Jan's Torment


D.R.von Todtenhausen


Chapter 1: The Nightmare Begins

For as long as he could remember Jan had been fascinated with the sea and ships. Growing up along the Dutch coast he was always staring out to sea watching the ships as they passed and dreaming of one day becoming a sailor. As soon as he was old enough, he signed on with a Dutch trader to fulfill his dreams. He was now 18 and looking forward to his first adventure at sea. The captain of the vessel took a liking to the young blond, blue-eyed lad and helped him all he could in learning about the ship and the sea.

After stopping at several ports in France, Jan was excited when the ship sailed into the port of Cadiz, where they were making a stop for fresh water before entering the Straits of Gibraltar and the Mediterranean. The captain was uneasy about this stop, but supplies and water were badly needed. Once the ship docked, Jan was anxious to get off and see something of this legendary country. The captain asked him not to go, but when he saw that the lad was intent on going, he warned him to stay close to the ship and not to stray too far. Jan was young and carefree, and paid little heed to the captain's warnings. After all, here he was in Spain, a land he had often dreamed of when seeing Spanish Galleons passing when he was a child. Little did he realize then how wise he would have been to remain on board!

While Jan was walking around the waterfront area, a Spanish nobleman happened to be passing in his carriage. The moment he saw the young, attractive blond boy amid all of the darker complexioned Spaniards, he was immediately attracted to him and determined to have what he wanted. He ordered his guards to get the lad and bring him to his castle. A short while later, Jan was looking at an interesting shop when suddenly he felt a sharp pain on the back of his head and everything went black.

When he awoke, Jan found himself seated in a chair facing the cruel countenance of his Spanish captor. When he looked to either side, he was frightened because there were two large and powerful men, one on each side of him, stripped to the waist and wearing evil looking black hoods with slits cut out for the eyes, nose and mouth. Jan asked what was happening and the only response he got was an evil smile from the nobleman as he told the guards to take Jan to the dungeon.

Jan was grabbed roughly and dragged off to a cell, where he was placed with another man much older than he. The guards left and a short while later Jan heard a piercing scream coming from behind a heavy, wooden door at the end of the hall. Jan asked his cell mate what was happening and the man told him that the room at the end of the hall was the torture chamber and a prisoner was being tortured. Just then another loud scream was heard and then all was silent. The older man said to Jan that he hoped he would be executed. He didn't fear death, but he was deathly afraid of the torture!

Suddenly the door at the end of the hall burst open and two guards came toward the cell. They seized the older man and he asked what they were going to do. The guards told him that he was to be executed immediately and Jan could see the expression of relief which passed over the man's face. About an hour later, another two hooded guards came to Jan's cell and grabbed him. Jan asked if he was to be executed and the guards answered that their master had a much more pleasurable experience planned for Jan. Pleasurable for their master that is! Jan was led down the hall to the door he knew to be the torture chamber. Sheer terror appeared in his eyes and he struggled and begged to be released, but to no avail. Once inside the chamber, Jan noticed it was well lit and he could see all sorts of chains, whips, tables, braziers, and other assorted items, the uses for which he could only imagine.

Jan was led before a table, where he again saw the nobleman, grinning in anticipation. He said to Jan that he had been waiting all day for the entertainment he was about to have. To make the horror even worse for Jan, the nobleman proceeded to tell him that this chamber in his castle was often used by the Holy Inquisition when they were in town, but now Jan was to feel a taste of what those poor, wretched heretics suffered. Jan was in terror and begged to be released. He said he had done nothing wrong and he just wanted to get back to his ship. The nobleman replied that there was no way he was going to be deprived of his fun.

At a nod from the Spaniard, Jan was stripped naked and placed on a rack. The nobleman smiled at Jan as he walked completely around the table, feasting his eyes on Jan's soft, beautiful nakedness. He told Jan that before the screams began he thought he would like to hear a little cheerful laughter. The man pulled up a chair at the end of the rack and slowly began to run his fingers over the soles of Jan's bare feet. Jan, being extremely ticklish, immediately tensed and began to laugh and squeal and plead for the tickling to stop. He pleaded and begged amid fits of laughter, but this only encouraged the nobleman, who then produced feathers and other implements which he used to further torment the tender soles of Jan's feet. Jan was laughing hysterically and begging for the tickling to stop while tears rolled down his cheeks. After this the nobleman said it was time to get to the screaming.

Immediately the hooded guards began to slowly turn the windlass on the rack and Jan's body felt the pulling and stretching. The pain began slowly and increased with the increasing tension of the rack. Jan couldn't stand it any longer and began to scream and scream in agony, pleading for the racking to stop. When he thought it was as much as the prisoner could bear, the nobleman would have the racking stopped to give Jan a rest, only to begin again anew a short while later.

