Two Ticklish Brothers



My first intense tickling experiences came about with my younger brother. He was just as ticklish as I am. One time when I was 14 and Chris was 12, our parents left me in charge for the day. We went into the backyard to throw the football around for a while. After 10 minutes, the neighborhood kids came over. There were 4 of them. Cory was with them. Now, my bro had been fighting with him over the summer. As soon as he saw him, he yelled, "Get out of my yard, asshole" and started shoving Cory around.

Now, I liked Cory. He was the same age as Chris and really cute, with blonde wavy hair. So I broke up the fight and Chris starts swearing at everyone. I tell him to shut up or he'll regret it.

The others decide to knock Chris down and pin him to the ground. Cory looks really mad and wants to get even. I pull Cory over to the side and say, "Cory, if you really want to get even, I can tell you his weakness." He looks at me and says, "Oh yeah, he has a weakness, does he? What is it?" I smile and say, "He has extremely ticklish feet. You could tickle his bare feet until he pees himself. What would be more embarrassing then that?" Cory smiles and says, "Now this could be fun."

We walk over to Chris, and Cory says, "Guys, sit on him and keep him pinned down. It's time to have some fun." They pin him on his stomach, one sitting on his back, another on his butt, and the third on his legs. Chris starts screaming for everyone to get off of him. Cory sits across his ankles and starts pulling off his shoes.

He says, "So, Chris, I hear you're a little ticklish. Let's see just how ticklish you are." Chris starts yelling and begging. Cory smiles and pulls off Chris' socks. Chris now yells, "No, not the socks! Please, Cory, I'm sorry, don't tickle my bare feet, please, I can't take that." Cory says, "Too late." He starts running his finger up and down his left foot, stroking his soles ever so lightly. Chris starts giggling. I'm sitting on the ground across from his feet watching and thinking, "This is just what you deserve, you little shit. Just wait until I get involved!" I say, "Hey, Cory, let me have a foot. I have a little revenge for all those times he tickled my bare feet." Cory looks down at my feet and says, "So you have ticklish feet also, huh?" I say, "Don't even think about it, bud." My feet are about 2 sizes bigger then my brother's, and even more ticklish, if you can believe it.

Anyway, I pick up a stick and start tracing the lines on his sole. He starts bucking and laughing even harder. I say, "See, you need to use a hard object to run across his soles."

Cory says, "How about this?" and pulls a comb out of his pocket. He starts dragging the comb across his instep, concentrating on his pale white instep. This has Chris going crazy, so I pick up another stick. Using both, I zigzag them all over his sole. Now we're both torturing the hell out of his soles, and Chris is laughing so hard it, sounds like he's ready for a heart attack.



I say, "So, do you have to go to the bathroom yet???"

He yells, "OHHH GOHAAHAAAD YESSSSS HAAAHAAAA STOOOOPPPPPP!!!" We just start tickling him faster, torturing those pale size 9 soles of his, tickling his arch like madmen. He really loses it when the others join in tickling his ribs and under his arms. He starts screaming and thrashing around and gets free and runs in the house. But that's OK, because we notice a wet stain on the ground. The guys leave but I yell after them, "You know his weakness, so if he gives you anymore trouble, remind him of this day and you could repeat it anytime.

I grab his shoes and socks and go into the house. He's nowhere in sight. He could be upstairs in the bathroom or hiding to attack me. I knew this hadn't ended, so I go upstairs and grab his sleeping bag and bring it downstairs and hide behind the couch, just in case. He comes back downstairs. He had changed his clothes. He starts yelling and swearing, "You're going to get it! I'm telling mom and dad!" in that whiny voice of his. I reply, "I guess you didn't learn your lessen yet, did you?" I drag out the sleeping bag and say, "You know what this is for. It's time for a nap, runt." He's confused and tries to run. I grab him and put the sleeping bag over his head and down his body. I trip him and tie the strings around his ankles and sit across his legs, looking at a pair of very ticklish soles. I say, "Let's see just how loud you can laugh. I'm tickling these poor soles until you laugh yourself hoarse." I can't believe how exciting it is to have a pair of bare soles trapped under your legs to do anything you want to them. To tickle them and watch the toes curl and go crazy, to feel the soft soles under your fingernails. To watch the soles turn a light red from the torment of the tickling.

Anyway, I say, "Don't move. I have a surprise for you." I get up and go into the kitchen to get two forks and a couple of stiff feathers out of a planter. When I get back to Chris, he's rolling around trying to get up. I say, "You've been a bad boy. Time for some torture. Where should I start?"

He says, "Just leave me alone." I say ,"No way. I've waited a long time for those ticklish tootsies of yours. Did I say tootsies? That sounds like a good place to start." I turn him onto his back and wrap my legs around his ankles so they are resting in my lap. Looking at ten deliciously sensitive toes waiting for a feather.

