Straight Video Producers Forced to Star in Their Own Tickling Videos



Brian Masterson III and his business partner, Kent Worthington, were gloating over the success of their video business. Brian and Kent had known each other since they were fraternity brothers in college at the most prestigious fraternity on campus. Both were from wealthy backgrounds and had studied business in college. The 6' 3" 28-year-old , dirty-blond-haired Brian, and the darkly handsome 6' 2" , 27-year-old Kent, had fallen into creating a very lucrative mail-order video production company. Brian and Kent were hyper-macho straight dudes who hated gays and regularly bashed them in their college days. Nevertheless, they had heard that the Internet and adult entertainment industries were big money-makers, and, as part of their business studies, they came upon a detailed study of types of adult entertainment that had a big market but were yet untapped. The study indicated that there was a big market for quality male tickling videos and that there was little competition in the marketplace at the time. Brian and Kent made gagging and retching sounds when they read the article, so deep was their hatred of gays, plus they considered "ticklishness" unmanly and beneath contempt. Their love and lust for money and more of it, however, was endless, and for this reason they gave serious consideration to starting such a business, and did just that, to their own amazement.

Brian Masterson III and Kent Worthington had six-figure "day jobs" working as yuppie stockbrokers, and fell into the adult entertainment business as a sideline. Brian and Kent wore designer suits and ties to their office by day and Brian even wore his when he filmed the videos. Brian had taken a "minor" in cinema at college and was quite skilled at videography, so he was the cameraman for the videos. He made quite an incongruous impression dressed in designer shirt and tie while filming adult videos, and male/male ones at that. Kent recruited the "actors" for the videos and even appeared in some of them, though always clothed and always in control of the action, never as a "victim". Kent reasoned that his being in them didn't matter, since the sales were strictly mail-order, and that all the mail orders went to non-entity "fags" anyway.

Brian and Kent fell into their video success, because Kent recruited young "straight" guys around 18-20 exclusively, good-looking but poorer guys or college kids whom desperately needed extra money. Kent even recruited from want ads where guys said they were willing to do "anything" for money. They "fell into" success because they had no idea how popular their videos would be; it seemed all their "faggot" customers could tell that the subjects were straight hetero guys who were being tickled, and not raving queens or worse like in some videos. This, coupled with the fact that the videos were absolutely real and not faked, and often contained actual rip-stripping wrestling matches between the breeder-boy "actors" to determine who got stripped and who had to be tickled, led to super success. Kent and Brian had all the "actors" sign releases, etc. but often failed to honor the "actors'" agreed limits during the filming and let the "tops" tickle the shit out of them once they were tied up, Kent often joining in, which led to total reality shoots; the "victims" really were hysterical and cursing to no avail on the videos. For all their success, however, Brian and Kent were notoriously cheap; sometimes they did not even pay the "actors" at all, or far less than promised. Worse, they charged their customers outrageous sums for the videos, which the "goddamned fags" ended up paying, since their videos were the best on the market.

Both Brian and Kent were blissfully unaware, however, that their reputation as "cheap bastards" who "couldn't be trusted" had been spread around by prior "actors" who had appeared in the videos, or that the "actors" had complained to their older brothers or neighborhood guys about them.

Brian and Kent were discussing their latest "shoot". The "fag" customers had been making requests for a video depicting an uniformed cop tickling victims. Since all their "actors" tended to be on the young side, Brian convinced the 27-year-old Kent to appear in the video as the uniformed cop and obtained a LAPD motorcycle cop uniform for Kent to wear during the "shoot". The "actors" were only too well aware of Kent and Brian's financial power over them, and the fact that they were 7-10 years their senior, and both ran the company with an iron hand. Both Brian and Kent were relieved, however, that their "actors" were straight and not gay; no way would either want to have to deal with "fags" or touch them, for example. Kent had no qualms about tickling fellow straight dudes who were doing it for the money (when they paid it out, that is); he was only too aware that this was what was keeping Brian and himself in financial clover, and if it was a way to part rich "fags" from their money, so much the better!

As Kent and Brian discussed the "shoot" Kent was already in his motorcycle cop uniform. Kent and Brian both complained of the excessive heat of the day, the air conditioning not competing with the heat outside or the heat within the production area, which was made all the worse by the heat of the bright video production lights. Despite the heat, the ever-formal Brian was still suited up in his navy blue blazer from their stockbroker job, (with the Masterson family crest on it, of course), designer shirt and tie, charcoal grey dress slacks and Ferragamo loafers, his only concession to the relative informality of the "shoot" being the fact that he had discarded his executive socks and was wearing his expensive leather loafers without socks, his sweaty executive feet no doubt combining their scent with that of the expensive leather. Brian reasoned that it was not as hot behind the camera and out of the glare of the production lights.

As they spoke, their three "actors" for the shoot arrived, Mike, a 20-year-old 6' 2" tall, dark-haired construction worker dude, sweaty and just off after his last day's work on the construction site (unemployed again, shit! Now he needed the extra cash from the "shoot" more than ever!); Ron, an 18-year-old 5' 10" blond college dude; and Steve, a 19-year-old 5' 9" brown-haired grocery store bagger. All had appeared in prior videos, although Mike had been only a tickle "top" in previous ones, and had tickle "topped" both Ron and Steve in the past, easily subduing them with his superior strength and size, looking upon them as younger, snotty little "brothers" who deserved it. Mike was only too well aware of his handsome good looks and superior muscular strength, often flexing his muscles which rippled under his smooth brown skin or "making a muscle" for admiring girls, the fact that he had a "USMC" tattoo on his bulging sun-bronzed left bicep only adding to the rank, bullying machismo the ultra-butch, gay-bashing stud exuded from every hunky pore of his incredible body. Mike stretched his hunky upper body after entering the production room, revealing two huge sweat spots under his white tee shirt and affording a tantalizing glimpse of tiny tufts of jet-black hair curling out of his manly armpits.

In the current "cop" video, the premise was that all 3 had been caught speeding in a car driven by Mike, and all would do "anything" to get out of the ticket. However, before the video could begin, all 3 were complaining about not having gotten paid for the last one, and/or for not being paid what was originally promised. Kent, already feeling extra swaggering from the effect of being dressed as a snarling motorcycle cop, told them to "shut the fuck up! You'll all get paid what you're worth, which isn't much, you fuckers!" to assorted grumbles.

Brian set up the scene, which was typically free-form. Kent as the cop was to chew out Mike for being the "speeder" and Ron and Steve were supposed to have been his passengers caught in possession of marijuana. Kent makes a deal with them that he doesn't care which of them is the most responsible for their predicament, but that one of them has to be punished, and Kent will watch as they "sort it out' who is most at fault for their getting pulled over. Unbeknownst to Mike, Kent had telephoned Ron and Steve before the shoot and told them that Brian and he had decided that Mike was to get "topped" for a change in this video; that Ron and Steve, with Kent's help, would subdue the bullying, conceited Mike and teach him a lesson he would never forget. Before, it had been "every man for himself"; the "two or three against one" had never been shot before.

Accordingly, the scene began with Kent the snarling motorcycle cop chewing out Mike and the rest for speeding and announcing that he was going to let them sort out who got punished first. Mike and Steve were clad in jeans and tee shirts, and Ron was in walking shorts and a tee shirt. All three began rough-housing and yelling at the others as the camera rolled, rolling around on the bed and generally wrestling each other for dominance, each blaming the other for their predicament, only for Ron and Steve to suddenly "gang up" on Mike, blaming him for speeding or they never would have got caught for pot possession, etc. Mike easily held off the two younger, less muscular dudes, however, although they got in some good whacks on Mike's jean-encased ass. Mike was easily able to pull off both Ron and Steve's tee shirts, revealing Ron's dirty blond-haired armpits and Steve's brown-haired pits, Mike managing to delve wiggling fingers into each of their newly exposed pits, eliciting giggles and their trying to pull away, Mike intent on his usual dominance of the two younger, less muscular dudes.

