Tickling Arthur's Feet


Christopher Rosalie


My wife and I were going to buy a house. I could not believe it. After being married for three years and paying rent to a landlord we could not stand, we were able to afford a house. All our scrimping and saving had finally paid off. I was at work when I got the call from a Real Estate agency that we had been dealing with that they wanted to show us a choice house as soon as possible. It was nine thirty AM on the dot when my phone rang.

"Chase bank, Arthur Gimble speaking," I said politely into the receiver. "How may I help you?"

"Good morning Mr. Gimble, this is Alex from Good Time realty, how are you this morning?" one of the real estate agents that we had been dealing with asked me in greeting.

"Fine Alex, good to hear from you," I replied, leaning back in my chair and crossing my wing tip shoed feet in front of me under my desk. "Do you have some good news for me this morning?"

"Actually I do Mr. Gimble," Alex said enthusiastically. "There's a beautiful two bedroom duplex house available that I would love to show you and your wife. It went on the market last night. That's why I'm calling you so early."

"Sounds nice," I said. "Is it in the area we discussed?"

"Right in the heart of it Sir," Alex responded. "Now, if possible I can show it to you in an hour. Do you think you and your wife could take the morning off to come and see it?"

"Oh shit, my wife is in a business meeting all morning today," I said, sounding disappointed.

"That's too bad Mr. Gimble," Alex said, sounding equally as disappointed. "How does your schedule look?"

"Fuck man, I haven't taken a day off in the last two years," I said with a grin. "I think this bank is out for my blood, Alex."

We both laughed politely at my snide remark.

Heh, the wonderful world of banking, eh Mr. Gimble?" Alex asked me. "Do you think you could get some time off to see the house?"

"Yeah sure, I can take the morning off," I said enthusiastically. "Fuck, I can take the whole day off. Where is this house?"

As Alex recited the address of the house in the Bay Ridge area of Brooklyn I jotted it down on a piece of paper.

"Okay Alex, just let me call my wife's office and leave a message there so she's knows what I'm up to," I said. "I'll clear this with my vice president and be on my way. I should see you there in an hour to an hour and a half."

"Good deal Mr. Gimble," Alex said.

"Thanks man," I said happily and we hung up.

I picked up the phone and dialed my wife's office number. Her secretary answered on the second ring.

"Mrs. Gimble's office," the young man named Dave said politely.

"Hi Dave, it's Arthur," I said.

"Good morning Mr. Gimble, how are you today?" Dave asked me politely.

"I'm fine Dave, you?" I asked in response.

"Just fine Sir," Dave said. "Mrs. Gimble is in a meeting and..."

"I know Dave, I know she'll probably be in that meeting all morning," I said, finishing his sentence for him. "Could you please tell her that I got a call from Good Time Realty and that I'm going to check out a house for us in Bay Ridge?"

"Sure will Mr. Gimble," Dave said happily. "Congratulations."

"Thanks Dave, but we haven't gotten the house yet," I said. "Tell my wife that I'm taking the rest of the day off and I'll call her when I get home."

"Yes Sir Mr. Gimble," Dave said.

"Take care Dave, talk to you soon," I said before hanging up.

"Good-bye Mr. Gimble, have a good day and good luck," Dave said and we both hung up.

I stood up, grabbed my suit jacket off the back of my chair, stuffed the paper with the house address written on it into my pocket and dashed out of my office. I told my vice president that I was going to need a personal day. When Mr. Jacob heard why I would need the rest of the day off he gave me a hard clap on the back, a wish for good luck and told me to be on my way... I walked out of the office building a little while practically on winged feet. I didn't know at that moment just how much my feet would suffer that day...

My name is Arthur Gimble, I'm thirty years old, an executive with Chase bank. I have short cut brown hair, parted on the side in a banker's cut and brown chestnut shaped eyes. I'm five feet nine inches tall. I had started out at Chase bank as a teller when I was nineteen years old. Through a lot of hard work, four years of college and two years of banking school I worked my way up the corporate ladder. At the age of thirty I was in charge of the Customer Account department and also in charge of a few of the bank's key accounts. Three years ago I married the girl of my dreams. And now we were prepared to buy a house. Yes, it sure seemed that everything was falling in place in my life. I didn't know as I headed for the subway to Brooklyn that I would fall into place myself, actually I would fall stupidly and helplessly into place while checking out the house in Bay Ridge. Dressed in a navy blue pinstriped suit, white shirt, a dark red silk necktie and black lace-up wing tips I dashed down the steps to the subway...

I arrived in Bay Ridge a little more than an hour later. The walk from the subway station to the house that Alex had called about was ten minutes. Not bad I thought. The neighborhood was excellent with plenty of stores within walking distance. When I reached the house I was awe struck at the sight of it. It was perfect, just what my wife and I were looking for. Well, from the outside it looked like what we were looking for. It was two stories tall, red brick faced and had new insulated windows. As I stood there with my hands tucked in my suit pants pockets staring at the house the front door opened and a tall, rugged looking guy in Bone colored Khakis, a light blue button down shirt opened at the collar and brown suede wing tips came walking out. He had dark brown wavy hair and very dark brown eyes. He actually had the look of a boxer. He was slightly taller than I am.

"Mr. Gimble?" the man asked me as he approached, his hand outstretched for me to shake.

"Uh yes," I said and took his hand to shake.

"I'm Ronald, Alex's associate," Ronald said, pumping my hand hard, squeezing it tight. "Alex asked me to tell you that he couldn't make it. He asked me to show you the house, if you don't mind that is."

"No, not at all, it's nice to meet you Ronald," I said as he continued holding tight to my hand.

"Same here Mr. Gimble, well shall we go see what there is to see?" Ronald said happily.

He let go of my hand (finally) and I cheerily told him to lead the way. We walked together into the house.

"Alex tells me that you and your wife will be first time home owners," Ronald said, making light conversation.

"Yeah, that's true," I replied, looking around as we walked in.

The main floor was very spacious. The entrance led into the large living room, which connected to the dining room and the kitchen. We walked slowly side by side as I took it all in.

"Obviously this is the living room," Ronald said.

"Very nice," I said softly, already picturing what it would look like once we had it furnished. "Very nice indeed."

We walked through the dining room and to the kitchen. The place was clean as a whistle and smelled fresh.

"The basement is through that door," Ronald said, pointing to a door at the far side of the kitchen.

"Basement?" I asked him. "Alex said this was a duplex, but he didn't mention it had a basement."

"Would you like to see it?" Ronald asked me, taking me by the arm and walking me toward the door.

"Sure thing, this is great, a fucking basement too," I said happily, not believing our luck.

Ronald let go of my arm, opened the basement door, clicked on the light and I followed him down the steps, into Hell.

"Wow, with a basement we'll have plenty of extra room for storage," I said.

"Yeah, and not to mention a playroom for your kids," Ronald said as we descended the steps.

"Well, my wife and I don't have kids, at least not yet," I said and slid out of my suit jacket, draping it over my arm.

When we got to the bottom of the steps I looked around the large barren room, barren except for a strange looking device placed right in the center of the room. The basement was clean. It looked like it had recently been completely done over. As we moved further into the large room my eyes were riveted to the weird looking device that I just mentioned.

"What is that thing?" I asked curiously as we approached it.