After this Jan was bound spread-eagled between two vertical posts and his back and buttocks were mercilessly whipped with a silken whip. This whip was designed to cause intense stinging but not to split the skin or mar the lad's beautiful body. With each lash, Jan howled in pain and wished he had listened to the captain.

After a short rest, the nobleman told Jan that he had another surprise in store for him. The man said that he had an Arab from Morocco in his service, who was expert in the arts of Arab tortures. Seating himself on a padded chair which was brought for him, the nobleman said it was time for him to turn the torturing over to the Arab and to sit back and watch in enjoyment. The Arab entered and looked the blond boy over with glee, and one could almost see his mouth water in anticipation of the pleasures he was soon to have for himself as he put the boy through some of his excruciating tortures. Jan was then tied on his back onto a long wooden beam. This beam was atop three wooden sawhorse shaped supports. It was attached to the middle support in such a way that when the other two supports were removed, the beam would move up and down in a see-saw fashion. Jan's bare feet extended beyond the end of the beam and his arms were pulled up over his head. The Arab had the guards remove the outer supports and the beam was tilted with Jan's head down toward the floor and his feet sticking up in the air. The tormentor took a thin, pliable rod and began to slowly whip the soles of Jan's bare feet. With each stroke Jan yelled and screamed in pain as he writhed and squirmed on the beam curling his toes in a futile effort to protect his tender soles. After a long time of this, the man took a wide leather strap and began to again beat the soles of Jan's feet. As the leather cracked against his soft flesh, once more the boy screamed and begged for the torture to stop. It was of no use, because his tormentors were enjoying themselves too much!

Jan was given another short time to rest, still roped to the beam, but while he was resting, the Arab was making a pile of glowing, red-hot coals on the floor. After a while, the beam on which Jan was stretched was slowly lowered so that Jan's bare feet were held above the glowing coals. Before the beam was tilted very far, Jan could feel the heat from the coals on his bare soles, already made tender from the beatings they had received. The heat and pain became so intense that Jan again began to shriek and scream, wriggling and squirming his bound body trying desperately to move his feet away from the searing coals. His ankles were firmly bound, however, and he could do nothing but continue to suffer, to plead, and to scream. The Arab skillfully raised and lowered Jan's feet over the coals, instinctively knowing just how much the boy could take and drawing out the torture as long as possible.

At this point a servant entered and whispered something into the nobleman's ear. The nobleman raised his hand and the torture stopped. Jan was untied and given his clothes and he hoped he would soon be released, but this blond beauty was too good of a prize for the nobleman to give up so quickly. Jan was taken back to his cell and left for the future entertainment of the nobleman, who had many more delightful torments in mind for the young victim!

Chapter 2: Surprises and More Surprises!

After his excruciating torture at the hands of the Spanish nobleman, Jan, the Dutch youth, was left in his cell to rest. The following day some new guards appeared and Jan thought he was going to be tortured again. Instead, he was taken and stripped and bathed, after which he was dressed and led bound for a long walk through the palace yard. He was then returned to his cell where he received a good meal. The same thing happened each day for the next several days. This was beyond the boy's comprehension and he asked what was the reason for this treatment. The guards would not answer him, they only told him that their master was away for a few days and this was what he ordered for Jan. Jan couldn't believe the treatment he was receiving after the tortures of a few days ago, but the guards knew the real reason and wouldn't tell him! They knew that their master had a particular fondness for this beautiful blond boy and wanted to keep him in the best of shape and at the peak of his beauty. After all, that would make the boy much more appealing to look at and much better able to withstand the further tortures he had in mind for the lad. Who wanted to watch some haggard, filthy, half-starved prisoner being tortured when there was this magnificent specimen to work with. The healthier he kept the boy, the longer he could prolong the tortures and his pleasure.

After four days, the hooded guards returned to Jan's cell again and he knew that his time of rest was over. He struggled and squirmed, but the strength of the guards was too much for him and Jan was again led to the torture chamber. Once more he stood facing the evil grin of his tormentor. The nobleman said, "I see you are still in good shape. Today I have a special surprise for you. I have been away for a few days and while I was gone, I met a friend of mine who asked to come and see you after I told him about you. He is a rather special person, very skilled in his job. His official title is Inquisitor General. I'd like you to meet him now."

At this point a man entered in a long scarlet robe. He walked up to Jan and then walked completely around the boy, looking him up and down. He then said, "I like what I see here Don Diego, but I would like to see more!" At a nod from the Inquisitor General, Jan was stripped and stood naked before the man. Again he was examined from head to toe and the Inquisitor said, "Oh, yes! I am really going to enjoy this one!" He walked across the room and motioned for the guards to bring Jan. Jan was led struggling behind the Inquisitor with Don Diego following closely, not wanting to miss anything.

