Tickling the Team Captain




Richard was the Captain of the school rugby squad. He was 18, straight, 6ft1, about 13 stone and muscly. He took a size 11 shoe. As we were in a boarding school, we had our own rooms, as we were seniors. Last year, our rooms were in a flat together, oh joy!!

Many nights I would sneak in his room and play with his feet whilst he slept as they stuck out over the bed. They were a size 11, with a high, sensitive arch, long toes and soft, smooth soles. I would sniff them, kiss them, and lick them. Mostly of course, I would tickle. I always had pleasing results of grunting and giggling!

One day in summer last year, he came into my room and asked me to do a favour:

"Jezza I need you to go and sort out the TV room, it's a shit hole and there's an inspection tonight"

I was a little annoyed but did as he told. I could finish my work later. I went in and cleared the usual mess of sweet wrappers and drinks cans and straightened the chairs. I was pleased until Richard appeared:

"This is crap. I need you to get the fucking Hoover and do some dusting too!! Do it!!"

He left and I had no choice but to comply. He sat outside doing sod all with the team but I ignored them.

The evening went by and I ended up doing all the tidying as usual and got no work done. By 11 pm I was knackered but struggled to get it done. At 1 am, I heard Richard stumble into his room; 30 minutes later I looked in.

He wasn't in; strange. I looked around and found him in the TV room, asleep across some chairs. I turned the TV volume off and silent pictures gave some light. I went to his room and got 4 rugby socks, some tracksuit bottoms and a g-string. I went in and still he slept. He wore just shorts and trainers. I tied each hand over his head to the armrest attached to the wall, and the same with his ankles. The g string gagged him and the trackie bottoms went as a blindfold. Perfect!

I returned to my room and got some tickle toys: a large white stiff goose feather, a blue fluffy one, a small pigeon one, a fork, a hairbrush, an electric tooth brush and baby oil.

I started with the stiff feather and drew it back and forth across his belly. He grunted and tensed his chest as I circled his nipples. When I probed his belly button he bucked like a champion....he was awake.


I stopped and went to his feet. As I slipped off his left trainer he went WILD!!! My cock was throbbing already. I removed both shoes and tied his 2 big toes together and bent them back, immobilising his feet. I'm not sure, but I think I heard him sobbing.....

I ran the white feather slowly, heel to toe on each foot. His legs convulsed wildly as he screamed. My, my....it's going to be a fun night!

I stroked up and down his arches as he wept, and moved to circle the balls of his feet; the guy went mad! After half an hour or so, I stopped as he gulped in air. I picked up the fluffy feather and gently flicked it over his feet, hardly touching, and then dug in on his arches and heels, then under the base of the toes, and sawing in between the toes as Richard lost it completely.

After another short break, I got out the electric toothbrush. He heard it click and whirr and began to moan in his gag:


His gag had slipped but I carried on, as I was killing him with this brush.

Next I coated his soles with oil and ran the fork up and down his soles...he was too tired so he just moaned and cackled occasionally as he continually wept.

I stopped suddenly and didn't touch him for a good 10 minutes as he struggled and worried, then I grabbed his love handles and kneaded solidly. He really hit the roof:


I dug in his underarms, his ribs and a new sweet spot: his inner thighs. His cock now made a tent. Without further ado, I ripped his shorts off and tickled his balls. He squealed!


I picked up the pigeon feather and stroked his hard shaft...he moaned...I got the electric toothbrush and polished his knob for a good 10 minutes, not letting him come. During this, my fingers darted across his soles and he jumped a giggled wildly....if only I'd had a camcorder!!

It was now about 6:30 am. I would normally get up now, so I lubed up his cock with oil and pumped him. After 5 hours of denial, he was ready to shoot like a geyser. As he nearly came, I dug into his sides and he bucked like a bronco whilst not getting a release.

I locked my mouth over his 6'' and ran my tongue around his tip whilst tickling his balls and inner thighs. He came like Niagra, and I took every drop...delicious. He was still conscious, so I tickled his feet some more until he passed out. I loosened him and put my stuff back in my room. I grabbed his ankles and dragged him into bed. He was shattered.

As I went to my room that day, Andy was inside it. He was on the team too, 6 ft, muscular and delicious. He shut my door and told me how he'd crashed on Richard's sofa that night and saw me drag him in...he knew about it....then he asked a favour......