It was two wooden straight back chairs facing each other. On the back of one chair dangled a pair of handcuffs. On the chair facing it was what looked like a pair of wooden stocks, right out of the seventeen hundreds, along with a pair of c-clamps holding the stocks to the chair. On a small table in front of the second chair was an old fashioned record player. Hooked up to the turntable, which was tilted at just about sixty degrees, was a pair of wooden sticks attached to the spindle in the center. On the ends of the sticks I saw feathers.

"Say, what is this thing?" I asked, crouching down next to the chair with the stocks on it and running the palm of my hand over them.

"It's the last thing the previous owner of the house has to come and take," Ronald replied. "I think it used to be upstairs in one of the bedrooms. He told me that he used to use it for parties."

"I don't understand," I said. "What does it do?"

Asking that question was the worst thing I could have done. My inquisitive nature was about to get me into the strangest situation I would ever find myself in to date.

"Well, it's really hard to explain," Ronald responded, looking at the device with a hand cupped under his chin. "Here, put your suit jacket on the back of this chair, have a seat, stretch your legs out and I'll try to show you."

"Okay," I said.

I draped my suit jacket over the chair with the handcuffs dangling on the back of it and sat down.

"Okay, now I think that the way it works is that your feet go into the stocks," Ronald said and without even asking wrapped a strong hand around one of my blue socked ankles.

He lifted my foot, stretching out my leg, opened the stocks and placed my foot in it at the ankle.

"You can place your other foot in this one," Ronald said, pointing to the other opening on the stocks.

I stupidly did as he said. Then, with my feet encased in the stocks Ronald pushed the stocks closed, using the hinges on the sides to secure them shut.

"It's used as a way to enhance parties," Ronald went on explaining and crouched down next to the chair I was seated in.

Without hesitation he gently pulled my hands behind me toward the open handcuffs.

"Hey, what are you doing?" I asked, sounding and feeling very nervous all of a sudden.

"Well, in order for you to get the full effect of this thing you need to be fully encased in it," Ronald said and quickly locked one of the handcuffs around my wrists.

The metal was cold and before I could say a word Ronald quickly locked my other wrist in the other handcuff.

"Okay, now if this record player works you'll get the full effect of this thing for sure," Ronald said, getting to his feet.

So there I was, handcuffed to a chair with my damned feet locked in a pair of stocks. I wriggled my fingers and my socked toes nervously. I watched as Ronald switched on the record player and the turntable began spinning the sticks with the feathers on the ends of them around and around. On the turntable speed of 45 RPM's it was moving pretty fast. I watched as the feathers on the ends of the sticks spun around and moved all over the bottoms of my (still) shoed and socked feet.

"See?" Ronald asked me, looking down sort of hungrily at my feet. "It's called an Executive Tickle Torture machine."

"Yeah, so I see," I said, my heart suddenly pounding wildly in my chest.

Ronald again cupped his chin in his hand and seemed to mull the situation over.

"This isn't right," he said. "You're still not getting the full effect."

With that said he turned off the record player.

"Wh-what do you mean?" I asked him as he began unlacing my wing tips. "H-hey what are you doing?"

"In order for you to really understand this thing you need to have your shoes and socks off Mr. Gimble," Ronald explained, his hands working quickly in getting my laces undone.

"H-hey, d-don't take my shoes off me man," I stammered in fear now, realizing too late what I was in for.

Executive Tickle Torture machine??? Oh fuck, Executive Tickle Torture machine??? The words suddenly took on a horrible meaning for me. Fuck man, I was an executive and I was trapped in that fucking thing! Slowly, Ronald slid my spit polished wing tips off my size ten feet. Or should I say my size ten extremely ticklish feet?

"Ronald no, no man, don't take my shoes off me!!" I pleaded.

"But Mr. Gimble, I want you to really enjoy this machine," Ronald said and sniffed the insides of my shoes.

A look of ecstasy came over his face and he sniffed heartily again at the insides of my shoes, his tongue hanging out of his mouth. I watched as he licked inside my shoes.

"Fuck man, what is going on here?" I asked desperately. "What are you licking my damned shoes for?"

Ronald placed my shoes on the floor and then crouched down in front of my blue nylon ribbed socked feet. He ran his tongue slowly and methodically over and over the bottoms of my feet, sending chills through me.

"Oh gads, you fucking pervert, licking my damned smelly feet," I seethed. "Ronald, let me out of this thing. I swear, I'll tell Alex about this and you'll lose your job."

"I don't work for Alex," Ronald said softly and sucked my socked toes, holding my feet tightly in his big hands.

"Y-you don't work for Alex?" I asked in disbelief. "B-but you said you were his associate."

"I lied," he said with a sneer, looking up at me now while holding my feet tightly, his thumbs pressed hard against the bottoms of them. "I'm actually the owner of this house. This device is my invention. The day you and your wife were in Alex's office I was there. I took a shine to you instantly. You sitting there all decked out in your business suit, your wing tips, your silk tie and these executive socks I truly adore."

He gave the bottom of one of my feet a long slathering lick.

"You see, I have this fetish for tickle torturing handsome executive's feet," Ronald said, let go of my feet and stood up. "You fit the bill perfectly Mr. Gimble."

"T-tickle my feet?" I asked and gulped hard, knowing just how sensitive the bottoms of my feet really are.

"Yep, and as luck would have it I was in the office today when Alex called you to come here and see the house," Ronald said, the tips of his fingers starting to work at the toes of my socks, slowly taking them off me. "I told him I had to get a few last minute things out of the house and that I would show you around, giving him time to finish up some work in the office."

I was starting to sweat as Ronald slowly slid my socks off my feet through the stocks.

"Oh gads, Ronald no, d-don't take my socks off me man!!" I begged, knowing full well what I was in for now. "Oh shit, you fucker!!"

When my feet were bare Ronald balled my socks up in his hand and placed his fingers on the switch on the record player. My eyes opened in out right terror.

"Now you'll get the full effect of this thing Mr. Gimble," Ronald said happily.

"No, no, don't turn it on man!" I pleaded desperately.

With a wicked looking grin on his face Ronald switched the record player on and set the speed control of the turntable at 78 RPMs. The two sticks were set in rapid spinning motion and the feathers at the ends of them were instantly tickling the bottoms of my bare feet.

"Ohhhhrrrr gads, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!!!!!" I guffawed helplessly. "Oh sh-shit, tur-turn it off man, pl-please, turn it the fuck off!! Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ohhhrrrr shit!!!!"

Smiling down at me Ronald bounced my balled up socks up and down in his hands a few times, sniffed them heartily a few times and then stuffed them in his pants pocket.

"I'll be keeping these great scented socks of yours as a souvenir of this little conquest Mr. Gimble," Ronald said merrily as I sat there laughing uncontrollably. "Actually I would hardly even call this a conquest. It was more than simple to get you into that thing. When you get out is a whole other story."

"Y-you fucker, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!!! Y-you can have my damned stinking socks!!" I seethed. "Pl-please, turn this wretched thing off!! Ohhhrrrr ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!!!"

Instead he secured the c-clamps on the outside of the stocks around the bottoms of my toes, forcing my poor feet to remain perfectly still as they were tickle tortured. "Ho, ho, ho, ho, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, th-this is sick man!!" I screamed in a high pitched tone of voice.

"When I saw you with that pretty wife of yours at Alex's office I just knew that you would be a good candidate for my executive tickle torture machine!" Ronald said, squatting down next to me and loosening my tie and unbuttoning the top button of my shirt. "Young, strong minded executive like you is the perfect type of guy for this invention of mine."

"F-fucker, ha, ha, ha, ha!!!" I gasped, looking at him as he tugged on my silk tie.

