War Games




Andy was 18 years old, one of the five kids in his family. He and his family were new in town. They had moved here only a few months ago when his father transferred for his new job at the local police precinct. I was the first and only friend he'd made since he got here. He was a quiet kid who kept to himself. Andy's dad was a widower so he spent most of his free time looking after his brothers while his dad worked. All the girls in school were crazy about him. He was tall and strong. He had shoulder length, wavy, light brown hair that would fall into his green eyes when he moved his head. His shoulders were broad and lead down to his cut, muscular arms. A few times he took his shirt off when we were working in his yard. I would stand behind him and watch the muscles flex in his back when he moved. Afterwards we would hang out down by the lake and go for swim to cool off. I'd watch how the muscles in his ass and legs jumped as we climbed down the hill to the lake. He would stand on the old wooden dock with his arms stretched over his head before he dove into the cool, clear water. His firm chest and pointy brown nips stuck out over his flat, smooth belly. Sometimes I'd catch my self staring at the little trail of darker brown hair that lead from his belly button down into his swim suit. And aside from all his good looks, he was a great guy.

It was one of those boring weekend afternoons. Andy's dad was at work, and there was nothing to do. I watched him running around the house with the kids, trying to keep them occupied, playing there favorite made up game. The object of "War Games" was to capture the other teams leader and you won. Not the most creative pastime, but just enough to keep the kids from tearing the house apart while his dad worked. I could hear the kids laughing and Andy calling me from the basement. It seems that Andy had been "taken prisoner" during the child's game. He was held captive in the basement, with a pair of his dad's old police handcuffs the kids had found in a junk drawer. It seems the usual plastic handcuffs they played with had broken and the kids didn't know the difference. They had secured the cuffs around his wrists and around a thick steel pipe in the basement wall. I couldn't help but laugh at him, but it really wasn't funny. These things looked ancient, and the key hole so badly dented that the key wouldn't fit in to open the cuffs.

I knew there was a tool box in the shed out in yard, so I offered to get it and see about getting Andy loose. I was walking out the back door on my way to shed when I heard all the noise coming from the basement window. I went to the window, crouched down, and looked inside. Andy's little brothers were tickling the shit out of him. Two of them sat on either side of him. They had their hands under his shirt and were scratching and poking at his ribs, pits and belly. The other two had pulled off his sneakers and socks, while one stroked the length of his bare feet, the other tickled his legs from his ankles up to the bottom of his shorts. Andy was hysterical, laughing and giggling uncontrollably. "HAHAHAHAHAHAHA HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA STOP HAHAHAHAHA DON'T TICKLE ME HAHAHAHAHA" I sat there and watched for a while and felt the rise in my jeans. Soon the noise stopped, so I went for tool box in the shed as I had originally intended. The kids came out into the yard to look for me as I was headed back into the house. I could still feel my stiff prick pressed tight against my jeans. With an evil grin and my own intentions in mind, I sent the kids off to play so I could go help Andy.

I sat on the floor next to Andy, and started to slowly search through the tool box. As I pushed the pliers and wrench's to the side, I looked at him, smiled and said "Sure looks like the kids had some fun with you... I saw it all from the window." He nodded his head and told me, "I hate being tickled, man, you don't know what it does to me." "Hmm, really. So let's find out." I said. I climbed over him, I rested on my knees with my legs spread apart and my ass resting on his thighs. I put my hands under his shirt and starting stroking the length of his sides with my finger tips.

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH....HAAHAAHEHEHEHEHEHEE..NO...DON'...HAHAHAHAAA!!!" Andy screamed through his laughter. I worked all ten fingers across his tight belly and started to probe and poke at his hairy, sensitive pits.

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA NO MAN HAHAHAHAHAHA SHIT NO!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA" The more he howled, the hotter I got. I stayed on my knees and slid between his legs I reached under his shorts and lightly stroked his balls with my fingers. He nearly jumped out of his skin. I started to stroke his nuts lightly and dig my fingers into the flesh between his balls and his legs.

"HAAHAAHAAHAAHAAAAAHAAAAAA....AHHHHHH SHIT HAHAHAHAHAHAAAA HAHAHAHAHAHAHA" My other hand tickled under his balls, stroking with a single finger from his balls down to the sweaty crack of his hot ass.

"NO NOT THERE...HAAHAAHAAHAA HAAHAA HAAA HAAA HAHA!" I could see his stiff cock throbbing through his shorts. I grabbed it through his shorts and gave a pull as I continued working on his ball sack and crotch with my other hand. He threw his head back and moaned through his laughter. "HAHAHAHA YEAH UGGHHH YEA HAHAHAAHAHA"

I wanted Andy for so long. He was sweet and innocent. Just the kind of boy you want to please. The more he moaned and the louder he laughed just sent me into a sexual frenzy. I grabbed his shorts by the waist band and yanked `em off his body. I laid down between his legs and took his prick in my mouth. As I slid my lips up and down his shaft, I swirled my tongue around the head of his cock. While my hot mouth caressed Andy's perfect piece, my hands worked on tickling those balls. His body jerked back and forth as he thrust forward forcing his tool further into my wet mouth. His reactions were awesome.

"HAHAHAHA AHHHH SHIT, OH MAN HAHAHAHAHAHAHA YEAH, FUCK YEAH, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" I felt his body tense and I knew it was coming, He thrust his body up off the ground and shot an amazing load. AHHH, YEAH, YEA UGGHHH SHIT MAN, YEAAAH!"

I didn't move for a minute, I laid there with my head on his leg. Unsure of what his reaction would be, I said nothing as I reached back in the tool box and grabbed the bolt cutters to cut through the chain on the cuffs. I nervously cut him free and we sat silently on floor for a moment. Then, without a word, he leaned over and kissed me softly on my lips. He stared at me, brushed the hair out of my eyes and smiled shyly as he asked me, "So buddy, are you ticklish?"

But that's another story.