Straight Dudes in Tickle Trouble



Chadwick ("Chad") Wellborne III was finishing up a six-week out-of-town assignment for his company, Mathieson Systems, a huge computer conglomerate. The 30-year-old Chad was an up-and-coming Senior Vice President of the company, having combined the elan of his well-to-do upbringing with his own innate sense of cunning, using all his connections and stealth to claw his way to the top of his organization. A few more years, max, and he'd either be CEO of the conglomerate or stealing its business and forming his own renegade company with some of his well-placed yuppie buds.

The 6' 4" designer-cut dirty-blond-haired Chad stretched luxuriously in his leather executive chair, folding his muscular, dress-shirted arms behind his head as he sat in a penthouse corner window office made available to him by the regional branch office where he was on his temporary assignment, feeling literally "on top of the world." Chad had "weeded out the dead wood" in that regional office. (translation: more abrupt "downsizing" of people out of their jobs). Chad didn't give a shit about the people who were "let go"; fuck `em all! Chad loved the power of canning people, making them cringe in fear of him wherever he went. God, what a power trip! Chad had the balls to do what he wanted to do when he wanted to do it, and made sure every one knew it.

Chad had also coordinated the company's college intern program during his stay at this regional office. Chad saw to it that it was populated as much as possible with fraternity men like himself and tried to keep out as many minorities and especially "fags" as he could without seeming too "un-PC". Sure, Chad would tolerate some black or Hispanic dudes as interns; he'd just make sure that at the end of the internship they didn't get hired. Shit, what could be fairer than that?

Chad was engaged to be married later that year to an equally spoiled 25-year-old socialite, Cecily ("Cee Cee") Up de Grafft, the daughter of a "land baron" who had made a killing in real estate. Just for fun, though, while Chad was temporarily separated from Cee Cee for this out-of-town assignment, he had made a bet with a yuppie friend of his from the Home Office, Madison Richmond, that Chad would pick out some "babe" from the "administrative assistants" (goddamned secretaries, more of that fuckin' PC shit again!) at the regional office. Chad conspired with his friend betting him that he could flatter and wine and dine this chick, make her feel really good and loved, then dump the broad cruelly at the end, tell her it was all a joke. Chad had done just that, picking a cute but not wildly attractive woman, getting her all excited to be made to feel special for once in her life as Chad's "date," then slowly leading her up to the big moment when she willingly let him fuck her over and over again, (damn, a virgin chick, too, damn even better!), telling her he loved her madly, then dumping her, laughing at her and how he fooled her. Fuck, the look on her face, the sobbing, the poor bitch was still in therapy! What a great joke!! Chad had loved watching his friend Madison peel off the C-bills as he made good on the bet. The 29-year-old, darkly handsome Madison was in charge of the intern program, and ran it with an iron hand, the 6' 3" dude having a reputation as a demanding asshole just like his friend Chad. Yeah, Chad was a true stud, balls of brass, no doubt about it! God, he was fuckin' great, thought Chad as he admired himself in the reflection from the tinted office windows.

Chad buzzed Madison to have him come to his office and, after Madison joined him, they had called in Patrick Wade, a 19-year-old intern. The 6'1" Patrick had recently pledged a fraternity that was a rival to the one Chad and Madison had belonged to. Because of this, and because Patrick had a tendency to stand up to Chad and Madison when they were "training" or chastising the interns, both Chad and Madison wanted to put him in his place.

Chad and Madison started off by telling Patrick that he had a lot of promise, that Patrick had a future at Mathieson Systems if he "played his cards right." "You a poker player, Wade?" inquired Chad pointedly. "Yes, sir, and I know how to play my cards, sir." (the "sir" said somewhat sarcastically, but not distinctly sarcastic enough so that Chad could be sure that's how he meant it. Fucker!). "Good. `cause Madison and I think you've probably got what it takes-fraternity man, wrong fraternity, but a fraternity man, thinks on his feet, smart, athletic, straight, white, good family background, all the right factors. We just want to make sure you have the most important attribute of all. Have you got the balls to succeed in this organization, Wade? You got the fuckin' balls to take the fuckin' bull by the horns and claw your way to the top, huh, do you?, do you?"

Patrick, taken somewhat aback, glared back right into Chad's eyes and said "Yeah, I've got the balls for that...sir." (Again that semi-sarcastic "sir"; damn). "Because if you learn one thing from Madison and yours truly, here, it's that you've gotta have fuckin' balls of steel, naw, fuckin' brass balls like Richmond and me in order to cover your ass and claw your way to the top of this fine company, and we're hear to drive that point home to you today, Wade." "Yeah," chimed in Madison Richmond, who simultaneously decided to chin his muscular weight on Chad's executive chinning bar built into the ceiling, his flexing muscles apparent under his designer shirt and tie as he easily chinned himself while looking down on the lowly intern, using his obvious physical strength as a sign of what "balls" he and Chad had, "that's the key thing to remember, Wade, ya gotta... have... fuckin'... brass... balls... in this company," a faint sheen of sweat showing on Madison's darkly handsome, manly brow, as Madison punctuated each word by repeatedly chinning his weight. Not liking being upstaged, Chad reached out a sun-bronzed finger and connected with one of Madison's designer-shirted armpits as he chinned himself, Madison reacting in horror and jumping down with a suppressed giggle, hissing to Chad to "cut that shit, you know it drives me fuckin' crazy!"

"So, you claim to have the balls for this company, eh, Wade? OK, c'mon, then prove it to us!" said Chad.

"Prove it to you...sir? queried Patrick.

"That's right, Wade. We want to make sure you have the fuckin' brass balls for this organization. You want a job here at Mathieson Systems, you're gonna have to show us you've got the balls for it. Go on, you're not embarrassed to drop your drawers are you, Wade? Don't worry, Wade, you know Madison and I are as far from being fuckin' homos as possible, but it's all part of driving home to you how you need to use those fuckin' balls God gave you to get ahead in this company!"

Patrick felt a swirl of emotions envelop him; anger, fear, shame and humiliation, Patrick finally deciding, as these two assholes seem to know he would, that he had no choice-no hazing, no job.

Chad and Madison folded their designer-shirted arms, their Rolexes glinting in the setting sun, and smugly watched as their lowly intern was forced to unhitch his belt, undo his charcoal grey dress slacks and drop his pressed trousers to the floor in a puddle over his polished wing-tip shoes, then yank down his snowy white Calvins to reveal his luxuriant pubic bush, large flaccid cock and hairy bull-balls, as well as his muscular sun-bronzed hairy legs.

Chad and Madison chortled at the young intern's blazing humiliation, ordering Patrick or "Wade" as they called him, always using his surname, to scoop up his big hairy bull-balls to prove to them that he had some, then had him turn around and with two open-handed slaps to each of Patrick's bare white asscheeks, they told him to "pull up your fuckin' pants, asshole, you look fuckin' ridiculous!" as they roared with braying yuppie laughter.

Humiliated, Patrick pulled up his pants and was allowed to leave, having "passed" the test and being told that he would indeed be one of the interns offered a job upon graduation.

From that point on, however, Chad and Madison did not realize just what brass balls Patrick indeed had. They would soon find out!

The next day, Patrick found incriminating papers in Chad's wastebasket which Chad had forgot to shred when he was not paying attention to covering up his shenanigans, instead anticipating banging the "babe" he would later dump and humiliate. It seemed Chad and Madison had been skimming the regional office accounts, pocketing large sums of company money for their yuppie toys and extravagances which they had covered up so far by firing good people willy-nilly. Had Chad continued to shred the evidence, it would have been unlikely that the company would ever have caught Chad and Madison. Patrick had been around the company long enough to know just who to threaten to expose the evidence to- ex-WAC, Miss Louise "Lou" Mathieson of the Home Office, the battleaxe, hatchet-faced relative of the company's founder who went over expense reports with a fine-toothed comb, literally, it was said, with a huge magnifying glass. Miss Mathieson no doubt had not discovered Chad and Madison's deception yet because Chad had covered his tracks very well-until now! And wouldn't Miss Mathieson just like to hear the audio tape Patrick had recorded just that day, the one where Chad clearly laughingly tells a like-minded Madison that "Lou" Mathieson "has a face that would make a fuckin' speeding freight train take a dirt road! Fuckin' dried-up, prune-faced old hag! Probably a closet dyke by the look of her!" followed by lots of braying, knee-slapping, yuppie guffaws and yukkety-yuks.

Patrick had his own plans for Chad. Chad was visiting town so he was in a hotel, but Madison lived in town in a secluded, executive home. Patrick learned Madison's address and further learned that Madison's girlfriend was out of town for two weeks.

Hmm, what could he do to Madison? Chad and Madison obviously hated minorities, especially gays. Patrick didn't really give a shit whether a person was gay or not, figured it was their business; maybe they were even born that way. Patrick was secure enough in his own heterosexuality that he did not feel threatened by gays, unlike many of the other fraternity guys he knew. But Madison hated gays. And, it seemed he was very ticklish, hated to be tickled.

