The Many Cummings Of Kevin:
A Bondage Fantasy



My name is Kevin. I am an average 20-year-old. I'm nothing special. I live in a small town and attend college in my hometown. I must admit, I'm very fit and good-looking. Fitness to me is very important. It was at college where I met Eric. We both worked out together. We shared health tips and we spotted each other. I did not see anything unusual about him until one day in the shower he asked me if I was into bondage. I did not know too much about it but I was curious. Eric then told me that he was bi-sexual. I told him I was too. His body also was a work of art. I was rewarded after my long hard workout by watching him soap himself up. Anyways, I told him that I could get into it but I did not know too much about it. He said he would like me to stay at his house one weekend for some training. We made a date to meet the next weekend. He lives a few miles from me so he picked me up Saturday morning. He rang my bell at about eight and I was ready to go. I packed the night before and left my bag by the door. As we drove, I asked him what kind of training was he talking about. He said I would find out very soon. I knew this guy for a few months and I felt like I could trust him. We arrived at his house. I never was at his house before. It was way off the road and was surrounded by trees. It was a nice looking house. We went in and he told me to use the bathroom because I was not going to see it again soon. I did my business and he then lead me to the master bedroom. The room was fully decorated with curtains, chairs, bed, and anything else a guest may need. I sat down and he pulled a box out from under the bed. It had bottles of gel, handcuffs, blindfolds, rope, and other bondage toys. He told me to take off my shirt. I did as he undid my pants. I was naked and he walked around me exploring my body. He then told me to lie down. He started tying my ankles with the rope from the box. He then pulled my hands over my head to the bedposts. He tied each of my wrists to each of the bedposts, and then he handcuffed each. I was comfortable but not able to get free. He then said that I was in for two days of pleasure. I started getting excited when he said that but little did I know that his pleasure was torture to me. He said he was going to milk my cock as many times as he could. I started to freak out. Could he be serious? I saw a clock on the wall and it was nine o'clock. He blindfolded me and then he put on some music. He then said he was going to start. He asked me if I was ready for my first cumming. I said ya, I guess so. I still could not believe that he was going to milk my cock like he said. It did not register with me that he was serious. He then started to feel the muscles in my chest. He messaged my arms and chest. He then started reaching down to my cock. He played with my balls and my cock became erect. When he noticed it, he started stroking it. While playing with my balls, he was also jacking me off. He gripped my cock and the continued playing with it. He only started playing with it when I already felt like I was ready to cum. It must have been the excitement and mystery of the game. He jacked me to a huge orgasm. It was incredible. I came all over my body. He cleaned me up and then asked me if I liked that. I said yes! I told him it was very hot. He responded with, "Well, just think, we got the whole night ahead of us". I ask him when he was going to let me up. This was just a game, right? He said he was not going to let me go until tomorrow evening. I started to get really scared. My trust in him was going fast. I said, "You can't do that, what if I have to go to the bathroom?" He said he would feed me and take care of bodily functions. I asked him to untie me but he put a gag in my mouth and said he was ready to get me off again. He said from now on he was going to use the gel on me. He sat in a chair next to me and started stroking my cock again to get it hard. He stopped to pure some of the gel into his hand. He then messaged it onto my cock. The slick gel was incredible. It magnified all sensations my dick was getting. He took slow stokes up and down my hard shaft. This was torture. The feeling was too much for me. He did not stop, he just continued. I tried to move around because the feeling was too much for me. When he saw this he said I had better stop or I would get no sleep that night, he said he would stroke my cock all day and night. I tried to calm down and just accept the pleasure. When the gel went dry, he paused to give my cock a new coating. Every new coating drove me nuts. It was now about ten and he was still jacking me off. He was taking faster strokes now. While he was stroking me, he felt up my chest. He felt up my arms again and played with my nipples. He still continued jacking my cock. I started feeling like I was going to cum again. He sensed this and stopped. I could not