. And again. And again.

Without pause or end. As the minutes ticked by in slow tormented sequence - UNTIL -

Robin suddenly felt that (in a phrase) his time had finally cum. But he inhaled deeply and suppressed the urge with a mighty burst of will. He reflected to himself that he wouldn't be able to hold back his climax much longer. He tried to banish this thought, but he knew that at last, at long, longed-for last, his resolve to resist was gone.

For there had started already a great rumbling of blood and sperm and shame and joy and dread and crackle and sweat and fear and fire beginning deep within the boy's crotch and the rumbling was rolling, spreading out, breaking out, crashing out in waves, waves that rolled and swelled and shivered through him, until his entire captive body, head and tongue and arms and chest and cock and legs and all, was whipping back and forth in a dreamily ecstatic rhythm, rewarding the Riddler's hungry mouth with round after round of hot white fire.