Dr. Leland Everhard's Totally Vicious, Wickedly Wonderful, Marvelously Malicious Tickling Milking Machine




Dr. Leland Everhard smiled as he gazed upon his creation. It was wonderful. After years of hard work and dedication it was completed. The XTC 2000. Solid steel frame construction around a king-sized foam, rubber and satin mattress. At the head and foot of the mattress were four adjustable padded cuffs. The entire thing looked like just an ordinary bed but it wasn't. There was more to this than met the eye. The person who fell asleep in this bed would get a big surprise. Now all he needed was a "test" subject.

"Gomez!" DR. Everhard called out to his assistant. A hulking man standing over 6 and a half feet tall and weighing over 300 lbs. He wore a long leather trench coat, had a goatee and wore leather chaps, vest and pants. He lumbered over to the doctor with his menacing frame. "Gomez, the XTC 2000 is complete. Now go and bring me the test subject."

Gomez nodded and silently went to fetch the test subject. He left the laboratory and went into the adjoining room where the "test" subject lay in a deep, sedated sleep. Gomez hovered over the sleeping form. He was a handsome young man of 19 years old. 6' 2", 185 lbs. Blonde hair that was long enough to be worn in a ponytail. He had a very well put together body. Muscular pecs and traps. Bulging arms, a super six pack of abs, powerful, stallion like legs. His name was Billy Anderson and we worked out at Silverado's Gym. Gomez had been staking him out for a week. He had to know Billy's routine so when the time was right he could snatch him. He knew that Billy had a girlfriend named...of all things...Sally. He knew Billy's cock size, nine inches cut. He also knew that Billy was very, very ticklish. Especially on feet. He could also cum three times in one night. He was the perfect subject.

Gomez picked up the sleeping form of Billy Anderson and carried him back into the lab where Dr. Everhard and the XTC 2000 waited. As Gomez laid him down on the mattress, Everhard smiled. "Strip him and I will warm up the XTC and prepare him."

Billy awoke slowly. His head ached, his mouth was very dry and his vision was blurred. God, he couldn't remember what had happened. He remembered leaving the gym and going to the bar. He had a few beers. He remembered someone knocking his beer over but then bringing him another one. After that he couldn't remember. He tried to sit up but he couldn't move. At first he thought it was part of how he was feeling. He tried again and that's when he heard the voice.

"Don't try to move, Billy." Said Dr. Everhard as he and Gomez came into view. Billy's eyes began to clear and focus. He didn't recognize the doctor but the big guy looked familiar. Very familiar.

"Where am I?" Billy asked looking around the lab. "Am I in the hospital?"

Everhard smiled. "No. You are in the laboratory of Dr. Leland Everhard."

Billy tried to raise his head but couldn't. "What's going on?"

Everhard stood over Billy and smiled. "Thank you for volunteering to test the XTC 2000."

"I didn't volunteer for nothing." Billy protested. His arms were held firm over his head and his feet were spread apart and apparently secured too. "Let me go!" He demanded.

Everhard rubbed his hands and shook his head. "I am afraid that will not be happening right now."

"This is kidnapping."

"No, my dear Mr. Anderson. Gomez." The hulking assistant reached into his leather trench coat and removed a sheet of paper. He handed it to Everhard and Everhard held it so Billy could see it and read it. "It's a standard contractual agreement. For testing the XTC 2000 you will receive $2,000.00 and it's signed by your hand. Mr. William Bradley Anderson. No court would dispute this."

Billy sighed. What could he do? He was trapped...in more ways than one. He looked up at the two men. "Okay. So once I test this XTC thing. I can go?"

Everhard smiled. "With $2,000.00 in your pocket."

Billy sighed, "Okay."

"Gomez. Prepare him." Everhard said.

Gomez went to the foot of the bed and pulled out to metallic, robotic arms. On the end of each arm were hands and on each hand were "fingers" One was a group of stiff, soft seagull feathers. One finger was a firm bristled brush. The next finger was just that. A synthetic rubber finger. He then moved to the side of the XTC and pulled out a set of arms on either side of the bed with the same hands and fingers. Billy tried to keep his eyes on Gomez as he worked in silent efficiency. When Gomez pulled out the odd looking hose, Billy looked concerned. And when Gomez attached it to his limp nine inch cock, he freaked.

"Hey!" What's going on? What's all this?"

"Stay calm Billy and I will explain. This is the XTC 2000. It is very simple, my dear boy. At your feet and your sides are the hands and fingers that will stimulate you with severe tactile stimulation to create the appropriate stimulatory response. The hose attached to your penis will create a reverse air flow and pressure will moving in a motion to simulate masterbatorial, fellatiotic movement that will result in an ejaculatory response."

Billy gave the doc a blank stare. Everhard smiled and realized he had spoken over the young man's head. "I'm sorry. In layman terms. The machine will tickle you and the hose will "milk" you until you cum."

"Hey! Tickling? I'm real ticklish." Billy cringed.

Everhard and Gomez both smiled.

