Dana's Big Mistake




I'd been scheming for months to get into Dana Berryhill's jockstrap. Each time I went to the lockerroom after the High School wrestling matches, it seemed that his crotch got fuller and his dick and balls seemed to be bigger under that sweaty, starchy strap. The big sack of hanging balls, two duck eggs hanging down, swinging between his legs, the dark hairs curling around 'em, and snaking up his crack to his ass, wet and dark. The last time, I'd swear he had a boner growing from humping the last guy he'd taken, the big dick knob outlined in his pouch, and when he walked to the showers, the dick half hard and thick. I was determined that another month would not go by without me getting my lips around that fuck tip controlling it with my tongue, and my finger up that hairy butt crack.

I found out from Jake Hendricks that Dana had a thing for young teen pussy. He lusted after younger girls, and had a scam going where he could get his fingers, lips and dick into cunt that was old enough to like her clit worked, and young enough to be cherry. Knowledge like that was power for a dick hound like me. I knew if I could get some photos of old Dana working out on some chicken pussy, I'd be in fat city. Jake, who liked weed as much has he liked shooting scum, gave up his buddy for a bag. I figured that keeping tabs on Jake would be good too, cause his sweet, hairy blond bod would make a nice weekend game for me and the boys. Since weed was his thing, I knew we'd get him and his eight inch dick eventually.

I learned that Dana's regular was Chet Wilken's little sis, Mary-Anne. She was only sixteen, but looked twenty. She had tits like a battleship, and enough hair on her pussy for a grown man to think he was in hay heaven. Apparently old Dana liked the fuzz, something to scratch his nose into while he was munching hair pie. I learned that he visited Mary-Anne on Thursday evenings while Chet was out at DeMolay and his parents were volunteering at church. Old Dana would slip in the back door, and had a couple of hours to suck cunt to his heart's content, and get his big dick suckled by a teeny-bopper. I was waiting. I'd gotten old Chet to let me in to his room during the afternoon, and pretend that I'd gone when he left. Chet always needed rubbers, and I gave a month's supply, plus a couple of french ticklers that we'd gotten from Rick's brother drawer. He'd told us that chicks love ticklers, roiling up and down their twats and torturing their clits. We figured sometime we'd try 'em on Rick's brother when we had him good and drunk and his legs tethered over his head. It also cost me a blow job, but who wouldn't swing on Chet's 7" rod and hairy balls. He just put me between his thighs, and used his feet to brace on my shoulders while I sucked the life out of him. He squirted six long streams of gism, and I nursed his cock tip till I got him to fire one more load twenty minutes later, yelling his head off that I was killin' him. It was worth the trade-off, especially with a long distance runner like Chet. His dick stayed hard, and when I was through the second time, I sucked his long, slender toes for the hell of it, while I jerked his rod hard even though I didn't get him to cum again. I figured that old Chet would also end up in our van one night, and we'd take care of him properly then.

That night, I was hidden in little Mary-Anne's closet, without her knowing. I had my video camera and enough film and battery time to ensure that Dana Berryhill's ass pucker was mine for the remainder of his career in our town. It took about fifteen minutes for the two of them to get up to her room, but when they did, the show was worth the wait. The slimy fucker made baby cakes sit on his lap, and soon has his thick, rough digit was rubbing up and down her blond fuzz. Her shorts were at her ankles, and he'd wormed his finger under her wet panty crotch, sliding that long digital probe up and down the kid's fuck horny twat, making her squeal each time he found her clit. At the same time, he pinched her titties that were free under her t-shirt, and made her groan and beg for more. He made her stand, and stripped her naked, ordering her to bend over backwards so he could saw his thick fuck finger in and out of her juiced pussy, and made her beg him to keep doing it. Then he opened his mouth, and closed it over her twat from behind, slipping his long, sexy tongue into her juicing trough until she screamed for mercy. When he sucked her clit between his lips, she screamed and came, and came, and came until she had to fight his leeching mouth from her desperate cunny.