I start tickling under his toes with the feather. He starts moaning and curling his toes. I start to run both feathers under his toes, and he starts giggling and begging me to stop. I say, "I'm just warming up, pal." and I drag the feathers between his toes, going from first toe to last toe. Then back again in between all ten toes about a dozen times. I ask, "Have you had enough yet?" I hear, "YESSSS OHHH GODDDD HAAHAHHHAHAHAH YESSSS JUSSTTT HAAHHHAHOOHOO STOOOPPPPP!!!!

I say, "I only have one more thing to use on you." With his soles trapped between my thighs, I grab the forks and drag them both across his soles. Now he's howling with laughter and his toes are going crazy. So, for the next five minutes, I keep the forks stroking his soles. I then pull his toes back and run the forks over his taut soles. He starts screaming for me to stop, but I ignore him. Then a loud hysterical laugh pours out of the sleeping bag and he starts coughing and spitting up in the bag. I decide he's had enough and untie him. He stumbles up the stairs and passes out in his bed.

But later in the summer he sure got me back and really gave my feet a workout.

* * * * *

My little shit of a brother sure got me back this summer. All I did was tickle his feet a bit, nothing like what he put me through (well, maybe). I was in the woods in back of the house climbing a split-off tree. I'm in the Scouts and they were having a contest to see who could climb the fastest. I was practicing because I really wanted to win the contest. It was in two weeks. Anyway, I was on my fourth trip up the tree, when all of a sudden someone grabs my ankle and yanks me down into the wedge between the split of the tree.

I became totally stuck, with one foot sticking straight out and the other leg pinned against the back of the tree.

I was confused and not sure what had happened. I shook the cobwebs out of my head. I then heard laughter and turned and saw Chris with a big, wicked grin. I swallowed hard and said, "What the hell are you doing?" Chris says, "I've been watching you for weeks, waiting for the perfect opportunity." I said, "What the hell are you talking about?"

Chris says, "Remember what you did to me last month? Now it's my turn to drive you crazy with laughter."

I said, "I can't believe you still remember that. I was just fooling around." Chris screams, "Remember? Of course I remember. You humiliated me in front of all my friends and the neighborhood punks!"

I laugh at the thought of it and say, "Oh yeah, how is Cory? Have you seen him lately, and has he made you laugh again?"

Chris says, "I don't know, maybe you should ask him yourself. We made up since he found out about your weakness, and he wants to help me teach you a lesson you'll never forget." Chris waves his hand and Cory appears from out of nowhere. Cory says, "Since the day you told me you were ticklish on your feet, I've dreamed of tickling your bare feet until you go crazy. And Chris wants some revenge himself, so we will be torturing your poor feet all afternoon. What do you think of that?"

I started screaming for them to get me down or I'd kick both their asses. I try to push myself up out of the wedge, but the next thing I know, Chris flips off my shoe and starts stroking my socked arch with his fingertips. Since I'm wearing socks, it's not that bad. Cory disappears and Chris starts scratching my foot, saying, "You feel like laughing yet? It's going to get a lot worse then this." I start to giggle but I keep it under control. He keeps it up for a few minutes until Cory reappears, saying, "Look at the goodies I have found to entertain those poor bare soles with."

Chris grabs them saying, "What do we have here? Let's see. There's a feather, and a stick, and what's this? Let's try this next." Cory walks over to my foot and slaps it saying, "Hey, what's this sock doing on? We need bare feet to torture." And grips my toes and starts slipping the sock off my foot. I become alarmed and started to beg them to stop, saying, "Oh God, please, not the sock, not the fucking sock , you know I can't take it." I look at Chris with tears in my eyes and beg to be helped out of the tree. Chris looks at me with compassion and starts toward me, when all of a sudden, Cory yells out, "Chris, get over here. Don't listen to that s.o.b." Cory then bends down in front of my foot and caresses it saying, "Look at this big, bare foot. It's so smooth. Say, how big are those dogs of yours?" and with that comment, he scraps his fingernail across my sole. I gave out a yelp, and said, "Size twelve." He looks up and says, "Size twelve! These are the biggest feet I've ever seen, and you're in for some fun torture, at least you'll think so. Well, Chris, are you ready to start the sentencing of our prisoner...?"

I yelled, "NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Cory looks up at me and says, "The sentence, you prick, is to have the soles of your feet tickled until you loose control of your bladder." He then puts something under my toes, twirling it, moving it down my soles, from toes to heel. It felt like electricity running up my leg.

It tickled like I've never felt before. I burst out laughing, no build up or anything. I just had to let it out. I couldn't stop laughing. It then lingered in my arch and the middle of my sole, twirling slowly. I could feel little bristles.