"Now the way I see it, two hours of this should be a good warm-up for what I have planned," Ronald said, pulling my tie down even further, loosening the knot in it as he went.

"T-two hours??? Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!!!" I gasped in disbelief. "I-I'll laugh to death by then!! Ohhhhrrr gads, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!!! I-I can't take this man!!"

"Sure you can, you're a lot stronger than you're giving yourself credit for Mr. Gimble,"

Ronald said and slid my tie off me. "You're a strong-minded executive. A guy like you should be able to deal with more than a few hours of this."

"Ohhhhhh sh-shit, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!!! You, you can't mean this!!" I sputtered. "I-I have to be back at work soon."

"No you don't," Ronald said quickly. "I know from Alex that you took the entire day off to come and check this house out."

My little lie hadn't panned out. Shit!!

"See if, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!!! See if my wife and I will buy this place!!" I spat angrily at him.

"Oh you'll buy it," Ronald said, unbuttoning my white starting to soak up with sweat dress shirt. "When you hear the price I'm asking you won't be able to resist it Mr. Gimble. And I am sure you'll want me to keep the tickle torture device here. As a matter of fact, I can promise that you'll want me to come here and tickle torture you on a regular basis. After this is over today you'll be begging for it."

"Y-you're out of your fucking mind, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!!!" I chortled crazily.

He got my shirt fully unbuttoned and spread the sides of it out, exposing my hairy chest and big pink fleshy nipples.

"Ah, just as I was hoping, nice big meaty tits," Ronald said and squeezed one of my nipples hard, rolling it around between his fingertips, sending even more chills through me.

"F-fucking pervert, leave my damned tits alone!!" I laughed. "Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, Ohhhrrrrr ho, ho, ha, ha!!!"

Looking at me sadistically now Ronald stood up, towering over me.

"After two hours I'll give you a five minute break, then we'll go for another hour of tickling those cute feet of yours," Ronald quipped.

"Af-after two hours of this I-I'll be more than crazy man!!" I gasped knowing there was no way out at that point. "Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!!!!"

From his other pocket Ronald produced a pair of mean looking sharp-teethed tit clamps.

"These will make you crazy for sure," Ronald said, holding up the tit clamps.

If I weren't laughing so damned hard I would have broken down in tears for sure at that point. Ronald palmed the tit clamps, climbed over me and stood over my prone body and began rolling his fingertips tightly over my nipples, really squeezing the fuck out of them.

"Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!!!! G-gads, can't believe y-you've got me in this damned position man!!" I garbled as Ronald's fingers really worked the fuck out of my nipples.

It was a good fifteen minutes or so later when he stopped working my nipples. I was a sweating mess of jelly by then let me tell you. He had tweaked my nipples up to two pointy masses of hard flesh on my chest. They stuck out nice and pointy like two bullets.

"G, gads, no," I gasped as Ronald opened the hungry looking tit clamps and moved them toward the two numbed nubs that were my nipples.

Leaning down over me he clipped the tit clamps onto my poor nipples. They bit hard and cruelly into them. "Arrrrrhhhhhh, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!!!!" I heaved miserably at that point, laughing and in pain at the same time.

Ronald stepped back to the side of the chair I was trapped on and looked at me with a grin.

"I have lots of stuff in mind for you Mr. Gimble," Ronald said, glancing down at my being-tickled-feet and then looked back into my eyes as I laughed and cackled like a maniac. "By the time this day is over and I send you home to your wife to tell her the good news about your new home, you will be a changed man!"

"Wh-why me you bastard? Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!!!!" I cackled madly.

"Just a feeling I got when I saw you in the Real Estate office with your wife and Alex," Ronald responded. "When I saw you sitting there with those hot feet of yours wrapped around the sides of the chair you were seated on the sight of those sexy wing tips and your dark socks drove me wild. I knew I had to get you here and in this position."

"Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!!!" I laughed loudly. "S-sick fuck!! Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!!!"

"Although I never thought it would be as easy as it was getting you hooked up in that thing," he said. " I truly thought I was going to have to really do some story telling to convince you to get in there."

Ronald reached down, pulled on the chain hanging between the tit clamps and a surge of pain coursed through me at what felt like a hundred miles per hour. He pulled on it till my poor nipples felt as if they would be ripped clear off my chest. Despite the pain, I laughed and roared loudly. Ronald then let go of the chain and stepped behind me, placing his hands on my shoulders and squeezing them tightly.

"I have to go out for a while, but don't worry I'll be back in time for your break when your first two hours are up," Ronald said, leaning down and licking one of my earlobes as my head bobbed around from my laughter.

"G-going out???" I gasped. "Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!!! Y-you can't leave me like this R-Ronald!! I-I'll go stir crazy. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, gads, my poor tits!!"

"I want to go and tell Alex how much you liked the house and that you will be buying it," Ronald said, letting go of my shoulders. "And not to worry Mr. Gimble, this basement is soundproof, so please laugh, roar and cackle all you want."

I was doing just that that is for sure. Then, to further my horrible situation even more, Ronald tied my silk necktie over my eyes, blindfolding me.

"Ohhhhrrrr gads, you miserable bastard!!" I ranted, as being blindfolded made the tickling sensations and the pressure on my nipples worsen about a hundred times over. "Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!!!! Hoo, hoo, hoo, th-this is too much man!!"

But then, the sounds of Ronald's footsteps as he ascended the stairs out of the basement. When I heard the door to the basement open and then close my heart sank in despair.

"Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!!!!" I laughed miserably, heaving my chest up and down in the chair.

Each time I moved my chest the pain in my nipples worsened. To my utter surprise and dismay I found that my big uncut cock was piss hard in my suit pants...

So there I was, stretched out between two chairs, handcuffed, my bared feet trapped in a pair of stocks, blindfolded, tit clamped and having my poor feet tickle tortured. Sweat broke out all over my exposed chest and dripped down to my stomach area. My feet started sweating as well as those blasted feathers spun and spun over them, doing their dirty work. I laughed and laughed, desperately trying to catch just one even breath in between my loud cackling. I wriggled my toes in misery and my cock pounded big and hard in my suit pants. I frantically tried my best not to piss.

"Ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!!!!" I roared with my head tilted back, looking up at the unseen ceiling. "I-I'll fucking kill Ronald for this!!"

Thoughts of my wife and I looking for a house and how it had led me to this blasted situation went through my mind. Thoughts of my wife being in her business meeting and not having a clue as to what had happened to me went through my mind. Thoughts of my wife handling my dirty socks from the laundry bag and complaining about how bad they smelled went through my mind. Thoughts of Ronald slipping my smelly socks off my feet and sniffing them heartily went through my mind. Thoughts of the bastard stealing my socks filled my mind. Thoughts of how stupid I had been to allow myself into this situation engulfed my mind.

"Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!!!!!" I roared miserably. "Gads!!!!"

Saliva dribbled from my trembling lips and by now my body was bathed in sweat. My suit trousers were stuck to me, my BVD briefs were sweat sopped and my damned cock was aching, hard and the need to piss was overwhelming by then. As I sat there with my head hanging down, laughing, laughing, laughing uncontrollably tears of rage formed behind my sweat soaked tie turned blindfold. After a while more I simply lost track of the time....

I was still laughing, screaming with it actually two hours later. I heard the sound of the basement door opening and then Ronald's foot steps descending the steps.

"R-R-Ronald, is, is that you man?" I managed to gasp out. "Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!!!!!"

"Sure it is, Mr. Gimble, who else would it be?" Ronald asked in response and took my blindfold off me.

