Tattoo Tickling



The city streets were quiet this particular rainy Saturday night. Nick walked in through the rain, down the deserted street towards the flashing blue neon sign that read "Tattoos and Piercing". This was his fourth and final visit for this tattoo. It was a serpent wrapped around a sword, something he had seen in a book somewhere. It was a long process to draw the intricate design on his lower chest and belly, and he had quickly grown tired of the process. Nick was not the patient type to begin with, and in short, an arrogant son of a bitch. There was a permanent scowl embedded into his face and he didn't say much at all to anyone. You can bet that when he did speak, "Have a nice day" were not his words of choice. He was unusually tired tonight, bordering on exhausted. He had worked until 4 am the night before at the seedy biker bar where he was a bouncer, and spent the day in the hot sun laying cement for the contracting company where he was employed.

Despite his overtly nasty and miserable demeanor and his cocky, self consumed attitude, Nick turned heads when he barreled by. He stood about 6 feet tall or so. His jet black hair was buzzed down to a military cut in the back and on the sides, and short and spiked on top. He had several hoops and studs through both his ears. There was always a few days growth showing on his chiseled face. He had a strong, square jaw, thick full lips and deep set, wide, dark brown eyes. His worn black leather biker jacked fit tightly over his strong, broad shoulders and when he moved his arms you could see his cut biceps flex through the cracked, black leather. He had a powerful and defined chest, with a pair of small, brown pierced nips that you could see through his tight white tee shirt. His abs were flawlessly defined and had a trail of black hair in the center that lead down into his curly black bush. Much like the rest of him, Nick's cock was thick and wide, the kind of meat a man could get a grip on. Nick had long, bulky legs. Tight thighs, muscular calves and a smooth solid ass that rounded to perfection in his torn and frayed, tight Levis button fly jeans.

Dino saw Nick coming from across the street, he sighed and shook his head. It was near closing time and as usual, Nick failed to take that into consideration. Nick didn't like to wait and he didn't like an audience. He purposely came late to avoid anyone else being there. Dino knew Nick was a regular customer at the parlor and that he spent a lot of money there. Dino in fact, had done most of his tattoos so far. The bold, red broken heart on his back and the blue-eyed skull on his right forearm were Dino's work. Nick also had a shield with his initials on his left ankle that was done by the parlor's owner. Regardless, Dino disliked him and dreaded seeing him walk through the door. Aside from his disagreeable manner, even after all the hours Dino had worked on Nick, barely a word was spoken between the two aside from strictly business. Dino, after several attempts at conversation while he worked, and a few dirty jokes to break the ice, gave up after Nick's constant lack of response. The longest talk they ever had was when Nick had complained during his last visit about the colors not blending right on his new tattoo on the ankle. Dino told him he would take a look next time he came in.

Dino locked the door behind Nick when he came in. Nick insisted on the table in the private room in the back of the parlor and it was close to calling it a night anyway. Dino noticed that Nick seemed to be dragging tonight. Obviously more than a bit worn out, which certainly wouldn't be an asset to his already grim personality. Nick removed his black leather biker jacked and white tee shirt as he lay down on the table. Before he started on the completion of the latest design, Dino suggested that he take a look at the tattooed ankle. He removed the black leather motorcycle boot and white cotton sweat sock from Nick's left foot to examine the tattoo. When he grabbed Nick's foot to turn his leg more to the light, Nick's body seemed to jerk. He kept his hand there, moving it back and forth a bit while examining the tattoo. Nick's body continued to jerk. Dino was curious about Nick's reaction. He moved to Nick's upper body and lightly dragged his fingers across his chest and belly, in order to examine the latest tattoo. Again Nick's body jerked, and this time was accompanied by an uncharacteristic giggle and smirk from Nick's otherwise stone cold face. Dino had an idea. He wasted as much time as possible before working on Nick's tattoo. He fiddled with his instruments, left the room now and again and took more time than needed to prepare. He glanced at Nick a few times and noticed how his eyes seemed to close all on their own. Finally, it was done. Nick had lost the battle with his long hours, hard work, and lack of sleep and was out cold on the table.

Nick didn't sleep for very long. When he awoke he found himself alone in the private room in the back of the parlor and unable to move. His wrists were bound together with the heavy cotton cloth used to clean up in the parlor. His arms pulled over his head and his tight bindings attached to the leg post under the table. His ankles too, were tied to the steel posts with his legs spread apart. His other boot and sock removed. Dino walked into the room with a Marlboro hanging from his mouth and a look of intense satisfaction and excitement on his face. "What the fuck, you asshole!!" What's going on?" Nick yelled. Dino circled the table, smoking his butt and grinning at Nick. "Fuck you!" said Dino. "You're the asshole...and you deserve whatever ya get!" he continued. "When I get loose, you're done're fuckin' history!" Nick went on. "Well then, I guess I better make this worthwhile" answered Dino. Dino stopped at Nick's big feet and dragged his nails from the heel to the toe. His reaction was immediate.

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA NO! HAHAHAHAHA DON'T! HAHA HAHAHAHAHAHA" Dino dug his finger tips into the arches as Nick screamed with laughter. He dragged his fingers up and settled in, tickling in the crease of Nick's toes. "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA PLEEEZE NO! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA D-D-DON'T TICKLE ME! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA HEHEHEHEHEHE HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA"

Dino took his attack to Nick's muscular torso. He stroked and poked at Nick's sides, ribs and firm belly.


Dino lightly stroked the black hair in Nick's pits and watched him go wild. As he looked down and enjoyed the bruiser's convulsing body, he noticed the bulge in Nick's crotch. He moved to Nick's side and undid the worn out button fly jeans. Nick, breathing heavily, could barely utter the words of protest. "N-NOO.....N-NOO M-M-ORE" Dino yanked Nick's jeans down to his knees and pulled the white cotton briefs down behind them. Nick's prick was standing straight up, and the head was moist with pre-cum. Dino took all five fingers of one hand and began to lightly assault and tickle Nick's balls. He moved quickly between his hypersensitive nuts, under the balls and his inner thighs. Nick was out of control. His body thrust up and out trying to avoid the tickling fingers.


Nick's huge, thick prick was throbbing. Dino took it in his hand and used Nick's pre-cum as lube. Through the laughter, Nick moaned as Dino's hand caressed the tight flesh on his tool.


Nick was going wild. He yanked fiercely on his restraints in sheer pleasure. The strength of his arms tore through the cloths that that secured his arms. He reached over and grabbed Dino's stiff prick through his jeans. Dino tore his jeans and jock strap off his body. "I WANT IT MAN, GIVE IT TO ME PLEEZE" insisted Nick. Dino climbed on the table with his cock and balls hanging over Nick's mouth. His package disappeared past Nick's full lips and into his hot mouth. Dino bent over and swallowed Nick's tool, tickling the base of his cock and his nuts as he sucked. Both bodies throbbed and jerked as Dino and Nick shot their loads. Dino let out a deep satisfied moan and Nick's muffled laughter mixed with a loud groan.

Nick finally got his tattoo finished, the one of the serpent wrapped around the sword on his lower chest and belly. He decided that what he had already was enough and he wouldn't be having any more bright, colorful designs etched into his skin. He did however, spend quite a few more nights on that table in the private room in the back of the parlor. And he still always arrived just before closing.