Tickled Yuppie


Christopher Rosalie


My name is Peter Berg. Christopher is one of my closest and kinkiest friends in the world. We've known each other for a lot of years but recently we got to know each other a little better. We're both twenty six years old. I have light brown hair, brown eyes, and a pretty muscular body from working out pretty regularly at the gym. I'm five feet ten inches tall. Christopher is slightly shorter than me. He has dark brown hair and dark brown sad looking eyes. His body is pretty lean from all the hours he spends on the exercise bike he owns. When Christopher called me at my office during the day and invited me over (after work) for some T.T. I had no idea what he was talking about. But because I was extremely curious I decided to accept the invitation. I arrived at Christopher's apartment wearing a navy blue business suit, white shirt, a yellow silk paisley tie, and black wing tip shoes. Christopher greeted me at the door. He was wearing a pair of black shorts, a white tee shirt, and sneakers with no socks. He ushered me into the apartment and we sat down on the living room couch. Christopher handed me a cold beer and opened one for himself also. We both took a long swallow of our beers and then I put my beer down on the coffee table, removed my suit jacket, loosened my tie, and leaned back on the couch. I crossed one leg on my knee and looked at Christopher.

"Okay Friend." I began. "You invited me over here for some T.T. and wouldn't tell me on the phone what T.T. is. Now tell me, what is T.T.?"

Christopher smiled and put his beer on the coffee table next to mine. He placed a hand on my ankle and moved his hand under my pants leg, toying with my sock. He looked into my eyes and said "tickle torture." My eyes lit up and I laughed.

"Tickle torture?" I asked him. "You're going to tickle torture me?"

"Or maybe you'll tickle torture me." Christopher replied.

My curiosity was more than piqued.

"Okay, I'm game, but how do we decide who gets tickle tortured?" I asked Christopher anxiously.

Christopher moved his hand over my wing tip and toyed with the laces, tugging on them. He thought for a moment and then said "We'll make it a game. The loser of the game gets tied up and tickled." Now it was my turn to think it over. Tied up??? I had never been tied up in my whole life and didn't plan to start now. But still, there was the possibility I would win the game and get to tie up Christopher. Now that sounded like fun. I finally agreed and asked what kind of game we would play to decide who would get tickle tortured. At that, Christopher took his hand off my wing tip, reached under the couch, and produced a deck of playing cards. He shuffled them and put them on the coffee table face down.

"Okay." Christopher said as he was about to explain. "We each take one card out of the deck. The person with the lower value card gets tickle tortured."

"That's the game?" I asked in shock.

"Yup. Nice, easy, and quick huh?" Christopher teased. "I can't wait to get started tickle torturing you, Friend."

I put my foot down on the floor, and feeling pretty confident reached into the deck of cards and pulled out a card. Christopher did the same thing. We looked at our cards and then looked at each other expectantly.

"Let's do it together." Christopher instructed.

I nodded in agreement and we placed our cards on the coffee table face up. Christopher's card was an ace of hearts. My card was a king of diamonds.

"Wow." I said dejectedly. "For a second there I thought I would have won with that king."

"Looks like you lose." Christopher said, grabbed my necktie, and pulled me close to himself. "Lets get started. I have everything ready in the bedroom."

I gulped as Christopher lifted my feet into his lap, untied my wing tips, and slowly took them off my feet. My heart pounded as Christopher squeezed my socked feet a few times. At that moment I sadly realized what I had gotten myself into but there was no turning back now. We stood up, facing each other. Christopher undid my necktie and unbuttoned my shirt. In seconds I was barechested. I breathed heavily as Christopher squeezed one of my nipples.

"Been spending a lot of time at the gym eh?" Christopher asked me, looking at my big muscular chest.

"Yeah, I guess." I replied.

"Looks good." Christopher said and squeezed one of my big biceps. "Now for your pants."

I watched as Christopher undid my belt and unlatched my pants. They fell down around my ankles. As I stepped out of my pants Christopher picked up my necktie.

"You have to be blindfolded." Christopher told me. "I didn't mention it earlier but it's part of the rules."

"I'll bet if I had won you wouldn't have told me that." I said with a grin.

I stood still as Christopher stepped behind me and tied my tie over my eyes. That done, he held me by one arm and led me slowly to the bedroom. Christopher noticed that my dick was hard as a rock in my Botany 500 white briefs.

"Looks like you're enjoying this." Christopher said.

We got to the bedroom and Christopher stretched me out on the bed on my back in a spread eagle position. I felt the first rope being wound around my wrist and then tied to the head board. My heart pounded like crazy in my chest.

"I want a chance to get even later on." I said.

As Christopher tied my other wrist he laughed at me and said "With your luck you'll probably lose the game again and wind up getting doubly tickle tortured tonight."

"Maybe not..." I replied as I felt a rope being wound tightly around one of my socked feet.