believe he stopped. He waited until I got soft and then he reapplied my cock with the gel. Again he began jacking me. He pumped my cock till he felt that I was ready to cum. He told me that he would let me cum soon. He waited till I calmed down and then he went right back to work. He kept me on the brink of cumming for another hour. He told me to relax and just take it like a man. I started moaning because I could not take it anymore. He just continued jacking my cock. I was ready to cum again and he stopped. He coated my dick again and continued stroking. He finally let me cum. He messaged my cum into my chest and then cleaned me up. Then without saying anything, he positioned himself on the bed to give me a blowjob. I guess this was how he was going to get me off next. He got right on top of my dick and he started sucking. He took slow licks up and down. He continued while all I could do was take this pleasure. The sensations were incredible. He worked and worked up and down my cock. I was wondering if he was ever getting tired. While sucking on my cock, he reached up and started feeling my chest. He worked on my cock for about an hour! I was forced this blowjob that never ended. I was ready to cum and he swallowed every drop. He sucked until I was dry, in fact, he did not stop. He still was working my cock. My cock was still very sensitive from the last cumming but it was also still very hard. He took slow strokes now that drove me crazy. I started to moan again but he did not stop. He still was feeling my chest muscles and he still continued working on my dick. Why didn't he stop? I was going crazy inside. He was fascinated with my cock and continued sucking it. He wrapped his lips tightly around it and continued working on it. I felt like I was going to cum again and he let me. He again drank up every drop. He then covered me partially and let me rest for about five minutes. He took out the gag and gave me a drink. I asked him to untie me, I said I was empty. He then said that we just got started. I started yelling and he just put the gag back in. He said he was going to get me off as many times as he could, no matter how long it took. He washed his hands and sat back next to me in his chair. He took off the cover he put on me and he started feeling my chest again. He asked me if I was ready to cum for the fifth time. I muffled no through my gag but he just ignored me. He loved feeling my chest. My nipples became hard while he touched them. He then started jacking me off again. He lubed my cock while he was jacking it. Oh, that gel again. The feeling was so good. I tried not to move too much because I did not want this torture to go on all night. He continued jacking me while he leaned over to suck my nipples. I tried to lift my head up and he just pushed it back down and told me to relax. He told me to just lay back and relax. He then said if I continued moving around that he might keep me till Monday. He then started to take slow strokes from the base of my cock to the head. This feeling was killing me. I was forced this pleasure; there was nothing I could do. He continued jacking me and then said this was pleasure he was giving me, not torture. He said I was just to accept the feeling he was giving my cock. Again he paused and lubed up my cock. My dick was very hard and he just continued jacking me off. I felt like I was ready to shoot. He picked up the pace and I shot my load. He slowed down but did not stop. He messaged my cum into my chest while he was still jacking me. I was shaking because that last load was huge. I calmed down but he did not stop. He lubed up my cock and continued. He told me to relax. He said I still had many loads to shoot. I starting moaning for him to stop but he did not. He just paused to lube my cock and he continued. I was wondering why I came over his house. He was not going to leave my cock alone for two days. After another cumming, he still did not stop! His hands never got tired! He continued jerking me off. I already lost track of time and of how many times I came so far. He took slow strokes while he reapplied more gel. He continued and never stopped. I felt like I was ready to cum again. I shot all over the place. He squeezed every drop out and finally stopped. He cleaned me up and covered me. He left the room and came back about a half-hour or so later. He had a sandwich and a drink for me. He took out the gag but left the blindfold on. He placed the sandwich on my chest. He was feeding me with one hand while messaging my cock with the other. He did not use any gel this time. As he started feeding me the second half, he went down on my dick. He did not even leave my dick alone so I could eat. He sucked away while I chewed. I moaned in between bites. I finished the sandwich and he gave me a slip from the drink he brought in. He put the gag back in. He then took an ice cube out from the cup and he messaged it