Patrick did not hesitate to get a gay newspaper, thumbing through the personals section, finding tons of gay "escort" services. Patrick's plan for Madison was to hire two gay "escorts" to go to Madison's home. Patrick would tell the "escorts" that Madison was gay and that it was his birthday, that Madison had always had a fantasy about being stripped naked, blindfolded, tied up, and tickled by two strangers at the same time while being video-taped, and that Patrick wanted to fulfill his "lover's" dream. Patrick had no trouble hiring the studs, even went to the "escort" agency where an aging queen in charge eagerly helped him pick exactly the two studs he wanted, Patrick even letting the excited proprietor, "Mr. Billy," squeeze his biceps in glee and pat his jean-clad thighs as Patrick apparently chose wisely. Patrick's idea was to have them pose as UPS studs delivering a package that had to be taken inside. "Oh, but, yes, my dear boy, that would be perfect!!! UPS!! Imagine!!!! Oh, I can just see them in those tight little brown shorts, the summer uniform, I think that would be best!!! Shows off their cute little butch hairy legs, don't you think?? And it just so happens I have a full line of uniforms...many clients are quite partial to those, I don't mind telling you, but quite partial ("little me, included!" tittered the proprietor confidentially, with a stage wink) And you've chosen my two most `butch' escorts, oh, but yes!!! (Really, my dear boy, those two are so intense and street-wise, really quite alarming to little me, but in an exciting way, of course, oh, but yes!!!" the queen clapping his hands in joy at the idea, after being assured that it was all "quite legal, oh but yes, you are sure??"

"Quite sure" lied Patrick, counting on the fact that he'd have the incriminating papers and the video to hold over the pompous Madison. Shit, Patrick mused out loud to the proprietor, "maybe I'd like to be around at some point while my lover gets worked over. He'll be blindfolded throughout. Got a spare UPS uniform that would fit me?" "Oh, but yes!!!" crowed the queen merrily, mentally picturing this cute young stud in UPS shorts.

But first, Chad. God knew that asshole really had it coming. Patrick set up an appointment to see Chad that Friday after work in his sound-proofed suite at the hotel, sound-proofed "so the whole fuckin' hotel staff won't come running when I'm making the chicks squeal while they swing on my big fuckstick" as Patrick overheard Chad confide to Madison a few days earlier.

Chad bitched about meeting at the hotel, but Patrick was insistent that it "would be worth Chad's while. I've found out about something that's going on at work that you should know about (literally, thought Patrick to himself)...and, since you said I should use my balls to get ahead, I'm just following in your size-12 footsteps...sir"

Though peeved, Chad was curious and agreed to meet. Patrick was met at the door to his suite by a designer-shirt and silk-tied Chad, Chad's upper-body musculature being emphasized by his designer suspenders. Chad saw that Patrick was carrying a gym bag and assumed Patrick was on his way to a workout. "What's all this about, Wade? What's my up-and-coming young intern got to tell old Chad about, eh? Some scandal at the old water-cooler or something? C'mon, man, fill me in, glad your already proving you may have the balls to get ahead in this organization after all! C'mon, man, sit down. There's plenty of room in this big suite. Like a drink or something?," Chad obviously reveling in the fact that the suite was large and elegant, a fitting statement for Chad's wealth and power.

Patrick said he'd prefer to stand and no, he didn't want a drink. Patrick coolly got right to the point. He told Chad about the papers he forgot to shred, and showed Chad a copy; that Patrick knew all about Chad and Madison's little scheme to defraud the company, that he had the originals in a safe deposit box, that if anything happened to Patrick his attorney had been provided a key to the box, and that basically Patrick had Chad by his blue-blooded balls, "sir." (the last word pronounced with clear sarcasm this time).

Patrick liked the way the color drained out of Chad's smug, handsome, sun-bronzed face, how his fake bonhomie smile faded away, then how he flushed red in obvious anger and frustration, and, hmm, were those faint beads of elite perspiration appearing on Chad's manly brow, hmm? Chad himself suddenly felt a drop of nervous perspiration form under his left, dirty-blond-haired armpit under his designer shirt, then roll down his sun-bronzed side under his shirt, as he just barely stifled a shudder caused by the unexpected drip down his sensitive skin.

Aloud, Chad tried to regain his composure and re-assert his rightful authority as this little fucker Patrick's clear superior. `Well, uh, Patrick, that's quite a story you've concocted there, but that's all a misunderstanding." Chad lied smoothly. "You see, Madison and I are forming a charitable foundation for the company and those records of large cash transactions are for that purpose."

"Oh, so I suppose that explains why the same day you withdrew the latest $100,000.00 from the regional office's employee's pension fund account, money that was paid in by all the employees you fired for no reason, you deposited a like sum into your personal account, hmm? Is your favorite "charity" yourselves? And what about all the other transactions on the papers you forgot to shred? Those were all for charity too?" queried Chad knowingly.

Chad tried to continue to bluff, but it seemed this little shit knew too damn much. Damn! This little fuckin' upstart did have him by his short and curlies, fuck, even by his big fuckin' hotshot balls. But Chad knew how to cut a deal- fuck he was the fuckin' master of fuckin' deals! Time for plan "B" the old money bribe- never fails, hah!, thought Chad.

Chad said "OK, Wade, I gotta admit you're one fuckin' thorough bastard, glad you learned from the master how to use your balls to get to the top! (Hmm, Chad's patrician brow seemed to be positively glistening with sweat now; bet the motherfucker's armpits are frothing up a nice nervous sweat too, mused Patrick). "Madison and I can get you in on the ground floor of all this, er, Patrick, er, Pat, my man" Patrick noted that this was the first time Chad had addressed him by his first name and had fun correcting him, telling the asshole that "my friends call me Patrick, but you can call me Mr. Wade...sir".

Flushing with anger at the slight, but wanting to win "Mr. Wade, sir" over, Chad was forced to amend his spiel to "yes, er, Mr. Wade, sir, as I was saying, Madison and I can get you in on the ground floor-this scheme is priceless as I am sure a young man of your intelligence can appreciate-really brilliant way to ensure we can all live fabulous lifestyles at company expense!" (Patrick was glad he had an audiotape going, Miss Mathieson, the old dragon of a company overseer, was going to love hearing this!)

"Yeah, Mr. Wade, sir, how would 50 grand, cash, in your pocket today sound, eh? plenty more where that came from, over time, of course, don't want to get too greedy and get caught, haha, as if! Then of course, a guaranteed job after graduation, six figures to start, how's that sound, man?"

"Sounds like your being pretty free with other people's hard-earned money to me, asshole!" replied Patrick, to Chad's visible horror.

"Now look here, shit-for-brains, I just made you an offer no idiot would refuse, what the fuck's the matter with you? And how dare you talk to me that way, you worthless little poor-ass shit! I can make trouble for you, asshole! Don't fuckin' cross the great Chadwick Wellborne III!"

"That's the fuckin' trouble with you, you pompous, prejudiced little dickhead!" noted Patrick. "You fuckin' talk ad nauseam about how you've got the fuckin' balls to claw your way to the top. Well, I'm here to show you that I've got the fuckin' balls to make you fuckin' crawl down off your fuckin' high-and-mighty highhorse and literally beg for the return of those papers. And that, and only that, is gonna maybe, just maybe, get you what you want, so you can just stick your fuckin' little empty threats up your lily-white, pampered little ass, fuckin' shove them up your shit-stinking little asshole, and then fuckin' prove to me that you've got any fuckin' balls!! C'mon, asshole, strip out of those fancy clothes and prove to me that you've got any fuckin' balls, fuckin' pussy-wuss!! C'mon, take it off!!! Take it all fuckin' OFF, NOW!!!!!!"

Chad's manly, sun-bronzed jaw dropped in shock at his intern's tirade; this fucker had him by his fuckin' balls! Un-fuckin'-believable!!! "Now, c'mon, er, Mr. Wade, er, sir, you don't mean that!! C'mon, I'm sorry I got a little hot under the collar there, man, but let's come to some more rational resolution of this matter. I am your boss; your superior! You know you can't get away with this, so c'mon, take the money I offered you, just think about how great it would be!"

"Shut the fuck up, and STRIP!!!! NOW!!!! Take off all of your fuckin' clothes and then hand them over to me, shithead" was Patrick's reply. To add insult to injury, Patrick extracted a video camera out of his gym bag and started it rolling.