Then he ordered her to strip him. Jeez what a fuckin' site. He made her start with his walking shoes, using her teeth to pull the laces loose. Then he slipped his big foot between her legs, and made her pull off each heavy shoe. His white crew socks were damp, but not funky. He ordered her to her knees, and she sniffed and snuffled over those sexy sock covered feet, until his dick was hard as a rock in his shorts. Then he made her pull them off with her teeth, and begin licking his muscular feet. Those long, thick toes curled into her mouth, and she sucked and kissed them like she was starving, paying attention to the dark curling hairs on each of the longer toes. Then she was allowed to use her hands to slip his t-shirt over his handsome head. When his washboard stomach, with its trail of dark hair was bared, and those hard pecs with their rubbery cones, I thought I'd shoot a load in the closet, my dick was rubbing so hard against my jeans. But I focused, and kept the video running to capture every moment.

Dana slid up on the nearby bed, and put his head on a pillow, with both hands behind it, and made the little slut climb between his thick, hairy thighs. His shorts were tented straight up, the hard, thick dick sticking up like a nail. He made Mary-Anne sniff his balls, and he talked dirty to her, telling how girls loved his dick and his spunk filled balls. She began to whine and moan, and soon used her teeth to pull down the zipper on his shorts. When she was finished, his big bone sprung from the opening, and he let her unhook the snap and pull them down and off his legs. Dana lay spread on the bed, his legs wide, the dark thick hair framing his pale, thick dick and heavy hanging balls. The balls obscured his butt crack, but you could see the hair trailing down underneath, hinting at the taut, tasty little hole hidden behind them. When she finally had him stripped, Dana ordered her to lick him from each big toe to his hot balls. She started up one leg, and when she got near the starchy nards, he made her go down to the other foot, and start up. When she finished, he allowed her to sniff his balls, and then suddenly lifted his legs up to his chest, grasping them under the knees with his strong hands. The he made the little sweet whore kiss his hairy ass pucker, and sniff the sweaty scent of his hair filled trench and nuts. Shit, I could see my fingers tickling that little hole, tickling it before I wormed my way in for the finger fuck he so badly needed. By the time I shot off my load in my jeans, I had captured on film little Mary-Anne sucking a fifteen second load out of Dana's bull balls, and her lips and face were smeared with his sticky jism. I was sure that the members of the academy would call me up for an award.

I had what I needed to give me and the boys a crack at the finest piece of boy flesh in the twin counties. I used the dual video recorder that my parents had bought, and made several copies from the original. I also used the photo lab at school, and secretly made about fifteen stills from the tape. Over the next week, I carefully composed a letter to Dana, and enclosed one of the many copies I had made of the stills. It was a great shot, of Mary-Anne's small mouth stretched over the wide knob of Dana's big banana, with his hips rising and his face contorted in lust as she sucked him silly. I slipped a note into Dana's locker with the pic. I stood across the hall in an alcove, and watched as he opened his locker, and found the envelope. It was heaven to see him shooting the bull with guys, standing in his letterjacket, looking cocky and handsome, and then the shock and surprise on his face as he read the note silently and looked at the picture:

"So Dana, how did it feel when her lips slipped up and down yer big pecker, and her tongue tickled that fat knob? I bet your toes curled when she sucked on that leaky old knob...lashing her tongue back and forth, tickling your asshole and pinching your tits? Was that how it was...huh Dana? Well fuckhead, now they're pics of you and little Mary-Anne in living color. So dude, you're fucked. If you cooperate, you'll get to have some fun and no one will know. You act like an asshole, and the pics and the tape....did I mention there was a video tape?....the pics and the tape go to the world, starting with Mary Anne's parents, and ending with Father John at St. Catherine's. I'll contact you again, and we'll see how smart you are."

He looked up, almost white as a sheet and panned around to see if anyone was watching him...if he could just find out who had left the damaging evidence. But I was safely out of sight, and the big boned senior, was crestfallen. My dick went hard, thinking of what me and guys would do to old Dana when we had him to ourselves. Making him show up the first time in his wrestling uniform....uggggghhhhhh, shit, don't cum in your jeans I was thinking.