Embedded in the stone floor of the torture chamber were four stone posts about four feet high. They were spread widely apart and near the top of each post was a large iron ring. Jan was laid on the floor, face down, and ropes were attached to his wrists and ankles. The ropes were then put through the iron rings and the guards began pulling on the ropes, causing Jan's body to be spread-eagled and to raise about three feet off the floor. The ropes were then secured to the rings and posts and Jan was suspended, face to the floor, hanging between the posts. The Inquisitor was inspecting several whips when Don Diego said, "Before you begin sir, may I have a little fun with him for myself?" The Inquisitor said, "By all means Senor!" Don Diego stood at Jan's feet, which, being bound as he was, left the soles particularly well displayed and vulnerable. Slowly he began to run his fingers over Jan's naked soles. Jan immediately began to laugh and squirm as much as he could, being stretched between the four posts. He pleaded with Don Diego, "No, no, Senor please, ha, ha, haaaah, ha ha! Please sir, don't tickle my feet anymore, I can't stand it! Ha, ha, ha, ha, Stopppp!" This only encouraged Don Diego, who continued to tickle Jan's feet without mercy. Jan screamed and laughed and begged for the tickling to stop. All this while, the Inquisitor General was watching with interest. He had just found another torture to use on his next victims. He decided to help and used his fingers at the base of Jan's toes, causing Jan to again shudder, squirm and shriek with laughter. The Inquisitor said, "Something has to be done about all this squirming!" He brought out a cord which he wrapped and tied around Jan's balls, and from there, he wrapped it around a heavy stone which rested on the floor beneath Jan. The rope was pulled taut and tied securely. This was not too bad for Jan because there was only moderate pressure on his balls since the stone was on the floor. However, the anguish was really great when he again felt the fingers working on the soles of his bare feet. He began to laugh and squirm anew, but this time, with each squirm, the heavy stone pulled on his balls causing him to scream in agony. He was really in a predicament now! If he squirmed to try to pull his tender feet away from the tickling, he would pull the weight on his balls, causing intense pain. The poor lad suffered long under this cruel tickling.

After the tickling, the Inquisitor took over the torture in full. He used an assortment of whips and leather straps on Jan's firm but tender buttocks. With each stroke of the whip, Jan writhed and screamed. The stone weight had been removed from his balls, which allowed his dick hang dangling beneath him and it would flop around with each jerk of Jan's body as the lash stroked his back and buttocks.

After another rest period, Jan was taken to a large wheel-like device which stood vertically about eight feet tall. It was a large, wooden wheel with a wooden planking where the tread of a tire would be, just wide enough for a man to be placed on the planking. Jan was laid on his back on the top of the wheel. His arms were pulled above his head and secured to an iron ring in the planking. The wheel was turned so that Jan's feet began to dangle to the ground with his back arched over the wheel. His ankles were secured to another ring, this one embedded into the stone floor. When the wheel was turned the other way, Jan's body was racked and stretched, but even more painfully than the flat rack, because his back was arching around the wheel. Jan was stretched for a while and then given a period of rest before being stretched again. These periods of torture and rest continued, and each time the wheel tightened, Jan would cry out, "Ahh, ahh, YieaaaaaaaH!" After each rest, when he had caught his breath, the wheel would again be tightened and Jan would scream, "No, no, not again! Please, no more, no more! Aieaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!"

After his captors tired of this torture, Jan was given another rest and was then brought to an area of the room where a rope was hanging from a pulley on the ceiling. The torture chamber was a large room with a high, vaulted ceiling. The rope was secured around Jan's wrists as his arms were held out in front of him. The guards began to pull on the rope through the pulley and Jan's arms were immediately above his head. They continued to pull until Jan was lifted off the floor and his feet were dangling at about eye level of a man seated in a chair. Don Diego pulled up a chair at Jan's feet as the guards secured Jan's ankles to an iron ring in the floor. They pulled the ropes taut so Jan couldn't move much. Don Diego again began to play with Jan's toes and tickle Jan's bare feet. As usual, Jan began to squirm and laugh, feeling that each time he was tickled on his feet, they became more sensitive to the tickling and the torment became greater for him. Now, Don Diego had a new torture planned. A lighted candle was brought and Don Diego began to "tickle" the soles of Jan's bare feet with the flame. Not close enough to burn the soles, but close enough to make it extremely uncomfortable for Jan and cause him to writhe and scream in pain. This "tickling" continued for a while and then Don Diego stood up and began to use the candle to singe Jan's pubic hairs. This really brought some shrieks from Jan, but the more he shrieked, the more torment he received.

After several more hours of tickling, with the fingers and the flames, the Inquisitor General said, "I think he has had about all he can take for today." The torture was stopped and Jan was taken down, bathed, and returned to his cell. When he was gone, the Inquisitor said to Don Diego, "That was most enjoyable, we will have some more fun with the boy in a few days!"