Left with no options, the proud Chadwick Wellborne III was forced to futilely say "you're gonna pay for this asshole!" before he began to unknot his silk tie, and then began unbuttoning his designer dress shirt, each unbuttoned button revealing more of Chad's sun-bronzed- dirty-blond-haired chest, until Chad was yanking the shirttails out of his expensive suit pants and removing his shirt altogether, his face crimson red with seething anger and embarrassment. Chad then handed his shirt to Patrick, Patrick noting that Chad's chest hair fanned out over his sun-bronzed pectorals to cap his hair-haloed man-tits then narrowed before disappearing into the confines of Chad's expensive suit pants, and noting how his hotshot boss's manly, hairy armpits were already soaked with nervous perspiration.

Chad then stood there with his sun-bronzed, muscular hairy forearms crossed over his heaving-with-rage, hairy chest, his designer suspenders being the only article of clothing left covering his sun-bronzed, hairy-chested muscular torso, the suspenders brushing against his bare, sun-bronzed skin, inadvertently tweaking his own hair-haloed man-tits as his muscles rippled under his suntanned skin.

"Now the pants, asshole, I haven't got all day. You do have balls, don't you, hotstuff??" teased Patrick annoyingly.

With a sigh of defeat, Chad proceeded to glare at Patrick as he first shrugged the designer suspenders off his sun-bronzed, incredibly muscled shoulders, causing them to fall and hang around the waist of his designer suit pants, then unbelted and unzipped, only to let gravity pull his suit pants down over his sun-bronzed, muscular hairy legs into an expensive puddle of the finest wool over his shiny Ferragamo loafers. Chad then carefully removed the trousers and suspenders over his feet and handed the expensive suit pants to Patrick. Chad now made quite an amusing spectacle, being stark naked except for his crisply white Calvin Klein undershorts, his calf-length dark executive socks, and his Ferragamo loafers.

"Now the shorts, fucker. C'mon, show me you've got the balls you're always bragging about! Go on!" said Patrick.

Glaring with rage, Chad slowly yanked down his Calvins, revealing a large flaccid cock and hairy bull-balls surrounded by a lush tropical rainforest of dirty-blond pubes. Patrick could see his boss's bare ass reflected in the mirror on the wall, bare white globes in total contrast to the rest of his sun-bronzed body, split by a fine line of dirty-blond hair in his manly asscrack. Chad fumingly handed his Calvins to his smirking young intern, Patrick surprisingly returning them to Chad and ordering him to "go on, sniff your fuckin' stinkin' shorts for me, yeah, do it! Sniff `em, smell the stink of your own cock, balls, and asshole, asshole!" as Chad was forced to comply to the sound of Patrick's guffaws, only to return them to Patrick to join the rest of the hotshot's discarded clothing.

Patrick then ordered Chad to "show me your balls, asshole, yeah, scoop up those suckers and prove to me you've got balls, just like you made me do for you, yeah!" as Chad humiliatingly was forced to fondle his hairy bull-balls for Patrick. "That's where you keep your fuckin' brains, is it, asshole, huh?" queried Patrick as he laughed at his humiliated, red-faced, denuded employer, standing there in nothing but his calf-length black executive socks and shiny Ferragamo loafers, holding on to his hairy balls!

Patrick then ordered the proud, stuck-up, Chad to kneel on the carpet of the living room of the suite and then crawl bareass into the bedroom of the suite, the room where he had fucked over the unsuspecting secretary before he dumped her as part of Chad's little plan. Patrick followed with the video camera, smacking Chad's upturned bare, executive ass with his open frat-boy hand as his employer humiliatingly crawled , dragging his Ferragamo loafer and calf-length-socked self toward the bedroom of the elegant suite, Patrick punctuating every advance with a resounding smack on Chad's deserving backside until by the time they reached the bed, Chad's lily-white ass was flaming fire-engine red and stinging.

Patrick then forced Chad to lay on the bed on his back, his weight falling right on his burning backside. To Chad's horror, Patrick extracted a pair of handcuffs from his gym bag and suddenly grabbed his denuded employer's wrists and cuffed his arms to the elaborate wrought-iron headboard of the bed revealing the sweaty depths of the hotshot's hairy armpits, then pulled Chad's calf-length socked and Ferragamo loafer clad feet through the wrought ironwork of the bottom of the bed and then roped Chad's hairy ankles so that his size-12 loafered feet hung over the bottom of the bed. Patrick next blindfolded his hunky boss.

"What the fuck you gonna do, asshole?" was Chad's brilliant query, only to be answered by Patrick's extracting two tapering feathers from his gym bag and announcing that "You so like being in control of every situation, having power over everyone. I think it's about time you were on the receiving end for a change, asshole. I'm gonna make you appreciate how ridiculous you look, make you laugh at yourself for a change, laugh your fuckin' head off, yeah, all caught on videotape!"

"What the fuck are you talkin' about, shitface?" was Chad's dangerous reply, only to be answered by Patrick's tapering feathers descending into the depths of Chad's hairy armpits, twirling the feathers around and around, causing Chad to start squealing with laughter and giggles and begging Patrick to stop, "what is this shit? No!! Stopp!!! C'mon, asshole, no fair, that fuckin' tickles!!!! No!!!! STOPPPPPP!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! HEE HEE HEE HEE HEE HEE!!!!!!! AIEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! OH MY GAWDDDDD!!!!! STOPPPP!!!!!"

Patrick proceeded to straddle Chad's hairy chest, delving his feathers into Chad's helplessly exposed, hairy armpits, twirling the maddening fronds of the feathers around and around the sensitive flesh of Chad's pits, making him squeal and mewl and beg for mercy, to no avail, as Patrick got the ride of his life from his boss's bucking bronco body, Patrick's tight, jean-encased, frat-boy ass bouncing and grinding against Chad's hairy chest and six-pack abs.

Patrick then lowered his body and sat his jean-encased ass onto Chad's thrashing crotch while he proceeded to tickle Chad's hair-haloed man-tits, circling each tits with his feathers, causing them to stand up like little cocks, Patrick tweaking those hot little nubbins with his deft fingers as well, then slid his tormenting feathers down Chad's ticklish sides and ribs, then over each defined ridge of Chad's six-pack abs and into his hair-haloed navel, causing Chad to shriek, thrash and scream, arch his back and futilely pull on his cuffs, Chad screaming "NOOOOO!!!!! STOPPPPPP!!! I CAN'T TAKE THIS SHITTTT!!!!! OH MY FUCKIN' GAWDDDDD!!!! STOP THIS SHIT RIGHT NOWWWW, YOU FUCKIN' FAGGOT!!!!! HAHAHAAHAHAHA!!!!! AIEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! ARGHHHHHHHHHH!!!! OH SHITTTTT!!!!"

Patrick could also feel how the combination of the unwanted stimulation of Chad's sensitive skin and the force of Patrick's own tight, jean-encased frat boy ass bouncing over his crotch by the force of Chad's thrashing, had resulted in Chad's developing a pulsing, raging boner already, the always hot-to-trot fellow hetero obviously shocked at this response. Patrick, of course, commented on this obvious fact, to Chad's mortification.

Patrick even ground and bounced his tight, jean-encased frat stud ass down onto Chad's stiff meat, forcing Chad's unwanted boner to slide along the seam that divided Patrick's manly ass, as Patrick continued to tickle the shit out of his deserving boss, using feathers to devastating effect on Chad's outstretched, hopelessly vulnerable hairy armpits, using the stud's own nervous perspiration to glide the tickling feather fronds around and around deep in the depths of Chadwick Wellborne III's manly armpits, then trailing them around and around his erect, volcanically hot, hair-haloed man-tits, only to trail them down his sides and ribs and grind the blunt end of the feather into Chad's ticklish bellybutton, making Chad arch his back and scream, mewl, and beg for mercy, Chad exclaiming "NOOOOO!!!! STOPPPPPP!!!! NO MORE!!!!! C'MON, GIVE ME FUCKIN' BREAK!!!!! STOP!!!! AIEEEEEE!!!! HAHAHAHAHAAHAHAH!!!! ARGHHHHHHH!!!! OH MY GAWDDDDDD!!!! C'MON. STOP, NO, I CAN'T TAKE ANYMORE OF THIS SHIT!!!! WHAT THE FUCK!!!! NOT THERE!!!! NO!!!!!!! AIEEEEEE!!!"

Chad's boner flopped noisily against :Patrick's jean-encased ass, Patrick developing a half-hard cock himself, his cock filling with blood as an incredible sense of power over his deserving boss coursed through his studly veins and into his crotch, Patrick getting off on the power-trip of making his boss laugh his head off, making his skin crawl and get covered with maddening goosebumps, and then become sexually aroused by it all, all against his hetero will!!! "Kewl!" thought Patrick.

Patrick then jumped off Chad only to approach Chad's helplessly aroused pecker with a feather, teasing Chad by not actually touching him with it, but coming within a hair's breadth of doing so, making Chad wince and squeal in anticipation of being tickled in one of his most intimate areas with the maddening torture instrument, Chad's eyes bugging comically when Patrick came close to tickling his hairy bull-balls with another feather, Chad attempting to jerk his "crown jewels" out of harm's way. Chad didn't even want to know what it might feel like for the instruments, which had set the flesh of his hairy torso crawling, to actually make contact with his most private area; shit Patrick was even trailing one down in the vicinity of Chad's most private orifice, his hair-haloed virgin asshole!