The next day, at the same time, I left another note for Dana, between lunch and fourth period. This time, he seemed to arrive at his locker in a rush, too busy to talk trash with his buds. Instead, he hurried to open the locker, hoping that maybe there wouldn't be anything there and it was all a bad dream. But the envelope was just where I had left it. He opened it, and read carefully, his eyes scanning every line.

"Dana, this is a test. You are to go to the field house this afternoon. You'll find the storage room in the back open. Go inside and follow these instructions to the letter. If not, you'll find this pic and the others, floating around school tomorrow. [the picture was of him with his legs up and spread, and his big dick lodged down Mary-Anne's throat. You couldn't miss his mug in the background.] When you get to the field house, you are to...."

Now the Field House is on the far side of campus, beyond the baseball fields. It's used to store old equipment, and sometimes during football season it's used as an second weight room. But during the winter and early spring, it's not used. Since I work for Coach Wright in the afternoons, picking up the towels, delivering the team laundry, and keeping the gym period role book, I have keys to the storage areas. In the Field House are three closet/storage rooms, and I picked the one with the vent to hide in that afternoon. It's used for the football jerseys during the season, a place to store them after the Friday night games, and before they are laundered the next week. The place has the wonderful, stale smell of sweaty jock straps and dank sweat socks. But now it's empty, and the vent give me the chance to see into the large open space of the field house without anyone there seeing me. I brought my trusty video camera, because my instructions for Dana's test were a wet dream come true.

Just about 3:10 p.m., Dana came into the Field House. The door opened slowly, and he looked around cautiously for about thirty seconds, before he slipped in-checking behind him to see that no one had seen him enter-then he locked the door as instructed. When his eyes became accustomed to the dim light, he walked slowly to the wall and snapped on one of the field house lights so it wouldn't draw any attention. He looked around again, and began to speak out loud in that deep, ballsy voice. I began to tape.

"I don't know who you are, and I don't know how you got those photos, but can we just talk, huh?. This is stupid. I don't know why you want me to come here and do the stuff you wrote in your note...but why don't we just work it out. You want money, something I can give ya...let's see what we can work out. I don't want you wrecking Mary-Anne's life...it's not her fault and she shouldn't be busted over this crap. Whay'ya say, let's talk."

I said nothing. The note had been very explicit, and at the end I instructed him to follow my orders to the letter whether or not he thought anyone was watching. The dumb shit. He couldn't conceive that another guy might be doing this to him, so he thought he was putting on a show for some chick who was jealous of Mary-Anne and was trying to get into his jock.

"Ya know, if you liked what you saw when me and Mary were together, maybe we could work something out. I'll bet you like it just like everyone else. Maybe we could hook up, go to a movie, and then head out someplace together. Ya know? No sense in getting jealous or huffy just cause I'm with Mary Anne. I like girls a lot...and I know I'll probably like you...you ever come to my matches, see me wrestle?"

I laughed to myself, as I watched him go to the middle of the room where I'd left a chair and instructed him to use it. He sat down, and slowly undid the laces of his high tops. Then he pulled each one off, revealing the gleaming white sweat sox, clinging to his muscular feet. He flexed his toes, then he peeled each one of the socks off, showing his pale feet, with their veins and muscles, and those long, sexy toes. His narrow heels were pale and pink, and the hair at his toes, sprouted in earnest from his ankles and moved up invitingly to his pant legs.

He stood up, and pulled his t-shirt off over his dark brown hair, neatly buzzed. His rock hard chest, with its perfectly curved breast plates, those firm pecs with halos of dark brown hair swirling around each coned tit, and then trailing down his sculpted abs to his waistline, made my cock go rock hard and start to leak. His waist tapered perfectly to his buttonfly jeans, and the denim clung tight to his firm, little butt and his powerful legs. He looked around again, talking the whole time, hoping that he would convince whoever was behind this gig to come out and he wouldn't have to go all the way. But after there was no answer, he reluctantly went back to work, slowly unbuttoning the full pouch of his jeans. Now he changed tactics thought, deciding to give the anonymous chick who was humiliating him a real show.

