Tickle Turnabout




(I would like to dedicate this one to Glen (an avid fan of this site and a good friend of mine from MN).

We e-mailed each other, back and forth, over and over, over a period of 3 weeks. After a little hesitation on both our parts, we decided to meet for lunch, you know, just to check each other out and see if this was really something we each wanted to do.

Another couple of weeks went by, then Mark and I finally got together in some iffy hotel room last July. Mark (blonde, 6'2", blue eyes, gay, 34 year old first grade teacher from So. California), is totally into being bound and gagged, submitting to whatever his 'master' wished. He wasn't really into being the one who called the shots, that is, until I came along....

While tying him up (face up) onto the queen-sized bed, we discussed how he had never been tied and 'tickled' before. He knew he was at least somewhat ticklish, but didn't know how he would react, how he would handle the whole thing. He was wearing nothing but his underwear and white socks, ankles secured with old ties, about 2 feet apart. His arms were over his head, secured at the wrists to the headboard, bent somewhat at the elbows.

I started on his feet, tracing little patterns on his socked soles, which produced some low snorting, moaning and, finally, outright fits of giggling.

I removed each sock slowly. Very slowly. His size 12's were perfect: medium width, straight toes, soft silky bottoms. There was even a wee bit of blonde hair on his foot tops and toes. VERY nice. His feet had a slight scent which was very arousing. After staring at his bare feet for about 30 seconds, I felt the urge to do something I didn't plan; something I had never done before; something that had never occurred to me to do before. I started to taste his feet. I'm not sure why, but his feet looked and smelled so, ummm, delicious! I started by placing my tongue on his right heel, which made his foot quiver a bit, and worked my up his foot from there. Honestly, I don't know how long I spent licking his soles, painting his feet with my wet tongue, nibbling his perfect toes, kissing them. I mapped out his feet, finding an excruciatingly sensitive spot in the process--scraping my bottom teeth along the crevice just below his big toes made him insane with ticklish agony. When I did this, and I didn't have to do it hard, he would literally scream and arch his back until I thought he was gonna snap his spinal cord. I tortured him this way sparingly. Well... sort of.

After my tongue got tired, I felt it was time to go to the next level.... baby oil and my secret weapon (a common, slightly sharp everyday household item that shall remain nameless). It didn't take long. He was laughing so hard that he was tearing up. "Poor Marky, are you a little ticklish? Hmmm? Does that tickle down there, Mark? Tickle, tickle." Just a couple of minutes of this... I'm SUCH a softie.

It was time to give poor Marky a break. I massaged and tickled my way up his body, finding more ticklish spots in a couple of unusual places (unusual for me anyway). While massaging his chest, there was a spot halfway between his nipples and armpits that sent him into tickle overdrive. There must be a pressure point (a "tickle" point in his case) because a little light kneading usually had him bucking and laughing so hard that I usually found myself on the floor within a few short seconds. Even though I had him secured to the bed pretty well, this guy was strong and out of control when I found those "sweet spots."

Another fun trick was to scratch my fingernails on the back of his neck, which made his shoulders scrunch up, goosebumps to appear and uncontrollable giggling, followed by non-stop belly laughs to emerge. Actually, anywhere I scratched back there, from the neck to his shoulder blades caused such a reaction.

After tickling ticklish Mark for well over an hour, it was time to give him a true break.

I untied his ankles (tickling his feet a little while I did so--shame on me). Untied his right wrist, then started to untie his left, but was having some trouble getting the knot out. He reached over with his free right hand and started lightly massaging the nipple closest to him. I jump, squirmed and hollered "WHOA!! W-w-what are you doing? DON'T!!" It really tickled, and made it harder to free his other hand. He tickled more, then the other nipple. By this time, he was able to get himself seated on the side of the bed, quickly and VERY lightly tickling my nipples. There was very little room between him/the side of the bed and the wall behind me. I was giggling like a school boy and all but gave up trying to untie him.

Finally, he stopped, I finished untying his other hand, and explained how unbearably sensitive my nipples were. Mark had this look in his eye. I knew that look--he wanted to play with me (and I don't mean Tic-Tac-Toe, er, well, maybe I do). He placed me gently on the bed, face up and fondled me all over. After a few minutes, I ordered him to remove my underwear. He obeyed. I was completely naked now, laying on my back. He spread my legs apart--WIDE apart, then sat down between them, pinning my knees firmly into the mattress. I wasn't going nowhere. He did things to my dick and balls that no man has ever done (licked, nibbled) and I giggled and squirmed a lot. A couple of times, he even reached back and tickled the soles of my feet for a few seconds. The sensation of having both my feet and genitals tickled made me bounce up and down on the mattress. Embarrassing high pitched laughter accompanied the bouncing. I was working up quite a sweat, wanting him to stop, yet wanting him to NEVER stop at the same time.

Finally, he played with my nipples. His hands were HUGE. He was gentle, but it still really tickled. He then took his pinky and thumb on left hand and placed them on my nipples. Didn't move them, just had his two fingers on my two nipples. He pivoted his body slightly, and he reached down and started lightly tickling my feet, while simultaneously licking my balls. I was laughing out loud now. Then he moved his little finger and thumb on my nips. My laughs turned violent, my eyes rolled to the back of my head and I don't remember anything except feeling each nipple touched at the same time, my balls getting bathed with his tongue and my feet tingling with light tickles. I think it only lasted for about 15 seconds, yet it seemed like an eternity. I was a total mess and hyperventilating. He stopped, lubed by dick and got me off in about 2 minutes.

I'll never forget this experience. Mark wants to get together again this summer, only this time I would be the one tied up. Would I be able to handle it? What if he brought me to orgasm and then <GASP!> kept tickling? I can't even stand being touched, much less tickled, after I cum--I would go absolutely insane. INSANE, I tell you. So, should I do this? Should I allow him to control me like this, with no indication of when he would stop the unbearable tickling? YOU BET!!!

Tickle Tester