After hovering for some time, Patrick finally let the feathers make "contact" in all these places at once, Patrick teasing the feathers up and down up and down the length of Chad's dripping fuckstick, teasing the sensitive underside of his glans and circling the pink, crinkly skin of Chad's mushroom-capped cockhead while he let feather fronds tease the very tip of his boss's throbbing penis, using his other feather to simultaneously tease Chad's hairy bull-balls, making Chad's pent-up executive cum churn in his manly balls, wildly teasing his baby-making nut oysters and making the bound executive's manly balls ache with the need to release blast after blast of executive cum. Patrick mused that he really should send a copy of this video to the woman Chad set up and dumped. No doubt she would like to see Chad being cum-denied and teased shitless, being forced to grind his hot little spanked ass into the bed making the little figure 8's of desperate need he was unconsciously making in response to the feather stimulation, his erect man-tits pointed toward the ceiling in frustrated anticipation and tingling and burning with unbidden sexual excitement, sending electric currents of sexual desire coursing down to his hairy, over-stimulated bull-balls. Poor Chad-baby-all worked up and frustrated! Used to getting what he wanted when he wanted it, his way, suddenly out-of-control, thrashing with sexual need like the two-bit whore in heat he was!

Patrick couldn't resist the idea of diddling the macho asshole's virgin shitchute with the feather too. As Chad made his desperate figure-8's of pile-driving need in response to his manly cock and balls being over-stimulated by the other feathers, Patrick kept seeing Chad's hair-haloed virgin asshole winking pinkly at him. Hmm, let's see how the bastard reacts when I trail this teasing sucker down the line of fur growing under Chad's pent-up hairy bull-balls, thought Patrick. Patrick trailed the feather down that line of fur causing Chad to gasp in shock, then stiffen and squeal in disbelief and arousal as Patrick's feather made contact with his most guarded orifice, circling around and around Chad's hair-haloed, pink, virgin shithole, teasing the dude's hole with mesmerizing effect, making him jump and howl in disbelief. Patrick swirled the teasing feather fronds around and around Chad's shitter as he simultaneously continued to tease his dripping prickhead and balls, causing Chad to oooo and ahhhh in unbidden pleasure, Chad eventually rearing his figure-8'ing booty right back onto the invading feather, not realizing or caring that the teasing torture instrument was now drilling up into the straight dude's unused hole, beginning to feather-fuck him, his greedy little hole seeming to beg for more, more, deeper, deeper! Chad thrashed in an unmitigated tickle frenzy, his red-hot tongue hanging out and drooling with undisguised lust, as he thrust his musky hole back down onto the invading feather, the penetrating fronds teasing up into the depths of his shitter and stimulating his never-before-utilized prostate, Chad nearly kicking off his Ferragamo loafers off of his executive calf-length-socked feet in his total excitement.

Patrick soon backed off this pleasurable treatment causing Chad to howl in anguish "But I was so close, no, don't stop now, dude!"

Patrick instead proceeded to the foot of the bed, and removed Chad's sweaty Ferragamo loafers, then recoiled in honest reaction to the sudden, steamy release of his executive-socked foot odor, saying "Shit, Wellborne, you may be an upper-crust sort of person, but your fuckin' feet stink to high heaven; you got a `crust' of high-class toe jam in those socks or something? Whew!! I hope they don't set off the smoke alarms!!" to Chad's mortification and humiliation.

Patrick then removed Chad's executive, calf-length socks, leaving him now totally bareassed naked, revealing his bare, size-12 pink-soled, sweaty feet, Chad surprised to feel more totally naked than ever. Chad was amazed at how having his bound, bare feet suddenly exposed to the air like that made him feel completely undressed and humiliated, like when Chad had been caught in the nude in front of his sister and her giggling girlfriends when he came out of the shower into the hall not knowing they were there, or the time at his gym when he screwed up his locker combination after showering and was forced to squat nude in front of his locker, his wet, exposed cock and balls swaying in the air as he madly tried to unlock it, pulling on the lock and cursing while other patrons failed to suppress amused grins.

Chad literally jumped as if shot with jolts of electricity as Patrick suddenly trailed two feathers along both of his exposed, pink, size-12 soles, sliding them expertly with devastating effect, teasing the length of the soles of his bare feet, teasing his twitching toes and between his curling, squirming toes, only to suddenly slide down to his pink arches and heels or sneak over to the hairy tops of his executive feet and toes teasing his exquisitely exposed executive tootsies till Chad was near dementia, squealing "NOOOOO!!!! NOT MY FUCKIN' FEET!!!!! NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!. CUT THAT OUT!!!!! HAHAAHAHAHAHAAHAHAAHA!!!! HEEHEEHEEHEEHEE!!!! AIEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! ARGHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! NO MORE!! STOP!!! NO!!! OH MY GAWWWDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!! PUH-LEEZE NO MORE!!!!!!! STOPPPPPP!!!!" as Chad squealed, mewled and thrashed in his bonds, begging for mercy to no avail.

All the foot teasing only made Chad's boner pulsate with aching need all the more. Patrick unbound Chad's feet and yanked them over his head to join near where his hairy wrists were cuffed to the headboard, then re-tied Chad's hairy ankles to the headboard, causing him to double over so that his big hard cock was closer to his face, so that Chad stared semi-cross-eyed at the dripping piss-slit of his own hard cock, and so that Chad's furry asscrack, wide-open asshole and still-red-from-spanking ass were all totally exposed as well. Patrick then pulled out all the stops and began to trail feathers delicately through Chad's furry asscrack, teasing the base of his spine while he teased his hairy bull-balls and cum-denied cock, then sliding a feather through his asscrack to again circle his hungry virgin asshole, driving him up the wall with sex-heat and desire, Patrick also alternating his teasing of the dude's pulsating pecker with forays into Chad's hairy armpits, volcanic, hair-haloed man-tits, ribs and sides, until Chad was laughing his head off and gasping with undisguised lust, Patrick again and again bringing the bound executive to the brink of a satisfying climax, only to back off at the critical moment. Finally, Patrick triggered the arrogant executive's climax, laughing as the mere teasing strokes of the feathers on his pulsating prick and cum-churning executive balls and quivering asshole caused Chad to scream at the top of his lungs, the toes of Chad's size-12 feet curling in anticipation, as Chad's cock erupted in bolt after bolt of highly-pressurized executive cum, huge spurts of red-hot jizz hitting the surprised executive right in the face, his mouth, his nostrils, his eyes and his sweat-drenched hair, only to squirt over his head onto the wall behind, splattering the upholstered silk wall of the extravagant suite with volley after volley of pent-up executive cum as tiny blasts of cum-rockets split off and separated from the main volleys, spraying the silk sheets, Chad's heaving hairy chest and fountaining onto the expensive deep-pile carpeting. Finally, Chad lay back in an exhausted heap, totally spent from the most intense orgasm of his life.

Patrick let Chad lie in his own cum, then duct-taped his mouth as Patrick went to the living room of the suite to order room service dinner for them. Chad ordered an expensive steak for himself and some special Tex-Mex chili and beans and some beer for Chad. After room service left, Patrick removed the duct tape and spoon-fed the hungry Chad with the spicy chili and beans like a hungry baby, Chad greedily devouring his meal, since he was hungry after his exertion and sexual release and the fact that it had been a long time since lunch. Patrick made sure that Chad's thirst was quenched by two big Corona beers. Chad was soon pleasantly full and a little buzzed from the beer, belching loudly. Patrick finished his dinner, then announced he was going. Chad couldn't believe it! Surely he wouldn't leave him tied up naked like this! Worse, Chad announced he needed to take a piss after all that beer and a full meal of chili and beans. Patrick deliberately pressed down hard on Chad's six-pack abs right above his pubic bush pressing against his full bladder as he also poked Chad in the ribs, saying "oh does widdle Chaddy need to pee, huh? And his satisfied tum-tum's all full of beans and gassy beer, idn't it, hmmm???," said Patrick as he patted Chad's full stomach. "Too bad!" the pressure causing Chad to unexpectedly and ominously let out a loud, gassy fart, Patrick commenting on the fucking stench of the executive's embarrassing flatulence.

Patrick re-applied the duct tape to his mouth, then left the gurgling, naked Chad still tied to the bed. Patrick would call hotel security the next day and let them know there was a "disturbance" in the suite. For now, Patrick hung the "do not disturb" sign on the door of the suite; no "turn-down" service for old Chad tonight!! No fuckin' mint on his pillow!! What the fuck was Chad's world coming to? Let the fucker strain in his bonds all night long. With any luck old Chad would not be able to contain his big load of piss in his executive bladder much longer and would also probably be ready to "grow a tail" before morning-serve him right to be found covered in his own hotshot piss and stinkin' executive shit!