"We know. I will be controlling the XTC 2000 and monitoring your responses and reactions."

"How long will this last?" Billy asked.

Everhard smiled and it was a sinister smile. "Your contract states that you will be paid at a rate of a dollar an hour."

Billy blanched. "What!? That means..."

"Exactly 2,000 hours." Everhard answered.

Oh God! Billy thought. 2,000 hours of tickling. "Hey Doctor, I don't.."

But Everhard wasn't listening. "Gomez, start the machine."

"Hey!" Billy shouted just as the fingers started moving. He could feel the feathers brushing against his feet and his arm pits and ribs. He twitched and jerked as the feathers went to work. He giggled and looked at the doctor. "Hey Doc...please...not this..."

"Gomez...increase the speed to 5 please. This is too slow and increase the intensity level to 7."

"NO!!!!!" Billy shouted as the fingers went faster and he could feel the intensity of their touch increasing. "OOOOOHHHH N...N..Noooooo!!!!! P.Please....S...S..Stop....Oh God! Hahahahahahahaha! PLEASE!!!!" The sensations he was feeling were just unbelievable. He was being tickled all over his body and he could move and he could stop it. Tears streamed down his face, he gasped and gagged and coughed for breath. He pleaded and begged for the tickling to stop. He could imagine having to go through this for 2,000 hr.. That would be months...Oh God!!! How was he going to be kept here for that long.

"Gomez," Everhard said. "Decrease the stimulation of the arm pits and ribs. Decrease speed but increase intensity of stimulation on feet."

"AHHHHH SSSSSSHIT!" Billy screamed. The fingers at his side stopped but the ones at his feet got more intense and he just knew he was going to piss or cum or die. "OOOOHHHH! P...Please!!!!! P..Please!!!! S..S...Stop!!! I..I..hahahahahahahahaha! Am...B..Begging....."

"Look Gomez!" Everhard chirped happily. "He is having an erection!"

Billy could feel his cock coming to life and growing. The hose that Gomez attached was rising with his monstrous, raging erection. He was going to loose his mind. By the end of two thousand hours he would lose his mind. His voice was getting hoarse, he was having a hard time catching his breath. He felt like he was going to did, but also, to his own horror, he didn't want it to stop. Billy laughed, howled and begged for mercy but none came and then it happened. He passed out.

"Mmmmm." Billy moaned softly as he moved his hips slowly. "ummm. OOOOOOH!" Billy slowly opened his eyes. Then tickling had stopped only to be replaced by another amazing feeling. He sucked in his breath and cooed as he rocked and moved his hips. "AHHHH Shit!!!! Oh Fuck...yeah..Doc..Yeah...I love this!"

Everhard smiled. He removed a handkerchief from his lab coat and began to wipe Billy's sweaty brow. "Now Billy I want you to cum whenever you are ready." He spoke softly and lovingly. Billy looked up at him and smiled. "OOOOOOOHHH! AWWWWW! AW Yeah!." Billy rocked and moved his hips as he laid back and enjoyed it. The hose worked tirelessly on his cock and soon Billy felt his cock erupt. "AAHHHHHHHHHHH! YEAHHHHHH! OOOOOH DAMMMMMMMMNNNNNNNN!!!!!"

Everhard smiled again. " Did you cum, Billy?"

Billy smiled, "Yesssss." He hissed happily.

"Good. Gomez, Increased the speed and intensity by 2 after each time he cums for the next three hours."

Billy was in a daze but he heard what was said. "I...I can't....oooohhhh....cum that....shit, oh shit....much." Billy could hardly think much less talk with the hose working so hard on his cock. He wished Sally could go this long and do it so good.

Doctor Everhard removed the handkerchief again and wiped Billy's brow again. Then he removed a small brown bottle and poured some of the contents in the handkerchief. He then wiped Billy's face and covered his nose with it. Billy breathe in deeply and the scent made him crazy. He felt light headed and super horny. The intensity of the hose on his cock was too much.

"Ahhhh! Ahhh! ....OOOH Shit! I'm gonna cum...I'm gonna cum!" Billy's beautifully bronzed and muscled body tensed as he surrendered more juice to the hungry hose that still did not stop. His dick was now ultra-sensitive and his body was too. "OOOOHH...Please Doc....I...I...just need...AH! AHHHH! a moment...just stop....I'll let you...OOOH GEEEZZZUSSSSSS!!" Billy couldn't believe this. The hose suction increased and it was driving him wild. He had cum more than three times with Sally but he didn't know what he would do after three hours of this. He concentrated on other things. He wouldn't cum this time. He needed to rest. He keep his body still and kept his mind clear. Not this time. This time Billy was in control.

Gomez looked at Billy and Everhard noticing looked at Gomez who then pointed at Billy. "Now Billy, are you trying not to cum? You can't do that. Gomez, increase speed and intensity by 3."

"OOOOOOOHHHHH FUCK!!!! AHHHHHH! AHHHHHH!" Billy screamed as the hose moved faster and the intensity increased. "NO!!! CAN'T....GIVE IN..."

