The Arcade



The arcade was the coolest hangout. Everyday after school, me and Chris would spend at least four hours playing games. Most of the games were twenty-five cents, some were a dollar. Most of the games like 'Mini-Hoops' or 'Skeet-Ball' gave out points for prizes. Most of the prizes were sucky but there was this Boom Box with a CD Player that I wanted so badly.

The Boom Box was like 10,000 points but all I had was just 2,000 points so far.

You don't know how many 'slam-dunks' I've done so far. By the time I earned enough points, that CD Player would be gone.

"Hey Scott, that CD Player is still there."

"I know. Ahhhh I want it so bad. I'm really getting tired of 'Mini-Hoops.'

Maybe the guy will cut me some slack."

"Excuse me sir, how many points for that CD Player?"

"The sign reads 10,000 points, can't you read?"

"Ya I see the sign but I thought maybe we could work out a deal, I only got 2,000 points."

"Ha ha.... 2,000 and you want to work out a deal, what do I look like?"

I started to walk away.

"Hey kid, wait a sec." He picked up the phone and started talking to someone. He had this slight grin on his face. He motioned for us to come back to the counter.

"What do you think he wants, Scott?"

"I don't know."

"Ah.... We are thinking of purchasing this new game for the Arcade but we need some people to help test it out first. If you help out, just may get that CD Player. What do you say?"

"Sure! Where is the game?"

"The Promoter guy is on his way up, he will explain everything."

Just then, this guy came walking into the Arcade. He asked the clerk, "Are these the guys?"

"Yup, that's them."

"Hi boys, I hear you'd like to try out a new game huh?"


"Follow me please."

He lead us through a door that said 'Emergency Exit." We followed him down some stairs into the basement. It was a rather large basement with a few different rooms. He asked my friend to wait by the stairs. He took me into one of the rooms and in the middle of the room was this big huge machine. It sort of looked like a car.

"Well, this is the 'Milk Shooter.'"

"The 'Milk Shooter?' Sounds like a sissy game." "Well let's see if you feel the same after you've tried it. Now, before you test it, I need to ask you a couple of questions."

He took out this small clipboard from his pocket and he started writing something.

"What is you first name?"




He walked over to the machine and he lifted up the door. It lifted the same way that car does in 'Back To The Future'. In fact, when I poked my head inside, it really did look like that car from the movie.

"Go ahead, get in."

There was a seat inside and it was reclined a little. It was very comfortable. In front of me was what looked like a TV Screen.

"How does this game work?"

"I'll explain that in a minute. First, why don't you first put the seat belt on."

"Wow, a seat belt! Is this some kind of motion ride?"

"Not really, we just want to make sure you will stay put."

"Now keep your feet on the floor and put for arms on the arm rest."

As soon as I put my arms on the armrests, he pushed a button and my ankles and wrists were locked in place.

"Hey, what's goin' on?"

"Relax. Don't worry. So I understand that you would like that CD Player huh? But you don't have enough points well maybe this machine can help."

He leaned over and started unzipping my fly.

"Hey, what are you doing?"

"Relax I said. Before this game starts, your dick has to be hard."

The guy started massaging my dick. It didn't take very long for it to get hard.

"Hey, what are you gonna do?"

He didn't answer, instead, he took out this small bottle of gel and he lubed up my hard dick. He then pulled this pipe out from under the TV screen. He slipped the pipe over my dick.

"There, nice and snug. OK, let me explain. This game will stroke and suck your dick. It will make you cum over and over. The way to win the game is to stay put. If you can make it till the end, you will get 10,000 points.

Sometimes, the machine may just get you off three, four times. If you can last, you win. On the other hand, sometimes the machine won't stop until you dry shoot."

"Wait, what the fuck are you talking about, what's dry shoot?"

"It's when you cum but no milk comes out. Now the game does have an EMERGENCY STOP button, but since this is a test unit, that feature has been deactivated."

"What are you saying?!? I don't think I can go through with this."

"Relax, just try it. I'll be back to check up on you."

"How long is this game gonna be-"

He slammed the door shut. I was in total darkness. In a few seconds, the video screen turned on. This beautiful woman started talking.

"He, welcome to 'Milk Shooter.'"

She started undressing.

"I will be with you for a while and then my partner will take over. Are you ready? I'm gonna suck you dry!"

She knelt down and all I could see was the top of her head bobbing up and down. Then the pipe started up. It started sucking my dick. What a feeling. It felt great. Soon, I heard music. There ware two speakers, one on each side of me. I was in ecstasy. I noticed some writing on the bottom of the screen. One set of numbers timed the game and the other set said 'Cum Count' which was zero. The machine never let up; it was sucking at a constant pace. I looked at the time counter and already 20 minutes had passed. The machine just kept on sucking. Then, on the top of the screen, a message in red started blinking. It said, "CUMMING IN 60 SECONDS....CUMMING IN 58 SECONDS," and so on. Wow, this pipe had sensors that could actually tell when I was gonna cum, I was surprised. As the countdown got closer to 10 seconds, I really felt on fire. I tensed up; I started breathing more heavily. I cam when the countdown hit zero! Wow, that felt so good.

The machine stopped sucking. The 'Cum Count' now read 1. The girl stopped acting as if she was sucking and said, "Hummm I love the taste of warm cum....I want more!" She lowered her head and the machine started up again. My dick was still too sensitive from the last cumming. I started yelling and bouncing. "Turn this off, STOP the machine!" Either the machine was sound proof or the guy was just ignoring me. My fists were clenched now as the machine was sucking my dick. This was torture now. I tried to relax and calm myself. I called out again, "Please, STOP the machine." Nothing happened; the machine just kept on sucking. The machine had no mercy. After about 45 minutes, the sign in red came on again. I tensed up again. The machine just kept on sucking and when the countdown reached zero, I came again. The 'Cum Count' was now two. I was hoping that was the end of the game. She stop sucking and said, "Wow, two nice loads......but I want more!" I started screaming, "You FUCKIN' BITCH...NO..!" The machine started up again.