all over my chest. The water from the cube cleaned off any remains of my cum from my chest. He moved the cube around my nipples and then down through my muscles. He then threw the cube down on the floor and went back to working my cock. He positioned himself for another blowjob. He slowly began sucking. He told me not to move or this would go on all night. He just wanted me to lie still and enjoy the pleasure. I must admit, he was the best cocksucker. But this feeling was too much for me. He continued forcefully sucking away. All I could do was lie there. I started moaning in ecstasy. He continued for an hour or so. He never stopped. It was a continuous blowjob. The pleasure was mounting up. I was ready to shoot. I cam and he swallowed. He slowly stopped and then got up from my cock. He cleaned up whatever cum was left and then he left the room. I heard the door open and close. He came back in and said he was going to start on me again. He said he would start again by jacking me off. He changed the radio station and then sat back in his chair. He played with my balls till my cock stiffened. He then got the lube out and poured some into his hand. Then he messaged it into my cock. He slowly started to jack my cock. There was nothing I could do. I was afraid to move or grunt because he may then never leave my cock alone. He still continued stroking my cock. I kept testing the rope and handcuffs, trying to escape. The feeling was incredible. He continued pumping my cock dry. I then pulled hard on the binding on my right arm. He saw this and gave me a last warning just to lay still and enjoy the feeling. He paused to re-lube my cock. He messaged the lube into my cock and continued jacking it. I did not know what time it was or anything. I just concentrated on the feeling my cock was getting. I started to grunt because I felt like cumming. He slowed down and continued jacking. He let me cum. He forced out every drop. He then left the room again. I did not know this, but he invited a friend to help get me off. By now, it was around eight or nine. He came in again this time with his friend. I was still blindfolded. His friend introduced himself and said his name was Scott. Eric said that he and Scott would be working on me for a few more hours. He took the gag out and he asked me if I had anything to say. I asked him to stop for a while because my cock hurt a bit. He said not to worry. He said he would suck me off for the next cumming. I started arguing and he put the gag back in. Eric positioned himself for another endless blowjob while Scott sat in Eric's chair. Scott started to message my chest while Eric started sucking my cock. It was double torture. While Scott's hands explored my chest, Eric just continued sucking my cock. He took slow licks up and down my hardened shaft. He took in my entire dick and sucked it up and down. He paused and poured this sweet stuff on my dick. It smelled like strawberries. It was a flavoring used for giving blowjobs. So to Eric, it was like he was sucking a strawberry. It must have been an hour or so. Scott was still feeling my chest and Eric was still sucking my dick. The feeling was driving me crazy. The hands and sucking was too much, the pressure was mounting up. I cam and Eric swallowed every drop. Eric asked Scott how they should get me off next. He said they should flip a coin. Heads, they blow me again, tails, they jack me. Scott tossed it and it was tails. This time, Scott was going to jack me off. He got the lube out and poured some onto my cock. He started to jack me off while Eric was feeling my arms and stomach muscles. Eric whispered to me to just take in the pleasure. He asked me how it felt. I groaned and they continued. He felt up my arms and told me to relax and enjoy the jacking. Scott reapplied the lube and continued stroking my cock up and down. He had a tight grip and forcefully continued jacking me. Eric then started sucking my nipples. While he sucked my nipples, his hands explored my chest. They kept this up for about another hour. I was wondering IF they were EVER going to stop. The feeling was great and I tried to lay still. Scott paused and lubed up my dick again. Even after all these hours of being forced to cum, my dick was still rock hard. Eric whispered again reminding me not to fight against this feeling. He felt up my biceps and told me to relax. He whispered that if I'm good, they would let me sleep soon. I felt like cumming and I did. Scott squeezed out every drop. Eric then told me that so far I came eleven times. My cock hurt a little but this did not stop them. Eric said that I should cum one more time before they leave me alone. It was already quite late in the evening. They did notice that my cock was very red, so they left me alone for about 10 minutes. They both left the room. I heard "AHhhhhs" and "OHhhhhs" coming from the next room. I assumed they were exploring each other. They