Sensing Mike's imminent control of the other two, "Officer" Kent helped Ron grab one of Mike's big strong muscular arms, Kent and Ron holding the macho construction worker's arms back, while "Officer" Kent yelled to Steve to "pants this fucker! Yeah, he was the most at fault, let's show him what happens to fucking lawbreakers on my beat, yeah!"

To Mike's horror, the youngest, shortest dude in the room, grocery store bagger Steve, gleefully unhitched the jeans of his former tormentor and suddenly yanked them unceremoniously down his hairy, sun-bronzed muscular legs, then, with some difficulty, over the dude's sweaty construction boots as the embarrassed macho dude cursed and swore at the "little fucker! Goddamned faggot!" and threatened to cut off the "little shit's worthless little nelly balls!" to no avail. Steve even got to swat the conceited construction worker's firm assglobe through his now-exposed Calvin Klein shorts, as Mike thrashed wildly around, turning over on his stomach while held down, then lying back on his ass again after Steve swatted his manly behind, Mike's construction-booted feet and hairy legs futilely thrashing in an unsuccessful effort to break free. Worse, "Officer" Kent and Ron had by now managed to divest the spluttering Mike of his sweaty tee shirt, revealing the butch construction worker's heaving, sun-bronzed, incredibly muscular chest, which proudly contained a thick thatch of manly jet-black chest hair which thinly fanned out from the thatch in the center of his chest over his perfect, pointed man-tits, then ran in a narrow line down to the top of his shorts, where the thatch of pubies fanned out again at the top of his luxuriant nest of manly, private pubes. Mike's incredibly hairy, sweaty armpits were totally revealed as well.

Mike cursed and threatened again, to no avail, as "Officer" Kent merely ordered Steve to "rip the fucker's shorts off" which Steve eagerly did, using both hands on the top of the waistband and pulling hard sideways until with a funky RRRRRRIPPPPPP!!!! sound, the proud macho construction worker was suddenly completed denuded, his most intimate garment shred to smithereens before his shocked eyes, exposing the butch stud's huge flaccid cock luxuriant pubes and hairy bull-balls, and, as he thrashed around, also revealing his snow-white lightly jet-black-haired assglobes split by a line of sweaty, butch construction worker asscrack fur.

"Officer" Kent then seized the shredded shorts with his black-leather-gloved hands and forced the sweaty, musky shorts into Mike's horrified mouth while Kent held down one of Mike's arm's with his striped, motorcycle-cop-uniformed knee while Ron held the other, Kent forcing the shocked hetero macho dude to lick and sniff his own shorts while they all laughed at his red, bug-eyed face as he was forced to perform this shameful task.

With Ron and Steve's help,"Officer" Kent then rolled the naked (except for his sweaty construction boots and socks) construction worker off the bed and onto the floor, "Officer" Kent whipping out his handcuffs and cuffing the shocked dude's wrists over his head while his construction-booted feet were bound with stretch elastic restraints which were tied to short wooden posts secured to the floor, so that his now wide-spread, bound construction booted feet could not kick them, but so that their victim could also be easily rolled over at whim.

"Officer" Kent announced that he thought that Mike "still needed to be taken down a peg" telling Mike he should beg for forgiveness for getting his friends in trouble, that the least he could do was sniff and worship his friends' sweaty, smelly feet! "Officer" Kent then "ordered" Ron and Steve to remove their shoes and "feed their smelly feet" to their bound macho friend! Soon the bug-eyed, spluttering Mike was forced to lick and suck all four of his friends' socked feet, licking the soles, heels and wiggling socked toes, Ron and Steve eagerly stuffing their smelly feet down the butch stud's protesting, gurgling throat, spreading his pouting lips with their big feet, relishing how the bound stud's saliva was coating their filthy smelly socks. Ron even began sliding his socked feet all over the construction worker's bound body, sliding his saliva-soaked and sweaty feet at will over the dude's hair-haloed tits, scrunging his toenails over them through his socks, sliding them into the dude's hairy armpits and scratching them with his toes as well, then running both feet over the dude's half-hard cock and hairy bull-balls, twirling his wiggling toes through the luxuriant pubes. Inspired, "Officer" Kent pulled off both of his shiny leather motorcycle knee-boots and extracted his own size 12 stinking feet from them, only to proceed to join Ron and Steve, the three of them running their socked feet into his mouth, tits, hairy pits, cock and balls, until the struggling macho man's eyes were bugging, fearing he would be foot-smothered by their dancing tootsies and twitching toes, his body also being embarrassing stimulated by all the random foot-assaults of his sensitive skin areas.

Worse, "Officer" Kent forced Mike to remove each of their socks with his teeth, then worshipfully lick and suck each of their feet, their soles, heels and toes until each of their six feet had a true spit-shine, Mike gagging on their fragrant feet's funky man-smell after being encased in leather shoes for an entire day.

To Mike's further horror, "Officer" Kent then proceeded to have each of them dip their six feet into a paint-roller-type paint receptacle which had been filled with baby oil, only to proceed to run their baby oiled feet all over the bound butch construction workers' bully-boy body, running their now slippery feet over his sweaty pits, hair-haloed tits, navel, cock and hairy bull-balls, Kent and Ron using their baby-oiled feet to "iron" the butch stud's cock on the firm "board" of the bound, screaming construction worker's rock-hard six-pack abs, Mike's cock going rock-hard in response as they also teased his hairy bull-balls with their baby-oiled feet, using their sharp toenails to tickle and squeeze the humpy stud's hairy, bouncing bully-boy-balls, combining the construction stud's own ball-sweat with their baby-oiled feet to drive the stud up the wall with unbidden desire. Kent and Ron also used the soles of their baby-oiled feet to rhythmically slide their soles up and down and up and down in unison over the dude's hard cock, teasing the sensitive glans with their oily toes and toenails, until Mike was squealing like the stuck pig he was, mewling like a bitch in heat as wild waves of sexual need coursed through his manly veins, seeming to concentrate at the tip of his red-hot feet-tormented cock. Steve simultaneously teased the dude's hair-haloed, erect man-tits and sweaty armpits with his own oily feet and toenails, occasionally putting one of his oily feet into the stud's braying mouth if he got too loud from screaming, cursing and mewling with lust.

"Officer" Kent then used his oily feet to tickle Mike's ribs and ticklish sides, only to kick him over with his feet onto his stomach, all three of them then proceeding to slide their oily feet all over the dude's white, lightly hair-flecked ass, through his furry asscrack and over and into his hair-haloed virgin asshole, toe-fucking the butch stud while they slid their oily feet over his hairy bull-balls, their combined weight forcing the moaning stud's rock-hard, unsatisfied cock to helplessly grind into the carpet. Steve simultaneously walked on the dude's strong, sun-bronzed back with his oily feet, then teased the entire length of his spine with his oily feet and twitching toenails.

"Officer" Kent then kicked the hapless dude over onto his back, the threesome laughing at how the conceited construction dude was now covered in sweat and baby oil all over his body, laughing at the rock-hard, throbbing state of the "law-breaking" bad-boy's cock.

"Officer" Kent then freed the stud as all three of them hustled Mike back onto his back on the bed, Kent and Ron holding the dude's arms while Steve placed Mike's still-construction-booted feet through the inner holes of a wooden "stock" like those used to hold Colonial Americans' feet and arms as punishment, and firmly closed the wooden stocks over the construction worker's hairy ankles, leaving his size 12 feet hanging out on the other side. The stocks were slightly raised above the level of the foot of the bed, forcing the dude's hairy muscular legs somewhat in the air. Mike's sun-bronzed muscular arms were then bound to the bedposts as he lay on his back, his hairy chest heaving from all his recent foot-induced exertion.