I tried to speak. "Ohh Gooddd haahhaahaahaahaa ssssttoppp nnoohhoohoo mmhooohoooreeeeehaahaaaahaaahhhhhhh". And I totally lost it, laughing hysterically. After about five minutes he stopped. I continued laughing for another few minutes. When I finally stopped. Chris says, "Man, I thought you were going to loose it, big brother. Going to have to save this for later."

Then he holds it up for me to see: its a tiny branch full of pine needles. OK, if you ever felt pine needles on your bare sole, you know it's one of the worst tortures to go through. That was my first time, and I thought I was in tickle hell. If not, I suggest you try it on someone, for sheer torture.

Anyhow, I said, "OK, you've had your fun. Now let me down." Chris says, "Hey, I haven't had my turn yet, and we can't forget your other foot." My other foot was hanging down the back of the tree, with my foot pinned against the trunk. I then felt someone tugging on my foot. I couldn't see back there, and that made even worse. Then my leg gets pulled out a bit and my shoe and sock is ripped off in one stroke. Then my leg slams back against the tree, and I can't move my leg at all, just wiggle my toes a little. Then I hear, "Boy, this foot looks tender. I wonder if it feels tender as well?"

And a hand starts caressing over my bare sole. My sole was wrinkled up, and he starts running his fingernails in the creases of the wrinkles. I bite my lip and flow with the caress on the foot. I think I started to moan and groan. It started to feel kind of good. When all of a sudden, I felt sticks dragging between the creases. I start to giggle when he started digging deeper and speeding up the action.

It was agony. The other foot, I could at least wiggle it. This foot, I couldn't even move it or see it.

Cory says, "He's trying to hold it in. How's the other foot coming along, Chris? I think he needs another workout." I scream, "NO! NOT BOTH FEET! Please, I can't take that."

Chris says, "Ahh, poor baby, time to get serious." Chris then moves to my front foot while Cory goes to my back foot. Chris then starts dragging feathers between my toes, saying, "Do you remember doing this to me?" Then he runs the feather from first toe to last toe about a dozen times.

While he's doing that, Cory is running the damn sticks all over my other sole. The double sensations are driving me crazy. Both of my feet were twitching uncontrollably. I didn't know how much longer I could hold out. My dick started getting one of those pissing hard-ons. I grabbed my crotch and in between laughter said, "Stoppp haa ha commmee on haa ahha II realllly havvv haahahha tootoo peee hahhaahaa haaaha stttooopp stppp haahaaaa anyyyy thiiiiiiggg stopppppphaahaahaaha!!!!!!!!!!"

They both slow down but not completely stopping, saying, "Its about time! You held out longer then I thought you could. Now, all you have to do is let loose with the piss and we'll stop." I said, "No way, you little shits."

Chris says, "I guess I'll just have to use this again" and digs into his pocket and pulls out the branch with the pine needles, saying, "Remember this? The one thing that drove you over the edge? But don't worry, I have another for Cory to entertain your other foot with. You think you can take your worst torture on both soles at the same time without pissing? I don't think so." I started crying saying, "I'll do whatever you say! Just stop."

Cory says, "Don't you get it? Man, we want to make you piss. You have no choice in this, to make a bully like you crumble is the biggest thrill. To hell with this, let's get started already." And with that, Chris hands Cory a branch and they both start twirling it around my arches. And I'm back in hell. I don't even giggle. I just burst out with hysterical laughter. I laugh so hard tears are flowing down my face, and my body turns into a mass of quivering flesh. All I know is I have to hold onto my dick and not give in to these pussies, or I'll never hear the end of this. They will tell all their friends and they will be waiting for a chance at my ticklish feet. But it's a losing battle, as I feel the liquid rising up trying to escape. The sensation is just to strong.

After another five minutes, but it feels more like five hours, I let out an ear-piercing scream of laughter and feel the warm liquid run down my leg and pour out in front of my pants. I don't think I ever pissed this much felt hot, and that even tickled as it ran down my leg. As I felt it run across my bare foot, Cory yells out, "Gross, he really did it! The sissy really did it! Wait until everyone hears about this!" But at this point, I didn't care. The foot tickling stopped and I could breath again, even though it took about ten minutes to calm down. And the two assholes walked away saying, they taught me a lesson I'll never forget. After about twenty minutes, I finally found freedom from the "torture tree", as I refer to it now. I fell to the ground by those branches of needles. I smiled and picked up a few, mumbling, "One for Cory, one for Chris," thinking I have some friends who will help me. As I stumbled toward the house, I remembered Chris is having a sleep over in a couple weeks.

Just maybe I can trick Cory into coming.

Then revenge is mine!!!!!