came back in and Scott said he was going to get me off again. He flipped the coin and it landed on heads. He got down between my legs and when right to work. Eric sat in his chair and messaged my chest. They both worked on me. I have been tied down for many many hours now and forced to cum. In case your wondering how I have been relieving my bowels, they have been letting my pee in a cup. They did not want me to get up for anything. I just laid there being forced this pleasure. It was a great blowjob, as the others have been. But how much can I take? I started to lose it. I wasn't ready to cum but I started to bounce up and down. I then started to moan. I did anything I could to make them stop. I picked up my head and Eric pushed it down again saying that I had better relax. He then told me that other people would love to be in my position. Scott continued sucking my cock while Eric tried to calm me down. He felt up my chest and he told me that they were almost done with me. Eric whispered that I had better just accept the feeling or there would be some problems tomorrow. This just got me more upset but I laid still and just accepted the pleasure given to me. My dick was still hard and Scott continued going down on it. Scott has been sucking for about an hour. Eric was still feeling my chest and whispering for me to relax. He said they were in control. He said they were the masters and they were going to take care of me. The sensation my cock was getting was great. I felt like I was ready to shoot. Scott sensed this and stopped. Oh, they were really torturing me. Eric continued feeling my arms and chest and Scott went back down on my cock. Again, Scott stopped just as I was ready to cum. He waited about a minute or so and then he started jacking me off. He jacked me while licking my head. I cam and he caught some drops on his tongue. He stopped when nothing more came out. They then started untying me. Eric took off the blindfold and told me they were only going to take me to the bathroom to clean me up. I was too weak to fight but I did try to struggle and push them away. Scott quickly handcuffed my hands behind my back and they walked me to the bathroom. I took care of my bodily functions and then they both showered me. They brought me back to the bed and tied my ankles back up. They undid the handcuffs and immediately tied and cuffed my wrists back up. They put a blanket on me and let me sleep. I fell asleep fast. The next morning, I felt this wet feeling on my dick. It was Scott. I don't know how I knew, but it was him. He was sucking my dick. I don't think Eric was in the room because my chest was left alone. Scott paused for a moment and said, "Good Morning, welcome to day two." I moaned a little and Scott went back to work. I started to rethink this whole bondage issue over in my mind. Today, I decided not to resist. I made myself accept the pleasure.

Scott continued working on my dick and it felt great. My dick was rock-hard and Scott took in my entire shaft. While sucking, he reached up and felt my stomach. This feeling of power that Eric and Scott had over me was what kept my dick hard. Knowing that they could explore my body and control me also kept me hard. My dick was theirs. I don't know how long Scott was working on me, but I felt like I was ready to cum. Scott continued sucking my dick up and down and I started to moan to let him know I was cumming. He swallowed every drop. He got up and told me that he had to leave soon. He left the room and about ten minutes later both of them came back in. Eric left the gag in but took my blindfold off. Both guys stood on each side of my bed. They both looked so hot. All three of us were jocks. Scott had a small beard that made him look extra hot. I was wondering what they were going to do next. Eric said that I should be cleaned up again. This time, they were going to do it themselves. They gave me a tongue bath. They started with my face, then went down to my chest, then to my legs. They stopped and made sure to clean my special places like my nipples and balls. Eric said they were ready to get me off again. This time, they were going to do it differently. Scott rolled a condom onto my dick and Eric straddled my chest. Scott directed my dick into Eric's ass and Eric made me fuck him. Eric rested his hands on the headboard where my hands were tied. Eric moved up and down and this was torture. This sensation was too much. I watch Eric's chest and arms as he moved up and down. What a show! His stomach muscles were contracted and he kept flexing his arm muscles every once in a while. Eric lowered his hands down to my chest and pinched lightly at my nipples. Scott also joined in and felt my chest up. I just laid there concentrating on the feeling my dick was getting. Eric kept up his rhythm and the feeling was awesome. About a half-hour went by and the two were still working on me. I finally cam. Eric