Officer" Kent announced that it was now time that Ron and Steve also be punished, Kent ordering the duo to "strip!" Ron and Steve reluctantly complied stripping off their clothes till they were bareass naked as well, revealing their sun-bronzed, fairly smooth young bodies and bare, white asses. Ron was then ordered to straddle the area right above Mike's six-pack abs on his own bare stomach, so that Ron's cock was sliding over the sweat and baby-oiled hairy thatch of chest hair on Mike's heaving chest, and then Steve was ordered to straddle Ron's lower back so that his cock was sliding on Ron's bare back above Ron's ass, and both Steve's and Ron's bare asses were upturned and helplessly exposed.

"Officer" Kent then spanked both Ron's and Steve's bare, upturned asses with a ping-pong paddle until both Ron and Steve's asses were flaming fire engine red and itching and burning and they were begging for Kent to stop. Kent alternated the paddle with his own open-palmed black-leather-gloved hands, leaving angry red palm-prints on both of their asses as well. Even better, Ron and Steve were forced to wildly thrash from their spankings, forced to slide their own hardening cocks onto each other, Ron's big cock grinding into the oily, sweaty chest hair of Mike's heaving chest, the butch young construction worker looking on bug-eyed with hetero horror as Ron's big cock slid through the oil and sweat along his hairy, muscular sun-bronzed chest, the red-hot cock head approaching the flabbergasted stud's face on each thrust as Ron was spanked, and Steve's cock sliding all over Ron's own sun-bronzed back as he was spanked as well.

"Officer" Kent then ordered the "punished pot smokers" off of Mike whereupon Mike's arms were released and then re-bound, so that his sun-bronzed, muscular USMC-tattooed arms were raised way over his head and his hairy wrists were placed into leather cuffs which winched up to the ceiling, so that the humpy, hairy construction worker's arms were now stretched way above his head so that each of his hairy, sweaty and baby-oiled armpits were incredibly exposed, each hairy pit being pulled very close to the sides of the dude's handsome head by his strung up position. Mike was now effectively sitting up on the bed, with his arms pulled way above him, and his upraised hairy legs pulled through the stocks leaving his furry asscrack slightly accessible and his feet extremely vulnerable as well.

"Officer" Kent then ordered Ron to get on his knees behind the now strung-up Mike on the bed, while Kent and Steve proceeded to remove the construction stud's sweaty work boots, reeling back comically and holding their noses for the camera's benefit to convey the fact that the dude's leather work-boot-encased feet stunk to high heaven after a full day's work on the construction sight. (They were not really exaggerating. Those feet were well and truly "ripe"!).

Kent and Steve then proceeded to tickle the construction dude's bound feet while Ron sprang into action on the bed behind the strung up stud, Ron delving his ten twitching fingers deep into Mike's sweaty, oily, helplessly upraised armpits and tweaking his hair-haloed man-tits, until Mike was screaming bloody murder, squealing, yelling cursing and screaming as he twitched wildly in a futile effort to escape the tickle torture.

"Officer" Kent and Steve then removed the bound butch construction stud's work socks, making him feel even more naked than he already was by the sudden feel of cool air on his pink, suddenly exposed vulnerable tootsies, and stuffed one stinking sock down his protesting throat for awhile, then proceeded to attach all ten of the dude's pink, twitching toes to little loops of sturdy twine that hung down from the top of the wooden stocks, so that the hapless stud's bare feet were flexed outward, and the bully-boy dude could not curl his toes to escape further intense tickle torture!

Kent and Steve then renewed the tickle torture of the bound construction dude's bare feet, using feathers and toothbrushes on the soft, sweaty flesh of his bare, helpless pink soles, relentlessly tickling his twitching feet and spread-out toes, causing Mike to shriek into his sweatsock gag as Ron simultaneously tickled the stud's exposed hairy, sweaty, and baby-oiled armpits, tits sides and ribs while rubbing his own boner along Mikes, bare, sun-bronzed muscular back. "Officer" Kent ordered Ron to remove the sock gag so they could better hear Mike's pleas for mercy, the trio being rewarded with Mike's banshee, shrill pleas to "STOPPPP!!! OH MY GODDDDD!!!! NO MORE!!!!! NO!!!! I CAN'T FUCKIN' TAKE THIS SHIT!!! STOP IT YOUU FUCKIN' FAGGOT ASSHOLES!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! AIEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! ARGHHHHHHHH!!!! NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!"

"Officer" Kent then ordered Steve to lick and suck on Mike's exposed feet, Steve being forced to use his hot twat-taming taster to chow down on the construction worker's smelly funky foot-sweat, his hot pink tongue tickling the flesh of the macho dude's squirming tootsies, delving in between the dude's toes to clean any toejam, then all over the soles and heels of the squealing squirming, mewling and pleading dude's pink feet while Ron's twitching fingers did their number on Mike's hairy armpits, hair-haloed tits, ribs, and sides, causing Mike to scream anew "NOOOOOO!!!!! STOPPPP!!!! I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE!!! NOT TWO OR THREE AT ONCE!!!! I'M CRAWLING OUTTA MY FUCKIN' SKIN!!!!! NOOOOOO!!!!! STOPPPP OH, GAWDDDDDDDD YOU'RE DRIVING ME FUCKIN INSANE!!!!! NOOOOOOOO!!!! STOPPPP!!! PUH-LEEZE, STOPPPPP!!!!!"

Meanwhile, "Officer" Kent proceeded to use a feather to tickle the glans of Mike's rock-hard boner and tease his hairy bull-balls, while also delving the tip of the twitching feathers down into the furry crack of the butch construction worker's asscrack and hair-haloed virgin asshole, using his leather gloved hands to yank hunks of the dude's luxuriant pubic hairs right off of his body.

"Officer" Kent then trailed the feathers right through the dude's hair-lined asscrack then teasing in concentric circles over and around his exposed hair-haloed shitter, only to plunge the tip of the feather into that tight, little, never-before-penetrated button, causing Mike to involuntarily gasp and moan with unbidden pleasure, his cock jerking and throbbing on its own in response to this surprisingly pleasant, teasing anal stimulation.

Kent then plunged the feather into the butch dude's now receptive asshole, his clenching tight, little hole seeming to beg for "more, more!" as the big strapping bully actually seemed to be backing his tight butt back onto the invading feather, trying to suck more of the tickling teasing instrument of torture into his hot littl e butthole as unbidden waves of incredible pleasure coursed through the arrogant construction worker's body as his never-before-utilized prostate came into play, causing the bullying dude to moan and groan in lust and drool, while his big cock throbbed all the more and his blue-bully-boy-balls churned helplessly away as his wildly gyrating nut oysters churned in frustration, desperately seeking their long-denied release.

Kent merely trailed another feather up towards the bound dude's hairy bull-balls, devilishly teasing the sensitive area between the dude's feather-invaded butthole and his big balls for several seconds before simultaneously teasing and tickling the pimpled sweaty flesh of the construction worker's big churning nut sacs, teasing each ball in turn in teasing concentric circles with sadistic relish, relentlessly teasing and tickling and goosing Mike's blue balls, stimulating his churning nuts while he simultaneously plunged the other feather deeper up his shit-chute, causing him to mewl in unsatisfied lust and hump away onto the feather in his butt trying desperately and futilely to trigger his long-denied orgasm. Meanwhile, the hapless dude's huge pecker throbbed and dripped in frustration.