Now for good old Madison Richmond. Madison's girlfriend was out of town and it was Friday evening. Patrick first stopped by "Mr. Billy's" (officially the "Elite Escort Service") office again in order to pick up his UPS uniform and meet the "escorts" who would be helping him out. "Mr. Billy" introduced Patrick to Vince and Tony. Vince was 23, 6'3", and Tony was 20 and 6' 1", Patrick's height. Both were darkly handsome, masculine guys, and Patrick had to admit that they looked good in their UPS summer uniforms, "Mr. Billy" pointing out how "cute" they looked in them, "those cute, hairy legs, those deep tans, I must say, I do not charge nearly enough, but I do feel that it is my civic duty, simply my duty, to make people's fantasies come true, oh but yes!!!" "Mr. Billy" then presented Patrick with his own UPS uniform. Patrick had brought his gym bag full of goodies and the video recorder so he sheepishly went to a nearby closet to change into the UPS uniform. Patrick had to admit he looked hot in the uniform; maybe he should keep it for awhile, give his girlfriend a thrill, hah!

Patrick returned to join the "escorts" he had hired. The plan was to use Vince's panel van. Vince and Tony would hop out when they reached Madison's house bearing a large brown parcel addressed to Madison's girlfriend. Vince and Tony were to gain access to Madison's house to deposit the supposed parcel, then jump him, strip him, tie him up and blindfold him, then one of them was supposed to signal Patrick who would then join the festivities.

Patrick hopped into the van, finding himself sandwiched between the driver, Vince, and Tony on his right. While they drove to Madison's, Patrick was perturbed to feel the wiry hairs of Vince and Tony's hairy muscular legs "accidentally" brushing his own, seemingly at every opportunity, then was completely shocked when Tony's left hand suddenly fell into Patrick's tight, UPS-shorted crotch as he was literally trapped between the two gay guys, Tony announcing that "this will be hot, jumping your boyfriend and tickling the shit out of him, makes me hot, you too, stud?" and, before Patrick could protest, started to massage his hand right over the packed crotch of Patrick's UPS shorts!

Patrick was in a dilemma. Here he was, supposed to be gay, too, so he couldn't very well hit Tony or get too uptight at being felt up. His indecision only encouraged the driver, Tony's friend, Vince, to drop his own beefy right hand into Patrick's crotch to join Tony's and soon both "escorts" were expertly massaging the trapped frat-boy's UPS-shorted crotch. Patrick decided to let them for awhile, shit, it did feel good, these guys knew what they were doing, and Patrick had gotten a little excited at the sexual power he had recently had over Chad and was now anticipating a further session with Madison. Patrick stretched out his muscular, sun-bronzed arms over the back of the bench seat and unconsciously thrust his UPS-shorted ass further down in the seat and opened his sun-bronzed, hairy frat boy legs wider to give the massaging hands further access to his well-packed crotch. This movement of his arms resulted in Patrick inadvertently exposing his right, jet-black-haired armpit to Tony's view under the short sleeve of his UPS uniform shirt as it rode up from Patrick's stretching. Tony soon planted his face right over, then into Patrick's hairy pit, his nose and mouth blowing hot gusts of air onto the exposed frat-boy pit while Tony and Vince massaged his crotch, Tony delving his hot tongue under the UPS uniform shirt opening, and tonguing the sweat out of Patrick's pit, chewing on Patrick's pit hair. The net result was that Patrick suddenly felt a surge of sex-heat in his manly crotch from the sheer (to his straight-boy mind) perversity of all this, Patrick panicking as he felt his traitorous, pussy-taming cock pulse and fill with blood as a pleasant sexual arousal surged through his manly loins, Patrick growling in rising lust as his cock throbbed in response.

It was only when Tony suddenly swooped his head down and tried to unzip Patrick's UPS shorts to get to Patrick's obvious boner, that Patrick was able to regain control of the situation without setting off red flags that he was straight, Patrick managing to sit up and re-zip his UPS shorts saying "Hey, no, c'mon, remember all this is for my lover, Madison, it's his birthday, remember, c'mon we're a, er, couple, I don't feel right, er, cheating, on him with you guys, understand? Now, c'mon let's fulfill Madison's tickling fantasy for him, right?" Tony and Vince reluctantly let Patrick be, at least for the time being. Shit, thought Patrick, I'm gonna have to watch these guys! Damn, I never thought they'd pull a stunt like that! But the ever fair-minded Patrick had to admit that it had felt good, intriguingly good, and he couldn't blame the guys for trying, after all, Patrick was pretending to be gay himself. Patrick was embarrassed to admit that his cock jumped again at the memory of his recent interlude. Damn, he was horny! When he finally got through with this retribution shit, he was determined to bang the daylights out of his girlfriend and the sooner the better. All this power tripping was giving him a raging hard-on. Damn!

Luckily, the trio soon neared Madison's house. When they arrived at the secluded house, Vince and Tony got out of the van and went to the back to extricate the big parcel, then carried it to the front door. Madison answered the door, still suited up from work. Patrick could see as he surreptitiously watched the house that Madison looked momentarily confused as to why the package had arrived, but he allowed the 2 UPS guys into his entry hall. When Madison was distracted signing a clipboard they had brought for authenticity, Vince and Tony jumped him, the flabbergasted Madison dropping the clipboard as Vince and Tony easily cuffed him and blindfolded him, then found the master bedroom and plopped him head first onto the mattress. Vince and Tony then set Patrick's video tape recorder on, informing Madison they were videotaping him as blackmail, and proceeded to rip-strip the arrogant Madison Richmond out of his designer suit, Vince ripping his designer shirt right off his body, buttons flying all over, while Tony grabbed one of his expensive wool suit pant's pockets and ripped down sharply causing the expensive fabric to slice in a giant rip over his ass and down to his ankles where the pants leg now flapped like a useless rag so that in seconds the proud, cursing hotshot was nearly naked, his panting sun-bronzed hairy chest and hairy sun-bronzed muscular legs totally exposed. The remains of Madison's suit pants were discarded along with his shoes and socks and the remnants of his shirt were cut off over the handcuffs. Vince then ripped off the last remnant of cloth on the terrified stud's body, his packed white Calvins, exposing the darkly handsome stud's big cock, hairy bull-balls and lightly hair-flecked white ass, which was split by a line of jet-black fur. They then released the blindfolded, disoriented executive, then flipped the denuded hotshot on his back and held him down, re-cuffing his wrists to the headboard, exposing his jet-black-haired, sweaty armpits, then spread-eagled his hairy ankles to the foot of the bed. Tony then went to signal Patrick, who soon joined them. The blindfolded Madison kept asking them what they wanted, that he had money, to just let him go, to no avail.

The trio then approached the bound stud with feathers, each delving into hairy armpits, ribs, sides, cock, balls and feet at random, causing the sensitive-skinned secretly ticklish dude to howl in horror and beg for mercy, Madison reacting as if jolted by electricity in all of his most sensitive places, screaming "AIEEEEEE!!!!! OH MY GAWDDDDD!!!! HELP MEEEEE!!!!! NOOOOO, STOPP!!! DON'T TICKLE ME, ANYTHING BUT THAAAATTTT!!!! I'LL DO ANYTHING YOU WANT!!! I'M A RICH MAN, I'LL PAY YOU TO STOPPPPP!!!!! NOOOOOOO!!! NO, NOT THERE, OH GOD PLEASE NOT THERE!!! NOT MY PITS!!!! AIEEEEEE!!!! NOT MY FUCKIN FEET!!!!! ARGHHHH!!!! NOT MY RIBS!!!!! EEEEEEEKKK!!! NOT MY NAVEL!!!!! NOT ALL AT ONCE, NOOOOOO!!!!PUH-LEEZE STOPPPPP!!! I'LL GO CRAZY!!!!!! NOOOOO!!!!"

Madison's bondage was not so tight that it prevented him from moving and thrashing to attempt to escape the tickle torture. Madison was able to flip over almost onto his stomach and then return back onto his back; amusingly, all this thrashing managed to do was to expose even more areas of his hyper-ticklish executive body to the devilish UPS trio's feathers and fingers. The trio was able to make contact not only with Madison's hunky hairy chest, tits, ribs, sides, cock, balls and feet, but were also able to access his sun-bronzed muscular back, ass, and the backs of his thighs and legs as he pulled and twisted in his bondage, the trio sometimes aiming for one spot on Madison's front only to make contact with an equally devastating, unexpected spot on Madison's back, driving the super-ticklish dude to near dementia. Madison was so ticklish he had already squirted some piss involuntarily onto his bed, to the trio's catcalls and whooping "woo-woo-woos" as he violently contracted his ticklish six pack abs in an effort to catch his breath while being worked over by three guys at the same time while he was blindfolded and unable to anticipate where he was going to be tormented next.

