Revenge Is A Dish Best Served Black


The Dark One

Max had been working at the health club for about six months now. He knew right off he had made a mistake.

All those fantastically built white men walking around the place nude and half-nude drove him crazy. All that male beauty right in front of him and he couldn't do a thing about it. It's not like they were outwardly racist towards him or anything. It's just the way they treated him in general. Like a manservant. An errand boy.

A slave.

Then came the fateful afternoon when "he" arrived. Kevin Harris III was unquestionably the most beautiful white man Max had ever seen. He wanted him the moment he saw him. "Ummm....Hi" Max stammered out.

"Good afternoon. Towel please." Kevin responded with cultured indifference. Max wordlessly handed him a clean white towel as Kevin stood at his locker removing his expensive clothes.

Max breathed in the scent that came from the various parts of Kevin's curvaceous male form.

Max had to stifle a gasp as he took it all in. Golden blond hair atop a handsome face. Blazingly blue eyes and voluptuous lips. Broad shoulders and a huge chest with strong nipples. A flat stomach which spread out to two powerful thighs. Kevin's legs were a sight to behold. And at the end of those legs were two of the prettiest blond male feet Max had ever seen.

"Can ...I uh... get you anything?" Max stammered.

"Yes! You can get me a drink and stop staring at me, you Black faggot!" Kevin snapped at Max. He angrily knotted his sweat pants and stalked off towards the work out room. Max flushed with hurt and anger. These rich society white boys always treated him like dirt. And he was sick of it! The only reason he took the job was so he could save enough money to move to Paris where Black men were treated like human beings! This was the last indignity. It was time for these white boys to pay! Getting Mr. Harris a gin and tonic, Max surreptitiously slipped a "little something" in it and handed it to Kevin.

"Thank you." Kevin snapped. He quickly took a healthy swig, then set the glass down and went back to his workout.

Max leaned back and watch the big stud try to work out while the "micky" kicked in.

"Mmmm feel woozy!" Kevin moaned in a soft sexy voice. "Here Mr. Harris, let me help you." Max said in a soothing tone as he helped Kevin into the massage room. He gently laid the blond animal down on a massage table. Before he knew what was happening, Max had tied the big stud's ankles to the table using white towels. He tied his hands down to his sides to the sides of the table. Kevin seemed to snap awake. "What!? What the fuck are you doing!?"

"I'm helping you, Mr. Harris." Max replied in a frightenly calm tone.

"Let me up asshole!" Kevin bellowed at Max.

"Asshole? Now is that a nice way to speak to me Mr. Harris? The man who now holds your dick in his hands?" Max whipped his right hand up to the table and started to massage Kevin's soft dick.

"FUCK YOU!" Kevin shouted.

"Maybe. If you're nice to me. the way, no one can hear you. You always seem to show up right at closing. There's no one else in this wing of the club. Too bad."

Kevin's blond face turned ash white. "Look...I'm sorry I called you names. It's just that I'm.."

"AN ASSHOLE?" Max barked.

"...used to being in charge." Kevin whispered.

"Well, guess who's in charge now white boy?" Max smiled.

"What...what are you going to do to me?" Kevin gasped. With a look of fiendish glee, Max took a set of towel scissors and cut Kevin's sweat pants from him, leaving him totally nude. And beautiful.

Max then lean over and took Kevin's slowly-growing penis and his mouth and started to suck him. He tasted heavenly.

"Ohhhh yesssssss." Kevin sighed. "Yes, please. don't stop!" But abruptly, Max did.

"Hey! what are you doing?" Kevin lifted his head off the table. His hips were moving from side-to side.

"I'm doing what I want, Mr. Harris.

"But...aren't you going to make me come?" Kevin pleaded.

"Maybe." Max smiled. He moved down to the end if the table and took Kevin's beautiful feet in his hands, massaging them and kneading the soft skin. He stuck his nose against Kevin's instep and inhaled deeply the sweet scent of the man's foot. "Oh!" Was all Kevin said. Max began to lick the soles of Kevin's blond feet and place delicate, moist kisses on his toes.