stopped and took off the condom. Scott licked off the remaining cum while Eric put the blindfold back on. Eric said I was in for still many more cummings. He turned on the radio and got in his chair. Scott also had a chair and he sat on my right side while Eric was on my left. I wasn't sure what they were going to do next. I then felt the gel being squeezed onto my dick so I knew they were going to jack me off. But what I didn't know was that this was a special gel that prolongs the cumming. Eric said that when people use this gel, it takes them about two hours or so before they cum. He messaged the gel into my dick and it was slicker than the usual stuff. But this gel was stronger than the usual stuff. It made the sensations magnified even more. It felt cool and wet. Now I agreed to accept the pleasure and not fight the feeling but this gel was driving me crazy. It made me feel like I was cumming but I wasn't. I was wondering when I was going to cum. I then felt Scott's hands feeling my chest. He messaged my arms, biceps, and stomach. Eric kept a steady pace, not too quick, not too slow. He pumped my cock for a half-hour or so. The feeling was incredible. I really wanted them to stop. I moaned to get their attention but Eric just ignored me and said that he knew I was not ready to cum yet. He just continued and said to me to relax and that they are not going to stop. He paused to re-lube my dick. I tried to remain calm. I tried not to move around but my dick felt like it was going to explode. Scott continued to message my arms and chest. The feeling was too much. I started to squirm around and Eric told me to lay still. He reminded me that he was going to release me today and that they were going to be done with me soon. But, he said that he would keep me longer if I haven't learned yet to accept pleasure and realize that they were in control. Eric said, while still pumping me, that I must be obedient by laying still and accept the feeling. All I could think about was when were they going to stop. Didn't they get tired? Another hour goes by and I feel like cumming but never do. Eric continues to stroke my dick up and down and Scott is still exploring my chest. Eric paused to squeeze some more of that special gel on me. Where did he get this stuff? The gel kept me hard and slick. Eric now started to take slow strokes up and down. He gripped my dick harder now and he really messaged the gel into my dick. This just drove me nuts. I lost track of everything now. I did hear the radio announcer say that it was around eleven in the morning. Finally I felt like I was ready to cum. Eric continued with his slow strokes but I never cam. He continued pumping me and said he was not gonna stop. It felt like the pressure was building up. I wanted to cum so badly. They both stopped for a few minutes. I guess they did get tired after all. They left the room for about ten minutes. I was hoping they were let me go soon. I also hoped they were not going to use that gel again. They came in and got back in their usual places. They just continued where they left off. Eric re-lubed my dick and went back to work. He said they were not going to stop until I was dry. They continued for about a half-hour. Finally, I felt like I was ready to cum for real. I finally came and did I cum. I erupted like a volcano. Eric asked me how that felt. I just grunted. Scott continued feeling up my chest while Eric cleaned me up. Boy was I glad to cum. Eric took off the gag and asked me if I was ready to cum again. Even if I said no, he was still going to continue. Instead of answering, I asked him when he was going to let me go. He said not until I cum a few more times. He said around six or so I could go. I asked him how he was going to get me off next. He was a little stunned and saw that I was beginning to enjoy this. He said he was glad that I am being obedient. He said that he wanted Scott to suck my cock because he had to leave. He asked me if that was OK, I said yes and he put the gag back in. Scott positioned himself between my legs and went to work. Both of them were great cocksuckers. Eric took a break and left the room. Scott took slow licks up and down. He sucked up and down my entire dick. The sensations were great. He then started concentration on my cock-head. He licked it all around and sucked just my head. I just laid still and concentrated on the feeling. I started moaning and he just continued. He then reached up and felt my nipples. He then started exploring my entire dick again. He sucked up and down while feeling my nipples and chest. It must have been around twelve o'clock. Scott worked on me for about a half-hour. I came and he swallowed. He got up and said that it was a pleasure and that he hoped someday we would meet again. He said bye and left. About a half an hour later, Eric came in. It was probably around 1:30 now. I still had the gag in my mouth and I grunted to get