The trio was also able to smack Madison's deserving hair-flecked executive ass a flaming fire engine red each time he involuntarily presented his cut little buttcheeks as he thrashed over onto his stomach in an attempt to temporarily conceal his hairy chest, tits and cock and balls from the trio's teasing, only to be rewarded by being tickled on his back and from underneath, and having his ass smacked and/or tickled as well!

Patrick then straddled Madison's six-pack abs and sat his short-panted UPS uniformed ass down practically on top of Madison's growing boner, the hyper-ticklish executive having reacted to all the over-stimulation by his cock getting half-hard despite his best efforts not to. How fuckin' humiliating! These UPS guys were some kind of gay maniacs and Madison's straight macho self was reacting to their tickling by getting a hard-on! Damn! Patrick used two feathers to delve right into Madison's upraised, hairy, sweaty armpits, while Tony concentrated on circling feathers around Madison's hair-haloed man-tits which stood up like pencil erasers in rising sex-heat, while Vince twirled feathers over Madison's bare soles, toes and heels. Madison squealed, mewled and begged for mercy as he laughed his head off involuntarily.

Patrick was trapped again as Tony leered at him, only for Tony to suddenly expertly massage the front of Patrick's tight UPS shorts, Patrick embarrassed that Tony could obviously feel how Patrick was reacting to the power trip of topping his boss Madison, Patrick having sprung an enormous frat-boy boner in his Calvins from the whole perverse scene. Worse, Vince was reaching up and massaging Patrick's straight-boy assmounds through his UPS uniform shorts and Calvins when he wasn't grabbing Madison's own boner and slapping it hard against the crack of Patrick's UPS-shorted ass, driving Patrick wild with sexual excitement, and further tormenting the uptight Madison. Patrick felt he had to go along with this; after all, he was playing the role of Madison's "lover" and it was natural that Vince and Tony assumed Patrick would be turned on by the scene he had planned. Nevertheless it both unsettled and aroused Patrick, all the more so since Madison's hunky body was going totally apeshit from being tickled by 3 persons at once and was giving Patrick the ride of his life; it was hard to stay "in the saddle" as it was, let alone with Tony and Vince feeling him up again!

Fearing that his rock-hard boner would work its way out of one of the leg openings of his UPS shorts or that he'd blow his wad in his fuckin' pants if Tony and Vince kept their expert ministrations up, Vince now running one of his fingers down Patrick's UPS shorted asscrack while Tony massaged his crotch, Patrick jumped off of Madison and proceeded to tease Madison's rampant cock with one feather and his hairy bull-balls with the other. Vince kept tickle torturing Madison's feet, Vince rubbing his own UPS shorted crotch right against Madison's wriggling feet and squirming toes while he did so, letting Madison's feet inadvertently massage Vince's sex-crazed cock and balls with his feet and toes, while Tony took over tickling Madison's hairy pits, tits, ribs and sides, while Patrick managed to stay out of reach of Vince and Tony, Patrick's boner as evident in his UPS shorts as were Vince's and Tony's obvious erections in theirs.

Patrick teased Madison's piss slit and the underside of his sensitive glans, also twirling the feather fronds around and around Madison's mushroom-shaped cockhead while he simultaneously teased Madison's hairy executive bull-balls, as Vince tickled his feet mercilessly and Tony worked on his upper torso, teasing his hairy chest, hair-haloed man-tits and helplessly exposed armpits as Madison wildly thrashed on the bed in his bondage, again rolling partially onto his stomach to try to avoid their tickling, which only resulted in his again exposing his sides and back and bare ass to their teasing feathers, whereupon he would roll back over onto his back, only to again be teased on his pits, tits, cock, balls and feet. The trio kept this up nonstop and relentlessly for several minutes, till Madison was screeching, crying and begging as he laughed his head off and screamed banshee wails, Madison screaming "AIEEEEE!!!! NO MORE!!!!!! STOP!!!! LET ME CATCH -MY---BREATH!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAAHAH!!! NO, NOT THERE AGAIN!!! NO, STOPPPPP!!! PUH-LEEZE STOPPPP!!!! I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE!!! LET ME GOOOO!!!! NO MORE!!!!! I'LL DO ANYTHING, PAY ANYTHING, JUST LET ME GOOOO!!!!!! AIEEEEEEE!!!!! ARGHHHHHHHHH!!!!! I'M CRAWLING OUT OF MY FUCKIN' SKIN!!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOO!!!!! EEEEEEEEEEEKKKKKK!!! NOT THERE!!! NOT MY FEET!!!! NO GOD NOT MY PITS AGAIN!!! NO NOT MY RIBS, NOOOO!!!! AIEEEEEEEE!!!! NOT MY SIDES OH NO NOT THERE PLEASE, AIEEEEEEEE!!!! HAHAAHAHAHAHAHAAH!!!! as the trio went "kootchie kootchie koo, who's our ticklish baby, hmmmm??? Woo-hoo, woo-hoo, woo-hoo, kitchy kitchy kitchy koo!!!" driving Madison into a total tickle-frenzied dementia.

The trio then untied Madison's feet and raised them high over his head, exposing his furry asscrack and hair-haloed virgin asshole, only to re-bind his feet to the headboard of the bed. Patrick then teased Madison's furry crack with one feather, while he teased his hairy bull-balls and cock with the other, while Vince tickled his pits and Tony tickled his rebound feet. The trio kept teasing the hyper-sensitive stud over and over again to the brink of orgasm, only to deny him any relief and until he was begging to cum. Patrick circled one feather around and around Madison's hair-haloed asshole, driving him wild with lust, Patrick eventually working the teasing feather right into the executive's asshole, feather-fucking him expertly while Patrick simultaneously teased the dude's hairy bull-balls, making his squirming, baby-making nut-oysters go wildly desperate for release, as Patrick also slid his feather over Madison's dripping cock, teasing the sensitive underside of the glans. The trio kept up the intense tickle torture until Madison suddenly cut loose with an audible whoosh as the feathers brought him over the edge, past the point of no return, as giant bolts of red-hot jizz exploded from the tip of the executive's big prick exploding into Madison's handsome face, his blindfold, up his flaring nostrils, into his screaming mouth, his hair then shooting back past the headboard onto the wall and onto Vince and Tony, huge explosions of jizz inundating Madison's heaving, hairy chest, hair-haloed man-tits and into his hairy, sweaty armpits, Patrick feather-fucking his prostate throughout to get every last drop of man-seed the dude had in him.

The trio left Madison tied up and gagged. They would call the cops anonymously in a few hours to report noises coming from Madison's house. Let him explain how he ended up like that!

"Hey, thanks guys, you were great in there!" said Patrick as they walked toward the van afterwards, three hunky guys in their UPS short-panted uniforms, Vince and Tony carrying the phony prop parcel. "Look, I shoulda told you guys this before, but I didn't want to blow the scene with Madison. Madison's not my `lover' or any of that shit; he was my fuckin' boss!! He's as straight as I am, that was the beauty of it!! Madison and my other boss were stealing from the company, and I'm gonna turn them in, but first I wanted to have some fun with their arrogant attitudes!'

"Whattaya mean, you're `straight,' dude? What about that action we got into in the van on the way over and while we were doing Madison?" queried Tony.

"Aw, shit, I was stuck! Didn't want to blow my cover, it could have ruined the scene with Madison. I didn't know; thought you guys might chicken out if you knew Madison and I were straight; it's not like it's exactly legal or anything to tie up guys and tickle them, but with the video tape of it, which Madison knows about, now I've got insurance, so don't worry about anything!" said Patrick.

"Well, shit that was a hot scene, dude. Explains why Madison seemed so shocked and uptight- straight dude! Makes it even hotter. Don't deny you got hot while topping Madison, Patrick!" said Vince.

"Nah, can't deny it. For me, it's the sheer perversity of having that kind of power over a hotshot like Madison, it's not really sexual, though the power stuff turns me on, for sure!" admitted Patrick.

Patrick then helped Vince and Tony replace the fake "package" into the van, Patrick preceding them into the van to position it. Patrick accidentally bumped his head on his way up, bumping it on a built-in metal clasp with a hole through it, used to tie loads to, to prevent them from shifting during travel. Patrick made a joke about his clumsiness, but sat down on the floor of the van next to the package, rubbing his head with one of his strong, sun-bronzed arms, his sun-bronzed hairy legs spread wide out in front of him, inadvertently giving Vince and Tony a glimpse of his packed Calvins underneath his UPS uniform shorts. Vince said "Hey, dude, looks like your `Mr. Happy' is still in the `upright position' as they say on the airliners. C'mon, dude, you can't deny that scene left you as horny as we are, dude! C'mon, Tony and I are professionals. You already know that we know what we're doing, stud! Tony and I know how to get your frat-boy rocks off, and don't worry, we know how to do it without offending straight sensibilities, and we give excellent massages, mind-blowing hand-jobs. How about it? Madison ain't going nowhere and this area is totally secluded" queried Vince.