"Time for your five minute break," he said and turned off the record player.

The feathers stopped spinning and stopped tickling my feet.

"Oh thank you, thank you Ronald," I said softly, sitting there and stinking in my sweat.

"Thirsty?" Ronald asked me, holding up a bottle of mineral water.

"Sure am man," I replied. "B-but I have to piss so bad I don't think it's a good idea to..."

But before I could finish the sentence, Ronald had one hand in my sweat sopped hair and was holding the bottle of water to my trembling lips. He pulled my head back and made me sip down the entire quart of water. My cock pounded long, hard and aching in my suit trousers.

"Now, what was that you said about having to piss?" Ronald asked me fiendishly after the water was all gone.

He put the bottle down on the floor and wiped my wet lips with one of my socks. Smelling it I knew what it was that drove my poor wife crazy about my smelly foot scent. My damned socks did stink at that, yet my cock grew still harder at the scent of them as Ronald wiped my lips with one of them. When he was done wiping my lips he put my sock back in his pocket and crouched down at the bulge in my suit pants.

"Man, look at that," Ronald panted, running a hand over my throbbing crotch.

"D-don't you dare you bastard!!" I ranted and made the mistake of leaning back in the chair. "Ayyyrrrr gads!!!"

By pulling my chest back it caused the tit clamps to really pull on my nipples, sending searing pain throughout my body. Shit, from being tickled for two straight hours and having my tits clamped for so long, every damned part of me was more than sensitized. And from all points, Ronald had no intention of letting me go just yet. I watched helplessly as the guy slowly pulled the zipper down on my pants, reached in past my BVDs and brought out my big beefy uncut eight inch cock, along with my big juicy and sweat soaked balls. I grimaced miserably as he roughly handled me down there.

Shit, look at the fucking size of this damned executive cock of yours man," Ronald said in awe. "Fuck, didn't think that an average guy like you would have such a big piece of meat."

He playfully rolled my foreskin up and down the sides of my big cock, sending chills through me. Ronald checked his watch, told me that my break was almost over, held my cock straight out and placed the tip of the empty water bottle over the crown of it.

"Piss you handsome fucking executive," Ronald commanded.

With no choice other than to do as I was told I pissed. I pissed long, hard, heavy and yellow into the quart-sized bottle. Relief filled me as my bladder drained. My cock remained super hard, making it difficult to piss in the bottle. When I was done pissing I saw that I had really pissed a good amount into the bottle. Ronald began stroking my hard cock.

"Ohhhhrrr gads, no, no, not this you bastard!!" I ranted angrily. "Fucking going to make me shoot my damned load you pervert!!"

Thoughts of my wife filled my head as I shot a big hefty load of creamy executive sperm into the bottle along with my piss.

"Ohhhhrrrr gads, you fucking bastard!!" I seethed at Ronald, my poor nipples really coming to stinging life in the tit clamps now. "Ayyyyrrrr shit!!!!"

When I was done Ronald put the bottle back down on the floor, leaving my cock and balls hanging out of my suit pants. The tip of my cock disappeared under my slimy foreskin and I writhed and bucked miserably in the chair as the clamps tormented my poor tits worse than before. I had just learned that when a guy's tits are clamped and he shoots a load the pain in his tits intensifies about a hundred fucking times.

"G-get these things off my tits you bastard!!" I demanded.

But Ronald was not one of my office personnel and did not have to take orders from me. And lets face it, I was in no position to be giving him orders. Ronald stood up, stepped behind me and tied my tie back over my eyes, blindfolding me again.

"Ronald, please," I pleaded softly, choking on my tears.

"Ready for another hour of being tickled Mr. Gimble?" Ronald asked me as he tied the blindfold one me.

"Ronald, please, let me go man," I begged as I heard him move toward the record player.

He turned it on and once again my bare feet were being tickle tortured.

"Ohhhhrrr no, no, not again you slimy fuck!!" I gasped. "Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!!!!!"

"I'm going to go for a drive to get some more stuff that I can use on you Mr. Gimble," Ronald said, giving one of my big toes a squeeze and a fast suck. "See you soon. Enjoy yourself."

"No, no, don't leave me alone again you fucking pervert!!" I ranted through clenched teeth. "Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!!!! Ohhrrrrr gads!!!!"

"Before the day is out I'll lick your feet for a while," I heard Ronald say as he ascended the steps again. "That should have you feeling real good. God, I'm sure glad I saw you in Alex's office that day."

"J-just what I'll n-need, to have my damned stinking feet licked by a pervert like you, ha, ha ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, har, har, ha, ha, ha, ha!!! Ohhhhrrr gads!!!"

Again, the sound of the basement door slamming shut. I was again alone and being horribly tickled tortured. "Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!!!!" I shrieked. "Th-this is too much now!!! Ohhhhhrrrr shit!!!"

This time as I was tickle tortured, my thoughts wandered back to the day when my wife and I were at Alex's Real Estate office. We were seated side by side at his desk as we gave him our information and what we were looking for in the way of a house. Alex, a young real estate agent with dark hair and small eyes sat at his desk and wrote our information on a legal pad. I sat there dressed in a charcoal gray colored suit, white shirt, black silk tie, my black wing tips and calf length black cotton dress socks. I didn't recall seeing Ronald in the office, but then, my attention was focused on the task at hand. My eyes didn't wander around the office even once. My wife and I held hands as we sat there relating information to Alex as he wrote. I recalled slipping my feet around the legs of the chair. Ronald said that really caught his eye. Was that my damning moment? Geez, and all because I have such damned cute feet.

"Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!!!" I laughed as I thought about the day at Alex's desk in the Real Estate office.

As the hour crawled by I was again bathed in sweat and reeking of it by then. When this hour was over I would have been tickled for three straight hours. Unfuckingthinkable, but it was happening! And the pervert had gone out to get more stuff that he planned to use on me. My mind raced with the possibilities of the stuff that he would be bringing to use on me. Gads, was I in a pickle or what? My cock was again piss-filled and hard, pointing straight up at the ceiling. I could feel droplets of cum and beads of piss oozing from my wide sexy slit, my foreskin pulled back on my erection. Gads, the fucking guy had jacked me off, made me shoot my damned load. I couldn't believe this was happening! "Hooooo hooooo ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!!!!" I laughed, gasping for breath at that point.

By the time the hour was up, I wasn't even laughing coherently anymore. More like the sounds of heavy heaving and dry gasps were coming from me as the feathers spun and spun and spun against my bare feet. I didn't even hear the sound of the basement door being opened and then closed. The only indication that Ronald had returned was the fact that the record player was switched off and the feathers stopped tickling me. I sat there heaving, gasping, sweating and even crying as he took the sopping wet blindfold off me.

"Man, only three hours and already you're pretty wasted," Ronald said jovially, leaving my tie turned blindfold dangling freely around my neck.

"Pl-please," I whispered, looking up at him with my head hanging back.

"Man, I have to do something to bring you around Mr. Gimble," Ronald said, holding up a medium sized brown paper bag. "I'm really glad I went and got all this stuff. It seems like you've laughed yourself into a stupor."

He put the paper bag down on the floor and brought out a fresh quart sized bottle of mineral water. He gingerly held it to my trembling lips.

"N, no, w-water man," I whimpered. "I-I have to piss like crazy already."

"I don't want you dehydrating on me Mr. Gimble," Ronald said and pressed the tip of the bottle to my lips, forcing me to sip the water down. "I'm just having loads of fun with you, I don't want to wind up having to take you to an emergency room. As for the need to piss, not to worry, I have just what you need for that in the bag."