Eric's attention but he just ignored me. We walked over to me and he put the blindfold back on me. He did not say a word. I really started to get nervous. This whole experience was freaking me out. I did hear something like a can being opened. My gag was then removed. He brought some food in for me. He feed me and he gave me something to drink. He then helped me relieve my bowels. He loosened some of my bindings so I could turn a little and I peed into a cup. He tightened the ropes and he put my gag back in. He then got himself ready to play with my cock. He massaged my chest a little and then he fondled my cock. As soon as he touched my cock, I became erect. I started to grunt to get his attention. This game really went on too long. I really wanted out. I stated bouncing and he just ignored me. He lubed up his hand and then he slowly glided his slick hand up and down my dick. He shouted at me to stop resisting. He became angry and shouted that if I don't lay still he just might keep me there for another day. The next day, Monday, was a holiday so he knew we did not have school so he knew that I would not have to be anywhere. He slowly jacked me while telling me to stop fighting it. I tried not to grunt or move. By now I really hated him but I cooled down because he said he was going to let me go soon. He continued torturing me and I just laid still thinking this would all be over soon. While he was jacking me, he told me how good I look all tied up. He said he loved playing with my cock. He finally let me cum. I came quite a lot. I was hoping that was the last time he was going to make me cum. He cleaned me up and he said he was going to work on my cock again. He saw I was about to scream so he then said that I had better not give him any trouble. He put his hand against the gag in my mouth and he said in a mean tone that I better cooperate. He reassured me that I will be leaving soon but if I gave him any trouble then he would keep me there another day. I was so mad but I just laid there and did nothing. I was screaming in my mind but I did not let it show. His routine was always the same. He would sit in his chair, lube up my cock, and then he was jack me off. I tried to remain still. He started to jack me slowly and I felt like me dick could not take it anymore. My dick was not really sore which was weird. But my cock-head did feel a little worn out. He took his lubed fingers and played with my cock-head. He was really driving me crazy. He re-lubed my dick and he continued playing with my dick. I did not bounce but I moved my pelvis up and down and the effect was like as if I was fucking his hand. He told me to stop. He said he was to be in control, not me. He wanted me to lie absolutely still. I stopped but then I accidentally started up again. He stopped but he did not say anything. I heard him digging around in his box of toys. He then started tying something around my waist. He was tying my waist down to the bed so I could not move AT ALL. Then he spoke and said, "I'm sorry to have to do this to you but it looks like you need more training in being obedient. I gave you many chances but that was your last one. I need to continue training you and it looks like I need another night." I screamed into my gag, I tried to bounce but I couldn't. I moaned and grunted to get his attention. I wanted to ask him to give me another chance. He said I can scream all I want but it will do no good. He got back into his chair and went back to work. He knew that I could not move at all now, so he held the base of my cock and he gripped it firmly. He then lubed up my cock and he SLOWLY stroked my cock from my cock-head down to his hand. The effect was that the pleasure was intensified because he held on to the bottom of my cock and he was in complete control now. I was screaming because this was brutal torture. His slow strokes were killing me. He NEVER jacked me off like this before. He continued stroking me and he saw that I was freaking out. All I could move was my head. My head was shaking from the left and to the right and I was grunting like I never grunted before. I may have even started crying because I couldn't take it anymore. Eric said that I had to be punished for being disobedient. He said I can shake my head all I want but he wasn't going to stop. He then started yelling to me to shut up. He said I deserve what I'm getting. He reminded me that my job is to just lay still and accept the pleasure. I was still screaming and grunting and Eric just continued stroking my cock slowly. He said I was in for some night. He said I still have to learn how to accept pleasure. He said that he would stroke me slowly ALL NIGHT. He said I still had a chance to redeem myself by not saying a word and by lying completely still. It was too much though. He gripped the base of my cock hard and he forced this torture on me. He re-lubed and he continued stroking my dick