Chapter 3: Pleasure And Pain

Jan remained unmolested in his cell for another several days. Each day he was bathed, given a good meal, supplied with clean clothing, and taken for several walks with the guards through the prison yard. Jan began to wonder at this treatment. He couldn't understand why he was put through so much pain and then treated so well otherwise. On the fourth day, after having one of his walks and his daily bath, he was brought into a room where the guards stripped him and forced him to lie down on a long, padded table. The room didn't look like another torture chamber and the padded table certainly didn't resemble any of the torture tables he had been on before, but Jan was still thinking he was in for more agony since he was naked and on a table. To his surprise, an Arab woman came into the room, heavily veiled from head to foot, and carrying a tray with several bottles on it. She began to rub and massage his body with fragrant oils and Jan felt more relaxed with each stroke as her expert hands kneaded and soothed his body. She rubbed oils on his hands and feet, and as she rubbed his feet and worked the oils in, Jan sighed contentedly and lapsed into an almost dreamlike state. She then began to trim his fingernails and toenails until his hands and feet looked very beautiful. Jan always did have lovely feet and hands. His toes were beautifully shaped and he always tried to keep them clean and well-groomed. Now, with this treatment, Jan was beginning to understand what was happening and what was in store for him. He finally figured out that he was not being tortured for any information he had or for doing something wrong, as he had at first thought, nor was he being tortured because of his religion. He was being kept and tortured for the pure enjoyment and entertainment of Don Diego, the Spanish nobleman. All these thoughts were coming together in his brain as the Arab woman kneaded and massaged his feet with her well-trained hands. Why else would he be fed so well, kept clean, and exercised daily, and now this treatment of his body, hands, and feet? Why else were there several days between torture sessions? He was being kept in good health and looking good so he could please the nobleman. No wonder he was tortured in such a manner that he was never scarred and no permanent damage was done. Jan was grateful that he was probably not going to be maimed and crippled for life, but yet he also knew well the agony he had been through and that it was certainly not over!

Jan was right. The next day the black-hooded guards returned to his cell again and he knew his days of comfort and rest were at an end. Once more he was led struggling to the torture chamber where Don Diego was waiting with a leering look of anticipation on his face. Jan was stripped naked once more, and was seated with his feet in a pair of stocks. His wrists were tied together to a long rope which went through a pulley in the ceiling. The rope was pulled taut so Jan's arms were over his head. Don Diego then went behind Jan and started to tickle his arm-pits and ribs. Jan shrieked with laughter and squirmed, but he couldn't get away from the tickling. The tickling made Jan laugh, but he actually kind of enjoyed it, because he was not as sensitive to it on his upper body as he was on his feet. He kept hoping that he was only going to be tickled on his torso and under his arms, but he should have known Don Diego better than that after all he had been through already. When the nobleman pulled up a chair in front of Jan's feet, he knew he was in for sheer torture. Jan's feet were super-sensitive and when they were tickled, Jan found it to be one of the worst tortures he had endured so far in any of the sessions. Don Diego loved it! Here was this gorgeous, blond boy with a beautiful naked body, and the most soft, smooth, and lovely feet and toes he had ever seen. Jan knew what was coming and he began to plead with Don Diego. "No, no, no, please sir, please don't tickle my feet. Please, I can't stand it," Jan pleaded, but to no avail. The nobleman's fingers began to work their magic and Jan immediately tensed, curling his toes in a vain attempt to protect his vulnerable soles, and began to howl with laughter. "Ha, ha, ha, haaaaaaaa, noooooooooo, noooo, no more, please, ha, ha, ha, no more, pleeeeeeese, please don't tickle my feet any more!" Jan's pleas were useless, the more he pled, the more Don Diego enjoyed it and the tickling continued with even more vigor.

When Jan had laughed until he was having trouble catching his breath, Don Diego gave him a bit of a rest while he prepared for the next torments Jan was to endure. After a while, the nobleman returned with a whip that resembled a riding crop, except that the leather strap on the end was longer and more flexible. It was of thick, smooth leather, about an inch wide, and about eight inches long extending from the end of the rigid, riding crop handle. When swung, the whip cracked the leather strap across the bare soles of Jan's feet, making a loud slapping sound and causing poor Jan to jerk and scream in pain. The strokes continued all over the tender soles of Jan's feet. Jan yelled in agony with each stroke, and writhed in a useless attempt to get his feet out of their vulnerable position and away from the lashing leather. Don Diego enjoyed whipping the soles of Jan's tender feet, but he knew that this treatment was only going to make the next torture that much more agonizing for Jan.

