Caught By My Roomie



I had only been on the computer for a little over a half an hour, and purely by accident came upon a tickle fetish web page. It looked pretty intriguing, so I started to check out the hot pics of the dudes all tied up and was cruising the even hotter stories, hoping to get a decent boner and have a pretty hot whack session before my roomie got home. I had to be done before my roommate Jeff got home because he had absolutely no idea that I got off on any sort of male bondage or tickling. For that matter, he had no idea that I had many thoughts about tying up his solid 6'4" dark-haired, blue-eyed ass and just tickling and teasing the hell out of him. Just thinking about it made me hot as hell, and I was already getting hard as a rock picturing Jeff in one of the precarious situations that the story was describing.

I guess that I was so into the story that I didn't even hear the front door open. Jeff had walked up behind me and was reading the screen before I even knew he was there! OH SHIT!!!! I heard him snicker as I tried desperately to exit the site, but it was too late...I was busted! What could I say to him? Here I was naked as a jay-bird whacking my meat to some erotic story about two dudes, one in bondage, and the other tickling the shit out of his bud.

I turned around and looked at Jeff sheepishly and began to stammer out some excuse that it had been a while since I had gotten laid, and I wasn't really READING the story... "You are so full of shit", he replied. "No, Jeff, really... I... well, see..." I said with a beet red face and a declining boner. "OK, bud, so you like a little gay kink, huh? Well, I guess I am going to teach your little faggot ass a lesson so that I don't come in here and see you doing some shit like this again", he said as he forcefully pulled me up from the chair. I had no choice but to comply, as Jeff is somewhat larger than me and could easily beat the hell out of me. Jeff shoved me into my bedroom and onto my of those iron ones with four posts. I laid frozen wondering what he had in mind for me...then much to my surprise, Jeff pulled out four long pieces of rope from his pockets and proceeded to tie my wrists and ankles to each one of the posts...very securely I might add. For a straight boy (or WAS he?) he could tie a good knot! "There...that ought to hold your faggot ass", he said as he looked at his handy work. "Jeff, please man...let me go, dude, I am telling you, I was just...I mean...dude, I was just exploring, and I..." I was unable to finish my sentence as Jeff had now forced a tee shirt into my mouth and secured it very tightly with what felt like a half a roll of duct tape! My boner immediately returned. As I lay there vainly struggling to free myself, Jeff told me not to go anywhere (ha I could) and he vanished into another room.

After a few minutes, Jeff returned with a small lock of those gray metal ones with a padlock on it. In nearly two years of rooming with him I had never seen it before. But my biggest surprise was that Jeff himself was now completely naked, sporting a very large boner of his own! Jeff could see the look of shock and amazement in my he began to explain to me that he, too, was into male to male bondage and fact...the very website I was viewing was HIS!!!! He continued by telling me that I had been his inspiration to create the website and alot of the stories he had written himself on there, (under a screen name of course) and that the stories were actually fantasies he'd had of ME!!!!!! At this revelation, I began to struggle wildly...I had seen some of the things he had written...this guy was NO amateur! What was I in for at the hands of this gorgeous TICKLEMASTER???

Jeff told me not to struggle...he'd tied the knots very good and I wasn't going anywhere until he was done with me. He was right too...I wasn't going anywhere...that fucker could tie a good knot...

Jeff opened the lock on the small box and pulled out the biggest feather I had ever seen...something off of a pterodactyl obviously. (Don't know if I spelled that right, oh well.) Anyway, he took this feather and began stroking the soles of my feet...mmmmpppgghhhh...I vainly yelled into the gag. Jeff just grinned evilly and started on the next foot...he concentrated on both feet for the first hour, yes I said I screamed and laughed into the gag and bucked wildly. Then he took the same feather and lightly tickled the inside of my legs and up to my stomach...stopping to tickle the inside of my bellybutton and then working his way up to my rock hard nipples. I was going absolutely wild!

As he brought his face to mine, he asked me if I had had enough.

"MMMMPPPGGGHHHMMMPPPHH..." was the only thing I could say. "Oh, you HAVEN'T had enough, huh? I suppose if you had, you would say so, right?" Jeff was an evil bastard! He then took two smaller pieces of rope and tied one around the top of my nut sack...pretty secure but not enough to hurt, then took the other and tied it around the base of my rock hard and already leaking dick. The feeling drove me WILD (this is a real trick guys...try it sometime) and Jeff knew it. Now I could not get off until this evil tickling stud LET me!

Jeff slowly but evenly took that damn feather and started tickling my dick....oh man...I was in HEAVEN. Then he got that shit eating grin and told me I was enjoying that way too much, and then produced a soft bristled toothbrush from his "box of evil" as I was now calling it. He began to stroke the soles of my feet, sending me into yet another frenzy, then worked his way up to my bound and throbbing dick. This dude was showing NO MERCY. And he was LOVING it!!!!

After another hour or so of various torture devices from his box, Jeff told me that he was finally going to let me come, and began to lube my dick and slowly jack me off. It was the most wonderful feeling in the world to finally have his strong hands on me bringing me such pleasure. He started off slow, then increased the speed, making me beg into my gag...until finally I shot my load all over me and all over him.

After I came, Jeff removed the gag and told me that in the future, I would be his own personal tickle victim so that he could have even more material for his quickly growing web site. I agreed and begged him to untie me, as by now my wrists and ankles were extremely sore.

After I was free, Jeff started packing up his toys into his box.

When he had his back turned to me, I grabbed a piece of the rope and hid it behind my back. I walked up behind him and casually asked..."Hey got a story category for PAYBACK TICKLING????"