"Officer" Kent then trailed another feather teasingly up and down and up and down and back and forth and back and forth over the dude's throbbing boner while simultaneously teasing his butthole with the other feather, until Mike was mewling and begging and thrashing and begging for sexual release, only for Kent to laughingly stop again and again just as the macho construction worker was on the tantalizing edge of the most overwhelming orgasm of his life.

Kent kept this torture up for several more minutes, then he and Ron and Steve pulled out all the stops and relentlessly tickle tortured the stud at random all over his exposed body, while Kent alternately feather-fucked and feather tickled his throbbing boner and cum-churning blue balls, teasing the glans relentlessly and teasingly over and over and around and around the sensitive head and glans of Mike's red-hot mushroom cockhead until Mike's big bull balls drew up high in his hairy, musky-scented nutbags, Mike's toes curled in their bondage as his big size 12s flexed spasmodically, and, with a wild banshee scream, Mike finally had the orgasm of his life, his humongous pecker contracting wildly, whereupon a sudden whoosh of solid white mancum sprayed up explosively out of his pent-up cock, arcing 15 feet into the air, followed by eight more huge volleys of boiling hot jizz, huge bursts of the funky stuff splattering wildly all over the room, little bursts of cum separating off from the main volleys into little side explosions of their own, splattering Mike's hairy chest, leaving little white dots of jizz in his hairy, sweaty pits, spraying his arrogant face and down his screaming throat, into his hair, and splattering the ceiling and the wall behind the bed, only for the construction worker's own cum to drip back down on him from the ceiling.

Ron and Steve then erupted in huge explosions of cum themselves, Ron blasting his load all over Mike's sun-bronzed muscular back while he continued to tickle the construction worker's hairy pits from behind, Ron's cock having found a sensual launch pad for his cum in a funky small thatch of hair growing on the bottom of Mike's sun-bronzed back just above his furry asscrack, Mike's baby oil and sweat-covered body sliding against Ron's big cock, and Steve blasting his load onto Mike's twitching feet and toes, rubbing his own cock onto those soft pink soles triggering his orgasm, then rubbing his own jizz into the stud's bound feet and tickling him with his own cockhead.

A few minutes later Brian yelled "cut" and the video production was completed. Kent freed Mike and, after the threesome had cleaned off their cum-soaked bodies, Mike, Ron and Steve renewed their pleas to be paid. Kent insisted that they didn't have the cash to pay them right then, that they would all have to wait.

Infuriated, Mike, Ron and Steve began pushing and shoving "Officer" Kent, demanding their money "now", "Officer" Kent sliding in his still bare feet on the baby-oil-soaked part of the floor which was uncarpeted, his uniformed ass falling onto the bed. Alarmed, particularly by the strong, freed naked construction worker, "Officer" Kent yelled out to Brian to "help me get these low-class fuckers off me, Brian, an outraged "Officer" Kent yelping "Ow!" as Mike got in an open-handed swat on his uniform-panted butt. Instead of helping, however, the ever-mercenary Brian decided to "roll" another video, deciding that a video depicting the threesome topping a butch "cop" might set off the pacemakers of his nelly-queen clients, and therefore deciding to "go" with it.

"Officer" Kent's utter confidence that Brian would come to his aid and help his fellow aristocrat repel the low-class naked heathens who were attacking him was completely shaken when he realized that Brian was actually filming the event instead. Brian knew he could dub out the part of the sound where Kent was yelling for Brian's help and even the part about the other 3 demanding money for the `shoot", and the whole thing would play as the 3 arrestees getting even with the arrogant cop who pulled them over.

Soon Mike and Ron had "Officer" Kent by both arms on the bed and were encouraging Steve to once again do the honors and pull down the cop's uniform pants, "Officer" Kent's eyes bugging in horror as Steve proceeded to do just that, revealing the older, aristocratic dude's hairy, sun-bronzed muscular legs as Kent's gunbelt and striped uniform pants were pulled down and off his own size 12 bare feet, prompting Kent to yell to Brian "Bry! For God's sakes, Bry! HELP ME!!! Look! These low-class young punk bastards are gonna fuckin' STRIP ME!!! My God, my patrician privates are only covered by my thin cotton Calvins!!! Help me Brian!!!! No!!!! Stoppp!!! OK I'll give you fuckers your money, just stoppp c'mon guys, NO! you've had your fun now, now stoppp!!!"

The furious threesome's response was to keep doing what they were doing, Steve reaching out to tickle Kent's bare feet causing him to gasp and try to pull his patrician tootsies out of the way, while between the two of them wrestling "Officer" Kent, Mike and Steve were able to unbutton his uniform shirt and yank on his white tee shirt until Kent was suddenly divested of his upper uniform as well, revealing his heaving jet-black-haired chest and sun-bronzed muscular body. While Ron and Steve held Kent down on the bed, Mike eagerly ripped off the "cop's" last stitch of clothes, his snowy white Calvins, revealing their employer's big flaccid cock and hairy bull-balls as well as his white hair-flecked bubble butt which was in total contrast to the rest of his hunky sun-bronzed body.

To the threesome's delight, the newly denuded, hypermodest Kent was reduced to a sudden case of realizing he was caught on videotape bareass in public before three pissed-off, low-class "heathens" who were way his junior both chronologically and financially, Kent attempting to shield his privates from their lecherous view with his hands, managing to get free of their hold while they pointed and laughed at the pompous dude's embarrassing nudity. Kent managed to flee off the bed with his hands over his privates, only to again slip on the baby-oil-stained uncarpeted area of the floor, causing the big shot to fall on his ass on the floor his bad-boy ass sliding on the baby-oil slick as well, causing his protective hands to fly out uncovering his privates, as the threesome laughed uproariously.

Mike, Ron and Steve then proceeded to dip their own bare feet in the baby oil in the paint tray, suddenly handcuffing the "cop" with his own cuffs and placing their oily feet onto his face, his hair-haloed tits, his sweaty armpits, his navel, and onto his cock and hairy bull-balls, using each of their big, oily feet to slide sensuously all over the bound dude's naked body, using all of their sharp toenails to dig into his most sensitive, intimate areas at will, causing Kent to yelp and squirm and beg them to stop, offering them fabulous sums of money to stop, to no avail. Kent had to lie there and take it as they fed him their feet, forced him to lick and suck their soles, heels and twitching toes, Kent fearing they would smother him with their big oily feet as they squashed their feet onto his patrician nose and over his protesting mouth-how dare these low-class hired help force the patrician Kent Worthington to eat their toejam and grovel at their filthy feet!? It was an outrage!!!

Mike and Ron then bodily raised the struggling, cursing Kent off the floor and back onto the bed, first spanking his bare ass with the ping pong paddle until it was fire engine red and burning as the outraged aristocrat yelled and screamed bloody murder for them to stop, then placing his bare feet into the wooden stocks and tightly securing them in them, and placing the denuded "Officer" Kent into the leather cuff restraints hanging from the ceiling, so that Kent was now secured in Mike's old position, the threesome laughing at how now Kent was now finally "starring in one of his own videos" against his will. "yeah, we'll make you earn your pay, stud, just like you do to all the rest of us!" to Kent's horror, his manly, sweaty and baby-oiled hairy armpits helplessly exposed beside his handsome head and his bare pink aristocratic tootsies all bound up and vulnerable, his ten twitching toes bound in the little leather loops so that Kent could not move them out of the way of tickling fingers or devices as the denuded "cop" sat on his burning, deserving ass.

Ron and Steve then proceeded to tickle the "cop's" bound feet while Mike sprang into action on the bed behind the strung up stud, Mike delving his ten twitching fingers deep into Kent's sweaty, oily, helplessly upraised armpits and tweaking his hair-haloed man-tits, until Kent was screeching and screaming bloody murder, squealing, yelling cursing and making empty threats as he flinched and twitched wildly in a futile effort to escape the tickle torture.