"You stupid BITCH....fuck NO!" I closed my eyes. Music was still playing. It was erotic music. I tried to block it out. I started bouncing again.

I couldn't cum again. I had to get out of there. The machine kept on sucking and I kept on bouncing and screaming. I started to sweat. I couldn't take it anymore. I then noticed on the right armrest a button that read EMERGENCY STOP. The button was near my fingers. Even though the guy said it was not working, I tried it anyways. Nothing happened. After about an hour, the 60-second countdown came up. My dick was about to cum again. When the countdown reached 20 seconds, I clenched my fists and my muscles hardened.

My dick was ready to shoot. CUMMING IN 10 SECONDS. The pressure was building up. CUMMING IN 0 SECONDS. I unloaded a pretty big load. I was now very hot. I was still breathing heavily when the machine finally stopped.

The girl stopped and said, "Thanks for the hot stuff. See ya around."

The video monitor went black. Ah, thank goodness it's over. I sat there waiting for the guy to open the door but nothing happened. The monitor came on again. This time this college looking jock type guy came on. He said, "Hi. I'm gonna take over now. Let me get more comfortable." I started yelling again. NO...oh NO...PLEASE STOP THE MACHINE!

He took off his shirt and pants. He was very sexy but I just couldn't continue. I got scared and pushed the EMERGENCY STOP button again several times but nothing happened. The guy started to speak again. "Let's see how many times I can get you off...haha....ready?" He started sucking and the machine started up again.

There was nothing I could do. I continued screaming. I looked at the time counter and saw that my cock has been worked on for almost two fucking hours.

The machine just kept on sucking while I clenched my fists. I couldn't take it any more. I was sweating even more now. Then all of a sudden, I felt cool air. This contraption had a cooling system in it. The music continued to play as the machine sucked my dick. After about a half-hour, the countdown started up again. CUMMING IN 60 SECONDS. I thought maybe THIS might be my last load. The countdown continued. When the countdown reached 20 seconds, the machine stopped sucking my dick. Ah, finally, it's over.

"OK, I'm done, hey, GET ME OUT NOW PLEASE!" The guy did not open the door.

Then, on the screen I saw a message that read "ONE MINUTE DELAY." What the heck did that mean? "HEY, GET ME OUT......THE GAME IS OVER!" I waited but nothing happened. Then all of a sudden, the machine started up again. Oh fuck, no! The machine started sucking my dick again. This machine was now really working my cock over. After a couple of minutes, the countdown started up again. CUMMING IN 60 SECONDS. I now really wanted to cum so bad.

CUMMING IN 30 SECONDS. I tensed up. I closed my eyes and titled my head back. Then, the machine stopped again at the 20-second mark. FUCK NO....OH FUCK. I screamed, "Get me out of here NOW! STOP THE MACHINE!!" I couldn't believe what was happening. After about a minute, the machine started up again. I tried to relax but I couldn't. I started moaning. I needed to cum. The machine continued working my hard cock. In a couple of minutes I felt like I was gonna explode. The countdown started up and again of the 20-second mark, it stopped. I didn't scream or anything because I knew it wouldn't do any good. I just sat there and waited. The machine started up after a minute. How much more of this can I take. I needed to cum so badly.

After a minute or so, the countdown started up again and I tensed up.

CUMMING IN 30 SECONDS. CUMMING IN 20 SECONDS. CUMMING IN 15 SECONDS. The machine didn't stop. I closed my eyes and I came like never before.

The machine stopped. I was still panting. I slowly opened my eyes. The guy on the TV started to talk. "Hey dude, that was some load! That was really powerful! In case you haven't figured it out yet, I like to tease young studs like yourself. You can take it right? You really have no choice because I'm not done with you yet. Just relax, you're not goin' anywhere for a while. A young guy like you should be able to cum a few more times, so let's get back to work." I started screaming again. I couldn't cum again, not after that last load. The machine started up again. NO...oh no, please STOP!

To make a long story short, the machine got me off a couple more times, but the guy teased me just as I was about to shoot. After I shot my last load, which was the 6th one, the video went black and the cooling system stopped.

Soon after that, the music stopped and I heard some noise. The guy finally opened the door.

"Didn't you hear me? Where the fuck were you? GET ME OUT OF THIS!"

"This machine is soundproof. Now relax."

He hit the button on the outside of the machine and my ankles and wrists were finally free. I wanted to hit the guy.

"So what did you think?"

"What did I think? I couldn't take it anymore! That fuckin machine sucked me dry!"

"Relax. The machine didn't suck you dry. I was only kidding about that 'dry shoot' thing. We only use the 'dry shoot' mode on real men. What you were put through was nothing. So here is your prize, a 10,000 point coupon. Thanks for your time."

"Hey...a...what would the winner get if he...ah...played the game again but in the 'dry shoot' mode?"

"Well, only one person made it so far. You really have to be willing to make it to the end. What you saw today was nothing. If someone did make it to the end, he will get 50,000 points."

"Wow, 50,000 points!-"

"Ya but like I said, it's only for people who can really take it."

"Hummm..... are you gonna be here next week?"

"Yes, I will."

"Well I may just see you around. Bye."

I barley was able to walk but I may it to the stairs. I then saw my friend. He asked in a very worn out way, "Hey Scott, you won't believe what happened!"

"Oh I think I know what happened. AND I'm getting the CD player!"