After the whipping of his soles, Jan felt a tingling on the bottoms of his feet, and, if anything, they seemed to be even more sensitive than they were before. This was just what Don Diego had planned, because Jan's feet were not finished with the torments he had in store for them for the day. Don Diego brought a pitcher from the table over to Jan's feet. Jan thought he was going to pour some cooling water on them, but instead Jan felt a heavy, gooey substance poured over every part of his feet. The toes, the soles, between the toes, and even the insteps and heels were covered with this gooey substance, and Don Diego had placed a large pan under Jan's heels to catch any of the excess which dripped off of his feet. After much of the goo had dripped into the pan, Don Diego removed the pan and went to a door at the end of the torture chamber. A servant appeared leading two baby goats on leashes. Jan couldn't understand what was going on, but soon he found out that he was in for an even more unbearable torture than any he had received that day. The kids were led up to the soles of Jan's feet, and Jan discovered to his horror, that the goo that had been poured over his feet was honey! The little goats loved it! Their tiny tongues darted in and out as they licked the soles of Jan's feet to get every bit of the tasty honey. Jan was in anguish! "Eeeeeeeeeeyaaaaaaaa, ha, ha, ha, ha, haaaaaa!", Jan screamed and writhed in his bonds, but nothing he did would stop the torment. After the goats had licked up every bit of the honey on Jan's heels and soles, they worked their way up to his toes. This was absolutely unbearable for poor Jan! His piercing shrieks of laughter echoed through the torture chamber as the tiny tongues darted in and out between each of his soft, tender toes. Jan was laughing and screaming so hard tears were running down his cheeks, and the torture never seemed to stop. Even the tops of his feet became extra sensitive as the little tongues did their work of thoroughly cleaning every drop of the sweet honey from Jan's feet. When the goats were finally led away Jan was completely exhausted. He was out of breath from laughter, and all the muscles in his body had been tensed for so long as he struggled and squirmed to get away from the tickling, that they ached with every movement he made.

Don Diego realized that this had been a particularly grueling torture session for young Jan and he walked around behind the stocks and stood beside Jan, looking down at him. Jan pleaded with Don Diego, "Please sir, no more. I can't take any more, please!" Don Diego patted the handsome boy on his cheek soothingly and then ran his fingers through Jan's soft blond hair and said, "No, my boy, that is all for today," and then told the guards to take Jan back to his cell.

Chapter 4: More Agony

The moment Jan saw the hooded guards he knew he was in for more torture. Once again he was led struggling and resisting down the corridor to the doors of the torture chamber. Inside he again saw the familiar face of his tormentor Don Diego, and judging from the wicked gleam in the Spaniard's eyes, Jan knew that the man had some new and fiendish torments in store for him.

Don Diego nodded smilingly and the guards stripped Jan so that he was once again displaying his beautiful, soft, white, smooth nakedness. His wrists were tied behind his back and he was forced to the floor. The guards grabbed his legs, exposing the lovely soles of his feet to Don Diego. The nobleman raised his hand for the guards to stop a moment while he walked over and gently caressed Jan's beautiful bare soles and toes. Jan, being as ticklish as he was, immediately tensed when he felt the Spaniard's fingers on his feet. Don Diego smiled wickedly and nodded, and the guards continued with their work, which was to tie Jan's ankles with a long piece of rope hanging down from a pulley in the ceiling. Once secured, Jan was hoisted up so that he was hanging by his heels with his arms now in an uncomfortable and unnatural position because of still being tied at the wrists behind his back.

Jan was hanging upside-down a short distance from a wooden scaffold. At the top of the scaffold was a platform with a balcony-like extension sticking out toward where Jan was hanging. Don Diego climbed the stairs to the top of the platform and walked over to the extended ledge, from which, leaning on the railing, he had a perfect view and an easy reach to Jan's soft, exposed soles. The reason for the extended ledge soon became apparent to Jan. Don Diego began to stroke and tickle Jan's bare soles. He knew the reaction he was going to get, and Jan, because he was so extremely ticklish on his feet, immediately began to tense, jerk, and thrash about like a fish dangling on the end of a fishing line. Having the platform extended gave the victim space to flop about without hitting his body against the framework of the scaffold. As poor Jan laughed hysterically and pleaded for the tickling to stop, Don Diego watched Jan's supple body as it flopped about, dangling by his heels. The nobleman particularly watched as Jan's penis and balls flopped limply on his stomach as he struggled and jerked wildly.

As Don Diego watched Jan's genitals flopping another idea came to him and he told the guards to hoist Jan higher, pulling his feet closer to the pulley in the ceiling and bringing his penis and balls directly in front of Don Diego. The Spaniard called for his riding crop, a long, flexible shaft with a leather loop at the end. With this riding crop, he began to lightly slap Jan's penis and balls, causing the boy to cry out in pain. Gradually he increased the strength of the blows, which brought even louder groans and screams from his unfortunate victim.

After tiring of this, Don Diego ordered the guards to lower Jan again and once more began to tickle Jan's feet. He loved the reaction he got from Jan, who again began to laugh, plead, and shriek, all the while bucking and flopping about as he dangled by the rope at his heels. The nobleman knew exactly where Jan was the most sensitive, and he now began to go for the tender spots at the base of Jan's toes and between his toes. Jan's shrieks of laughter and pleadings for the torment to stop could be heard down the hall in all the cells of the dungeon. All the other prisoners felt sorry for Jan because they knew how often he was tortured and they also knew that his tormentor would never tire of seeing and enjoying his young, blond, beautiful victim and watching him suffer.

