Sleeping Bag Tickle



His name was Pete. And the first time I met him, you could say it was a funny experience, or is that a hysterical experience. I was working at a gas station when I learned we had a new employee starting today. When I heard his name, I became curious because I went to school with someone with the exact name. But it wasn't who I thought it was. So I worked with him a few hours on a Sunday. He started complaining his television wasn't working and the big football game was on at 3:00. So I told him to grab a 12-pack and stop by my place at around 3:00 and we'd watch the game.

I didn't get off work until around 2:30, and I was really tired, since I just worked a split shift (8hrs on-8hrs off-8hrs on). I just wanted to go home and take a hot shower. But on my way home, I ran into Pete going up to my place. I found out he only lived a block away from me. So I put him in the living room with the TV and stereo on, and went to take a shower.

When I came back in, he had downed a few beers and had been drinking for the last 2

hours, waiting for me to get off work. Well, I grabbed a beer and downed it and grabbed another, and stretched out on the side couch.

While Pete sat on the other couch, we talked about the game a while. But I must have fallen asleep. Next thing I know, I jolt awake with a giggle. I look down to the foot of the couch and Pete has a grip on my ankle and is scratching my bare foot.

I say, "Hey, what are you doing down there?"

Then he starts tickling my foot even harder. I start giggling louder, asking him to stop.

I say, "Ohhahhaa ohahhah stooohaappp, I'mmmm haahhaha veeerrryyhaahaaaaaaa tickhaaahaaaahlishhhhhhhaaahahah onnn myheeehhehaa feeeeeetttttt."

His reply is, "Are you really this ticklish on your footsies, all right?"

And before I knew what was happening, he pulled me off the couch. I dropped with a thud, and was a little disoriented. Then he wrapped up both of my ankles in his thighs.

He said, "Now, this will be fun". But he said it so sloppy I knew he must have been very drunk.

So, there I was, laying face down on the floor with some guy I really didn't know, with my feet trapped between his thighs. I started struggling to pull my feet away from him, but he retaliated by running both hands and fingernails up and down both soles at the same time. I started laughing hysterically, in-between laughs begging him not to do both soles at the same time. I couldn't stand that.

His reply: "I've never seen anyone this ticklish before." And he continued tickling both soles for about another 10 minutes. Then he pushed my feet away and grabbed another beer. The last thing I remember was him saying, "Man, that was fun." Then I either passed out or fell back to sleep from exhaustion. I woke up at the end of the game; I found out he tortured me at half time. When he left he said he had a great time, let's do it again. Well, we did become friends, and every chance he got, he would tickle the hell out of me.

The worst I think was while he was my roommate, you see, he lost the place where he was living after about a year after I met him.

And almost every time he was drunk, he would attack me and tickle my bare feet. He was an alcoholic, and I guess I was one also. We used to go to the bars together and get pretty tanked up.

Anyway, It was my day off work and I was sleeping in. When I awoke with something being slipped over my head, I was then pushed off the bed and whatever it was, I slipped all the way into it. I was starting to get scared; I didn't know what was going on. Then I heard a voice, which said, "Hey buddy, I need to borrow some money so I can go back to the bar." Now, he knew I wouldn't lend him money; he just drinks it up and it's like pulling teeth to get it back.

I said, "What the hell are you doing, shithead, let me out of here."

He said, "I think I can change your mind. And 'shithead', is it? I'll make you pay for that remark."

I tried pulling my feet into the sleeping bag, but he was too quick. He grabbed the strings and pulled them tight, tying up my ankles so only my bare feet were poking out of the sleeping bag. He says, "I have some toys to use on you this time." He then starts running a brush across my soles. Oh, man, talk about torture. I just about shot out of the sleeping bag, from the first feel of his little toy. I started laughing really hard within seconds, screaming my head off. He wouldn't stop, that damn brush scrubbing my soles like that was what they where made for. Just when I thought I couldn't take anymore, he stopped. I started to get my breath back when he grabbed my big toes and bent them back and started wrapping them up, tying them back to my ankles and re-adjusting himself so my bare soles where looking up at him. He was now staring down at my defenseless soles. I knew what was coming and started crying a bit. Oh shit, then I felt it. He must have gotten a second brush, because now there was a brush for both soles. I went insane from the double sensations it was creating. I have never felt anything like it. I was choking out laughter like I've never heard before. "AHHHHHHHAAAAAAAA OHHHHHHHAAAAAA EEEEEEEEEEEHHHHHEEEEEEEE." Just screaming it out like a wild banshee in heat. I thought my brain was going to explode.

He only did it for about 5 minutes, but God, that was enough. He thankfully stopped. And asked, "Well, can I borrow some money now?"

"OH GOD, YES, no more, oh fuck, no more," I was saying this in between fits of laughter, of course. He said "Where's the money?"

I said, "In my billfold! Take whatever!"

He said, "Where is it ?"

" I don't know."

"YOU DON'T KNOW!" he screamed. "Maybe this will jog your memory." And with that, I was back in tickle hell as I felt both brushes again. Laughing, screaming and wiggling around like I was, I don't remember how long it lasted. But at the end, I was just making whimpering and animal noises and my voice was gone.

Then he stopped and said, "Oh, there it is."

Then he left. I must have lay there a long time before I crawled out and passed out on the bed.

I did try to get him back with that brush of his:

I had him pinned down and pulled his socks off and scrubbed his bare soles, to see how he liked it.. Shit, he didn't even laugh, he just said if felt good (He was drunk, like always). So I got pissed and threw the brush at him and clipped him in the head. He yelled, "You son of a bitch!" He then tackled me and sat across my ankles. He said, " I guess you need another lesson, don't you?"

Then I felt that damn brush again...

"OH, Shittthahhahahheeeeheheeh..."