Getting Griffey



Walking down the streets of his old hometown of Donora in western Pennsylvania, Seattle Mariners star Ken Griffey Jr. was still feeling the exhilaration of his earlier victory over the Pittsburgh Pirates. He had hit the winning homerun at Three Rivers stadium, and now on top of that he had the opportunity to visit family members that still lived here, just a short drive south of the steel city. His meandering led to a ball park where nine pre-teen boys, age nine to twelve were holding an informal little league practice. Their red on black uniforms identified the team as the Donora Demons.

Pausing to watch the team practice, Ken looked the boys over. The pitcher was a twelve year old Hispanic boy with bronze skin, brown eyes and a mop of black hair. The catcher was nine year old Danny with red hair and green eyes that clearly identified his Irish lineage. At bat was Danny's brother, twelve year old Sean had the same green eyes but his hair was a dark brown. The outfield was covered by twelve year old Marcus at center, his ebony brown skin told Ken they came from the same Afro-American stock. On the right stood Mike and Brian on the left, both eleven year old boys had light brown hair and blue eyes. First base was covered by Jerome, his older brother Marcus usually just called the eleven year old JT. Marc's youngest brother, ten year old Theo held down second base. Blond, Blue-eyed Paul on third was the same age as Theo.

The boys soon discovered they had an audience and Marcus quickly recognized his sports idol. In a quick conference with his teammates, Marc identified Ken and discovered that like himself they idolized Junior. However, the boys all agreed that they felt a slight sense of betrayal due to the fact that Ken played for Seattle and had led the Mariners to victory over their beloved Pirates. It was nine year old Danny who wiggling his fingers in a pantomime of tickling, suggested they take their revenge by getting Griffey. The older boys quickly grinned their approval and put together a hasty plan.

Ken watched as the boys held a conference on the field. When they finished, the group ambled towards Ken's position at the edge of the field. The boys identified themselves as fans and asked Ken if he'd give them a few baseball pointers. Ken happily obliged, showing them how the big boys played the game.

The boys had decided that Marc would bait their trap, a task he accomplished with a request. " Hey bro, I gotta poster of ya in my bedroom. Could ya sign it fo me?"

Ken agreed to autograph Marc's poster and accompanied the boys to the house, entering Marc's bedroom. The poster was a blown up version of an image Marc had downloaded from the Internet and showed Junior standing in his blue Mariners jersey and white uniform pants. One of his arms hung at his side while he held the other up in front of himself with his mitt on. Ken felt a slight flush of embarrassment as his attention focused on the way a very noticeable lump protruded down one leg from his groin.

The poster hung on the wall, centered right over the head of Marc's four poster bed. Ken stretched over the edge of the bed and autographed the poster. He'd just started to straighten back up when the boys piled on his back, pushing him face down on the bed. His attempts to free himself from the boy's clutches were hopelessly futile. Their combined weight and the web like jumble of their arms and legs held him pinned to the bed. He felt someone wrap a belt around his ankles, pulling it tight to bind his legs together. Someone did the same to his wrists.

" Hey Theo, run downstairs and get the duct tape!" Marc urged his brother.

Ken heard the sound of feet descending the stairs and moments later heard the clomp of Theo's return. He was pulled onto his back and as he opened his mouth to protest his treatment, Jerome stuffed one of Marc's dirty sweat socks in it, muffling his indignant cries.

" Way t'go JT! Let'im chew on my stinky sock awhile!"

" I suppose you're wandering what we're gonna do to ya, dude!" Sean leered down at Ken's helpless form, noting the fact that his blue polo shirt had pulled out of his pants, riding up to expose several inches of bare belly. " Why don't ya give'im a lil preview Danny!"

" Tickle, tickle, tickle!" Snickered Danny as his fingers danced around Ken's navel.

Ken's abdomen convulsed spasmodically as he tried to escape the intense ticklish sensation, and the boys heard a muffled " Mmmmfff, mmmfff, mmmfff!" from their muzzled captive.

Sean pushed Ken's shirt higher, grinning devilishly at the sight of the narrow happy trail of tight black curls. Originating two inches above and leading to a thumbnails width below the deep indentation of Ken's belly button, where it expanded to cover his lower abdomen and blend with his still hidden pubes. Extending his middle finger, Sean traced the sensitive trail. " What's the matta dude, does this tickle?"

Above his head, Ken felt someone remove the belt from his wrists, but the boys kept a tight grip on his arms as they pulled his shirt off. As soon as the boys had him stripped above the waist, they used duct tape to bind each of his wrists to a separate bedpost. While this was going on, some of the others removed his shoes and socks. His captors next loosened his pants and pulled them down to his ankles, exposing his white Jockey briefs. The boys all giggled at the sight of the bulge that distended the front of his Jockeys.