slowly. I really just could not handle it. I twitched a little and rocked my head back and forth. He just continued and he said he was not going to stop until I cum. I did not know what part of the day it was or what time is was. I really hated him now. He was doing this to me totally against my will. He must have been working on my cock for a couple of hours or so. Since he was stroking my slowly, I knew it would be a while before I came. I just could not submit. I had to rock my head; I did anything I could to move. He just gripped my dick harder and he continued stroking my lubed cock. He continued torturing me and he said that after I cum, he was going to jack me off again. He said he would do this all night if I did not submit. I was still going nuts. He then said, "I know you can do it, I know you. Just lie still and enjoy. Don't resist." After about three hours or so, my chest tensed up and I finally came. I erupted like I never erupted before. While he cleaned me up, all I could think about was that he was going to jack me off slowly again. I can't go through this again. He came over to my head and he took off the gag but before he did he said do not say anything until I ask you a question. He took off the gag and I did not say anything. He apologized for keeping me another day but he said I needed more training in being obedient and the only way I was going to learn was to be forced to cum over and over. He said I did behave during most of his stay but it was my movements that had to be controlled. He asked me if I understood. I wanted to say yes but instead I asked him why he was so concerned with me not moving around. I asked him why was he doing this to me. He said if I was perfectly still, then I would have submitted to the pleasure but instead I was resisting. He said I still did not learn my lesson and that I still had to be forced to cum. I pleaded with him to stop but he ignored me and he put the gag back in me. I was so scared. I did not want to be tortured like the last cumming. I felt his hands messaging my chest. I really felt sick. I just could not lie still and let him have his way with me. He kept messaging my chest for a while. I felt a little relieved. He roamed my arms and chest. He left my cock alone. He kind of comforted me. I felt relaxed and calm. He messaged my chest for about an hour, then he left me for a while. I was not sure what his plan was but I felt relieved. I started to drift away but then I heard the door open. He said it was already night and he brought me a snack. He fed me and then he started messaging my chest again. He played with my nipples and he felt up my chest. He whispered that it was time to go back to work. I decided to just ignore him and I did not move or grunt. I was really scared though. I thought I would get no sleep because if he was going to jack me off slowly, it could take another three hours or so. I tried to prepare myself by tightening my muscles, arms, and legs. I was going to lie still no matter what. He saw that I was tight. He told me to relax. He said he was going to give me a blowjob. I was relieved but still confused. He said he wanted to loosen me up, then he would get serious with me. This freaked me out but I tried to remain still. I told myself to relax. He positioned himself and he started sucking. It was very sensual. I did feel relaxed. He sucked my dick and he continued messaging my chest. I did feel good but I was still afraid. Was he ever going to let me go? I just laid still and accepted the pleasure. My muscles were relaxed and he continued sucking away. I felt like I was ready to cum. He sensed this and stopped. I was cursing him in my head but I did not move. I thought this was some kind of test or something. He went back to work and once again he stopped just before I was ready to shoot. He then said that I was showing signs of improvement. I still was going crazy inside but I controlled myself. He went back to sucking but this time he held the base of my cock tight and he worked just my cock-head. I said to myself, "Oh now, he's going to do this to me again." He continued sucking my cock-head and again I felt like I was going to cum. He stopped. I just laid still and relaxed. He gripped the base of my cock again and continued sucking my head. He started to forcefully suck and it was driving me crazy. He stopped again and I lost it. I started to grunt and I rocked my head from side to side. He said I was doing good but not good enough. He said I needed more practice, which meant he was going to play with my dick all night. He gripped my dick again and went back to work. I tried to relax. He sucked my cock-head and he finally let me cum. He swallowed every drop. He then said that we would continue tomorrow. I felt relieved that he was going to leave my alone but I was worried about what he was going to do to me tomorrow. That night I went to sleep with a raging hard-on.