Prison Tickle



Correctional Officer Robert Adams had been assigned to the Special Management Unit of Jefferson Correctional Institution for six months. Special Management Unit or SMU as it is called, is for the housing of inmates who break the rules and regulations of the prison and the agency. The inmates in SMU were housed in single man cells with heavy steel doors and thick concrete walls. Three cells were designated as observation cells, where suicidal or uncontrollable inmates were housed. These cells also included beds with restraint posts so that the inmate could be restrained while in bed. For an inmate to be restrained for more than four hours at a time was very rare and required the approval of the Warden as well as hourly checks to insure that circulation was not interrupted and to insure that the inmate had someone to unrestrain him to attend to his bodily functions.

So when Officer Adams reported to SMU and was informed by the SMU supervisor, SGT. Sedgewick, that they not only had an inmate who would be restrained for 24 hours, he was surprised. When he was told he had to pull duty in the cell he was not happy. They worked 12 hour shifts and he was on the 7pm to 7am shift.

Robert Adams, Rob to his friends, was a 6'2" black male, very masculine. He had a shaved head, dark brown eyes, goatee and a well put together body and he weighed a solid 250 lbs. He was 26 years old and gay. It wasn't common knowledge that he was gay and no one would even believe it if they knew. He hadn't encountered any problems doing his job and he truly expected that to continue.

Sgt. Sedgewick and Officer Adams went to Observation Cell #1 and opened the heavy steel door. Officer Adams' eyes fell upon a tall, black male inmate clad in the yellow one piece uniform of the SMU inmates. He had a pecan tan complexion, short curly black hair, hazel eyes, mustache and was very handsome. 'Too handsome to be in prison,' Adams thought.

The inmate was laid out on his back spread eagle with his arms restrained by his wrists and his feet restrained by his ankles. Sgt. Sedgewick pointed at the restrained inmate.

"This is inmate 316728, Jerome Eldridge Hill, Jr."

Jerome Hill looked at the Sergeant with very little interest. He then looked at Officer Adams, he seemed to be sizing him up. The Sergeant continued. "Inmate Hill, Officer Adams will be observing you during the course of this shift. Every hour he will check your restraints. He will release you to eat and relieve yourself. Do not give Officer Adams any problems. Since your restraints are padded the only time we will remove them will be to eat and to go to the toilet. Understand?"

Inmate nodded locking his hazel eyes on Adams. Officer Adams faced Sgt. Sedgewick. "What did he do to deserve this?" he asked.

Sgt. Sedgewick explained. "Inmate Hill has been destroying state and prison property, assaulting inmates and staff. The Warden feels that Mr. Hill needs to be restrained like this for a while."

Sgt. Sedgewick left Officer Adams with a walkie-talkie, the restraint key and a can of chemical munitions for protection then he departed closing the door behind him. Adams settled into a chair and waited. This would be very long and boring.

The first two hours were uneventful. He checked inmate Hill's wrists and ankles and everything was okay. Inmate Hill laid there and Adams watched him. Neither man saying a word. Four hours into the shift Inmate Hill spoke.

"Yo, Adams." He called out.

Adams scowled, "That's Officer Adams."

"Okay, Officer Adams. I'm ready to go to sleep."

"Then close your eyes." Adams said.

"There is one problem." Hill answered.

"What is that, Hill?"

"My feet," Hill said wiggling his socked feet. "I can't sleep with my socks on."

"Well, try," Adams said uninterested.

"Ah man...Officer. If I could I'd take them off but I can't."


"Help a brotha out, Officer."

'Damn!' Adams thought. 'The last thing he needed was to remove this man's socks. Who was he? Jeeves the damn butler?' With an annoyed sigh, Adams got up and went to the foot of the bed. He grabbed the toe of the sock. Suddenly Jerome Hill jerked and jolted causing Adams almost to discharge his canister of chemical munitions.

"Oh man...I'm so sorry, sir."

"Are you nuts!?" Adams scolded.

"Yo Officer Adams...I'm really ticklish."

"Well, guess what? You're sleeping with your socks on now."

"Aw c'mon Officer Adams. I didn't expect such a light touch. Just pull 'em off and I'm out like a light."

Adams frowned. "All right." He reached down and pulled off the right sock and as he did, Hill wiggled his toes and sighed. It was a sigh that thrilled Adams. He then pulled off the left sock and the same sigh escaped from Hill's lips. Hill wiggled his toes and feet against the restraints. They were the sexiest looking feet he had ever seen. They were easily a size 12. Smooth, long, straight toes with clean, neatly trimmed toe nails. Fine black hairs on the toe knuckles and a nice high arch. They appeared to be devoid of any calluses, bunions and corns. These were feet that were well cared for.

"You like my feet, Officer Adams?" Jerome Hill asked. Adams jumped.

He couldn't believe he'd been staring at Hill's feet.

"NO!' he snapped, "No, I was thinking I better check your restraints on your ankles again. Those socks were rather thick."