Mike wrapped his fingers around the cloth covered protrusion. " Whatcha got in here dude, a fuckin' baseball bat?"

" Let's have some batting practice!" Giggled Paul.

" Take it easy guys, we got plenty o' time for that. Let's finish gettin' him naked." Rico urged.

Ken watched in consternation as Brian removed the belt from his ankles and Theo pulled the tan corduroys over his feet. Mike hooked his fingers under the waistband of Ken's Jockeys and pulled them off as well. Finally, the boys stretched his ankles to opposite bedposts and duct taped them fast. Ken's naked form was now helplessly spread-eagled on Marc's bed, totally at the boy's mercy.

Standing at the foot of the bed, Brian nudged Theo. " Check this out!" Brian grinned as he stroked the bottom of Ken's right sole with his fingers. Ken's toes curled down as he strained unsuccessfully to pull his foot away from Brian's tickling digits.

" Awesome!" Theo crowed. " Hey, I have an idea!" Theo disappeared momentarily into the adjoining bedroom he shared with his brother JT. When he reappeared he held something in one of his hands, behind his back. With a smirk he held his hand up to show Ken what he held.

Ken's eyes widened as he saw that Theo was holding a handful of the paintbrushes that boys normally use to paint miniatures or models. Theo took one of the brushes and twirled the bristles over the bottom of Ken's left foot. "MMMFFF, MMMFFF, MMMFFF!"

Sean's eyes twinkled mischievously. " Whattsa matta dude, ya got somethin' ya wanna say? Hey Marc, get your stinkin' sock outta his mouth. Let the dude talk."

" OH GOD, STOP! THAT TICKLES!!!!" Ken gasped, when Marc removed the sock that had been gagging him.

Sean chuckled. " Y'like that, donncha dude? Hey Theo, pass the rest of those brushes around!"

" NO! Pleeeassse, ssst-st-stop!" Begged Ken!

Theo handed the extra paint brushes to Brian who took one and passed them on down the line. When all nine boys were equipped with the brushes, they subjected Ken to a tickle attack on multiple fronts. Brian and Theo worked on his feet, Sean and Danny stroked their brushes around his tight abs, Danny even going so far as to dip his brush in Ken's navel! Marcus and JT tickled his ribs with long, sensuous brush strokes, while Rico flicked his brush tip over his nipples! Paul and Mike stroked Ken's nine inch shaft, with impish glee!


Mike was responsible for their next innovation, as Ken's hard cock started to leak pre-cum. Mike dipped the tip of his brush in the slick fluid, spreading it around like paint! The other boys quickly followed Mike's example, painting Ken's helpless form with his own juices!

" Fuck!" Exclaimed Rico, as Ken's nipples became erect under his skillful brush strokes. " He's really likin' this!"

" Fuckin' A!" Marcus hooted, reaching for one of Ken's nipples, he gave it a gentle tweak. " Ya like gettin' these titties played with, donncha bro?"


JT snickered, his fingers tickling one of Ken's hairy pits. " Don't sweat it bro, we're still in the first inning!" He tweaked Ken's nose with the same fingers, giving him a whiff of his own perspiration.

Ken Griffey's nude form was bound to the bed in a spread-eagled position, totally at the mercy of his nine little league captors. The boys had been subjecting him to their merciless tickling for the past thirty minutes. JT had just returned his attention to Ken's right arm pit, fingers twirling through the sweat soaked hair to reach the sensitive skin. Even if Ken could have pulled away from the eleven year olds fingers, JT's older brother Marc was bestowing the same treatment to his left pit. The boys had Ken between the proverbial rock and a hard place!

At Ken's feet, eleven year old Brian and Marc's youngest brother Theo weren't ready to forsake their paint brushes. Since the moment ten year old Theo had retrieved the brushes he used to paint models from the bedroom he shared with JT, the boys had discovered that stroking the soft bristles across Ken's soles and twirling them over his toes would elicit a gasping fit of giggles from the helpless adult. Thus the two boys took impish delight in teasing Ken, by keeping their brushes below his line of sight and launching their tickle attacks at intermittent intervals. Ken had no way of knowing when the boys would launch their next assault on his highly sensitized feet, he only knew it would inevitably come!

"Haaahaaahaaahaaha, oooh g-goddd, haahaaha, p-p-pleease, haha, s-s-stop s-stop STOP!"

Twelve year old Rico had discarded his brush in favor of tweaking the aroused nubs of Ken's tits with his fingers. His gentle tugs and tweaks were an inescapable source of titillation. He winked at Sean's brother Danny, the nine year old seemed to have a fixation on Ken's belly.

The young redhead had assumed a cross-legged, seated position beside Ken that allowed him to lean forward and tickle the man's tight abs with both hands. His green eyes twinkled gleefully as the middle digit of his right hand first circled, then penetrated Ken's deep navel!