"You know, I don't blame you if you want to get it together. Hell, I see girls all the time that I wanna make it with. Jeez, Coach works us so hard, and me and guys...we got all this pent up energy. Lotta the guys on the team wish they had a steady to relieve their tensions and have a good time with. So if you wanna be my special, hey that's cool. You know Mary Anne did some real nice stuff...she'd lick my tits [and with that he rubbed his fingers over the pointed nubs, and made their rubbery tips grow stiff and erect], and she suck my cock so good, I thought I'd died and gone to heaven." Dana grasped his crotch, and the bulge grew and then stretched down his leg as he kneaded it, his cock growing tumescent.

I watched as he slowly began to undo the 501 buttons. At a time when Levis were on their way out, Dana was a throw-back, dressing like a 1980's high school jock. As he popped the buttons he slouched down in the seat, and the bright white of his briefs and prominent bulge of his genitals forced the fly wider. He gave the girl, he thought was watching him, a show; squeezing his crotch and rubbing his big, strong, hairy hands over his abdomen and up to his shoulders, grazing those whorish tits each time he passed 'em. He finally pushed his jeans down to his big feet, and then stood up in just his white briefs, kneading the obscene bulge that had developed, and rubbing his chest. I could see a big wet stain on the cotton side panel of the briefs, and the dark sworls of hair on his muscular legs contrasted with whiteness of the Calvin Klein briefs.

Suddenly, the huge head of his dick thrust out the side of his briefs, wet and sticky, and he let the thumb of his right hand graze back and forth over it. "Aaaaaahhhhhh yeah...baby...you got me going, and I need to get off a load...shit...com'on, come out, let's you and me get it on." He closed his eyes, and bent his knees a bit as the ticklish sensations of his thumb on his dick head made him hunch a bit, and he threw his head back and closed his eyes as he grunted...."uuuuuuuuuggggghhhhh fuck, I need it bad...I need to get off...how bout it, huh?"

But I remained silent, and after about three minutes of fingering himself, he opened his eyes, looked around, and then began to finish his instructions. "OK, have it your way...but you gotta play fair. If I put on this show, you gotta give me the tapes and pics. You're gettin' what you want...I'm givin' ya a show...acting like a horny teen fuck head whose jerkin' his joint for ya...so now you gotta let up. OK, I'm going to do it, so think about it...let's just finish this afternoon and go our separate ways, huh? How bout it?"

He sat back down on the chair, and slouched till his ass was at the edge. Then he licked one finger and began to tickle the outside of his asshole as the note had instructed. Then he hawked a lugi on his other palm, and slapped it on his thick, curved pole, jutting up out of his crotch. He had to lift his balls to get his finger to his asshole, and his ass cheeks reflexively snapped shut on the digit tip as it scraped against his tender, sensitive ass lips. He crossed his legs, those big feet showing their pale soles, and the toes curling each time his other hand slid up to his dick head, just to the flange, avoiding the big, aching knob. A stream of clear pre-cum was dripping down the stalk, and he used it with his spit to lube the giant pole and began a steady rhythm sliding that fist up and down. Every five or six times, he'd slip the palm over the wide knob, and roil the tip real quick. When he did it, his body would jerk from the sensations, and his toes would curl tight. He reached up and began to timidly roll one of his tits, and coupled with his fist sliding up and down, it didn't take five minutes for him to squirt seven long streams of cum. He bent his dick down and out, and the cum shot up and then out, landing in splats on the mat below. Then it seemed like more cum just rolled out of the knob, covering his fist, and webbing his fingers. Dana carefully avoided working his knob when he came, and I smiled knowing just what me and the guys would do when we made him pop.

"OK, sweetie, you got your show. Now I'm gonna get dressed and get outta here. Remember what I said. I'll check by my locker tomorrow afternoon, and I'll be looking for a note that tells me where I can get those pictures and video...OK, I played fair...I did what you wanted, now your turn, OK?"

He shook off his dick, slipped into his briefs and jeans, bouncing on one foot as he pulled his legs through. Then he slipped on his t-shirt, socks, and high tops without tying the laces and gave one more good look around the room, before he left. For my part, I was already composing tomorrow's note.