"Oh my god! This feels incredible! Don't stop please!" But again. Max did. "Hey! What are you..." Kevin started to yell but was stopped by Max's hot mouth descending once again on his raging dick.

"Uhhh...mmmmff...yea! Do it! Do it! I'm gonna fucking shoot!" Kevin barked.

But again. Max stopped.

"AAAAARRRGH! Damn you, why are you doing this to me!?" Kevin screamed.

Max looked down at him with a look that was one part hate and one part lust. "Because I want to. Because I can. Because for the first time in this Black faggot's life, I'm in charge of a gorgeous white boy. Not the other way around!" Max laughed at the justice of it all.

"Please. Let me come! I'm begging you! I've gotta shoot! Just put your mouth on it once more, please! I'll pay you anything!" He was beginning to tear up. His hips bucking this way and that. Max could feel the heat coming off him. Smell the man smells coming from him.

"No." Max said quietly.

He then disappeared for a moment while Kevin bucked and squirmed wildly. Trying to rub his cock up against anything to get himself to come. To get some release from this torture.

Max returned and with put saying a word, blew black pepper into Kevin's face. "Uhh! What the fuck! Uhhh...uhhh..." Kevin's head bobbed up and down in time with his cock as he was gripped by a huge sneeze. He felt hot as hell. First he had to come and now he had to sneeze. He was hoping Max would let him. He didn't. With a sick smile he put his finger under Kevin's nose.

"Uhhh...uhhh. no! Please. I can't take anymore! Don't do this to me! Let me sneeze! Let me come. Let me...uhhhhh...uuuhhh let me go!" Kevin gasped. The huge sneeze in his nose blocked by Max's finger.

"Beg me" Max barked. "BEG ME WHITE BOY!"

Kevin gasped for air. The sneeze in his nose building energy like an impending orgasm.


Max smiled and removed his finger from Kevin's pretty blond nose. It didn't take long. "UHHH...OH GOD! I'M GONNA UUHHHHHH-CHOOOO!" Max sighed with satisfaction as Kevin sneezed a deep loud masculine sneeze , his glistening hard blond cock bounced up and down against his stomach.

"Uhhhhhhh. Oh man! That was incredible! Can I come now? Please?" Max smiled again and moved back to Kevin's big gorgeous feet. He pressed them together and took his huge black cock from his jeans and slid it between Kevin's soft feet. "Uhhhhh...yea!" Max hissed as he slid his hot Black cock between Kevin's cool pale feet.

"Hey! What are you doing with my feet!?" Kevin yelped. "SHUT UP!" Max ordered. He humped faster and faster against the cool skin of Kevin's high-arched pretty feet and throwing back his head so hard his dreadlocks flew, he came all over the man's feet.

"UHHHHH...UHHHHH...OOOOOOOYEEEEEEEEA!!!" Max sighed loudly. Weakly, he walked over to Kevin and looked deeply into his eyes. Then took his hot dick into his hand.

"Would you like t come now, MR. Harris? Max asked quietly.

"Yes please." Kevin asked.

"Yes what?" Max retorted.

"Yes please, sir! May I please come now?" Kevin spoke up.



Max snickered slightly, then tightened his grip on Kevin's throbbing cock. It took only three strokes before it happened.


Kevin's back arched completely off the table. He pointed his pretty toes; his mouth gaped wide open as he screamed in finally-released passion.

When he was done, he passed out. Max untied him and left the room.

One Month Later:

Kevin hadn't been to his health club in a month because of the law case he was trying in court. Arriving at his usual time, he was greeted by Max who was handing him his usual towel.

"MR. Harris." Max said quietly.

"Max." Kevin replied without looking at him.

"Will you be requiring a work out tonight, MR. Harris?" At the sound of his name, Kevin's dick began to get hard and his feet got warm.

"Yes sir." Kevin whispered.

The Dark One