And so, with one hand behind my sweaty neck and the other hand holding the water bottle to my lips Ronald forced me to swig down the cold water. With each sip the need to piss intensified. My nipples were beyond numb and stinging at that point. I didn't know at that moment, but they would feel worse when he finally took the clamps off them.

"Come on Mr. Gimble, down the hatch," Ronald said, sounding impatient. "Your breaks are only five minutes long and I have to start getting you tickled again. I'm going to work you for another two straight hours again."

I sputtered like mad around the tip of the water bottle, water and my spittle flying in all directions and all over my exposed and sweat soaked chest. His last statement had really brought me up out of the stupor I had slid into.

"T-two fu-fucking hours more???" I gasped madly. "Y-you has to be kidding man!! This foolishness has gone far enough! I demand that you release me now!"

"Want to go for three straight hours you handsome fuck?" he asked me, holding the water bottle to my lips and squeezing the back of my sweat sopped neck.

Without a word I wrapped my lips angrily around the tip of the bottle. My cock pounded in fear and anger as Ronald fed me gulp after gulp of that damned cold water.

"Not to worry though Mr. Gimble, I'm going to be here for the whole two hours," Ronald said merrily. "It's going to be more than just your cute feet being tickled this time."

I groaned miserably around the tip of the bottle...

Less than a few minutes had gone by and the water bottle was empty. I had drunk every drop of it and now the need to piss was maddening. My hard cock pointed straight up at the ceiling, twitching with a life all it's own. Pre cum and beads upon beads of piss oozed from my slit.

"G-going to have me piss into that bottle now?" I asked Ronald angrily.

"Not this time Mr. Gimble," Ronald said, stepping over to the record player, the fucking instrument of my torture. "Ready?"

"H-has it been five minutes already man?" I asked very sadly.

"Sure has," Ronald said, glancing at his watch and flicked the switch on the record player.

The blasted feathers spun to life at the 78-RPM speed and in less than a few seconds I was again laughing loudly and uncontrollably.

"Ohhhhhrrrr gads, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ohhhhhrrrr fuck, an-another t-two hours of this and I-I'll be dead for sure you bastard!!" I cackled incoherently. "Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!!!! Ohhhrrr gads, y-you're going to make my wife a widow you b-bastard!! Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!!!!"

As I writhed in the bondage laughing madly my cock twitched around sporadically.

"Two hours of having your cute feet tickled and then some," Ronald said fiendishly and reached into the paper bag he had brought with him.

I nearly screamed in terror when I saw the high-speed electric toothbrush he produced from the bag.

"Ohhhhhrrr gads, no, no, Ronald please," I crowed desperately as he hunched down at my crotch. "Oh God, not this!!"

He flicked the electric toothbrush on and I watched in agony as the dry bristles whirred to life. They seemed to be vibrating at more than a hundred miles per hour. Slowly and with a look of utter delight on his face Ronald brought the whirring bristles close to my cock.

`Ohhhhrrr God, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, oh no, you bastard!!" I shrieked.

Ronald grabbed my big sweaty balls and held them tight as he gently pressed the vibrating bristles of the toothbrush against the shaft of my hard and throbbing cock.

"Ohhhhhrrrrrrr shit!!!" I roared and spurts of piss erupted madly from my slit, landing on my exposed upper torso. "Ayyyrrrrrr gads, got, got me fucking pissing all over myself, fuck!!"

Ronald chuckled heartily as the scent of my thickly yellow stream mixed with the sweat that was all over me. The feathers spun and spun against my bare feet, pushing me closer and closer to the edge of insanity.

"Wh-why me???" I blurted as the bristles of the toothbrush heated up my poor cock.

Ronald held tightly to my aching balls and moved the vibrating bristles of the brush all over the shaft of my cock. I pissed like a fucking madman all over myself, hating myself for it, yet unable to control my flow. When Ronald moved the bristles over my wide slit I thought I would go completely crazy for sure. I thought I was done pissing, but those vibrating bristles against my sexy slit caused more and more piss to erupt from me. I sat there laughing and pissing my head off.

"Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!!!!!" was all I could say.

I sputtered and garbled gibberish when Ronald let go of my balls and pressed the vibrating bristles against them. If I weren't handcuffed to the chair I was sure I would have flown right out of it. Damned electric toothbrush was cooking my poor nuts. Ronald began stroking my cock in and out of my foreskin as he tortured my nuts with the toothbrush.

"Damn, that is so sexy," Ronald commented, admiring my uncut cock as it slid in and out of my foreskin. "Fuck, the way I'm working your nuts should get a good hefty load of executive jazz out of you."

No sooner were the words out of his mouth the cum was flying from my slit.

"Ohhhhhhrrrrr gads, ayyyyrrrrrrr!!!!" I panted loudly as I shot my second load, this time all over myself.

What a mess of sweat, piss and cum I smelled like. Ronald stroked me and stroked me and stroked me, driving me crazier and crazier as I shot rope upon rope of creamy jazz for him. The tickling sensations on my feet and nuts and my orgasm all combined had sent me into a state of high europhia. I was out of my mind with ecstasy and pain all at once.

"Ohhhhrrr shit, g-got me cr-creaming like a bitch in hea-heat," I stammered stupidly.

When I was done shooting my load Ronald let go of my cock and took the electric toothbrush away from my nuts. He watched in awe as my slimy cock softened and slid back into my foreskin.

"God, I love that," he whispered.

I was glad for him that he loved my uncut cock so much, but as for me I was in agony. Once again, after shooting my load the tit clamps drove me crazy with stinging and numbing pain. My poor, poor nipples were swollen to twice their size at that point and felt really heavy on my chest. As if reading my mind, Ronald sidled over to my chest area and unclipped the clamps from my nipples.

"Ahhhhrrrrr Geez," I ranted through clenched teeth and balled my cuffed hands into sweaty fists as the pain of the blood rushing back through my nipples was intense and just about unbearable. "You, you fucking sick bastard!!"

Ronald leaned forward and as I continued to laugh my head off he greedily slurped one of my nipples into his mouth.

"Ohhhrrr gads, fucking faggot!!" I ranted as the guy began really slurping and sucking heartily at my nipple. "Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!!!! F-fucking eatin' my damned tits!"

Looking down I watched as the guy methodically and almost professionally worked my nipple with his lips, tongue and teeth. My cock began to grow hard and slide slowly from my foreskin. Fuck!! There was no denying that the fucking guy was driving me wild, forcing me to a new hard-on. Within a few minutes, my cock was standing up at attention, rigid and pointing at the ceiling. Ronald stopped working my nipple and flicked the electric toothbrush back on. The sound of it whirring to life filled me with dread. As Ronald brought the vibrating bristles toward my overly erect and numbly tingling nipples, I roared louder with laughter and begged him not to torture my nipples with the toothbrush.

"Hooooo, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho!!!!" I chortled angrily. "Pl-please man, no, no!!"

My feet were by now a sweaty stinking mess as the spinning feathers tickled and tickled them. But when Ronald pressed the vibrating bristles against the tip of one of my sore nipples I nearly did fly out of that damned chair I was trapped in.

"Hooooorrrrhhhhhhhh!!!!" I shrieked in uncontrollable laughter. "Hooorrr gads, y-you miserable f-fucker! D-don't be tickling my tits, ohhhhrrrr gads!!!"