When Dana arrived at his locker the next day, he seemed anxious, hoping against hope that his little performance the day before had earned him a reprieve. He was disappointed. There were no tapes, and the only picture was of him shooting a long squirt of gism with his face contorted and toes curled, in the field house from the day before. He looked stunned as he read the note:

"Nice dick, prick. But as you can see you just earned yourself some more slave points, and the opportunity to perform again. Next time you get to the field house, there'll be a box with some toys and some instructions. Just remember, follow every instruction, and don't fuck up. Cause if you do, the second video tape, along with the first, will be going to the admissions office of Iowa and you can kiss your wrestling scholarship bye, bye. So I'll see you tomorrow, but you won't see me...and don't try and screw this up....I think you know what I mean."

All that afternoon it seemed that Dana was troubled. I followed him to classes, and in each he slumped in his desk, somber and serious. At lunch, he seemed to pick up steam, though, finding Shane O'Brien his buddy from the basketball team. Shane was a six foot six hunk of beef, whose blond good looks almost matched Dana dark ones. I could see from a distance, when Dana took him aside from the other guys, that he was explaining something to Shane, and then I saw him pull out one of the pics and showed it to him. Shane looked at the pic, which Dana held tight in his fist, and looked first amused then dead serious. You could tell that Dana was asking him for help, and when Shane nodded his head, I could tell that he'd recruited some help for the next day. He wanted to catch whomever was fucking with him, and now that I knew that something was up, I would be setting up my own plan.

The next day, I brought Rick and Donny with me. I had filled them in on my plan after taking the second video, and they were excited as shit. I was posted in my same hideout in the field house, but unknown to Dana and Shane, the guys were waiting to for them to see what was the scheme Dana was trying to hatch. I learned later, that Dana had told Shane to wait until he went in, and then to search the perimeter of the field house and see what he could find. Little did Shane know what was waiting for him. While Dana was in the field house with me, following instructions and looking forward to meeting Shane later to find out what he had discovered, Shane was being jumped by Rick and Donny. Around the corner from the field house was a blind spot that wasn't visible from any other location, being between two buildings where there were no windows and no clear view. Rick tapped Shane on the back, and when the big guy turned around, Donny slipped a tie sack over his head and pulled the draw string so Shane would panic. The moment he did, Rick clicked a pair of cuffs on his hands and Donny tripped him. In a second they had his legs trussed, his cuffed wrists attached to his legs, and inside a gym duffel bag. Within fifteen minutes, they had pulled the van up to the back of the football field and Shane O'Brien was on his way to the experience of his young life.

Inside the field house, Dana was stalling, hoping that Shane would come in and give him a reprieve. But as time passed, he stopped looking around the room, and trying each of the doors, and went to the box in the middle of the room. He sat down in the chair, and placed the box on his lap to open it. Inside he took out the contents, one at a time and looked at them, before he read the note. There was a small, thin, wand, attached to a battery pack. He switched it on, and when the thing began to vibrate, he switched it off, and dropped it back in the box. Then he found a batting glove whose palm and finger tips were covered in soft bristles. Finally, there were two clothes pins. He looked at them confused, and then putting them down, reached into the box for the note. As he read, his confusion was cleared, but his fear began to show on his face.

"OK, jerk-off, now you begin your penance. You don't get any reprieve's, you just follow orders. There are no second chances. You either follow the instructions, or the pics start appearing. And I promise you, they'll get out slowly, so that each one will be more embarrassing and when the videos come out, you'll be jail bait for some con when they send you to prison for statutory rape. Now do the following..."

For the first time, Dana seemed whipped. He didn't start talking at first, but when he pulled off his high tops socks, and took off his letter jacket and t-shirt, he began to speak quietly and in a respectful tone. I watched and listened as his hands went to his jeans and began to undo them. "Jeez, com'on, I told ya that it wouldn't be fair to Mary-Anne to implicate her. If you start showing those pictures, it's gonna be hard on her family and mine. Have a heart...huh? Jesus...what have I done to you to deserve this. I'm not a bad guy...com'on, have a heart....Jesus....please, if I do this shit tonight, please let this be the last time, huh?"