Jan was hoping the tortures would soon be over, but unfortunately, there were more to come. Don Diego took his riding crop again and, this time, began to lightly slap the crop on the soles of Jan's bare feet. The Dutch lad jerked and grunted as his soles felt the sharp, stinging slap of the riding crop. As the intensity increased, Jan's tender soles began to sting even more and soon he was screaming loudly with each stroke. His screams and cries of agony echoed through the stone-vaulted torture chamber and beyond to the dungeons, but the Spaniard continued to beat the soles of Jan's feet, each stroke causing more pain for Jan and causing him to scream even louder.

After a while, the beating stopped and the soles of Jan's feet were red and stinging from the tortures that had been inflicted upon them. Don Diego knew that now was the best time to go back to the tickling because Jan's feet were even more sensitive and receptive from the beating they had received. Once again he began to tickle Jan's soles, using feathers and his fingers, trying to put his young victim through as much torment as possible. Jan's toes and soles were worked over to such a degree that, after a while, Don Diego saw that his victim could take no more and the torture was stopped. Jan was lowered exhausted to the floor of the torture chamber. Don Diego pulled up a chair and had the guards put Jan's feet up in his lap. the poor lad lay naked on the cold, stone floor, too tired from the tortures to do anything but dread what was to come next. The Spaniard began to caress and massage Jan's tired and tormented feet. Finally Jan was able to relax as he felt, instead of the agony and torment he had dreaded was coming, the soft massaging hands of the Spanish nobleman as he kneaded and soothed Jan's tortured, aching soles and feet. Jan sighed contentedly as the relaxing massage brought some relief to his suffering soles.

Chapter 5: A New Sensation

Jan's treatment as a prisoner, except for the torture sessions, continued to be very good. Jan knew that he was being pampered so that he would look good for future torture sessions, but he figured that if he was going to have to undergo the tortures anyway, he was better off being treated well and kindly as a prisoner than being thrown naked and stinking into an unclean dungeon, being fed little or nothing, and still having to undergo the tortures as in some of the stories he had been told about other prisons.

Several days later the guards came again and Jan immediately knew that he was going to be undergoing more of the torments at the hands of Don Diego. Jan was brought back to the torture chamber where he again stood before the Spaniard. At a nod from Don Diego, the guards began to strip Jan again. This time they left him with only his socks on, picked him up, and carried him over to Don Diego, holding his stockinged feet directly before the seated nobleman. Don Diego relished the sight of those beautiful stockinged feet. He caressed them and massaged them. Then slowly, he began to remove Jan's socks, savoring every newly exposed part of Jan's bare feet. When both of Jan's socks had been removed, Don Diego again looked closely at Jan's splendid feet and massaged and caressed them, playing with each toe individually. Sometimes, if his touch was a little too light, he could feel Jan's body tremble slightly and tense, and he instinctively knew Jan's reaction was because of his sensitive feet and their super-ticklish nature. He savored the moment and the feeling of power he had over this boy's feet and mind. He knew the feelings poor Jan was having at this very moment. He could feel the boy's dread of what was to come and he knew especially how much the boy feared and dreaded the tickling. He had never seen a boy who was so ticklish, and he knew all the tricks to use this to his own advantage, knowing only too well what he could do to make the lad's feet and body even more sensitive to the tickling than it was already, adding even more torments to what the boy had to endure!

Jan was again brought in front of the wooden scaffold. He was forced by the guards to lay naked on the cold stone floor. He soon felt them grab his feet and place wide, tightly fastened, leather bands around his ankles. Each band had a large metal ring attached to it. These rings were attached to chains hanging from pulleys in the ceiling. Jan was then hoisted up by these chains. This time, however, the chains were hanging from pulleys spread widely apart on the ceiling, which caused Jan's legs to spread widely apart as he was hoisted from the floor. When he was hanging there upside-down, with his legs spread widely apart, he felt the guards grab his wrists and attach the same type of leather bands around each writs. This time chains were brought up from heavy iron rings imbedded into the stone floor, these too, spread widely apart. The chains were pulled taut and Jan was spread in an "X" shape, hanging upside-down in front of the scaffold. Jan's penis and balls were hanging limply against his stomach pointing toward his head and the floor. Don Diego walked up to Jan and began running his fingers lightly over Jan's bare stomach. Jan tensed immediately and began to shriek with laughter, squirming as much as possible in the position he was hanging. As he squirmed and shrieked with laughter, the nobleman watched as Jan's penis and balls flopped around and swayed against Jan's stomach. The Spaniard's fingers then nimbly worked their way up Jan's sensitive ribs, bringing even more shrieks of laughter and begging pleas to stop, until they reached the soft, tender, fully exposed arm-pits. This brought the biggest reaction yet from the unfortunate Jan, who screamed and pleaded, laughed and gasped for breath. The torture never stopped. Jan squirmed and begged, but the tickling continued. At last, when Jan felt he was going to pass out from lack of breath, the tickling stopped and Don Diego moved away. Jan was left hanging there for a moment wondering what was going to happen next. Since his back was to the scaffold, he couldn't see Don Diego climbing up to the platform at the top, from where he had an excellent view and perfect access to Jan's widely-spread bare feet.