Ron and Steve then tickle tortured the bound "cop"/stockbroker's bare feet, using feathers and toothbrushes on the soft, sweaty flesh of his bare, helpless pink soles, relentlessly tickling his twitching, spasming feet and diddling his helplessly spread-out toes, causing Kent to shriek as Mike simultaneously tickled the stud's exposed hairy, sweaty, and baby-oiled armpits, tits, sides and ribs while rubbing his own hard-on along Kent's bare, sun-bronzed muscular back. Kent screamed for them to "STOPPPP!!! OH MY GODDDDD!!!! NO MORE!!!!! NO!!!! I CAN'T FUCKIN' TAKE IT, YOU LOW CALLS MORONS! STOP IT YOUU FUCKIN' FAGGOT SLIMEBALLS!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! AIEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! ARGHHHHHHHH!!!! NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!" Steve then licked and sucked on Kent's exposed feet, while Ron feather tickled the pompous stockbroker's feet, Steve chowing down on the "cop's" smelly, funky foot-sweat, relishing their scent after hours encased in his leather knee-boots, Steve's hot, pink tongue lapping eagerly side to side and up and down, tickling the flesh of the arrogant dude's squirming tootsies, delving in between the dude's toes to clean any toejam, then all over the soles and heels of the squealing squirming, mewling and pleading Kent's pink feet while Mike's twitching fingers tickled the shit out of Kent's hairy armpits, hair-haloed tits, ribs, and sides, causing Kent to scream anew "NOOOOOO!!!!! STOPPPP!!!! I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE!!! NOT THREE AT ONCE!!!! YOUR DRIVING ME FUCKIN CRAZY!!!!!!!!! I'M GONNA HAVE A HEART ATTACK OR SOMETHING!!!! NOOOOOO!!!!! STOPPPP OH, GAWDDDDDDDD!!!! NOOOOOOOO!!!! STOPPPP!!! PUH-LEEZE, STOPPPPP!!!!!"

Mike's answer was to simply proceed to use a feather to tickle the sensitive underside of the glans and piss-lips of Kent's rock-hard boner and tease his wildly cum-churning hairy bull-balls, while also delving the tip of the twitching feathers down into the furry crack of the pompous asshole's asscrack and hair-haloed virgin asshole, using his strong, construction worker hands to also yank hunks of the dude's luxuriant pubic hairs right off of his body, then letting them fall over the angrily snorting nostrils of the hotshot's nose.

Mike then trailed the feathers right through Kent's fur-lined asscrack then teasing in concentric circles over and around his exposed hair-haloed shitter, only to plunge the tip of the feather into that tight, pink, never-before-penetrated love button, causing Kent to involuntarily gasp and moan with unbidden pleasure, his cock jerking and throbbing on its own as it danced merrily to Mike's other feather's tune as his cockhead was unbearably teased, Kent's aristocratic pecker throbbing and dripping in response to the pleasant, teasing combined penile and anal stimulation.

Mike then plunged the feather into the arrogant dude's now receptive asshole, his clenching tight, little bad-boy hole seeming to beg for "deeper!! deeper!!! more, more!" as the humpy "cop"-stockbroker actually was backing his tight, hot little butthole back onto the incredibly stimulating, invading feather, trying to suck more of the tickling teasing instrument of torture into his ass-twat as unbidden waves of incredible pleasure coursed through his body as his prostate got hit, causing the bullying dude to moan and groan in lust and mewl like a whore in heat, while his big cock throbbed all the more and his blue-bully-boy-balls churned helplessly away as his wildly stimulated nut oysters churned in desperation, wildly anticipating the long-denied release of the arrogant stockbroker's pent-up sexual tension, his big, hairy balls aching to spew forth the spoiled brat yuppie's big, studly load.

Mike then trailed another feather up towards the bound dude's hairy bull-balls, devilishly teasing the sensitive area between the dude's feather-invaded butthole and his big balls for several seconds before simultaneously teasing and tickling the musky-scented, sweaty flesh of the "cop's" big churning nut sacs, teasing each frustrated baby-making nutsac in its turn, using teasing concentric circles with satanic, bright-eyed, avenging relish, relentlessly teasing and tickling and goosing Kent's blue balls, stimulating his churning nuts while he simultaneously plunged the other feather deeper up his excited poop-chute, causing him to mewl in unsatisfied lust and hump away onto the feather in his butt trying desperately and futilely to jump-start his long-denied orgasm. Meanwhile, the bound shithead's huge hard-on throbbed and dripped in agonizing frustration.

Meanwhile, Steve kept up his own relentless foot tickle torture, teasing his cheapskate asshole employer's hot feet with ice cubes, toothbrushes, his fingers and tongue, while Ron simultaneously tickled Kent's helplessly exposed hairy baby-oiled armpits, Ron finding a particularly sensitive spot just below the dude's stretched open, hairy armpits and just above each of his hair-haloed tits, Ron pressing his own hard-on onto Kent's sun-bronzed muscular back and then delving his twitching fingers deeply and relentlessly into Kent's sensitive area below his pits, only to alternate down to his sides, ribs and hair-haloed navel, until Kent was screeching, giggling, laughing hysterically, and begging them to stop, as his face grew beet-red, his eyes bugged out in terror and intense sexual arousal, causing tears of laughter to mix with tears from the supreme agony of intense sexual frustration and denial, Kent making hiccuping sounds as he tried to catch his breath. Kent yelled out "OH MY FUCK-ING GAWWWWDDDD!!!! STOPPPP!!! NO MORE!!! LET ME TAKE A BREATHER!!! ARGHHHHHHH!!!! AIEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA!!! HEE-HEE-HEE-HEE-HEE-HEE!!!! AIEEEEEEEE!!!!!! STOPPPPPP!!!!! OH MY GAWDDDD!!! LET ME CUM!!!! AW FUCK!!! NOT MY COCK! MY BALLS! MY ASSHOLE! MY FEET! MY PITS! MY TITS! MY RIBS!! ALL AT ONCE!!!!???? AWWWWW, FUCKKKKKKKK!!!!!", the devilish trio laughing as their tightwad employer flinched and spasmed in his bonds, his braying mouth wide open as he screamed, the hotshot stud being teasingly prevented from blowing his "wad" no matter how much his "tight" little bod wanted to!!!

Mike then trailed another feather teasingly up and down and up and down and back and forth and back and forth over Kent's pulsating pecker while simultaneously teasing his butthole with the other feather, until Kent was mewling and begging and thrashing for his desperate need to release his pent-up executive load, only for Mike to laughingly stop again and again just as their arrogant employer was on the tantalizing edge of the most soul-shattering orgasm of his life, the brash bully boy being denied any release of his intense sexual tension, made all the worse by the raucous sound of his sadistic tormentors' laughter at his predicament, the low-class "heathens" clearly relishing their power over their pompous, conceited employer as they sadistically denied him his critical need to blast his arrogant nuts.

As he sadistically tickle tortured his employer with a dangerously vengeful gleam in his shining eyes, his mouth contorted in a vicious, malevolent sneer, Mike leaned forward, semi-inadvertently rubbing his own hard-on against Kent's six pack abs and occasionally against Kent's own pulsating cock, and breathed in Kent's ear "Yeah, fucker, ya wanna blast, don'tcha, huh, boss, huh? Yeah, you know you wanna have us fix it so you can blow your big bully balls, don'tcha? Yeah, it'd feel real nice and sweet to blast those big suckers for us wouldn't it, hotstuff? You can almost fuckin' taste it, cant'cha, bigshit? Whatsamatter hotshot, ya just can't quite make it over the top without a little help from your friends, eh? Shoulda thought about gettin' some friends `fore ya got yourself in this pre-dick-a-ment, eh, boss?? as the trio erupted in laughter only to renew the intense tickle torture over every exposed inch of their bound employer's body, again and again driving him to the brink of orgasm only to back off. Kent literally begged them to bring him off, to no avail.

