Ty's Tickle Attack




Will walked down the crowded street holding his leather briefcase tighter in his hand than usual. He hated this part of town. It was an industrial neighborhood full of old warehouses and storage facilities. Truck drivers, loading dock workers and warehouse personnel lined the sidewalks . They were loud and unruly as they worked. Swearing, with cigarettes dangling from their mouths as they tossed boxes and bags to and from the trucks. Will stood out like a sore thumb. A clean cut, well-dressed accountant in an expensive suit was not the norm in that neighborhood; there weren't many GQ types in that part of town. As Will turned the corner, he could see the bright sign that hung over his client's door. There was no name on the sign, just a blue, neon pair of "cuffs" that stayed lit even during the day. The leather and bondage club always did well, and Will had been handling their books for a little over a year. He tried to arrange to do as much of their work as possible out of his small uptown office, but sometimes, as much as he dreaded it, he just had no other choice but go there in person.

Will banged on the thick metal door with his fist until Ty, the bar manager answered the door. Will preferred to deal with bar's owner, but on most occasions he wasn't available, so Ty would have to do. There was always some sort of a "unexplained tension" between Will and Ty. It wasn't that they didn't get along. They were both just strong, dominant personalities who lived in totally different worlds. Neither man said very much to other.

Will set himself up at a table in the bar and Ty brought him the files and folders the owner had left behind. "If ya need anything else, let me know," said Ty and went back about his business. Will began to work immediately. He wanted to be done and out of there as soon as he could.

After about an hour, Will looked up from his work and glanced around the bar. It was dark even in the light. Almost everything was painted black from the ceiling to the floor. There was a collection of ropes, chains and various other bondage-related material all over the bar. A few chairs with shackles lined the walls, and a steel cage sat in the corner. Will looked at Ty on the other side of the bar. He was wearing heavy black boots with a chain around his ankle. His jeans were torn and his tight black T-shirt showed the definition of his tight body, as well as the hoops that hung from his large, pointy nips. He seemed to be struggling trying to push some odd looking bench into place in the corner of the bar. Ty noticed Will's attention. "Yo" Ty said, "gimmee a hand with this a second, will ya."

Will got up from the table, straightened his silk tie, and crossed the room to Ty. He looked at this thing back and forth. It was a long, solid, heavy bench with a straight vertical back at one end. There was a set of stocks at the top of the straight back and another at the far end of the bench. "What the hell is this for?'" asked Will. "Bondage." replied Ty smugly, "Don't knock it 'til ya try it" Will snickered and hopped onto the bench. He raised his arms and put them in the open stocks above his head, and slipped his feet into the stocks at the far end of the bench. Will laughed harder and said to Ty, "Sure, and I suppose I look like I belong in this thing." Ty didn't think Will's joke was all that funny, so he quickly slammed both sets of stocks shut on Will's ankles and wrists and answered back "Hahah. Yeah, now ya look like ya belong in this thing." Will now seemed angry that his sarcastic sense of humor was tuned around on him, and he demanded for Ty to let him up. Ty pulled on the latch of the ankles stocks to let him free but the latch seemed stuck. "You work here, don't you know how to use this stuff?" said Will. Ty explained to Will that this piece was new and was never used before.

"It's no big deal man, I'll get ya out" said Ty. "These things ain't that tight, just try to slip your feet through the holes" Will's feet were just too big to fit through the holes. "Wait, try now" said Ty as he slipped off Will's tight-fitting black leather loafers. As Will tried to slide his feet through the holes, Ty quietly enjoyed the scent of his feet. That combination of a sweaty, manly scent mixed with the smell of the leather shoe drove Ty wild.

More for a cheap thrill, but under the guise of helping Will, Ty placed his palms on Will's sweaty, socked soles and his fingers just under his toes.