"OH GOD, PLEASEEE! HAHA, YA GOTTA STOP! HAHAHAA, I CAN'T TAKE ANY MORE OF THIS! HAHAHAHAA!" Ken gasped, his tight abs convulsed spasmodically in his vain attempt to escape Danny's fingerfuck of his bellybutton!

"DUDE, you're LIKING this!" Mike snickered, as he stroked Ken's nine incher with a right-handed grip. The eleven year old winked at his ten year old cohort Paul, who was fondling Ken's heavy cum ladened nuts.

Realizing his pleas for cessation were going unheeded by his youthful tormentors, Ken decided to change his tactics. Perhaps if he could egg Mike on, the boy would take him over the edge! Ken suspected the boys would loose interest once he'd cum.

"What's the matter, haven't you ever handled one of those before?" Ken demanded, controlling his laughter with the greatest of efforts.

"Yeah, but not like THIS one!" Mike chuckled.

Ken's hopes of a quick orgasm and a cessation of his torment were dashed when the twelve year old ringleader Sean raked his fingers across his ribs as he leaned over to whisper in Ken's ear.

"Don't worry man, we're all gonna have fun with that bone o yours!"

Marc gave Sean an attention gaining nudge, whispering something inaudible to their captive, who was once more laughing hysterically as he squirmed under the merciless tickling.


Marc left the room briefly, upon his return he produced a large open can of chocolate cake frosting from behind his back. Dipping two of his fingers in the gooey concoction, Marc smeared a large dollop on Ken's right nipple! "MMMM...MMMM...MMMM, looks good enough to eat!" Marc leered at Ken, mischievously licking his lips!

Ken Griffey couldn't believe the sheer audacity of his captors. The nine pre-teen boys were happily having their way with his bound and stripped bod.

They had lured him into the bedroom of the eldest of three Afro-American brothers on the pretext of autographing a poster of himself. When he had leaned over the bed to sign his name on the poster, which hung centered above the headboard, the boys had piled on his back. They had pushed him down on the 12 year olds bed, where they had stripped him and bound his naked bod in a vulnerable, face-up, spread-eagled position.

He'd been the victim of their merciless tickling for nearly an hour now! The boy, in who's room he was held, had recently brought a large can of cake frosting from the kitchen. They had started to smear the chocolate flavored treat on the most sensitive parts of his ticklish bod. Then Marc had bent over him and proceeded to lick up the dollop of frosting he'd applied to Ken's right nipple!


The other boys followed suit and Ken suffered the ticklish torment of nine tongues rasping over the most sensitive and secret parts of his bod, as the boys sated their lust for him as well as their appetites for sweets by licking up the gooey frosting they were smearing on him!


Another 12 year old, Rico was swirling his tongue over Ken's left nipple with devilish delight!


"It's fuckin s'posed to dude!" Rico gave him a cat that ate the canary grin and licked traces of chocolate frosting from his lips.


The 12 year old ringleader Sean and Marc's 11 year old brother JT had smothered Ken's pits with the gooey frosting. Both boys now had there faces buried in the crutch of his arms as they tongued the chocolate treat off!


Marc's youngest brother Theo and his buddy Brian, ages 10 and 11 respectively, were bestowing similar treatment on Ken's ultra-sensitive feet! Theo was sucking chocolate frosting off of his toes, while Brian's tongue roamed over his soles with impish abandon!


Nine year old Danny had literally coated Ken's belly with the frosting and starting at the outer edge was circling his tongue toward his navel as though it were the bullseye of a target!


Danny's tongue reached Ken's navel and burrowed in, licking all around the chocolate covered treasure! Raising his head from Ken's belly, he flashed the helpless adult a Cheshire cat grin as he licked traces of frosting from his lips!


Eleven year old Mike and his 10 year old cohort Paul had spread a liberal coating of frosting over Ken's nine inch shaft and his cum laden balls. The two boys then proceeded to lap it up, savoring the unique taste of chocolate blending with Ken's copious flow of pre-cum!

Ken's moan of intense pleasure as Mike's tongue flicked over his piss slit, attracted Sean's attention. "Hey big guy, I think it's time we all have some fun with that bat o yours!"

Ken Griffey moaned in pleasure, as twelve year old Sean lightly rubbed his finger up and down the length of his nine inch boner!

"FUCK YEAH, you're ready for this! Ain't ya big guy?" Sean gloated. "Whatta ya say guys, ready to have some practice with this big ol bat?"

"FUCKIN A!" Chorused the other eight boys.

"OK guys, this is the batting order. Danny, you're first since you're the youngest. The ten year olds go next, Theo first cause it's his house then Paul. Then the eleven year olds, JT, Brian and Mike in that order. Finally, Marc, Rico and me. Remember, don't let him cum, that's my job!"

