Scout's Honor



Eddie and Chris had been in the Scouts together since they were kids. The two never really got along. Eddie was always the clown, showing off, making jokes and causing chaos. Chris was much more sedate and serious, the perfect Boy Scout. Although totally opposite, both boys could turn heads. Eddie was tall and toned. He had longish, dark brown hair and thick dark eyebrows above his big brown, puppy dog eyes. He had a little bit a scruff on his chin and wide, full lips. He had that "young, heavy metal" look about him. Chris was the opposite. He was shorter than then Eddie was and had a broad shouldered, athletic body. His blonde hair was cut short and parted on the side. He had light blue eyes and a clean-shaven, boyish face. When you looked at Chris you saw the stereotypical "all American boy next door." The thing Chris disliked most about Eddie was that he tormented him whenever he got the chance. Out of nowhere he would come up behind Chris, grab him by the ribs, and start tickling and tormenting his sides. Chris would start howling with laughter immediately and would pull away as soon as he could. Knowing how Eddie loved to tease him, Chris was not looking forward to the upcoming weekend camping retreat.

All the boys in the troop had been paired off for the weekend and were supposed to share a tent and be involved in their activities together. Chris was paired off with Eddie.

The first night of the retreat was pure hell for Chris. His "buddy" spent a good part of the night poking at him. Every time Chris was about to drift off, Eddie would reach over from his sleeping bag and take a jab at his ribs. Finally after being teased for half the night, his tormentor fell asleep. In the morning, after breakfast, all the boys had free time until lunch to do as they wished. As all the boys started to leave the campsite to go swimming, hiking or whatever it was they had planned, Chris watched Eddie crawl back into their tent. The last of the boys and Scout Leaders had left the site, and Chris approached the tent. He unzipped the flap and saw Eddie, lying on his belly, fast doubt exhausted from teasing him half the night. Chris sat there for a minute or two watching him sleep, and finally giggled to himself at the thought of revenge. He climbed into the tent and zipped the flap. Chris reached into his backpack and pulled the extra nylon tent cord from the tent bag. He quickly and quietly wrapped the cord around Eddie's ankles and tied his hands behind his back. Chris was quite proud of himself actually, as he looked down at the bound boy. He smiled as he had finally found some practical use for all those merit badges in tying knots.

Chris rolled Eddie over onto his back and the boy woke up. It didn't take him long to wake up from his deep sleep once he realized he was tied. "Huhhhh?...what the...what's going on man...stop playing. Untie me!" Chris started to unbutton Eddies army green Boy Scout shirt and pulled it out of his khaki shorts as he said, "Untie you? Not yet man, lets see how like this!" Chris began running his fingers across Eddies tight smooth upper body. His fingers dragging lightly up and down his sides and across his belly.

"Hahahahahahahahahahahaha hehehehehehe Hahahahahaah...stop man...don't!!!"

Eddie was howling harder and louder the Chris ever did; now this was a ticklish boy. Chris danced his fingers up Eddie's chest, across his hard nipples and back down to his belly. Eddie's body was bucking so hard that Chris had to climb on top of him to keep him still.

"Hhahahahahahahahahahahaha...NOOO...not my nipples man!!! Please Hahahahahahahahahahahahahah Hehehehehehehehehehehehehe Ahhhhhhehahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!"

Chris swung around and grabbed Eddie's ankles. He quickly unlaced and removed his heavy hiking boots and peeled off his thick white sox. Eddie pleaded "Please Chris, DON'T....not my feet man, please don't tickle my feet!" Chris ignored Eddies pleas and attacked the boy's ticklish bare soles. He dragged his fingers from the heel, across the arches, up under the toes.

"Hhahahahahahahahahahahahahaha Hahahahahahahahahaha....nooooooooo....hahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahhahahahaha Please hahahahahahahahehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe"

Eddie could barely speak as Chris circled his fingers in the soft sensitive arches and moved to Eddie's long ticklish toes.

Chris was determined to teach Eddie the lesson of his life. He started to wiggle his fingers up Eddie's legs and laughed as he watched the look of fear on his face. The higher Chris went on Eddie's legs the louder the boy laughed. Chris slipped his fingers under the legs of Eddie's shorts and started to tickle his hairless thighs.

"Hahahahahahahahahahaha Ahhhhhh noooooo hahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahaha"

Eddie was in a fit of hysterical laughter. As Chris tickled his thighs, his fingers brushed across Eddie's balls. He screamed louder than ever before. Even though Chris had not planned for this aspect of Eddie's torture, he fully intended to torture him in every way possible and was willing to go that extra mile. He reached for the boys waistband, yanked open his shorts, and pulled his shorts and briefs down to his knees with one tug. Eddie screamed now "NOOOO ENOUGH MAN...STOP IT" Chris stared down at the boy's tight nuts. His cock was stiff and dripping with pre-cum. Eddie took all 10 fingertips and started to tickle and caress Eddies cock and balls.


Chris assaulted Eddie's cock and balls non-stop as the boy howled like an animal. His fingertips lightly stroked across Eddie's nuts, moved quickly up and down his shaft and dragged across the head of his cock as it throbbed and jumped.


Chris didn't stop, he continued to tickle and stroke Eddie.


Eddie's body jerked so fiercely when he came that Chris was thrown off to the side. Chris sat up and watched Eddie, still giggling, his body still shaking. He untied Eddie and the two just smiled at one another, said nothing, and went on about their day.

That night the two boys were silent in their tent. Eddie didn't tease Chris at all that night. He just looked at him here and there with a shy, goofy smile. As they were falling asleep, Eddie leaned over and whispered to Chris:

"There's another retreat in two weeks, man, wanna bunk together again?"

Chris reached over to Eddie and put his hand in his sleeping bag. He reached under his shirt and drew a few small circles on Eddie's belly with his fingertip, and then stopped. Eddie jumped and giggled. Chris cracked a silent and devious smile, nodded at Eddie, closed his eyes, and the boys went to sleep.