"Do you want to take the chance?" Christopher asked as he ran a finger over the bottom of my now bound foot.

My leg jerked back and I chuckled. "I'll decide after you've had your fun." I replied.

Christopher grabbed my other foot and tied it to the bedpost on that side of the bed. I was now trapped, wearing only my white briefs and black socks. Christopher began running a finger over my nipples, my hips, and stomach. I chuckled softly and laughed as Christopher increased the speed of his finger.

"Having fun?" Christopher asked me.

"Go ahead." I laughed. "My turn comes later."

"Maybe." Christopher said as he began running his fingers over my crotch and thighs.

I struggled furiously against the ropes as I laughed harder and harder.

"Glad you accepted my invitation, Peter?" Christopher asked me mockingly.

I was unable to reply because I was laughing hysterically as Christopher tickled the bottom of one of my feet.

"This is nothing yet." Christopher laughed. "Wait'll I get the feather duster."

"Y-you wouldn't." I said hysterically.

"Oh yes I would." Christopher answered. "Then I'm going to take your socks off your feet and run a dry toothbrush over your bare feet."

I sputtered and saliva dripped from my lips as Christopher went to work on my other foot.

`We've only begun Peter." Christopher said. "Wait'll I flip you over onto your stomach. We're going to find out how ticklish your ass cheeks are."

I could only laugh and listen as Christopher told me his fiendish plans.

Fifteen minutes later, Christopher stopped tickling me. He told me I could have a five-minute break to catch my breath. He took the blindfold off me and sat down on the bed next to me. I was drenched in sweat as I smiled up at my friend.

"I hope you're enjoying torturing me, because pretty soon you'll be the one tied to this damn bed." I said and tugged on the ropes.

"You keep saying that but remember the rules my friend..." Christopher replied and squeezed one of my nipples hard. "If you draw a losing card you'll wind up back where you started."

I licked my lips and asked for a drink. Christopher went to the living room and came back with one of the beers. He put it to my mouth and I drank.

"Thank you." I said.

I watched Christopher put the beer down on a night table. Then, Christopher reached under the bed and produced a large feather duster.

"Oh shit." I murmured.

Christopher checked his watch and told me that my five minutes were up. He blindfolded me again and began by tickling my chest with the feather duster. I let out a few sneezes in between hysterical bouts of laughter. A few minutes later Christopher ripped my briefs off me. My hard on pointed at the ceiling.

"What a hard on!!" Christopher yelled.

Before I could reply or even object to the fact that he had ripped my briefs off me Christopher was running the feather duster over my dick and balls and I was laughing and sweating profusely.

"Please stop." I begged, laughing at the same time.

"No way." Christopher said. "The game must continue."

Christopher grew bored of the feather duster and threw it on the floor. He then sat down on my chest, straddling me.

"What now?" I asked.

"Armpits." Christopher replied.

"Oh no!" I yelled.

Without the slightest hesitation Christopher placed each of his hands under one of my hairy armpits and tickled them furiously. I squealed with uncontrollable laughter.

"I-I can't take it!" I screamed. "Please stop!!"

But Christopher ignored me and kept on tickling me. I felt Christopher's hard-on against my chest. I knew then where this was leading and why Christopher had really wanted me there that night. My thoughts were cut off however as another burst of hysterical laughter escaped me.

"Please stop tickling my pits!!" I begged.

"You should try to enjoy this Peter, because the time is coming close when I'm going to take your socks off you and tickle your bare feet with a toothbrush." Christopher said. "It's going to be much worse than having your armpits tickled."

Finally, Christopher did stop tickling my armpits. He climbed off the bed and picked up the feather duster again. He ran the duster over my thighs. I squirmed on the bed and laughed hard and loud.

"What'll you do to make me stop Peter?" Christopher inquired.

So that was it. I had known it as soon as I felt Christopher's hard on. I answered Christopher's question with another question... "What would you want me to do?"

Suddenly, Christopher stopped tickling my thighs and leaned over my face. He lowered my blindfold.

"Let's start with a kiss." Christopher demanded, making suggestive movements with his lips and tongue.

I pulled my face away. "Are you nuts?" I yelled. "I'm not queer!"

"Who said anything about being queer?" Christopher asked.

"I won't kiss you!" I shouted.

Christopher shrugged and picked up the feather duster. "Oh well, looks like I'll have to tickle you some more." he said as he blindfolded me again.

"Alright, alright!!" I said. "I'll fucking kiss you."

I could feel Christopher smiling. He leaned down and pressed his mouth against mine. To his surprise I responded by shoving my tongue deep into Christopher's mouth. Christopher put one hand behind my neck and squeezed gently as we kissed. Pre cum was oozing out of my dick. When the kiss was done Christopher stood up and resumed tickling my thighs with the feather duster.