The trio kept this torture up for several more minutes, Steve tickling Kent's feet while he even reached up to tickle Mikes' exposed hairy asscrack and the backs of his hairy balls as Mike leaned over to tickle Kent's own cock, balls and asshole, until finally Mike and Ron and Steve finally pulled out all the stops and relentlessly tickle tortured Kent at random all over his exposed body, Mike alternately feather-fucking and feather tickling Kent's throbbing hard-on and cum-churning blue balls, teasing the pulsating cockhead relentlessly and teasingly over and over and around and around the crowning glory of Kent's hot-to-trot body, until Kent's big bull balls flew up high in his hairy, musky-scented scumbags, Kent's clawing toes curled in their bondage as his big size 12s flexed spasmodically, and, with an earth-shaking scream, Kent finally had the orgasm of his life, his giant pecker contracting wildly, whereupon an audible whoosh of solid white mancum fountained up explosively out of his cannoning, pent-up pecker, blasting like a huge volcanic eruption, his boiling hot aristocratic lava finally being released from within his churning bull-balls, his manjizz spewing 20 feet into the air, followed by twelve more huge shots of boiling hot cumblasts, huge bombs of red-hot jizz splattering wildly all over the place, spraying shot after shot of cum onto Kent's hairy chest, his hairy, sweaty pits, shooting himself in his surprised eyes as Mike directed Kent's own fire hose right into his arrogant face and down his screaming throat and chin, and into his hair.

Ron and Steve then erupted in huge explosions of cum themselves, Ron blasting his load all over Kent's sun-bronzed muscular back while he continued to tickle the "cop"/stockbroker's hairy pits from behind, and Steve blasting his load onto Kent's twitching feet and toes, rubbing his hot cock onto those soft pink soles triggering his orgasm, then rubbing his own jizz into the stud's bound feet and tickling him with his own cockhead.

Mike blasted a huge load onto Kent's hairy chest, egged on by Steve's surreptitious tickling of the butch construction worker's hairy asscrack and hanging hairy bull-balls with a feather, Mike going over the edge when Steve's feather lightly tickled the butch dude's hair-haloed hole, and when Steve slapped Mike's macho ass with his open-palmed hand, Mike unconsciously thrusting his manly butthole onto the feather and feeling the unexpected sting of Steve's spanking hand, Mike's hairy balls drawing up as he blasted bolt after steaming bolt of hot construction worker cum onto his employer's hairy chest and outraged face.

Steve thought to himself that he should tell Mike's girlfriend about Mike's new-found lust for having his tight little butthole played with, and for having his macho buns teased and spanked. Or, maybe, Steve thought, just maybe someday this younger, smaller grocery store bagger could "bag" the older, stronger, bigger construction dude? That could be fun... Maybe one day when the two of them were watching football on TV in their stocking feet Steve could use a shoelace to tie the dude's size 12s together, then jump him and have his way with him, yeah! Wrestle him around, get that tee shirt off him, tickle those pits, his feet, yeah that could be hot, yank down those tight jeans and whitie tighties around those hairy thighs and calves, trapping his struggling sun-bronzed hairy legs in his own jeans and shorts, then tease and spank that macho butt, yeah!, laugh when the dude got hard form being stripped and helpless, yeah! Videotape it for blackmail too-Mike his sex-slave, yeah!-the hell with Mike's girlfriend, Steve would keep Mike's secret filed away for later devastating use!

Brian Masterson III then emerged from behind the camera, laconically easing his studly, blue-blazered self over toward the bed where his buddy Kent was still bound, his bare, sweaty feet sliding in his expensive Ferragamo leather loafers. Brian announced that the "shoot" was over for the day, that Brian had a date that evening ("with a hot-to-trot rich-bitch socialite"-Yeah, I'm off to another celebrity-studded fund raiser, then I'm gonna bang the bitch's brains out, she fuckin' can't get enough of being mastered by Cocksman Masterson! Yuk Yuk!"). Brian then scrunged up his aristocratic nose, announcing that "God, you fucking working-class dudes fuckin' work up a sweat! God! The smell over here! Don't you heathens ever wash those offensive armpits? Whew!" The trio did have to marvel at how Brian could wear that family-crested blue blazer and only show a trace of sweat at his temples, and in the middle of a heat wave.

Mike, Steve and Ron made angry demands to be paid, which were complacently dismissed by the smug, self-satisfied Brian. "Oh, that! God, is that all you sweat-smelling low-class hires can talk about? I want my money! I want my money!! You can wait until we're good and ready to pay you and not a second before!"

Mike's answer to this was to take a healthy swipe of Brian's aristocratic friend Kent Worthington's hairy armpit sweat along with yanking a profusion of pit hairs out of the shocked Kent's bound, exposed armpit onto his construction worker hand and suddenly bring the sweat and armpit pubies right over the pompous Brian Masterson III's shocked face, Mike telling Brian to "Go, ahead, hotshot, get a whiff of your hotshot high-class buddy's stinking pit sweat, dude! How do you like the smell of your own high class friend's sweat, huh?"

The outraged bug-eyed Brian, twisted his face in disgust as the sweat and armpit hairs were deposited right onto his patrician nostrils and braying mouth and curling lips, the salty, musky vinegary smelling mixture causing him to gag and cough and splutter comically, the self-important stud then drawing himself up to his full height, his armpit-sweat shining patrician nostrils flaring in rage, as he erupted with `GODDAMN YOU YOU FUCKER!!! HOW DARE YOU EVEN TOUCH ME!!! YOU! YOU! YOU! UNCULTURED BOOR, YOU!!! YOU'RE ALL FUCKING FIRED YOU LOW-CLASS SHITS!!! GET OUT OF MY STUDIO!!! I WON'T PAY ANY OF YOU ONE FUCKING CENT!!! GET OUT!!! OUT I SAY!!!"

As he yelled out these orders, Brian also struggled to free Kent in an effort to bolster his numbers against the hostile low-class trio, Brian reaching way up to where Kent's wrist were secured to the leather cuffs hanging from the ceiling, the rear of Brian's spiffy family-crested navy blue blazer riding up to reveal his charcoal-dress-slack-covered ass.

Seeing this Mike raised an open-palmed hand high above his head and slammed it down with all the construction worker's might, landing with a loud CRACK!! As Brian was astonished to feel a searing pain across his right patrician asscheek, the stinging blow feeling as if the heathen had actually struck Brian's bare posterior, as if his charcoal dress slacks and, er, undergarments weren't even covering his aristocratic derriere. Kee-rist! That fuckin smarted! winced Brian to himself. Brian couldn't believe that the unkempt construction worker had actually stru ck him, let alone that it secretly made Brian feel as if the aristocrat's posterior was stark naked, the mere idea of which sent chills up the hypermodest Brian's spoiled brat spine, and, worse, an undeniable frisson of sexual excitement! Brian never even changed out of his clothes at his exclusive gym, so great was his fear of being caught bareassed naked in public, his worst recurring nightmare being a dream where he stepped out of his elegant stall shower in his luxurious master bathroom, reached for a towel, and then suddenly was on a downtown street completely naked with low-class people pointing and laughing at his predicament! Brian always woke up sweating (so un-patrician like!) and with an, er, (blush) large erection. Therefore, Brian always changed into his gym stuff at home and then returned home to shower after working out. No public nudity for the likes of a Masterson! My God, just what was the intent of these low-class persons?? Surely they would not try to attack him like they did Kent?

