Tough Guy Bondage Position



Here's a new forced exercise/ muscle straining position for you to use the next time one of your buddies gets cocky about how good his abs are.........

Take the center of a long length of rope and tie it around just his balls. A few loops around to pull them tightly down in the sack and then knot off. Fasten a leg spreader securely between his ankles--about 18 to 24" apart.

Have him sit on the floor with the rope ends from his tied balls laying between his legs. Put his feet (legspreader) up on a concrete block, or something else to elevate them about a foot. Take a second rope and tie his wrists together with his hands above his head . Blindfold and gag are optional. Take a 3-foot long one or two inch diameter dowel and place it between the back of his neck and his arms as they are extended up. Weaving a piece of rope around the dowel and his arms will keep him from being able to shake the dowel out of place. The dowel holds his arms extended straight up...... he can't move forward, and moving back really strains the shoulders.

Keeps his upper body/arms in a straight line.

You need 2 eyebolts in the wall, one a few feet off the ground near his feet, the other higher, say 5 or 6 ft above behind his back. Take one of the ends of rope tied to balls and feed it thru eyebolt above feet and tie it off with no slack to the legspreader. Take the other rope and feed it thru the same eyebolt and then over to the other eyebolt and down to his tied wrists. Have him lean back about 30 to 45 degrees and then tie off with no slack. All you need do now is remove the concrete block and watch. He can't sit up or lay back without pulling on his nuts, and he must hold his feet off the ground or there entire weight will be on his balls.......... He's caught. This position is very difficult to hold for more than a couple minutes at best. He won't be so cocky for long.

Now, HOW TICKLISH are those big ol' bare feet of his?