Will's dark, sheer socks felt warm and moist against Ty's hands. As he placed his hands on his huge manly feet, he told Will to pull as he pushed. Will didn't pull really, but his body jerked wildly at Ty's touch. Ty pulled his hands away and smiled. He felt his cock growing in his torn jeans. With his fingertips he lightly stroked Will's socked feet.

"HHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAAA, STOP MAN, HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, DON'T TOUCH MY FEET HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Will became instantly hysterical. Ty dragged his fingers across the sheer soles of Will's moist socks. Will bucked and screamed at every touch.


Ty though for a moment about the possible consequences of what he was doing, but he loved the way it felt when his hard cock rubbed against the inside of his jeans...besides he thought, maybe Will might enjoy it! Ty just ignored Will's pleading and quickly pulled off his sweaty socks. He took Will's long, smooth toes in his mouth and his fingers continued to stroke and tickle Will's high arches. "AHHHHHHH MAN NOOO HAHAHAHAHA HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA MAN HAHAHAHA SHIT HHAHAHAHA HAHAHAHAHAHAHHA HAHHAHAHAAAAAAAAA."

Ty's tongue found its way between Will's toes. His legs shook as the hot tongue probed the sensitive areas of his manly feet. His insane laughter was mixed with groans of pleasure as Ty worked. "HAHAHAHAHAHAH AHHHHHHH YEAAA HAHAHAHUHHHH HAHAHAHA HAHAHAHAHAHAH YESSS HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA."

Ty sprang to his feet and straddled Will's waist on the bench. He pulled open his starched, white shirt exposing his tight, firm belly and chest. His expensive silk tie hung down between the crease of his well-muscled pecs. His small, brown nips were hard and there was thin trail of hair that led down his belly and disappeared into his pants. Ty's tongue circled Will's nips as his fingertips tickled up and down his sides.


Will shrieked and laughed with delight as Ty's talented fingers caressed his sensitive, tight flesh. Ty's tongue continued to work Will's nipples and his fingertips moved upward and into his wet, hairy pits. Will bucked as Ty's fingers stroked his short pit hairs and poked at the soft, ticklish flesh.


Will screamed for Ty to stop, but both men could feel each other's stiff cocks pounding together as Will's body bucked and bounced off the wooden bench. Ty's fingers moved frantically around Will's tight torso. Every light ticklish touch sent the hunky businessman into hysterical convulsions and bursts of loud, deep laughter. Stopping was the last thing in the world either men wanted to do.

Ty jumped off the bench and was bareassed in seconds. He reached for Will who was breathing heavy and still giggling out of control. Ty undid Will's leather belt and yanked his pants down to his knees. His huge cock was wet with precum and stuck out of his boxers. Ty slid the boxers to Will's knees and climbed back up on the bench. He straddled Will's waist again, this time with his back facing Will. Ty's fingers started to stoke Will's beefy thighs. His legs shook from the touch. Ty's fingertips found there way to Will's cum-filled balls. While one hand tickled and stroked Will's tight nuts, the other disappeared under his balls and began to tickle just under the balls and above the deep crack of Will's bubble ass.


Will went wild as Ty attacked his sensitive groin area. The more he pleaded and laughed, the more relentless Ty was.

Ty grabbed both their cocks in his hand. He moaned loudly as he rubbed their heads together and stroked the shafts. He could feel the cum building in both tools as he worked both stiff dicks at once. His fingers never let up on Will's nuts and thighs as he stroked. Will's entire body shook as Ty kept on.


Both men shot their huge loads at once. Both bodies trembling and shaking as the jizz seemed to never stop coming.

After Ty caught his breath, he jumped off he bench. He looked at Will for a reaction. Will just smiled and sighed. Ty kneeled at the end of the bench and said to Will, "I'll work on getting this thing open now, man." As Ty worked on the latch that bound Will's feet, he couldn't resist running his tongue up Will's feet one last time. Will threw his head back, moaned and laughed. As he settled back onto the bench, he looked at Ty, smiled, and said shyly "Well...maybe you don't have to get me out just yet."