Freshman Loses a Bet with his Roommate



The college was supposed to match up freshmen with similar interests for roommates at the dorm. I thought they goofed when they paired Tom and me. Tom liked to swim and hike. He was at ease with himself and his muscular well tanned body. He would watch TV in the lounge barefoot, no shirt, wearing faded and torn Levi's. In our room, he was usually stripped to his white jockey shorts. I liked running and biking and was uptight about my strong but slight body. I was always fully dressed but secretly envied his casualness.

On Saturday after the first week of classes, we went to dinner together and he kidded me about being too uptight and I should loosen up. Back at the dorm he started teasing me and soon we were wrestling on the floor. He held me down looked me in the eye and said "Best 2 out of 3 falls - loser is winner's slave until midnight! OK?". My heart jumped! Scared but excited I gulped "OK!".

Tom kicked off his shoes and socks, stripped off his shirt. Uptight me didn't do anything. As we struggled I felt his warm firm flesh. We were even at 2 falls. I sure didn't want to win this so I threw the last fall.

He held me tight against the floor, "SLAVE, get me a coke from the vending room".

I got up and started to leave. "Slave, take off your shoes and socks first! I am going to loosen you up!" I kicked off my shoes and took off my socks. Tom smiled "Give me those socks. We can use them later". He stripped my shirt off. "Now you're ready!"

I walked down the hall, my bare feet feeling the cold floor. Passing the TV lounge some guys glanced then went back to the TV. Down the concrete stairs to the vending room. Some guys were in the room, all they said was "Hi, Ken". It dawned on me that nobody cared!

When I gave Tom his coke be drank it slowly and said "Slave, follow me!" we went to the grass outside the dorm. Both of us stripped to Levi's and tossed a Frisbee for an hour. Working up a good sweat.

When we got to the room, Tom said drop those Levi's. I stood stripped to my white Jockey shorts. Tom had me hold my hands in front of me. He got some clothesline from his drawer and tied them together. The ropes excited me. "Slave, up against the corner of the bunk bed. The sturdy oak corner post was about seven feet high. He pulled my arms over my head, tying them to the post. He saw my erection swell and smiled. "Looks like I got your interest!" he said as he traced his fingernail over my chest, around my armpits, circled my tits and stopped at my navel. He tied my feet tightly to the post leaving me helpless with a rock hard cock. He traced his nail all over my body, the excitement overpowered me and I struggled vainly to get away from his exciting touch. I started moaning, he shoved one of my socks into my mouth, I thought we would need this. I heard him leave and the door slam. I wondered what was up. I struggled to get loose. I heard the door open and felt a cold shock on my nipple. He took the ice cube repeated the slow torturous and heavenly spiral over my body. He blindfolded me and began to alternate intense tickling at my nipples, armpits. The touch changed from finger nail, ice cube, needle, feather and back sometimes hard sometime barely touching me. Pulling down my shorts he would go to the head of my cock, my ass. The uncertainty of where, when, with what and how hard the next touch would be made the touch when it occurred overwhelmingly intense.

I felt Tom untie my feet then my arms. "Slave, Kneel!" I knelt down, I heard him drop his pants, "Slave, lick my cock!" he commanded and pulled my head by my hair so his stiff rod pressed into my face. I mumbled into the sock. He laughed and pulled it out. "Forgot about it! Now lick". I licked his hard cock then he said now jerk me off. I jerked his wet dripping cock until he shot cum into my face.

We continued like this four hours, he worked me over while tied helpless to the post for about an hour then I licked and jerked him off. I was busting because I got no release. The last time he tied me to the post and started working my cock very slowly - stopping and pinching the head hard when I started to cum. He keep this up for an hour then pulled off my blindfold and gag. I saw that it was 11:50. He untied the end of the rope that bound my hands from the post and tied it tightly around the base of my cock. "Slave, Beat your Meat!" Tom commanded laughingly. I beat hard and fast. I started cumming and cumming shooting 5 times at Tom's feet.

He untied me and said "Pretty good for a start!". I looked forward to our next match. That time I won!