"Naw, no way, man! C'mon, I'm straight! That's just too fuckin' weird!" replied Patrick.

Vince's reply was to reach out and expertly massage Patrick's bulging crotch through his UPS uniform shorts, causing Patrick to initially yelp "Hey NO!! I said, no, you fucker!" Patrick reaching to shoo Vince's hand away, but Vince had already located the horny frat-boy's cockhead through his shorts and was expertly massaging its sensitive underside. Vince then withdrew his hand, but not before he had noticed a glazed look of increasing lust on Patrick's handsome sun-bronzed face as Patrick swallowed a wad of sex-spit in response to his obvious arousal.

"OK, OK, you guys, just a hand-job though, yeah c'mon I got money, how much is it for a hand-job, guys? Tell ya what," said Patrick, reaching into the pocket of his UPS shorts, "You guys were so good, when you were hired to fuck over Madison for me, you guys can earn this extra C-bill from me, if you guys give me an excellent hand-job, understand? You guys do a good job and it's yours. Now, get to it, dudes, service this straight frat-boy's cock for him, yeah earn that money, work for it, yeah!"

Vince and Tony were a little taken aback by all this. Who the fuck did Patrick think he was, suddenly treating them like "hired help" or something? Shit, Vince and Tony would have gladly done Patrick for free, but exchanged glances between them, unseen by the sex-glazed Patrick, which silently said "Let's teach this motherfucker a lesson of his own!"

Vince and Tony crawled up to where Patrick lay, each massaging his crotch through his UPS uniform shorts, causing Patrick to lay back and ooo and ahh with rising lust. Vince than suggested that Patrick remove the UPS uniform- "Mr. Billy won't like it if you bring it back all covered with frat-boy cum" lied Vince (Shit, he would love it in reality , oh but yes!).

Patrick could see the sense in this, so he let the two hired "escorts" ease him out of his UPS uniform shirt, revealing his sun-bronzed, lightly-jet-black-haired frat boy chest, and sweaty, jet-black-haired armpits, Tony tweaking Patrick's hair-haloed tits causing him to gasp in rising lust, as Vince simultaneously massaged the frat-boy's bulging crotch through the UPS shorts. Patrick's girlfriends had never worked over his man-tits for him; the uninitiated Patrick was getting his first taste of tit work, and obviously liked it, his frat-boy nubbins standing up at attention as Patrick involuntarily moaned "Oh Gawwddd!!! That feels fuckin' fan-tas-tic, dudes, yeah, keep up the good work, you know you want to earn my C-bill, yeah!!!!" Vince had cleverly started the video camera rolling inside Patrick's gym bag without Patrick having seen. Vince and Tony would have their own "insurance"!

Vince then unhooked the waist clasp of Patrick's brown UPS uniform shorts and eased them down off of his long, sun-bronzed hairy legs, Vince raising those legs in the process, then eased them over his shoes and socks, then removed Patrick's shoes and brown UPS uniform socks. Vince feasted on the smell of those hunky size-12 frat-boy feet, then couldn't resist chowing down on them, sliding his hot taster all over the soles, toes and heels of the pink feet, savoring their smell and taste. To Vince's relief, Patrick did not call him off, in fact, he seemed to be getting off on the "power trip" of having his feet worshipped, even though Vince and Tony had strayed somewhat from a pure "hand-job". Vince loved the view of the frat-boy's nearly naked, sun-bronzed muscular body, as Patrick lay panting clad only his bulging, snow-white frat-boy Calvins, as Tony simultaneously massaged his crotch through the undershorts and played with Patrick's volcanic frat-boy tits.

Vince then joined Tony at Patrick's crotch and suddenly yanked down Patrick's Calvins, revealing Patrick's huge, erect cock and hairy bull-balls, Patrick's bare, white ass being reveled as Vince raised Patrick's legs again to remove the Calvins over Patrick's size-12s, Patrick's ass lightly hair-flecked and split by a line of dark fur, Patrick's hair-haloed virgin butthole inadvertently winking pinkly as his legs were in the air.

Vince then held the Calvins to his face and sniffed their musky crotch and ass areas, causing Patrick to crow "yeah do it, eat my fuckin' frat boy shorts! That give you a charge, huh, sniffin' my funky frat boy shorts? Yeah, go ahead, work for this C-bill, yeah!"

Vince and Tony then each grabbed Patrick's frat-boy cock in their hands and began expertly stroking and professionally pumping Patrick's prick, instructing him to lay back and enjoy it while they stroked him into heaven, watching as Patrick lay back with his hands behind his head, exposing the depths of his hairy armpits, barely watching through his glazed, sex-crazed eyes as his two hired "escorts" gave him an excellent hand-job, Patrick feeling that at any second he was going to blow a big load, his toes curling on his size-12s in sex-crazed anticipation As Patrick blissfully lay back on the verge of orgasm, smugly resting his handsome head on his sun-bronzed hands behind his head, his hairy, soupy armpits completely exposed and vulnerable, Tony suddenly snapped an extra pair of handcuffs they had brought with them over Patrick's right wrist then yanked it through the clasp in the wall of the van Patrick had hit his head on, and snapped the other cuff over Patrick's left wrist, leaving the denuded frat boy suddenly helpless, his big, sunbronzed muscular arms raised above his head, and his hairy, sweaty armpits totally and hopelessly exposed.

"Hey! What the fuck!!?? What's this shit???? Hey, c'mon, this wasn't part of the deal!!! What the fuck's on your minds, you dirty double-crossing fuckers!!! Hey, no C-bill unless you let me go, NOW!" ordered Patrick.

"We were gonna give you a hand-job for free, asshole, but it seems you need a little attitude adjustment of your own. Don't worry, we have our scruples, even if we are hustlers. We won't fuck your straight-boy ass or make you suck our cocks or eat out our assholes or anything, though we sure as hell now could, and would like to, so don't panic, but we're gonna make you pay for your attitude dude! Gonna tickle the shit out of you, hotshot, make you star in your own blackmail video. You'll get your hot little frat-boy rocks off, gonna get you to shoot those pent-up, straight-boy, baby-making nut oysters for our entertainment big time, eventually, but first, you're gonna earn it! Then you're gonna be ours hotstuff, our own little frat-boy tickle slave for further sessions. Yeah, gonna get you to get us your senior frat buddies, the really homophobic ones, the Pledgemaster, the snot-nosed frat President; gonna tie them down swat the homophobic Pledgemaster with his own fuckin' pledge paddle, and tickle both of them too-maybe make them suck our cocks and eat our asses, that would be hot. But mostly you're gonna be ours- ours to play with and tease. Gonna tie ya to a chair one night in your Ralph Lauren Polo shirt and jeans before a date, when you're all scrubbed up and cologne-scented and your frat-boy cock is ready to burst, gonna take off your athletic shoes and socks, tickle those size-12s while we tweak your thrust-out-from-being-tied to-a-chair frat-boy man-tits through your Polo shirt, haul out your big cock and tickle it repeatedly to orgasm, after first cum-denying you for hours. Yeah, you're gonna love it, dude!" all to Patrick's disbelief and horror. Worse, the mental picture that formed of him tied to a chair and teased got Patrick's cock even harder in frustrated lust. Damn! They were doing a number on Patrick's straight-boy mind; kinda scary, but kinda hot!

Vince then straddled Patrick's six-pack abs, the coarse, bristly leg hairs of his sun-bronzed legs brushing the sensitive sides of Patrick's denuded chest, while Tony sat his own UPS-shorted ass down onto Patrick's hairy knees, facing his victim's sexy, size-12 bare feet. Vince also slid his UPS shorted ass over Patrick's straining boner, rubbing his uniformed asscrack over Patrick's pulsing pecker before sitting himself back up on his six-pack abs. Vince then proceeded to tickle Patrick's exposed hairy armpits with two feathers while Tony started to tickle Patrick's bare feet with feathers, causing Patrick to squeal, shriek and beg for mercy "NOOOO!!!! STOPPPPPP!!! C'MON, NOOOOOOO!!! HELPPPPP!!!! STOPPP!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! AIEEEE!!!!!! OH MY GAWDDDDD!!!!! ARGHHHHHH!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!! NOOOOO!!!!!! NOT TWO AT ONCE, NOOOOO!!!"