Ronald slowly and meanly alternated running the hot vibrating bristles over and over my poor nipples. The tips of them became super hard and I could feel them tingling and burning on my chest as Ronald tickled them more and more.

"Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!!!" I screamed. "Th-this is s-sick torture you bastard!"

I wriggled my toes and opened and closed my cuffed hands involuntarily as I was tortured and tortured. By the time Ronald stopped tickling my nipples with the electric toothbrush, they were beyond swollen. He flicked his tongue over the sides of one of them a few times. They were highly sensitized so the slightest touch on them drove me batty.

"Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!!!" I laughed miserably. "N-never laughed so much in my life!!"

"And there's plenty more coming, you handsome fuck," Ronald said meanly before turning off the toothbrush.

While I sat there having my feet tickle tortured Ronald squatted down at the side of my crotch and busied himself toying with my big uncut meat stick. He was in awe of it as he slid it in and out of my foreskin.

"Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha Oh God, l-leave my cock alone you pervert!!" I seethed.

But as he stroked my slimy guy in and out of my foreskin there was no doubt I would soon shoot a third load. As Ronald stroked me and stroked me and as I laughed my head off I again thought of my wife. She also has a fascination with my uncut cock. She loves stroking me in and out of the foreskin. Fuck, she can play with my cock for hours before we get down to the business at hand. She calls it foreplay. I call it ecstasy. But when Ronald slurped the tip of my cock between his lips and just held it there I thought I would lose my mind for sure.

"Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ohhhhrrrr gads!!!" I screeched madly. "Oh you fucker!!!"

The way he had the tip of my cock held between his lips and not moving, there was no way I could shoot my load. Fuck, this time, the guy was going to make me wait. The sound of my loud raucous laughter filled the room...

Ronald had the patience of a saint and the fiendishness of a devil that was for sure. As I sat there laughing and laughing he simply held my hard pulsing cock tip gingerly between his lips.

"F-fucker, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, Ohhhrrr gads, you bastard!!" I roared.

When he poked his tongue tip into my wide sexy slit and swirled it around in there, chills that felt like electricity coursed through every part of my body. Gads, I was beyond sensitized at that point. I needed to shoot my third load, I needed to stop laughing for longer than five-minute intervals and I needed to be out of this fucked up situation. But Ronald was having way too much fun with me. I knew as he held my cock tip between his lips and tongue teased my slit that I was still in for a lot more nastiness.

"Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!!!!" I roared loudly and miserably.

When Ronald took his lips off my cock tip and I couldn't cum, a feeling more than frustration consumed and overwhelmed me. My poor cock bobbed around between my legs, twitching like crazy, my big juicy balls resting atop the crotch area of my sweat soaked suit trousers.

"Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!!!!" I laughed crazily, as my bare feet were tickled and tickled and tickled.

"Well Mr. Gimble, the first hour of this two hours is almost over," Ronald said, glancing at his watch. "You should consider yourself lucky that I'm honest about your time frames and your five minute breaks."

"Wh-when is th-this going to stop?" I managed to garble. "Wh-when are you go-going to let me the fuck out of here?"

"Now Mr. Gimble, you know the answer to that as well as I do," Ronald replied, squatting next to me and tweaking one of my sore nipples hard. "You told Alex you were going to take the entire day off. At the end of the workday I'll release you."

"Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!!!!" I laughed. "Y-you mean we-we're going to be at this shit all, all fucking day? Ohhhhrrrrr shit man!!! Of, of all the blasted things!!"

As I sat there helpless the reality of a long day of being tickled settled meanly in my executive mind. This would be the greatest challenge of my career that was for sure...

About five minutes into the second hour of that time frame time Ronald produced two clip-on clothespins from his bag of tricks. He clipped them tightly onto my nipples and amid my laughter and screams of pain, he produced a few cotton tipped Q-Tips from the bag. I watched as he knelt on his haunches, right near my damned deep and sweat sopped belly button.

"Harrrrhhhh harrhhhh, harrrrrhhhh!!!!" I laughed, not even able to form words of protest at that moment as Ronald moved the tips of two of the Q-Tips toward my belly button.

I wanted to tell him not to tickle torture my belly button, that having that tickle tortured combined with my feet being tickled and my nipples now being clothes-pinned would surely put me over the edge. But alas, I couldn't even form the words of protest as I helplessly laughed and laughed and laughed some more. And even if I could form the words to beg my captor not to tickle torture my belly button, I am sure he would have ignored me. Ronald was having too much fun torturing the fuck out of me to stop at that point...

"Ayyyrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!" I shrieked loudly and throatily with my head tossed back as Ronald slid the tips of the Q-tips into my belly button, pressing hard. "Ahhhrrrrrrr, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!!!!"

Ronald pressed the tips of the Q-tips hard against the inside of my belly button. A stinging pain of pressure seared through me and tickled me to the core at the same time.

"Harhhh, harhhhh, harrrhhh, ohhhhrrr g-gads," was all I could say. "Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!!!!"

I writhed and bobbed stupidly in the chair, sweat literally flying off me now. As I bobbed up and down on the chair the clothespins on my nipples jiggled madly, pulling meanly on my poor sore nips. I was screaming in pain, laughter and from being more than totally and overwhelmingly sensitized. I needed to shoot my load. Gads, my cock was hard and aching like I could not believe. Even after shooting those first two loads, I was hornier than a bitch in heat. With a maniacal looking grin on his face, Ronald pressed the Q-tips harder in my belly button. When he swirled them around in there I guffawed even louder.

"Pl-plhhhhh," I sputtered, not able to form one word.

I was dizzy as hell, light headed and thought for sure, I would pass out any moment. Unfortunately though I didn't. Shit, I couldn't even escape that way.

"God, I wonder how that pretty wife of yours would feel seeing you this way Mr. Gimble," Ronald said in awe, taking the Q-tips away from my belly button. "When I send you home to her tonight you are going to be one wiped out super executive, that is for sure."

He seemed to study the tip of one of the Q-tips as I sat there laughing my head off. When he moved the tip of the Q-tip toward my wide sexy slit I nearly went totally berserk.

"N, n, " was all I could say as he slid the tip of the Q-tip into my cock slit. "Ohhhhrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!"

As he swiveled the damned toothpick around in my slit the soundproof basement was filled with the sound of my screams and laughter. I shook, trembled, gasped and panted wildly as I watched in agony as Ronald slid the Q-tip further and further into my slit, swiveling it around as it went, fucking tickling me in there...

"Harrrrrhhhhh, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!!!!!" I laughed insanely.

"Oh yeah, look at your slit eating up this Q-tip Mr. Gimble," Ronald laughed and grabbed my sweaty and juicy balls.

I was ready and he knew it. He yanked the Q-tip out of my slit, leaned down and holding my balls tight he wrapped his mouth around my throbbing cock.

"Huuuuhhhh, ohhhhrrrrrr," I gasped as he sucked me slowly. "Ohhhrrrrrrrr yeahhhhh!!!! Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!!!!"

It was one of the most intense orgasms of my life there was no denying it. Ronald sucked me and sucked me and sucked me, gulping down my hot creamy executive load, not losing a drop of it. Being tickled, having my tits clothes-pinned, being sucked and shooting my load all at once sent me into a state I can only describe as over-drive... My head spun, my teeth itched and every other part of me was more than alive. My heart pounded like mad as Ronald continued sucking me, even after I had shot my damned load.

"N, no, no, no," I managed to say.