He sat on the chair, and began to use both hands on his nipples, his head down and eyes closed, rolling them and giving them light pinches, which caused them to erect, along with his big dick. As soon as they were erect, he wet his fingers, rolled them again, and then took one of the first clothes pin out of the bag. Shit, I could have come just from watching him clip that fucker on his right tit, making his leg shoot out, his dick lurch, and his head snap back with a grunt. "Aaaaagggghhhhhhh...shit" he whispered. We had a winner....yesssssssss.....oh, this was gonna be great tape. As he reached into the bag for the next clip, I zoomed in our his fat fuck stick to capture drips of the clear pre-scum rolling down his turgid stalk.

Out at the Drive-in, in the back isle, the van rocked gently with the action inside. Rick and Donny had Shane tied down, gagged and blindfolded in the back of the van on the rug. Shane just barely fit in the back of the long cab, his big size fourteen feet near the doors. He had been stripped and he grunted fiercely into his gag, moving his head back and forth, trying to loosen the blindfold that kept him in the dark. His long arms were tethered over his head, and his legs widely splayed. Both Rick and Donny were sporting huge boners from just looking at Shane. The big jock was covered in a thick light blond fur from his ankles to his asshole. His dick stuck straight out of a dark brown bush, and his big balls hung down to the floor between his legs, hiding his taut, virgin asshole. His cock hung limply down over his balls, curving to the left, with a sweet fat knob, and a wide flange. The pale shaft was only five inches soft, but the fucker was thick. From his navel up to the point between his pecs was a line of hair which lightened as it moved upwards from his crotch. At his pec cleft, the hair ran out in two straight lines under his jutting pecs, right below the rosy red cones of his nipples. Under his armpits was a forest of dark brown hair, and the same dark hair was on his eyebrows. The brush cut on his handsome head was blond.

Rick lowered the wide spreader bar from the roof of the van. While Donny grasped Shane's big nuts, Rick warned him in a disguised voice not to move if he ever wanted to have kids. Then Rick loosened one ankle, bent the leg back and slipped the bar under it. He attached the knee with leather restraints to the edge of the bar. Then he repeated the action with the other leg. With his knees spread wide over the bar, Rick then raised the chain, lifting the big boy's legs up in the air. Rick moved the bar's vertical connections attached to the roof on its rollers towards the front of the van as he raised it, splaying Shane's legs, and putting his feet up into the air. Now the big fucker was spread wide, and ready for what the boys had been instructed to do. They were to get the exact information which Dana had given to Shane, and then have as much fun as they wanted to with the big goof.

Rick leaned down, and as his fingers slowly scratched up and down the planes of Shane's firm stomach, he spoke in his disguised voice. "So fuckhead, what did Dana ask you to do?" Shane squirmed and grunted into his gag...he couldn't respond in a way they could understand...how could they expect him to speak? "So you wanna be a tough guy huh? Well, we can play tough too." Shane shook his head from side to side, what the fuck were they talking about, he couldn't answer...were they crazy? Suddenly, Rick's fingers scratched and scrabbled their way to his navel, and a blunt index finger wriggled into his virgin inny and began to lightly move around. Shane began to move his stomach in vain, trying to avoid the lightly tickling fingers. What the fuck was going on...what did these guys want? Without warning, Rick's rough digit plunged deeply into the navel and began to root out the lint deep in the hole. Shane bucked like he'd been shot, and his legs and ass wiggled vainly, his hands scrabbling over his head, trying to escape the invading finger. He yelled loudly into his gag, but it was no use...the finger keep searching every nook of his exposed navel. Rick and Donny smiled broadly, as they saw the blood filing Shane's cock. The thick, flaccid snake began to grow, striking out to his thigh and lengthening, the curve becoming more pronounced to the left, and the big head turning red as it expanded and filled with blood.