Brian decided to abandon trying to free Kent (not altogether certain whether Kent would help him anyway after Brian allowed the "actors" to top him), but as he made to get off the bed, the trio of pissed-off dudes pounced on him all at once, Mike wrestling him out of his spiffy navy-blue family-crested blazer revealing his sweaty white designer shirt and silk tie flying. Mike couldn't help commenting on the fact that two big sweat spots were evident under the panting aristocrat's designer-shirted armpits, that whew! your pits stink, don't you high-class hotshots wash your pits or do you wait for your nanny to do it for ya, like she wipes your pampered lily-white ass for you, huh?" to Brian's shock and disbelief.

To Brian's abject horror, Mike then proceeded to shred Brian's designer shirt right off of his body revealing his sun-bronzed dirty-blond-haired chest over which a fine dusting of dirty-blond hair trailed over his magnificent pectorals to cap his perfect, pointed man-tits only to thin out as they trailed down in a fine line where they disappeared into Brian's charcoal gray dress slacks.

Worse, Ron and Steve proceeded to remove Brian Masterson III's charcoal grey dress slacks and Calvins, leaving the pompous high-class dude totally balls-ass naked in public, except for his expensive loafers which remained temporarily intact covering his bare feet, Brian's worst nightmare come to life! The arrogant Brian, the person in charge of the video company, found himself the "star" of one of his own videos, as Ron had set up a tripod and recorded all of these events on video. Brian felt an uncanny sudden draft on his exposed backside, suddenly realizing that he was, indeed, well and truly naked, Brian managing to free his sun-bronzed hands to blushingly feel over his tight patrician ass to confirm that it was bared to the world, Brian's eyes flying open in horror at his sudden public nudity. Oh my God thought Brian, here I am naked in front of these low-class heathens, no blazer, no family crest, not even a scrap of cotton to cover my well-pampered behind! My God, even the Masterson genitalia are utterly exposed, the progenitors of the mighty Masterson family blue-bloodline completely exposed to the leering eyes of these low-class creatures, Brian's large flaccid cock and hairy bull-balls hanging out in the open for all to see!!

As Brian attempted to futilely cover the Masterson "crown jewels," Brian bent over, inadvertently causing his tight, white patrician little ass to be upturned in the air, the lightly dirty-blond-haired asscrack and hair-haloed virgin asshole shamefully exposed, inspiring Mike to suddenly grab the ping pong paddle and bring it violently down onto Brian Masterson III's upturned little patrician white assglobes with a resounding CRACK!!! Brian's deserving ass soon went from hot pink to flaming fire engine red as Mike slammed the paddle on Brian's bare upturned ass, Brian screeching bloody murder, threatening them with the cops, retribution by hired assassins, to no avail, as his pompous ass turned crimson and burned like a brush fire. To make matters worse, Brian had inadvertently been grinding the Masterson "crown jewels" in to the soft bedclothes, and this, combined with the naked, spanky feel of his exposed patrician buttocks and the heat engendered by the violent spanking, had conspired to embarrassingly arouse the Masterson genitalia, just like when Brian had his recurring dream of being caught naked in public. Brian realized to his horror that blood was flowing into his formerly flaccid cock, that it was slowly hardening, lengthening, and pulsing with his racing heartbeat, and that a shamefully lustful feeling was coursing through his impeccably maintained groin, a strangely erotic, undeniable feeling of mounting sex-heat. Good God, I can't be getting a hard-on! willed the patrician Brian, but there was no escaping the fact that he was somehow becoming aroused by his own goosebumped-nudity and being paddled and having his aristocratic, upturned, bare ass spanked by the low-class construction worker's work-callused hands.

To Brian's horror, the muscular construction worker suddenly flipped him over onto his bare, flaming red buns, causing guffaws from his avenging trio of low-lifes, Mike noting that "Hey what have we here, guys, look like old Brian's popped a bone!" Mike even grabbing the full-fledged hard-on and slapping if against Brian Masterson III's manly thighs and washboard abs, and also jerking his boss's big cock, Brian absolutely mortified, as his blazing buns rubbing against the bed and Mike's brazen manipulation of his genital organs combined to make his noble prick swell to gargantuan proportions.

Meanwhile, Steve and Ron managed to lift each of the struggling aristocrat's hairy legs into the air on the bed behind where Kent still sat naked suspended on the bed with his bare arms in the air and his bare feet still in the inner stocks of the four-holed wooden stocks, only for Ron and Steve to secure Brian's sweaty Ferragamo-loafer-covered feet into the outer stocks of the wooden stocks, so that Brian's pulsating crotch was directly behind Kent's exposed, sweaty, furry asscrack, and the stocks "read", from left to right: right-loafer-footed Brian, right-bare-footed Kent, left bare-footed Kent, left-loafer-footed Brian.

Mike then raised Brian's arms high above his head and firmly placed his wrists into another set of leather cuffs suspended from the ceiling right behind those which suspended Kent's from the ceiling as well, so that now Brian's own sweaty, dirty-blond-haired aristocratic armpits were totally and helplessly exposed, both pits pulled unnaturally close to Brian's handsome head by his bondage, Brian cringing at the thought of being tickled there, because ever since he was a child Brian had been teased by playmates about his sensitive skin, and Brian feared that perhaps he had not outgrown this weakness; he certainly hadn't been tickled since he was a child; it was unbecoming of a gentleman of his exalted stature.

Brian cringed, however, when Mike seemed to sense his weakness, the macho construction worker blowing his hot breath onto the goose-pimpled flesh of his boss's totally exposed, utterly helpless aristocratic underarms, Mike first commenting on how they stank, "didn't these supposedly high-class people ever shower? Whew!" and Mike then blowing hot little gusts of air over the exposed, crawling, sensitive flesh of the always-pampered and self-satisfied smug asshole's bare armpits, causing Brian to flinch and try to avoid the tickling gusts as warm little breezes combed through his armpit hairs over his hypersensitive skin, causing him to shudder and his cock to pulse and spasm without even being touched, as it grew even harder as it rested in the small of Kent's sun-bronzed muscular back, just above the crack of Kent's hot, fur-lined ass.

Brian begged Mike and the rest to stop, that he would pay them all he owed them and even more if they would just stop this bullshit, but was rewarded only with peals of raucous laughter.

Mike then delved his strong, talented callused fingers first just teasingly just over Brian's armpits, laughing as Brian hopelessly tried to jump out of the way in his tight bondage, Mike pretending to be about to relentlessly tickle the dude's pits, only to not actually touch the squirming goose-pimpled, exposed armpit flesh, until when Brian had relaxed thinking no assault was imminent, Mike suddenly struck for real, his ten twitching fingers suddenly making "contact" causing Brian to squeal, mewl and jump wildly, his boner sliding helplessly all over and trough Kent's furry crack and the small of his back as Brian jerked and boogied all over the bed in reaction to the relentless pit tickling. The pit tickling became even more intense when Mike replaced his fingers with stiff feathers and toothbrushes in the dude's helpless pits.

Worse, Ron and Steve suddenly removed the expensive Ferragamo loafers off of Brian's bare, aristocratic size 12 feet, both of them reeling back from the incredible foot smell of the aristocrat's bare feet which had been encased in the hot, expensive leather loafers all day in the heat, and yelling "hey Mike get a load of the foot stink from this so-called high-class dudes, size 12s! Whew I hope this stench doesn't make the plants die!"