Jan was in for it now! Don Diego was in his favorite spot-by Jan's extremely ticklish bare feet. Jan didn't know what was going on until he felt the light touch of Don Diego's fingers on his bare soles. The reaction was immediate! Jan tensed and began to shriek with anticipation, even before the actual intensive tickling began. Jan was so ticklish on his feet, that even the thought of someone touching them often brought him to gales of laughter. As the nobleman's fingers did their work, expertly finding and moving over every tender spot on Jan's arches, the bottoms of his soft toes, and between his toes, where Jan was eve more tender. Jan squirmed and jerked, pleading: "Please, please stoooooop! Stop, please, I can't stand it-ha, ha, ha, ha, haaaaaaaaa! No more, no more! Please don't tickle my feet anymore! Ahhhhhhh ha, ha, ha!" Don Diego loved every shriek and enjoyed glancing away from Jan's beautiful feet every once in a while for a short look at Jan's flopping penis and balls as they flopped around on Jan's stomach.

After a period of tickling, the Spaniard decided he needed to warm up Jan's feet a little more and make them even more sensitive to the tickling. He began to use a stiff, wide, leather strap to slap the soles of Jan's bare feet. Each slap bringing a jerk and a yell from Jan, who was by this time so tortured, that even the slightest touch brought forth screams well beyond the scope and severity of the torture being applied. Each stroke of the strap on Jan's feet also caused him to tense and jerk his body, again causing his penis to flop and move against Jan's stomach. The movement fascinated Don Diego, who found himself torn between looking at the boy's flopping penis and at his favorite sight of Jan's exquisitely beautiful bare feet.

He began the tickling anew and again Jan began to shriek and scream with laughter. As the tickling continued mercilessly, Don Diego happened to glance away from Jan's feet for a moment and noticed something entirely new. In all the previous torture sessions this had never happened before. Jan's limp penis was actually swelling and becoming stiff! Could it be that the boy was actually starting to get turned on by these tortures? This thought was a delight for the nobleman. What better than a beautiful boy with beautiful bare feet, who was super-ticklish, reacted perfectly to the tortures, and now even seemed to get aroused by them? What a delightful prospect! Don Diego climbed down from eh scaffold and began toying with Jan's erect penis. Jan began to moan with pleasure, and as Don Diego worked with the penis, the boy's body began to thrust, moving his penis against Don Diego's fingers. The Spaniard knew what he was doing here. He brought the boy just so far and then stopped abruptly. The lad begged with his tormentor to continue, his stiff, erect penis wanting desperately to cum, but nooooo-Don Diego was the expert! He knew just what he wanted to do, and this meant that the boy was going to suffer!

He left the boy hanging there for a while until his passion had cooled and then Jan was taken down and returned to his cell.

Chapter 6: Another Day in Hell

Jan is jarred from his peaceful sleep by the sound of jangling keys as the guards open his cell door. Hoping they are just bringing him something to eat, he is soon disappointed and filled with terror as they grab him and lead him down the familiar hallway to the torture chamber. There he again sees his tormentor Don Diego, grinning from ear to ear with anticipation of the delights to come for him, which clearly mean more torments for poor Jan.

Eyeing him up and down as he walks completely around the boy, Don Diego says "Strip him!" The guards grab the shirt and tear it forcefully from the boy's slender body. The Spaniard doesn't mind supplying Jan with new clothing between torture sessions, because he sincerely enjoys watching the clothes being torn off the trembling boy and hearing the sound of the ripping as the boy's naked torso is displayed. The guards know that Don Diego especially enjoys stripping the boy's feet himself, so they lift Jan up and hold his feet out for Don Diego to enjoy. He savors the moments as he slowly takes off Jan's shoes and socks. He tenderly fingers Jan's beautiful toes and holds the feet up for his examination. Just the touch of Don Diego's fingers on his bare feet bring on an odd combination of tingles of fear, anticipation, and ticklishness from Jan. As Don Diego moves his hands from Jan's feet to his penis, Jan begins to tremble again and feels a rush of sensation and hardening in his dick as the nobleman begins to fondle both the dick and the balls.