Donny loosened the gag, and removed it so Shane could speak, and at the same time, Rick stopped the invidious finger tickling the big jock's navel with such abandon. Shane gasped, and the words rushed from his mouth: "What the fuck is going on....lemme up, com'on, this has gone far enough. You guys are crazy...stop this. Lemme out." But he was still blindfolded, and unable to see his captors or their actions.

Rick responded in his fake voice. "Wrong answer sperm breath, you were supposed to tell us what Dana told you. Now you're gonna have to pay for being such a punk." Rick nodded to Donny, and while one attacked his exposed, hairy armpits with wriggling, probing fingers, the other returned the relentless finger to the navel, and used the other hand to tickle the inside of Shane's muscular, corded and hairy thighs.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaeeeeeeiiiiiiiii....hhhhhhhhaaaaaaa..ha, ha, ha, ha....stop, stop...ha, ha, ha,...stop, no... please.....aaaaaaaagggggghhhhhh, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha........oh shit....I can't breathe....stop, aaaaa, ha, ha, ha, ha......no, no, nooooooooooooo......ha, ha, ha, ha,........awwwwwwwwwww.....!"

Rick and Donny kept going for a full minute until they thought the big kid would croak from laughing and gasping, and then they slowed down, tickling lightly, keeping him off balance, but allowing him to catch his breath. "Please, please....stop he wheezed, I'll tell you...I'll tell you....please....stop...I'll tell you everything." Shane blurted out everything Dana had told him, and asked him to do. Then he begged to be released.

Rick laughed wickedly. "You dumb shit, do you think we're gonna let you go after you confessed to trying to fuck up our plan? We'll let you go, after we teach you a good lesson, and take a few pictures for our collection." Shane began to babble, but he should have saved his breath. Rick took up a toothbrush in each hand, and began using one on the big guy's stomach, and the other on one of his exposed size fourteen feet. Shit, basketball players are all foot...and this kid's peds were huge, with thick ankles, a big though narrow heel, and a wide ball. His arch was deep, high and muscled, and his long toes jutted out like some guys fingers. Rick attacked them mercilessly, and while he was using the brushes on Shane, Donny was rolling the kids nipples with one hand, and working his ribs with the other. Shane burst into paroxysms of laughter, and begging, almost whining his plea for the guys to stop in a falsetto voice, but they wouldn't. His ass bounced on the padded floor, giving Rick another idea. Dropping the one tooth brush, he used his finger to worm in between the tight, taut cheeks of the tethered kids butt. When he found the little nether hole, his fingernail scratched and poked at it, while with the other hand he continued to tickle the big pale feet alternately. Donny, pinched and tugged on the wide paps, and with his free hand went back to the sweating pits, tickling them with abandon.

Shane's big cock was bowed out to a full eight inches, and drops of clear goo were dripping from the wide piss lips on his thigh, splattering when his dick lurched and his hips bounced. Donny- left the kid's pits, and grasped the big, thick boner in his callused fist. As Rick redoubled his efforts on the feet making the kid's toes curl, and began to work his finger tip into the spasaming asshole of the tied teen, Donny began to frig his helpless boner, while he rolled and pinched the stiff little tit tips. The van rocked lightly from the action, leading anyone outside to think some guy was banging his chick for all she was worth. But inside, the gasping laughing was mixed with whines and pleas from the big captive jock as well as with sweet groans as his randy fuck stick was milked to the point of ejaculation only to be periodically abandoned as the fingers moved to his thighs, navel, stomach, ribs and pits randomly. Then Donny went back to Shane's aching bone, working it, making the big fucker get closer and closer to a huge cum.