"Sure." Hill said laying his head down. Adams reached his fingers into the padded cuff, touching Hill's naked, warm ankle. Everything felt okay. As he removed his fingers he lightly brushed them up his instep and to his toes. Hill stifled a giggle then sighed.

"Shit have such a gentle touch. Those fingers feel wonderful on my feet and toes."

Adams quickly returned to his seat.

"I'm sorry, yo. I didn't mean to embarrass you Officer Adams."

"You didn't!" He snapped.

"It's just that your touch reminded me of my pops." Hill said.

"What?" Adams responded.

"When I was a kid, my pops use to read us boys a bedtime story before we went to sleep. But I couldn't never go to sleep so he would come back, checking on us, and sit on my bed and tickle my feet. I'd wiggle and giggle and then soon I was asleep. When I got older...11,12, and up. He would come into my room and while he thought I was sleeping, he'd tickle my feet. Of course, I didn't know he knew I was awake but it didn't matter. He'd tickle my feet ever night. Sometimes so long I thought I'd piss. Once, after I reached pubity, he tickled me so long that I popped a damn nut. It felt good. He never knew that. I was sixteen the last time pops tickled my feet."

"What happened?" Adams found himself asking.

Hill fell silent for a moment. His hazel eyes grew watery, his voice cracked. "He died. My pops and I were close and when he died my life just went to hell."

Adams was amazed that the closeness of a father and son deepened because of a loving ritual of feet tickling.

"Man, when you touched my was like pops was alive." Hill said as tears filled his eyes. "I wish pops was here. I wish he was tickling my feet until I fall asleep."

Adams felt sorry for the young man. He felt sorry that he could not ease this young man's suffering.

The next hour, Adams watched as Jerome Eldridge Hill, Jr. tried to get to sleep to no avail. He watched as the young man closed his eyes only to open them again. The young man's constant attempts to fall asleep was starting to bother him. Finally, Jerome closed his eyes and began to snore softly. Adams watched him sleep and was glad. That was when he realized it was time to check the restraints. He didn't want to wake Hill after he had finally gotten to sleep. He carefully checked the wrist. Everything seemed fine there. He then moved to the feet and checked the ankles. As he touched the ankle area and removed his hand, Hill softly moaned the word pops. Adams looked at the sleeping Hill. He didn't seem to be sleeping so peacefully. Adams looked down at Hill's feet. His toes were wiggling and his feet were twitching. Adams was sure Hill was asleep but how deep he didn't know. He lightly touched the sole of Hills right foot and when the young man giggled and wiggled his foot but never opened his eyes, he figured he was in a deep sleep. Adams knelt down at the foot of the bed and began to tickle Hill's right foot with his fingers running up and down his foot. Hill's foot wiggled and jerked as he giggled and sighed "pops" again.

Adams continued to caress and tickle his foot as he slowly found himself getting into this and very turned on. He scratched the heel of his foot and up towards the very sensitive sole and to the toes. Hill jerked his foot but the restraints prevented him from moving his foot away. Adams moved to Hill's left foot and began to tickle it, then he alternated between them both. Before long Hill was giggling in his sleep as Adams tickled and caressed his feet.

Adams then leaned over Hill's feet and stuck his tongue out and began to lick his toes, sticking his tongue between them causing Hill to wiggle and giggle more. Adams also noticed that Hill had a raging hard on that was tenting his yellow uniform. Hill's fingers wiggled and moved as if they were trying to get free. Adams went back to licking the incarcerated studs toes and down his feet and instep. While he licked and sucked Hill's toes he moved his hands up to the bulge in Hill's uniform. Adam's began rubbing the bulge as he continued to lick and suck the feet of Jerome Hill, who was moving his hips to encourage Adam's hands and wiggled his toes and feet as he sucked, licked and tickled them.

Hill's breathing grew faster and he began moaning and groaning, but Adams, now lost in his own desire, didn't stop. Hill's hips gyrated and moved up and down. His wrists fought against the restraints, his legs tensed and struggled as his feet were stimulated and tickled and as his cock was rubbed and jacked. Before long his body tensed and Adams knew that soon Hill would cum. Soon Jerome Eldridge Hill, Jr. would be lost in the land of total ecstasy. Jerome Hill moaned and groaned. His hips thrust against the hand that was manipulating his cock through the uniform, his feet and toes wiggling and all but dancing as his cock erupted and he began shooting pulse after of powerful pulse of warm cum. His whole body went ridged as he came and remained that way until it was over.

Adams stood up, shakily to his feet and sat back in his chair. He looked at Hill who was snoring softly with just a hint of a smile on his face. Adams picked up his walkie talkie and asked to be relieved for a dinner break. Just before Sgt. Sedgewick opened the door to let Adams out, he heard Hill say in a voice so soft and gentle that he wasn't sure it was the same man. He said. "I love you, pops."

Adams looked back and smiled and said softly. "Good night, son." And he left the cell, gently shutting the door behind him.