"HEY, how come you get to be the one t get his nut? It's my house." Marc protested.

"Cause, I'm team captain!" Sean replied. "But, you can play with his balls while I stroke him off."

Ken moaned louder as Danny wrapped his bone in a two handed grip and started a slow exploratory stroking. Danny allowed the tips of his delicate fingers to tickle Ken's hairy ballsac on his downward strokes.

"Oooooh, oooooh, oooooh."

Ken couldn't fucking believe the skill of Danny's hands! No nine year old had a right to know that much about playing with a dick! "Oooooh, oooooh, oooooh fuck!"

After about fifteen minutes of Danny's skilled hand job, ten year old Theo took over. The young Afro-American cupped Ken's nuts in one hand, fondling the hairy gonads while he stroked Ken's nine inch shaft with his other hand.

"Oooooh, oooooh, ooooohmmmmm."

Fifteen minutes of Theo, and his hands were replaced by those of Paul. The second ten year old had a technique of brushing his thumb over the mushroom shaped head of Ken's cock on the upstroke, that had the helpless adult squirming!

"Ooooohmmmmm, mmmmm, mmmmm." Ken closed his eyes, luxuriating in the expert attention of the boy!

The first eleven year old took charge so smoothly that Ken didn't realize he was being fondled by another boy till he opened his eyes and met JT's mischievous gaze! JT winked impishly at Ken. "Really enjoin' this, ain't ya bro?"

"Mmmmm, mmmmm, mmmmmoooooh."

"Hey Theo, why don't you n Paul tickle his pits some more. He REALLY digs that!" JT snickered.


Giggling at the baseball star's reaction, Danny once again felt compelled to tickle Ken's belly.


By the time JT's fifteen minutes of stroking were up, Ken's voice was no more than a hoarse croak from the strain his laughter and plea's for mercy had put on his vocal chords. He was only capable of gasping giggles and moans of pleasure as he suffered through the jacking sessions of Brian and Mike in order.

"Mmmmm, mmmmmoooooh, heeeeeheeeeeheeeee, mmmmmoooooh."

When the first of the twelve year olds started stroking Ken's rod, he'd been the hapless victim of his tickling tormentors for three hours! He didn't know how much more of this he could take! These boys were experienced far beyond their years!

"Mmmmmheeheehee, mmmmmoooooh, heeheehee, mmmmm."

Ken's cum swollen nuts ached with pent up pressure, a steady flow of pre-cum streamed from the mushroom shaped head of his cock! He was vaguely aware of a squishing sound as Marc's hand slowly stroked his slick shaft. God, he wished they'd let him cum!

"Mmmmmoooooh, heeheeheehe, oooooheeheehe, mmmmmheeheehe."

Brian and Mike were tickling his feet, JT and Rico were tweaking his nips, and Sean whispered gloatingly in his ear. "Yeah dude, you're really likin' this! Y'like bein' our fuckin tickle toy, don'cha big guy? Y'like havin' li'l boys playin' with that big ol' dick o yours!"

"Mmmmm, mmmmm, ooooohmmmmm, heeheeheehe."

Marc, his fifteen minutes of stroking elapsed, changed places with Rico. The twelve year old Hispanic boy wrapped his fingers around Ken's cock, fisting it rapidly!

"Ooooohyeahhhhhmmmmm!" Ken moaned as he neared orgasm.

"Not yet dude!" Rico snickered, releasing Ken's cock to fondle his balls.

"Pleeease!" Ken begged as he realized what Rico planned. The boy was going to bring him right to the edge and then play with his nuts till he cooled off, then he'd repeat the cycle!

Rico brought Ken within a single stroke of release five times during his fifteen minutes of cock play! When he relinquished his position to Sean and Marc for the final act, Ken gave an audible sigh of relief.

Ken knew his torment was finally nearing an end! As Marc fondled his balls, Sean began jacking him off with a smooth steady rhythm. Sean's technique was expertly timed to keep Ken from cumming before the expiration of the fifteen minutes he'd allotted!

With the exception of Sean and Marc, the boys drew back to watch as the inevitable moment of Ken's climax approached!

"Ooooohyeahhhhh, OOOOOHYEAHHHHH! HERE IT CUMS! I'M CUMMING! OH FUCK, I'M CUMMING!!!" Ken managed to scream as several spurts of his cum splattered on the poster above and behind his head! Several more spurts fell on his face, lacing it with milky threads! The remainder of his load streaked his chest and belly!

"ALL RIGHT, DUDE!" Chorused the boys!

Ken gave an exhausted sigh of relief as the ecstatic expression caused by his orgasm slowly faded from his features. As several boys began to loosen his bonds, Sean leaned over to whisper in his ear. "Let us know the next time you're gonna be in town big guy. We'll have a double-header for ya!"