After several more minutes of tickle torture, Tony and Vince raised Patrick's sun-bronzed muscular hairy legs in the air and swatted his deserving frat-boy ass until it was flaming fire-engine red, then proceeded to trail feathers down his exposed hairy asscrack, circling his hair-haloed virgin asshole, causing the frat boy to flinch and then ooo and ahhh at the unexpected pleasure he was receiving from his first bout of anal stimulation. Fuck, thought Patrick, and I thought it was just for taking a dump! Damn! Patrick unknowingly began to thrust his manly buns back onto the invading feathers, shoving his stinging, red, frat-boy ass back against the feathers, while Tony and Vince delicately slid the teasing tormentors all up and down his furry crack and over, then into his hole, feather-fucking the arrogant frat-boy's open butthole as he mewled with pleasure. "Yeah, admit it straight-boy, you like having your ass played with, don't cha huh? Wag that frat-boy ass for us, give us a show, earn our fuckin' C-bill from us, bitch," said Tony, throwing the cash onto Patrick's hairy chest, making Patrick feel like a street trash whore, "Tell us how good it feels, yeah" breathed Vince into Patrick's ear, Patrick saying "Oh, yeahhh, do it, tickle my fuckin' straight, hot, butch hole and crack, yeah do it, it feels good, real good, yeah go ahead slide that feather up my hot butt, spank my ass, yeah, show me who's calling the shots now, yeah. Make me fuckin' pay for treating ya like street trash, yeah!!!"

Vince also slid feathers over Patrick's dripping, hard cock and hairy bull-balls, teasing the churning nut oysters in the hapless frat-boy's pent-up bull balls, making his baby-makers squirm in desperation, teasing the sensitive glans and cockhead of the out-of-it hetero, driving him wild with unfulfilled lust.

Vince and Tony then let Patrick's hairy legs drop back down onto the floor of the van, and Vince re-positioned himself over Patrick's hairy chest, using his ten twitching fingers to delve into Patrick's hairy armpits, making him squeal and buck wildly, while Tony worked on the straight dude's bare, size 12 feet, Vince alternately raking his fingers over Patrick's stretched out sides and ribs, counting his ribs and screwing one sun-bronzed finger deep into Patrick's belly-button, while Tony tickled the soles, toes and heels of the bound frat-boys squirming feet, causing Patrick to arch his back, squeal, scream, mewl and beg for mercy to no avail, Patrick covered in sweat as he struggled valiantly and futilely to free himself from being teased by the very street trash he had hired to work over Madison. Incredible! Here he was a moneyed, high-class straight frat-boy being worked over by the same low-class guys he had hired to humiliate Madison! Shit! Talk about having the fuckin' tables turned!

Vince and Tony kept up the extreme tickle torture for almost another hour, then decided to let the frat-boy finally blast his load for them. Vince and Tony raised Patrick's hairy legs over his head and tied them to the clasp his wrists were cuffed to, so that Patrick's bare, still red ass was high in the air his furry buttcrack and hair-haloed virgin asshole were wide open and totally exposed to the air, and his big cock was practically staring him right in his own face.

Vince tickled Patrick's dripping boner with a feather, teasing the sensitive glans and cockhead while he teased Patrick's cum-churning frat-boy hairy bull-balls and wide-open butthole, while Tony tweaked his hair-haloed man tits and tickled and yanked on the frat-stud's armpit hairs, over and over again bringing Patrick to the very brink of a satisfying climax only to back off again and again. Vince and Tony kept cum-denying Patrick for several minutes, then they finally tickled him relentlessly until, triggered just by the teasing feathers, Patrick threw back his head, yelled, curled the toes of his size-12s, and yanked on his bonds as all the muscle groups in his hunky body suddenly contracted under his smooth, sun-bronzed skin, followed by a funky whoosh as a solid rope of white-hot frat-stud cum erupted from the head of his big cock, squirting bolt after boiling bolt of pent-up jizz right into his own unsuspecting mouth, face, nose, eyes, hair and all over the ceiling and wall of the van, other sky-rocketing sperm bombs splattering against Patrick's heaving, hairy chest and erect, hair-haloed man-tits. Patrick soon felt more red-hot jizz hit his chest, looking up in horror through his own sperm-soaked face to see that Vince and Tony had released their boners from their UPS uniform shorts and were now blasting their own hot loads right onto Patrick's heaving hairy chest, joining the snail-trails of Patrick's own voluminous cum, the most intense orgasm of his entire life.

Vince and Tony then released their captive, exhausted straight stud.

Patrick had to admit that it had been hot, beyond his wildest dreams.

Vince and Tony had their video of Patrick (later excitingly viewed by Mr. Billy, oh but yes!) and Patrick had the videos of Chad and Madison. Patrick knew that Vince and Tony had him by his own balls as well, but somehow Patrick didn't mind; some of his girlfriends sometimes denied him sex anyway; now he had an alternative outlet, even if it meant being topped; but Patrick had to admit that idea turned him on-never knowing when Vince and Tony might command him to appear, force him to strip or strip him, blindfold him, tease him all over, swat his bare ass, whatever. Could be cool. And, it gave Patrick a few ideas of how to haze new pledges when it was his turn. Yeah, tie up the most bullying ones, the ones who lorded it over underclassmen in their high schools and bashed fags, yeah tie up their privileged asses, tickle them till they fuckin' squirt their frat-boy loads against their will, watch them react in surprised horror when their straight boy cocks get hard in front of each other just by being tickled and teased with an innocent-looking feather, then squirt their butch loads all over each other, their traitorous pricks erupting just by being teased with a feather, yeah, then make them crawl, yeah, watch as their faces contort in unwanted laughter as goosepimples erupt all over their stripped young bodies, their hairy armpits suddenly not a sign of their machismo but a new found weakness, making them squirm and squeal, yeah, bring them to their fuckin' knees, yeah! And how about those strutting alums who returned to the frat to lord it over their chapter, the hairy-chested 30-year-old married ones who came back at rush to help with the hazing, the ones who drank the chapter's booze and laughed and cheered while the frosh pledges were put through their paces for their amusement. Yeah, that'd be hot, tie up those hotshots, too, right after they'd been guffawing at the paddled frosh, yeah strip off their business suits in front of the whole frat, videotape their humiliation for blackmail, then paddle their bare, hairy executive asses until they were red hot and burning, and tickle them to dementia, yank out their body hair and make them shoot their loads while the rest of the frosh and frat guys cheered and laughed as the alums hung their heads in shame and embarrassment as Patrick fed each the other's cum as a grand finale. Made Patrick hard just to think of it, God knows he'd be hard when he actually did it!


Patrick sat in the courtroom watching as Miss Mathieson gave her last bit of scathing testimony using the documents Patrick had provided. Chad and Madison sat with their heads in their hands in their orange prison jumpsuits as the judge sentenced them to 25 years to life, part of a crackdown on white-collar crime, making an example of the two bad-boys.

Mr. Billy restrained himself from clapping his hands merrily as he sat next to Patrick, clinging to Patrick's suit-panted thigh and bulging bicep, while Vince and Tony sat to Mr. Billy's right. Patrick had already grinned when he saw Mr. Billy enter the courtroom in a subdued (for Mr. Billy) ensemble, trying for the world to walk like Nathan Lane trying to walk like John Wayne, in "The Birdcage," and failing just as miserably as Nathan Lane did in the movie.

"This really is too like "Cops" and "Judge Judy" rolled into one, oh but yes! exclaimed Mr. Billy. Although the judge is a guy, but really just as tough and butch as Judge Judy, oh but yes! And all these uniformed cops!!! That "Bad Boys, Bad Boys, Whatcha Gonna Do When They Come for You?" theme just keeps playing in my little head!!! Although I had hoped, simply hoped, that that Dominick Dunne person would have been present at such an important trial such as this!!! I mean he is simply at all of the most important trials, now, isn't he?? And, you know , I quite think Mr. Dunne is one of us, er, that is, like Vince and Tony and me, dear, I can always tell! Oh, look!! Those uniformed cops are absolutely escorting our Chad and Madison to the holding cell!! That's where they perform strip-searches of the "suspects" (that's what they always call them on "Cops," dear, even when it's quite obvious they're all guilty as sin, oh but yes!) and they will perform an absolute cavity-search on them, oh how fitting, oh but yes! What I wouldn't give to be present for that!! Then they shall take them back to prison, I mean, imagine! All those horny inmates! Won't they be meeting our Chad and Madison in the showers now, oh but yes!! Now I do wish I had brought them both some sort of really cheesy gift, you know, a positive soap-on-a-rope or something, maybe one scented with that horrible Brut scent, you know the sort of thing; now that would have been quite fitting, oh but yes!"

Patrick laughed and agreed, then remembered that Vince and Tony had scheduled another "session" with Patrick for that afternoon. Now why did he spring a half-hard boner in anticipation? Maybe it was because he had been fantasizing about having Vince and Tony "get" the brash young prosecuting attorney he'd been watching send Chad and Madison to the "big house," as well as the hunky uniformed bailiff cop. Hmm, that was the DA's personal phone diary on the counsel table, and the DA and the bailiff were in the holding cell (no doubt watching the bailiff perform the humiliating "cavity searches") and no one seemed to be looking... Guess there'd be no harm in taking a quick look for the DA's home address, now would there?? Hmmmm.