Ron and Steve, then set about blowing their own hot breath on Brian's now hopelessly exposed executive tootsies, driving him up the wall, before each chomped down on those size 12s, running their hot wildly educated tongues all over the sweaty, incredibly musky foot odor, their hot tasters whipping from side to side like hungry lizards as they teased the dude's pink executive soles, curving heels and sucked the toejam out of his ten twitching toes which had also been individually bound in their own set of twine loops over each toe, so that Brian could not flex his size 12s away from their teasing tongues. Ron and Steve then proceeded to tickle Brian's feet with their fingers, feathers, toothbrushes and ice cubes, doing likewise to Kent's bound bare feet, until both Brian and Kent were screaming bloody murder and begging them to stop, while Mike simultaneously tickled both Brian and Kent's exposed hairy armpits, ribs, sides and torsos, all three teasingly saying "kootchie kootchie koo!!" "look at the ticklish babies!!"until both were screaming "STOPPPP!!!!! NO MORE!!!! WE'LL PAY YOU, WE PROMISE!!! AIEEEEEEE!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! HEEHEEHEEHEEHEEHEE!!!! OH MY FUCKIN GAWDDDDDD!!!! NOOOOOO!!! STOP!!!!! FREE US YOU LOW-CLASS HEATHENS!!!!!! NOOOOOO!!! ARGHHHHHHH!!! STOPPPPP!!! PLEASE STOPPPPP!!! I CAN'T TAKE ANYMORE!!!!! NOOOO NOT MY FEET!!!!! NOT MY PITS!!!! NOT MY RIBS!!!! NOOOO!!!! STOPPPP!!! AW FUCK IT'S THREE AGAINST ONE!!!!! NOOOOO!!!! STOPPPP!!!!" to no avail.

Mike, Ron and Steve then intensified their tickle torture, Mike taking great pleasure as, with the evil, sadistic gleam of an avenging tickle torturer in his shining eyes, he simultaneously used stiff feathers on each of Brian's and Kent's exposed hard cocks, hairy bull balls and hair-haloed butch virgin assholes, Mike teasing each of their cockheads, Brian's dripping cock sliding sensuously between the hairy crack of his business partner Kent's asscrack and onto the ironing board of his sun-bronzed muscular back, Mike using the feathers to lightly and sensuously tease their cockheads and the sensitive underside of each of their aristocratic glans, until they were ooooing and ahhhhing with unbidden sex heat, their magnificent hotshot boners pulsating in urgent need, Mike trailing his feathers sensuously down to their hairy bull balls, deliberately and with sadistic relish, causing the agitated sperm bombs in their blue-blooded blue balls to squirm in torment, their aristocratic nut-oysters desperately seeking to violently unleash their baby-making load, to fulfill their noble bloodline and make more Mastersons and Worthingtons.

Ron and Steve of course were at the same time tickling the shit out of their noble bosses' exposed feet flesh, causing the bound duo to screech, laugh with tears running down their arrogant faces, plead, scream, mewl and generally go hysterically ballistic, while their cock, hairy bull balls and assholes were being intolerably stimulated by exquisite tickle torture performed by the avenging Mike, the combined and constant torture causing them to crawl out of their skin, yet also causing their pricks to harden to a painfully and unsatisfied bonerized condition, their tongues hanging out of their mouths and drooling messily, as the deserving aristocrats were reduced to hysterics of the first order, all caught on their own videotape as they "starred" in their own video. Mike crowed out loud "Yeah, dudes your "faggot" customers are gonna cream when they see the bastards who routinely overcharged them for their videos getting their just desserts!! I can just see the nellies reaching for their smelling salts as they reach for their checkbooks to become life-time members. Us guys will be sure to give them all they want. Make you rich-ass exploiting fuckers crawl, blackmail you to have your snotty friends `get it' as well, yeah this is gonna be fun!!!"

The trio then renewed their intense tickling torture, Mike again and again arousing the butch hotshot dudes to the very edge of a satisfying release of their bosses' blue-blooded sperm bombs from their bloated nutsacs, only to back off from the teasing torture when they were so on the verge that a mere puff of air from Mike's hot mouth on their pulsating pricks would cause the high-class jerks' cocks to explode like the Fourth of July without further stimulation, but this, of course, was denied, leaving the bound aristocrats, who were used to getting what they wanted when they wanted it, totally and agonizingly sexually frustrated for the first time in their pampered existence.

Mike, Ron and Steve kept up their renewed teasing torture for over an hour, again and again bringing the dudes to the brink of a satisfying sexual release of their pent-up executive loads, bringing them so close they could almost taste their cums, only to be denied again and again. Mike teased Brian and Kent's hairy armpits, sides, rib, hair-haloed man-tits, as well as their pulsating cock, hairy bull balls and exposed assholes while Ron and Steve kept up the foot tickle torture, laughing as Brian and Kent futilely attempted to escape the teasing, scraping and over-stimulation of their jumpy executive tootsies, playing "this little piggy" with their twitching toes and using their hot tongues on their executive feet, to drive their bosses up the wall with relentless sexual frustration.

Brian and Kent were literally begging to be allowed to cum at this point, forgetting the whirring camera, and just wanting to finally get their blue balls some relief. Mike and friends finally decided to oblige, Mike rubbing his own boner up and down on Brian's exposed, naked sun-bronzed back while he reached around and tickled and teased Brian's and Kent's hairy armpits, sides, ribs and tits, while Ron teased their throbbing cocks, balls and assholes with feathers and Steve did his number on their twitching tootsies, until Brian and Kent simultaneously screamed, opening their braying mouths, exposing their hanging uvulas in the backs of their throats as their toes attempted to curl in their bondage, their size 12s flexing spasmodically, Brian first exploding aristocratic cum rockets all over Kent's sun-bronzed muscular back as his tickled cockhead slid sensuously through Kent's furry asscrack , deliciously sliding onto his smooth-skinned, sweaty and baby-oiled lower back and exploding in cum, triggering Kent's own explosive cum as both studs shot like a cannon, their long pent-up sperm bombs bursting into the air, Kent's splattering on his own hairy chest and arcing up over his body onto Brian's face, and Brian's mancum spraying violently out of his spasming cock, arcing up towards the ceiling and onto Kent's hair, as volley after volley of the hotshots' cum sprayed out of their exploding pricks, their long-denied orgasms finally released, triggering Mike to squirt all over Brian's own sun-bronzed back, Ron to blast onto Kent's hairy chest and Steve to cum all over the bound studs' naked feet, Steve twirling his own cock all over their bare feet and grinding his cum into their soft, pink flesh, and goosing his cockhead with their twitching, bound toes and toenails, triggering the dregs of his own huge climax.

The trio then emptied the duo's fat wallets and grabbed the videos, fully intending to use the videos to blackmail the duo into setting up and filming themselves and their own snobby friends getting tickled and topped. Mike, Ron and Steve thereafter intended to take over the business, threatening Brian and Kent with selling videos to video stores nationwide and posting them on the Internet instead of just mail order. Later, when the videos of the snobby friends were safely "in the can", the trio did just that anyway. Mike, Ron and Steve then became very successful entrepreneurs, as word of the high quality videos got around as well as the fact that the trio charged fair prices and did not gouge their own customers.

Brian and Kent had to fall back on their stockbroker jobs, living in fear that someone at the firm would discover their starring roles at the local video stores. Mike soon mailed off a "little package" to the President of the firm exposing Brian and Kent's secret life. To Mike's surprise, the President merely became another satisfied customer, eagerly seeking more for his private collection. "Shit, these guys are everywhere," marveled the not-always-imaginative Mike, as he watched football on television, never seeing the stealthy approach of Steve, the grocery store bagger, ready to "bag" Mike, Steve slowly approaching the dude's bare, size 12 feet, rope at the ready for those hairy ankles...