Everhard shook his head. "Silly boy. Gomez, activate the feet tickling. Speed and Intensity to 3."

The feathers and fingers at his feet started up and Billy squealed with laughter. "Hahahahhahaha! NO! NO! No Fair!!!!!" He twitched and jerked and before he knew it... "AHHHHHHH! NOOOOOOOOOO! I'M CUMINNNNNGGGGG!!!!!!" This the intense pleasure of his climax and the tickling he passed out again.

When Billy came to again, he could still feel the hose working on his still hard cock but it was very slow and the intensity was not like before. It was enough to bring him around and to keep his cock hard. He was sure he had cum a few more times while he was out. He didn't see the Doctor this time nor Gomez. Had they left him here to die. To have all the fluid sucked from him? He felt himself ready to cum again and since he had passed out and recovered he didn't feel as tired and he actually wanted to cum. He closed his eyes as he felt the first wave of the orgasm hit him. When he had cum the first few times he closed his eyes and saw Sally there but now when he closed his eyes...he saw Dr. Everhard's face there. Wiping his forehead and speaking in a tone so soft and intimate and lovingly that it was alright to cum. Billy's cock erupted again and he pumped more of his cum into the hose and the machine. This one had to have been the best so far.

"Billy?" at the sound of Everhard's voice Billy opened his eyes. Everhard and Gomez were there. Gomez was holding what looked like a big plastic bucket. Everhard held a towel in his hand and he was smiling and despite himself, Billy smiled back. "You are conscious again. Excellent. It has been four hours Billy. We are going to stop for a bit. We aren't done yet but we need to run a check on the XTC 2000. But first I'm going to bathe you. Gomez, put down the bucket and then turn of the XTC 2000."

Gomez nodded and did as the doctor said. "Now Billy I am going to bathe you with warm soapy water and then dry you off. Then Gomez and I will set you up so that we can feed you. The check on the XTC will take about an hour."

Billy nodded. He thought that this would be the time to get away. Money or no money. Everhard pulled up a chair and sat next to Billy. He pulled out a wet towel from the bucket and began washing Billy's chest. Billy jerked and laughed. "Hahahaha! shit Doc! That tickles"

Everhard looked sincere. "I'm sorry. That is the side effects of the XTC. Your skin is now hypersensitive to stimulation right now. But I will not purposely prolong this bathing."

Billy laid his head down and as the Doctor bathed his body. Tickling sensations went through him and though he giggled and twitched he liked it. He didn't want the doctor to stop. The Doctor told Gomez to disengage the hose from Billy's cock, which had gone down to a limp position, and to clean the hose while he finished with Billy's bathe. After Gomez removed the hose, Everhard gently and softly began cleaning Billy's balls and cock. He had warned Billy that his cock would be super-super sensitive but Billy didn't know how much until Everhard touched his cock with the towel. He almost went into orbit. Everhard moved down and bathed his legs and feet and again Billy laughed and jerked. When Everhard finished he put the towel back in the bucket and looked down at Billy.

"I know that this is very intense but it is in the interest of science."

Billy smiled and sighed. "I know."

Gomez walked over to Everhard and looked down at him. They set Billy up and then they fed him of meal of a grilled chicken salad with ranch dressing, orange flavored water. His favorites. He asked how they knew. Everhard replied that they did their homework. They wanted him to be as comfortable as possible. Once the meal was over, Gomez reattached the hose to Billy's cock and they laid him back down and secured his hands and feet again. Everhard removed a stethoscope from his lab coat pocket.

"I just want to check your heart and lungs. I'm concerned about that cough? You really shouldn't smoke."

Billy felt his cock twitch as Everhard touched him with the stethoscope. As the Doc worked Billy laid back.

"Okay. everything is fine. Billy we will be starting again." Everhard said.

"Hey Doctor, do you have to tickle me?"

Everhard nodded. "Begin Gomez. Tickling speed and intensity 2. Work up slowly by two every hour."

Billy shook his head. "Please. Please."

Everhard nodded at Gomez and the tickling began again. Billy erupted in wild laughter. He twitched and wiggled and roared with laughter. "AAAWWWW! SHIT!!!! Oh God!!! P...PLEASE!!!!! OH MY GOD!!!!"

The sixth hour found Billy writhing and screaming as the XTC 2000 tickled and milked him, which he had been doing for a while now. He had cum more than ten times and most of those were dry. He had been laughing so much that his voice was going and his throat was dry. Every time he was close to cumming or the intensity got too much he would pass out. Everhard would revive him with smelling salts or would decrease the intensity of the XTC and let Billy revive on his own.

During a lull in the action, Billy asked. "Doc, do you know how long 2,000 hours is?"

Everhard smiled." More than 2 months"

"Are you going to keep me here that long?" Billy asked. Everhard smiled. "You are mine until the last hour. Gomez, increase speed and intensity by 4."

Billy roared with laughter as they went into the seventh hour.