I grimaced miserably and sweat trickled down my forehead and into my eyes and I watched through blurred vision as the insatiable pervert went on and on and on sucking me. Fuck, it felt like some kind of suction device had been hooked up to my poor cock. Ronald held tightly to my balls. He planned to drain them real good...

After I shot my third load Ronald kept bobbing his mouth up and down on my cock, driving me more than stir crazy as he sucked me.

"Ohhhhrrrrrr, sh-shit," I rasped, as my slimy cock was beyond sensitive after just having shot that third load.

I hadn't even had a moment to get soft, fuck; the guy was sucking me up to a tingling and numbing erection. He made a funnel of the tip of my foreskin and swiveled his tongue around in there, sending shock waves through me.

"Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha , ha, har, har, har, har, ha, ha!!!!!" I laughed in a high pitched tone.

I clenched my teeth and could not believe it, he was about to get a fourth load of creamy executive jizz out of me, and so fucking soon after having just shot a third load. I bucked, screamed and laughed my head off as the guy delighted in sucking me, licking my foreskin and tormenting the fuck out of me. When I shot my fourth load, I nearly lost my mind. I couldn't stop laughing, couldn't stand the numbing tingling in my cock as the pervert gulped down my juices and couldn't deal with the pain in my poor clothes-pinned nipples.

When I was done spewing that mess of jizz, Ronald let my dick slowly slip from his mouth. He gave my foreskin a few licks and slurps for good measure. Then, he leaned back on his haunches and watched as the tickle torture machine drove me batty.

"Damn, into your fifth hour of being tickled Mr. Gimble," Ronald said softly. "You sure can take it."

"Y-you fucker!!" I screamed at him with a smile of insanity on my sweat-sopped face. "This is inanity, pure and fucking simple!!"

The rest of the fifth hour seemed to crawl by as Ronald simply sat there on the floor next to me, watching as the Executive Tickle Torture Machine did it's work, tickling an executive, me. The basement was filled with the sounds of my laughter, the scent of my sweat and Ronald's gleeful smirk.

"H-how many other g-guys have you had in this position?" I asked him. "Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!!!!"

"A few actually," Ronald said, pulling himself to his knees and moving his face close to my poor trapped and being tortured feet. "But they were all the results of bets and wagers. And I kept them in this thing for only a few minutes at a time."

He leaned up and slathered his tongue around one of my big toes. He sucked it hard, sending chills through me, adding to the chills I was getting from being tickle tortured.

"I always dreamed of having some young handsome executive trapped in this thing for a real long period of time," Ronald said and sucked my big toe again. "I never thought I would get the chance to tickle torture a fucking stud like you Mr. Gimble. And for the better part of a day at that, talk about a real stroke of luck."

He slurped at the tips of my toes, drooled over them and sucked them hard.

"Y-your luck will run out man, m-mark my words," I gasped. "Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha ha, ha!!! Wh-when I'm out of this thing I am going to make sh-short work of you!! Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, oohhhrrrr ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!!!!!"

"When you're out of that thing you're going to need me to carry you home Mr. Gimble," Ronald said meanly, stood up and glanced at his watch. "Five more minutes and then its break time again. And this is what I'll be using on that big cock of yours during your break this time."

That said, Ronald reached into his bag and brought out a jar of blue ice heat rub. I screamed with laughter and terror...

Five minutes later Ronald switched off the record player. I breathed a long and loud sigh of relief as the feathers stopped spinning and tickling my poor feet. Ronald took the clothespins off my nipples and I screamed in major agony as the blood rushed furiously back through them.

"Th-this is too much now R-Ronald," I whispered. "Pl-please, c-can't we be done at this point?"

Ronald glanced at his watch. "But Mr. Gimble, it's only a little after three thirty," Ronald said merrily and ran three fingertips under my chin. "The workday ends at five. But think about this, you have less than two more hours of tickling time to endure."

"Gads," I whispered woefully.

Unbelievably, my dick was again hard and piss-filled, standing erect between my legs and pointing straight up at the ceiling. Just as Ronald would have wanted it. My nipples were also erect, but swollen to twice their size as well. I glanced down at the floor where my shoes were and looked at them longingly. Next to my wing tips was the mineral water bottle that contained my piss and globs and globs of my cum.

"Thirsty?" Ronald asked me, opening a fresh bottle of mineral water.

"Yeah, and hungry you bastard, I haven't eaten since breakfast," I replied angrily.

"Well, I think we'd better just stick with the water for now Mr. Gimble," Ronald said, placing a hand behind my neck and holding the tip of the bottle to my lips. "The way I have you laughing so hysterically here you're liable to upchuck any food that I give you. Tell you what though, seeing as you've been such a good sport about all this I'll take you out to dinner when we're done."

I stopped sipping the water and looked at him angrily.

"G-good sport?" I asked him. "After you managed to trick me into this thing I don't see where I had all that much of a choice Ronald."

Ignoring me, Ronald fed me more and more water. My stomach gurgled and beads upon beads of piss slithered from my slit. When the water was done, Ronald put the empty bottle on the floor and picked up the jar of blue ice heat rub.

"Oh God Ronald, pl-please, d-don't slather that stuff on my dick man," I gurgled as he took the lid off the jar.

Smiling wickedly, Ronald dipped two fingers into the slimy looking blue gel liquid and then ran those two fingers over and over just the tip of my dick. I broke out in goose-bumps as the stuff automatically did it's work, heated up yet was cold and numbing at the same time.

"Ohhhhrrr shit," I garbled throatily.

Ronald dipped his fingers into the jar again and this time rubbed the tips of them over and over and up and down the back of my erect dick shaft.

"Yaaahhhhrrrr, ohhhhrrr you fucker," I gasped and tossed my head back, heaving and bucking in the chair. "Ohhhrrr gads, this, this is fucking driving me out of my mind man!!"

Needless to say, my erect dick was more than numb, more than tingling and more than burning with the icy heat. Beads upon beads of piss trickled from my slit and I was being slowly jacked off at the same time. Fucking guy really knew how to drive a big time executive like me crazy.

"Ohhhhrrr gads, Ronald, if, if that offer of buying me dinner when this is over was true I-I'm going to want a ste-steak dinner," I gasped and looked back down at the guy as he worked my erection slowly.

"Your five minutes are almost up Mr. Gimble, you'd better cum soon," Ronald said mockingly. "If not, your dick is going to be feeling very frustrated when I start the tickling machine again."

"Y-you fucking smart ass, jack me faster," I panted.

Ronald just kept moving his fingertips slowly up and down and up and down the back of my dick shaft. He watched as more piss slithered from my slit.

"Better let you piss and get the machine going again," Ronald said and stopped stroking me.

"Ohhhhhrr gads, no, no, Ronald, plea-please, make me cum first man!!" I pleaded as my dick stood overly erect and super-numbed between my legs.

Ronald picked up the empty water bottle, held my dick straight out and put the tip of the bottle over the tip of my dick.

"Piss," Ronald commanded, holding tightly to my poor numb dick, but not stroking it.

I took a breath and did as he said and pissed. I pissed and pissed long and heavy into the water bottle, knowing that the mean bastard was not going to let me cum this time. When I was done pissing almost a minute later, Ronald took the bottle away from my dick tip and let go of my dick. It again pointed straight up at the ceiling, super erect and super numb. Ronald checked his watch.

"One minute and a half to go," Ronald said. "Aren't you glad I'm so honest?"

"Yeah, thrilled," I said dejectedly and made the mistake of licking my lips.