Back in the field house, Dana had his big feet on the edge of the chair, so that he could locate then tickle the entrance to his hot fuck hole with the vibrating probe from the box. He had greased up the devilish thin rod with Vaseline provided, and was rubbing its tip back and forth through the thick dark curls of hair, against the tight, pink knot of flesh that had never been breached except by the family doctor. The exquisite sensation of touching his anal lips had Dana's big boner drooling pre-cum, and his eyes alternately opening and closing from the strange touch of something on his male cunt. Slowly, very slowly, he followed the instructions and let the one-half inch wide probe slip through the resisting barrier. He was so gentle, so careful, getting himself fully prepared to accept the foreign object into his private male hole. When it breached the fleshy knot, Dana groaned out loud, and his cock lurched and expanded, like he might ejaculate spontaneously. Shit, this kid had a sensitive asshole, and I knew that me and the guys would have to explore that fact in great detail. Then gradually, once he had gotten past the entrance, Dana slid the long thin wand up his hole until it passed his prostate. When it touched the fuck nut, he grunted with stunned pleasure, and one of his feet slipped off the bench. He stopped, pulled his leg back up and braced his foot again against the edge of the chair so that both thighs were against his chest, and his knees were splayed widely for me to see the whole show. Shit, you should have seen that hairy trench exposed, and his little nether hole peeking from behind the dark curls with the wicked wand lodged up the distended asshole. With trepidation, the handsome high school jock flicked his finger against the switch at the base of the wand, and the battery pack put the vibrator into action. Fucking-A it was incredible watching the big butch wrestler submitting to the stuffed feeling of the wand up his ass, and the pressure on his cock caused by the buzzing against his whorish prostate.

"Aaaaaaaggggghhhhhhh....oh shit....oh fuck......oh man....this is fucking weird....oooooohhhhhh, I'm fucking myself....aaaaawwwwwww shit........Jesus Christ.....aaaaaaagggggghhhhhhhh." Dana moaned helplessly as the wand in his one had vibrated into every nook and cranny of his bowels, driving him insane. His cock bounced on his stomach, and suddenly, without warning, the big knob expanded obscenely and the piss lips spread as bolt after bolt of thick, white cum fired up to his chin, his chest, and his stomach. The sensations up his ass had caused him to ejaculate without even touching his dick, and he did not even have a chance to frig the randy fuck stick before he squirted. Instead, both his feet slipped from the edge of the chair, and he had all he could do to just keep the delicious sensations going on deep up his asshole, by holding the wand between his now stretched out legs, deeply inserted in his hot hole. If you didn't know it, you'd of thought he was trying to pull the wicked thing from his bung hole, but I knew he was transfixed, forced by the sensations to keep it inside his boy bull twat as the buzzing wand frigged him helplessly. As he came his legs out taut and his toes pointed out to me, and his body twitched as his stiff cock continued to drool gism from its fat knob. There he was, in all his jock glory being captured on tape, fucking himself with the vibrating anal probe, shooting cum like a fourteen year old, his toes pointed out from his widely stretched legs, and his chest heaving as he grunted and groaned non-stop.

When Dana finally finished, dressed and left the field house, I could see he was broken. He had not only put on another humiliating performance for some unknown person, he had followed the instructions to the letter. He knew he was no longer in control of his body...and the last line of the note ordered him to keep his hands off his dick until the next time he was to perform. He realized that there would be a next time, and his cock had to be boy horny and full of gism, or he could be in jeopardy. Dana Berryhill was a beaten jock punk whose free wheeling sex life with teenybopper girls was about to be transformed.

Back in the van, Shane O'Brien had ejaculated for the third time, his huge dick being milked mercilessly by Rick and Donny-- while his muscled body was tickled into oblivion. The guys ended their session by making Shane beg to be fingerfucked, while they jerked him off one last time, as an alternative to being tickled for another hour. Donny slipped his rough digit up the big kid's pink hole, hardly visible in the tangled nest of dark hair inside his sweaty crack. Rick cupped his meaty palm around the over-worked plum of Shane's helpless prick, roiling just the head for his final jerk of the kid's boy horny boner. Though Shane wanted to will his cock to rest, it's natural condition was stiff, and he succumbed one last time to the fist and the finger, howling and begging them to stop as only dregs drooled from the feverish prick tip, and the torturing fist kept milking him. Shane's loyalty to his buddy had resulted in his capture by our gang, and he would prove to be a wonderful addition to Dana Berryhill's enslavement as a toy for our games. Fuck...there's nothing like high school jocks with fat dicks, and endless spunk, oh yeah!