Matt's Revenge On Poor Ben



The long day was done and Ben Affleck walked out of the movie set for "Armageddon" and jumped into his car and drove off. He was very tired this evening and all he wanted to do was hit the sack. He drove to the front gate of the luxury apartment complex and parked his car. He stepped out of his car and headed into his one-room apartment. His room was very dark and had a distinct odor to it. He plopped onto his favorite chair and turned on the tube.

"God, nothing good is ever on, just this Monica Lewinsky stuff." Ben said angrily. Finally, too tired to stay awake, Ben went to his bed and decided to take a quick snooze. He knew that he had something to do later, but he just could not remember. Finally, Ben fell asleep and found himself in a nice dream. Suddenly, he was awoken when he heard the door of his apartment open!

Ben scurried for the light switch but fell off his bed and onto the cold floor. Out of nowhere someone threw a blanket onto Ben and wrestled him to the ground. The individual was very strong and Ben, with all his might, couldn't overcome the trespasser.

"Who are you? Let me go." But the person would not, and kept up his grip.

Ben, half worried and half surprised, thought to himself about who this suspicious person could be. Then the light bulb went on in his small brain: MATT!

"What the hell are you doing, you punk!" The individual just ignored the helpless actor. "Hey Matt, just let me go. I know it's you." Then a very evil laugh erupted from the room. "Matt are you on drugs?"

Ben tried his hardest to break free but with even all his strength it was impossible. Suddenly rope was wrapped around the blanket making Ben look like a mummy. Then the blanket was cut so that his head could stick out and see the inevitable. Then Matt pulled out a role of duck tape and placed it on Ben's mouth.

"Well, I'll see you later Benny-boy. I hope you don't have too much fun tonight." The light was then turned on just so Matt could see Ben's scared eyes. Ben squirmed around trying to free himself from the ropes. "Mmmmmmmphmmmmm!" "Ha, you poor little thing," then he walked out of the apartment.

Ben squirmed and kicked as much as he could, but it was no use: the rope was too tight and well-tied. Ben had to await his fate, which was soon to come. Suddenly, a large dark figure opened the apartment door. The person moved slowly into the apartment carrying a small suitcase which he laid on Ben's kitchen table. When the light flickered on, Ben saw the evil-looking figure. The man was really short but wide. He had a large scar on his forehead, and it looked like he hadn't shaved in a month.

"Well, hello there, ya young one " the man said in a Irish type of voice. "I'm sure ya don't know me, but before this yer evening is over, we'll be the bestest friends." Ben struggled again, but there was no use. Ben really was angry with Matt, his supposedly best friend, who left him with this psycho. "Lets see, your buddy told me some secrets about you which I particularly like." The man placed his hand towards Ben's face and pulled off the tape. "We don't need to worry about tape on a Friday night. No one sensible is home on a Friday."

"What do you want from me ?" Ben kicked harder then he ever did, but still no use. The man just laughed and opened up his suitcase, Ben couldn't really see what was in the suitcase, but he knew it was something terrible.

"Well, me youngin, I think it's time to introduce meself. My name is Walter. I'm a bartender in Boston, but on my spare time, I make a livin' by..." Ben watched as the man took out a pair of scissors and cut the bottom of the wrapping so that Ben's shoes were exposed. Walter unlaced Ben's hightops and pulled them off his wriggling feet. Ben's clean white socks appeared as the last shoe was slipped off the size 13 feet.

"What else do you do, because if you hurt me, you'll pay, buddy, I guarantee that." Walter began to laugh hysterically. "Boy, I'm not gonna hurt you. Let's just say it'll tickle!"

Ben looked at Walter still confused, but when Walter began to pull the socks over his heels, then over the toes, Ben went wild. " Leave me alone! Don't do this!"

Walter inspected Ben's tootsies; nice and large, well-formed, with strong, even toes. His soles were a creamy color with pink tinged at the heels and balls of the foot. Walter began to stroke the helpless soles with his chubby index finer. Ben bit his lip and tried to quell the tingly sensations which pervaded his feet. Walter then pulled out a large turkey feather and twirled it in front of Ben's face.

"No, please, why are you doing this to me?" Walter placed the feather between Ben's super sensitive big and second toes. Once the twirling began Ben lost all control as the feather tickled his large toes. "Heeeeeeeeehahahahahahaha nooooooo goddddhahahahahahahaah stoppppppppp heheheheheheeheh immmm ticklish!"

Walter acted quickly and pulled out a toothbrush and scrubbed the tips of Ben's toes. Ben erupted and went wild as the brush scrubbed his heels, soles , and toes. "Noooooooo hahahahahahahahahaahahahah mercy stooooooopppppp noooo hahoahahehehehaoahha!"

"Boy, your friend was right. You are a real tenderfoot ." Ben then realized that it was Matt who set him up . God, he thought, if I ever get my hands on him again... then he realized that this was probably payback from that night on the docks where he tickled Matt senseless.

Ben was now in tears from all the feathering and the relentless fingers on his soles. Suddenly, the door opened and in came Matt with two large dogs. "Well, Benny-boy, it's time for me to go, but before I go, I need to make sure my puppies are fed." Walter went into his suitcase and puled out a brush, along with a liquid substance. Walter dipped the brush in and smeared it all over Ben's secured feet. Once it dried, he repeated it again and again.

While Walter did this, Matt hooked the leashes so that the two hungry dogs could reach the ticklish extremities. Ben became hysterical and seemed to lose all self control when he realized that these monsters were gonna lick his feet for hours.

"We know, Ben, that no man can stand to have his feet licked, so we though that we should try to see if you were an exception." Matt said with a snicker.

"Kiss my ass, you faggot! " Ben shouted at Matt. Matt then unleashed the dogs to their treats.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh goddddddddddddd noooooooooooo eeheheheheahhahahahahahahahahhahahaha nooo pleezzzzze giveeeee uupppppp im sososorry nhhhoohohoheeeeeee!"

"Well, we gotta run, but Walter and I we'll be back to check on you and put some more coats on."

Matt and Walter walked out of the room hearing the defenseless laughter of Ben in the background, knowing full well that by the next morning, Ben would have learned his lesson.