"Still thirsty Mr. Gimble?" Ronald asked me, holding up the water bottle I had just pissed into. "Well, I don't have any more water, so this will have to do."

Before I could protest or even say a word the guy grabbed my nose, tilted my head back and forced me to guzzle down my rancid and hot piss.

"Ggggrrrrmmmffff!!!" I sputtered angrily as my piss filled my mouth and slopped down my throat.

"Down the hatch Mr. Gimble," Ronald said merrily.

He forced me to drink it all down and then put the bottle down on the floor.

"Y-you mangy bastard!!" I ranted at him as he stepped over to the record player. "You sick fuck, you made me drink my damned piss!!"

Smiling, Ronald held up a finger and gestured toward the other water bottle that was filled with my piss and my cum.

"Keep carrying on like that and I'll make you drink that one down too," Ronald said in a reprimanding tone of voice. "Now, you have exactly one hour and fifteen minutes of tickling time to endure."

That said, Ronald switched on the record player and once again, the feathers were spinning and spinning over my bare feet.

"Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, hah, hah, hah, hah, hah, hah, ha!!!!!!" I snarled loudly.

"Ah, just love to hear you laugh Mr. Gimble," Ronald said happily.

As I sat there helplessly being tickle tortured again Ronald picked up the jar of blue ice rub and slathered more of it over the tip of my dick, all over my shaft and this time even all over my balls.

"Yarrrrrrrhhhhh, ohhhrrr gads, n, no man," I pleaded. "Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!!!"

The fucking guy really got his jollies from my balls aching as he liberally applied the blue ice rub to them. He purposely squeezed the fuck out of my poor nut sac, really getting it icy hot and burning. I screamed crazily to no avail, laughing and crying at the same time. My dick and balls were beyond tingling as the icy heat rub numbed them. When Ronald brought the long feather out of his bag of tricks and started moving it toward my wide sexy slit, I started crying even harder, laughing uncontrollably at the same time...

Ooooooo n, no, no," I panted as Ronald moved the tip of the feather into my dick slit. "Ohhhrrrrrr gads, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!!!!!!!!"

I laughed, bucked and writhed in the chair as Ronald meanly twirled the tip of the feather in my dick slit. The need to shoot my executive load was overwhelming, and him tickling my dick slit was making the situation hundreds of time worse. I guffawed uncontrollably as new beads of piss slithered from my dick hole. He then moved the feather over my swollen sensitized nipples, rubbing just the tips of them, sending ticklish shockwaves through my upper body.

"Yarrrrhhhhh ohhhrrrr you slimy fucker!!" I chortled. "Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!!!!"

My toes wiggled involuntarily and my fingers clenched and opened as Ronald teased my tits with the long feather, sliding it up and down my torso, tickled my ribs and even poked the tip of it into my belly button. All this while my poor feet were being tickle tortured. My head spun away at that point and all I heard was the sound of insane laughter, my insane laughter...

I leaned my head back, squeezed my eyes shut and just laughed and laughed and laughed...

When it was five o'clock and Ronald turned off the record player, I didn't even realize that I had stopped being tickled. I felt Ronald's tongue slathering over my sweaty bare feet as they still sat trapped in the stocks. I slowly opened my eyes and looked down at the guy as he furiously licked the bottoms of my meaty feet.

"Is, is it over?" I whispered, sweat dripping off my face.

"Sure is, Mr. Gimble, and congratulations, you did very well," Ronald said and leaned up to suck my big toes into his mouth.

He sucked them heartily and my dick throbbed wildly and hard between my legs.

"Fuck man, that feels so good," I said softly. "H-how many hours did you tickle me for man?"

"A little more than five hours Mr. Gimble," Ronald replied and sucked my toes back into his mouth.

I leaned my head back and laughed softly. Fuck, I could not believe I had been had this way. Ronald finished licking my feet and then he opened the stocks. Thanking God I pulled my bare feet out of them and put them on the floor. Sitting there with my bare feet at my sides Ronald unlocked the handcuffs, releasing me from the Executive Tickle Torture Machine.

"Feeling okay?" he asked me, placing his big hands on my shoulders and squeezing them hard, massaging them.

"Yeah, just fucking great," I replied sarcastically. "Fuck man, I smell like a locker room."

"Well, the bathroom is upstairs and fully equipped with soaps, shampoos and towels," Ronald said, helping me to my feet. "I'll show you the rest of the place, you can take a shower and then we'll discuss the price of the house over dinner."

"Fuck man, I can't believe I'm still planning to do business with you after all this," I said, bending down to pick up my shoes.

"You'll be doing more than business with me Mr. Gimble," Ronald said, taking my arm and walking me toward the stairs. "After you and your wife buy this house you'll have me here quite often to tickle torture you in that thing."

As we walked up the stairs I looked back at the Executive Tickle Torture Machine and I could have sworn that it looked hungry, ready to gobble me up again for more of what I had just endured...

Well, needless to say, my wife and I did buy the house. At the price that Ronald was asking there were no way we could resist it. Ronald privately explained to me that he was giving us the house at such a low price because he wanted something from me in return. I didn't need three guesses to know what that was. The Executive Tickle Torture Machine is still in the basement. My wife got a real kick out of it when she saw it and agreed with Ronald that it could be fun to use at a party. She had no idea how her handsome husband had suffered miserably in it. So, on the nights when my wife is in her business meetings Ronald comes over and hooks me up in the thing. I have never been tickle tortured for as long as he worked me the first time, only because our time is limited and my wife would be home soon. But, as Ronald pointed out to me, my wife had mentioned a business trip that she had to go on in a month. She would be gone for a week. Over dinner, Ronald told me how he planned to double the tickling time I had endured the first time. As he spoke, he reached across the table, tugged on my tie and rubbed one of his feet against mine under the table. I gulped hard...

The End?????

Christopher Rosalie

Author's Note and Thanks: The story, "Tickling Arthur's Feet" would never have come to life if it were not for a few very important people in my life. First, thanks to Phil, AKA ETUK@AOL.com, a man who also calls himself "ExecTickler." When I saw his invention of the "Executive Tickle Torture Machine" featured on the ROPEJOCK.com website my imagination went into overdrive. Thanks Phil, for inventing such a fiendish and fun device. I hope to see it work someone someday and perhaps even experience it for myself. (Just kidding?) Second, thanks to the artist Franco, whose erotic artwork when it comes to tickling and spanking is exceptional. His drawings have given me so much inspiration for erotic stories that if I didn't keep a notebook of my ideas I would never remember them all. (Franco's artwork is also featured in the ROPEJOCK.com website.) Third, thank you thank you thank you to Jack, the webmaster at ROPEJOCK.com. The stories and pictures and many sections on that website inspire me like I can't even describe to you. Keep up the good work Jack. Your website is truly the very best. To "Incurable" Ed West, the head man at "DreamScape" publications. Thanks as always for your fiendish ways and ideas on how to tickle torture a handsome guy. I am looking forward to seeing more of your work very soon. I know how busy you have been. And last, but certainly not least, thank you to that handsome executive on the "B" train who was the inspiration for the character of Arthur Gimble in my stories "Licking Arthur's Feet" and "Tickling Arthur's Feet." You are exceptionally handsome; you look great in those severe business suits you wear and the way you hike those trousers up way over your ankles drives me wild bud. I love those feet of yours and could worship and tickle torture them for days. I am sure that if you read this you would know who you are...

Thanks to all the guys listed here who inspired this story. I LOVED WRITING IT...

Keep up the great work guys...