Jan is carried to the center of the room where there is a large, stone pillar, about two-feet wide and about three-and-a-half feet high, with the top rounded off in a wide arc. Jan had seen this stone monolith sticking up out of the floor before, but had never known what it was. He was about to find out, and he was not going to like it! Carrying Jan over to the stone monolith, the guards laid him on top with the small of his back placed right at the top of the arc. With his arms pulled up over his head, the guards grabbed his ankles and wrists and positioned him just right on the top of the stone. They then fastened the leather cuffs on his wrists and ankles and he heard the clanking of chains as they were attached to the cuffs. Jan was allowed to dangle in this position for a short while with his legs and feet dangling on one side of the monolith and his head and arms dangling downward on the other side. His waist and hips were on top of the monolith giving a good view of his dick and balls. The top of the stone slab was very smooth and slippery under Jan's bare back. He felt himself slide easily as the guards positioned him on top, almost as if the stone had been greased, which it had.

Don Diego walked up on the boy's side and began to again fondle Jan's exposed dick and balls. Naked and bound in this position, and feeling the Spanish nobleman's hands on his penis, brought another rush of blood to his loins and his member began to swell and stiffen noticeably. This is just what Don Diego wanted. His hands worked their magic as Jan began to squirm and moan with pleasure. Don Diego also knew when to stop and he abruptly ceased playing with Jan's penis and watched as it stood stiff and erect pointing straight upward toward the vaulted stone ceiling. There was Jan, his body arched over the top of the stone monolith, and right at the top, sticking out like a lone pine tree on the top of a bare, rounded hill, was Jan's stiff, erect penis. What a sight to behold!

The chains on Jan's ankles had been secured to heavy, iron rings in the stone floor of the torture chamber. There was enough slack in the chains that Jan could move his legs somewhat, both from side to side and up and down. From their position in the floor some distance away from the stone monolith, they caused Jan's feet to be held out at such an angle that they were in just the right position for Don Diego to pull up a chair and have his victim's feet sticking out almost right in his lap. This was just what Don Diego wanted. Seated comfortably in his chair he began to play with Jan's toes and feet. He tickled the boy mercilessly, and by this time, after all the torture poor Jan had endured, his feet were super sensitive to the tickling. The moment he felt his torturer's fingers touch his soft, bare feet, Jan began to whimper and beg. "No, no!" he cried. "Please, please don't tickle my feet!" "Noo, no, ha, ha, ha, haaaaaaaa, ha, ha, ha!" the laughter tore from his throat. This was just the sound his tormentor wanted to hear and he savored every shrieking, hysterical laugh and plea for the torment to stop. The Spaniard's fingers and a supply of feathers probed every tender spot on Jan's poor feet. The lad laughed until he cried. He pleaded and begged, but Don Diego would not stop tickling his feet. Finally he could see that the boy was getting too exhausted and he wasn't finished with him yet, so the tickling stopped. Jan was relieved and his body hung limply over the arched stone as he relaxed and tried to catch his breath.

From his chair at Jan's feet, Don Diego nodded and Jan heard a clanking of chains as the guards turned a large, wooden windlass, to which the chains on Jan's arms had been attached. Now Jan knew why the top of the stone had been greased and was so slippery. He felt his body tighten as the chains on his ankles were pulled taut by the pulling of the chains on his arms. Jan's back and hips slid a little on the top of the stone monolith as the chains on his ankles pulled his legs and feet downward on one side of the pillar and the windlass pulled his arms and upper body downward on the other side. Jan was being stretched with his body arching over the stone. With his head dangling downward, he saw an upside-down view of the guards as they put all of their muscle into pulling on the long, wooden spokes of the windlass. The pain increased and Jan let out a long, agonized scream. Tighter and tighter he felt the pulling on his body and his back was pulled very tightly over the stone. This was not like the rack he had been on before. The arching of his body, together with the stretching, was almost more than Jan could bear. He screamed and screamed. He pleaded, he begged, but the stretching continued. The guards played evil games with the windlass.

They would beat the wooden spokes of the windlass with a large iron bar as they were pulling his body. This caused spasms of sharp pain to course through Jan's body with each strike of the bar. Every painful, extra jerk from the strokes of the bar on the wooden spokes caused Jan to scream in pain after each blow. Then the worst came. Jan was still stretched tightly, although not as tightly as he was before, when he felt Don Diego's fingers again touching the bare soles and toes of his feet. Jan tensed and jerked, again bringing forth a scream of pain as the jerking of his body pulled on his already stretched limbs and muscles. Jan didn't know whether to laugh or cry as the tickling sensation began again on his feet while the pain of the stretching hadn't been stopped. Each tensing and jerking of his body brought on by the tickling on his feet caused him to scream and cry out in pain as his muscles were stretched anew, and yet there was also the laughing caused by the tickling of his feet! This double torment was more than Jan could bear. Don Diego realized this and after a little while longer he had pity on the boy and had him returned to his cell to rest and recuperate before facing another day of torment sometime in the future.

D.R. von Todtenhausen