Hot Footin' Bear




* 1 tightly tied up bear with size 12 EEE's
* Cigarettes
* Bic Lighter
* Blow Dryer
* 12' fireplace matchsticks
* matches
* shoestring
* clothespins

Start by tying up your bear in a very uncomfortable position on a chair,(leave it up to your imagination), feet extended and tied very tightly at the ankles across to another chair so they are exposed to both his, and of course, your view. Make sure he can squirm as much as he likes but can't make a sound or get loose.

Next, tie his toes together with shoestring and connect the string back to his ankles then up to his big bear balls so his movement is very limited.

By now you should have a very bound bear at your disposal, ready for some hot footin' bear fun.

After he is tied and gagged I like to lick and suck and bite his feet for 5-10 minutes until they are moist and damp, tender and lubricated.

Next, take a blow dryer on full and aim it up and down his big bear feet very slowly-especially his toes-make sure they are dry for the next step. If you do this well he should be moaning by now with tears running into his beard and gasping for breath.

After you finish, make sure his feet are really dry. Take your Bic and flick it up and down his big bear soles, insteps and especially in-between his toes and under his heels. Make sure to poise the flame close to each toe just to make sure its dry in-between them.

By now your bear should break out in a very nervous sweat and be tugging ferociously at his bonds in earnest.

But he is tied too tight, isn't he?

Time to relax and have a smoke or two or three. It's time bear found out I chain smoke when I'm really having fun. I usually light 2 or 3 hot ones and insert them between my favorite toes. He looks terrified. Terrific too.

Sit back and ENJOY the chaos for 5 or so minutes as he try's desperately to wiggle his bound toes to freedom.....but.....tightly tied and very immobile we know he's in for a really good HOT FOOT.

After the smokes have burnt down to his soles and he is pleading through the gag, remove the butts and lick his blistered feet for a short while for some relief-you might even want to tease him with a popsicle in-between his toes and up and down his arches.

But alas, that just makes them wet all over again doesn't it?

Mr. Blow Dryer Please. By now if your bear isn't crying and pleading with you to stop, you have one tough customer. Of course he is tightly gagged so you really don't know what he wants. Right?

Time to focus a bit of pain somewhere else-this will increase your bears stamina for what's coming up next.

Use your clothespins on his nipples and fat dick, not forgetting his hairy balls. To be creative, insert some matches between the pin and skin just to scare him-You'd NEVER light those would you?

Now your bear should be terrified and squirming like an eel, not knowing if you'll light the matches or not.

Well you don't-not yet anyways and once again focus on his big bear feet.

Take some 12' fireplace matches and insert them between you bears toes. Use as many as needed. LIGHT what happens. Your bear will struggle to no avail as the flames lick closer and closer to his big fat feet and finally burn down to his toes and feet for a Hot Foot Finale.

I especially like to do this to cowboys, policemen, truckers and wrestlers, they always squirm the most and just for an added attraction, let's light the nipple matches and see what happens.

So as we speak my big bear is still tied and gagged wiggling his big toes and breathing very heavy, could there be another HOT FOOT that's just around the corner for him when I insert a candle vertically so the flame licks up towards his now very very tender soles?