"Hey!!" I yelped. "You promised you would stop tickling me if I kissed you!!"

"I never promised anything Peter." Christopher responded. "Besides, it'll take more than a kiss to make me stop tickling you."

Once again I was trapped in a hysterical bout of laughter.

Christopher finally stopped tickling my thighs about fifteen minutes later. By now I was breathless, sweaty, and thirsty.

"Lets take another break." Christopher said.

Once again he lowered my blindfold and gave me a few sips of beer.

"Having fun?" Christopher asked me.

"Tons of it." I responded sarcastically. "How much longer are you going to tickle me for?"

Christopher told me that we still had a way to go yet. Then, he smiled down at me and told me that another kiss might take ten minutes off my torture time. Without any hesitation I opened my mouth. Christopher leaned down and we kissed long and hard again, our tongues exploring each other's mouth. When the kiss ended we looked at each other passionately and Christopher gently squeezed one of my nipples.

"What happens next?" I asked him.

Christopher regained his composure and walked to the foot of the bed. I watched as he untied my feet and slowly peeled my black dress socks off me, tossing them on the floor.

"Oh no." I whispered.

"Oh yes." Christopher said as he retied my feet to the posts of the bed.

I saw Christopher take a toothbrush out from under the bed and then I was blindfolded again. Christopher knelt at the foot of the bed and began running the toothbrush bristles over the bottom of my right foot.

"Oh God, please stop!!" I shrieked.

Christopher alternated from one foot to the other with the toothbrush. I jerked spasmodically on the bed, howling with laughter.

"What will you do to make me stop this time?" Christopher asked.

"Wh-what do you want me to do, kiss you again?" I asked in return.

The tickling intensified.

"It's going to take more than a kiss to stop me this time Peter." Christopher said and tickled me more.

"Tell me what you fucking want!!" I begged.

I knew at that moment that Christopher felt triumphant.

"Suck my dick." Christopher announced.

Christopher stopped tickling me, I stopped laughing, and the room went silent.

Moments later, Christopher was sitting in a chair, naked. I was kneeling before him, sucking his big dick. I was untied and my blindfold was hanging loosely around my neck.

"Oh yeah, that feels so good." Christopher said as he caressed the back of my neck.

I sucked, kissed, and licked Christopher's dick and balls. "Looks like you're enjoying all this Peter." Christopher teased me.

I stopped and looked up at my friend. "It's better than being tickle tortured." I said.

Christopher grabbed his dick and pushed it back into my mouth. I resumed sucking him.

"You still have some tickling to endure my friend." he said. "Remember, I still haven't worked on your ass yet. The game isn't over yet."

Then, Christopher pulled his dick out of my mouth and shot his load, squirting it all over my chest. The cum dripped down slowly toward my stomach.

"What a load!!" I remarked.

"Yeah." Christopher agreed. "Later on we'll see how much you shoot. Now, back to the game!"

In moments I was tied to the bed again, on my stomach this time, and blindfolded.

"Welcome to the end of the game Friend." Christopher said. "The tickling of your ass!"

"Please take it easy." I said.

Using the feather duster Christopher began tickling my ass cheeks. Once again I began howling and squealing with laughter. Christopher laughed as my ass bounced up and down on the bed. he laughed even harder when I farted.

"Please stop!" I yelled. "Let's end the game now!!"

"Only when you tell me what you'll do to make me stop." Christopher replied.

I now knew what Christopher wanted. I told him to stop tickling me and to go ahead and make me cum.

"I thought you'd never ask." Christopher said.

He tickled my ass cheeks a little more and then it happened. He tossed the feather duster aside and reached under my crotch, pulling my dick and balls out from under me.

"Arrr!!" I yelled as Christopher laid down between my legs and took my hard dick in his mouth.

He sucked my dick furiously and then I came, squirting it all over the bed sheets.

"Congratulations Peter, you've survived the T.T. game." Christopher announced.

Sure, but I still wanted my chance to get even. After all, it wasn't everyday that I allowed someone to do this to me. Christopher untied me and took the blindfold off me. Later, we were both dressed and sitting in the living room drinking another beer each.

"That was some game." Peter said. "But how about my chance to get even?"

"Are you sure you want to take that chance, Friend?" Christopher asked warningly. "After all, you do know the rules."

A look of smug confidence came over my face. "Shuffle the cards...Friend." I said.

Christopher did. We each drew a card. Christopher drew a three of hearts and I drew a two of clubs.

"Shit shit shit..." I whimpered as Christopher jumped to his feet and danced around the room, laughing mockingly.

"I can't believe it!!" Christopher taunted me. I can't fucking believe your bad luck!! C'mon Peter, strip to your socks and lets get started again."

Moments later I was stripped and blindfolded as Christopher led me back to the bedroom.

"Looks like it's going to be a long night..." Christopher said.

Christopher Rosalie