Long-Distance Tickle




It's funny, I thought of you a number of times last weekend. I wondered if at the very moment I was thinking about you, you had a ticklish hunk tied up and were working him over! As my mind wandered, I came up with a really hot story too. Let me elaborate. I was thinking of how you might be in your room, winding down after a day of being a presenter when you get a call. "This is Brian Dawson's personal assistant," the caller informs you. "Would you come down to room 252 right away? Brian needs to clarify something with you." You agree, grab your room key and head out, not worrying about putting on more clothes (you are wearing those skimpy shorts you are always wearing when we chat and a loose t-shirt, no socks or shoes). Knocking on the door marked 252, the door swings open slightly. "Come on in, it's unlocked," a voice calls out from within. You swing the door open and bound into the room.

Suddenly, from behind, somebody grabs you and a cotton bag is thrust over your head. "Hey, what the fu...!" you cry out with surprise as you are unexpectedly dragged forward and thrown on the bed, face down. Before you can react, you feel several guys grabbing you and pinning you down on the bed. Panic fills your body as you begin trying to struggle to regain control but find you are way outnumbered. You try to argue and yell for help but the bag is pressing tight against your face and everything comes out muffled. Meanwhile, you feel your t-shirt being ripped off your body. You continue to struggle futilely and soon, your shorts and underwear are dragged off your body as well leaving you completely naked.

You are really scared now, not knowing what the hell is going on or what is about to happen. You feel yourself being turned over on the bed on your back, your arms being pulled above your head toward the corners. You know the position all too well and realize you are about to be tied up. With every ounce of energy you have, you try to fight them off and prevent your wrists from being secured. But there are too many of them and they are too strong. Against your protests, you feel each wrist being placed in a leather restraint, the lock snapping. You pull against the restraints and feel the predictable tension holding your arms helplessly spread-eagled.

They move to the foot of the bed and despite a good effort on your part including thrashing and loud protests, your ankles are similarly secured, leaving your body now vulnerable and completely helpless. The strangers work quickly to add additional loops of rope around each elbow and knee, making you even more helpless and preventing any movement. You feel your heart beating against your heaving chest as you try to regain your breath, and adjust to your new helplessness. You have no idea who is behind this and what exactly they have in mind. Which is what scares you the most. And while your body is filled with fear, you feel your cock quickly arising to the occasion, a weird mix of panic and excitement filling your body.

You can feel several people sit down on the bed around you. Someone unexpectedly mounts your leg, sitting on your thigh and pinning your leg against the mattress. Another person mounts your other leg in a similar fashion. You feel yet another person sit above your head. Suddenly, the bag is pulled off your head. You squint your eyes as light suddenly floods them, trying to adjust to the brightness and figure out who is there. The person sitting at your head suddenly squeezes his knees against your head, holding it firmly in place and preventing you from looking around the room freely. You are staring straight up at an upside down face. You recognize this person, although it takes you a minute to recall who he is. It's Paul! He wasn't supposed to be here this weekend! As you stare up, you realize that he is shirtless, much to your pleasant surprise, as you drink in the sight of his hairy chest hovering above you.

"Paul! What the hell are you doing here?!" you blurt out.

"Gee, Jay, what do you think?" he replied sarcastically, and the others in the room joined him in a few guffaws of laughter. You strained to see who else was with him. You could barely see that there were two guys sitting beside you, one beside each rib cage. They too were shirtless and you could tell they not only had good builds but were nice and hairy. Again, you recognized their faces but it took you a minute to connect it to a name. "Shit! Those are two of the guys I tied up and tickled today!" you realized. They both chuckled as they realized you made the connection.

"Well, well, looks like the tables are turned," one of them remarked.

"But you have nothing to worry about, Jay," the other added, "unless, of course, you are TICKLISH!" That comment brought all five guys to laughter, and panic began to fill your being.

"C'mon guys! Please don't do this!" you began begging, as you pulled fruitlessly at the restraints holding you in place. "Please, I'm begging you, don't tickle m...ah, hah ahhahhhhaa!" Your laughter filled the room as they all attacked, FIFTY dancing fingertips concentrating on your vulnerable torso! Armpits, neck, sides, stomach, no place was safe as they aggressively worked you over. And so it began, the most intense, terrifying, exhilarating hour and half of your life, as they paid you back in force, using many of the devilish implements you had used earlier on them. After you were forced to suck each of them off, they finally gave you relief, leaving you exhausted and spent. As you laid there, still tied up and trying to regain your breath, Paul picked up the phone and dialed. "Chris? Hey, we did it! We worked him over just like you told us to." You couldn't believe it! "Oh, yeah, no matter how much he begged, we didn't stop this time. I actually felt sorry for him, to tell you the truth." You wondered why Paul had been more aggressive than ever before. "He is? Well, sure, he's still tied up. Okay, boss, whatever you say." He laid the phone down on the side of the bed, so that I could hear what was about to happen. "Hey, guys!" Paul called out to the others. "Guess what? Chris tells me that Jay is even MORE ticklish AFTER he cums. Can you believe it?" They all laughed, and returned to the bed where you lay. "Guess he's good for another hour or so!" he added.

"No, guys!" you cried out. "Please, I can't take any more! I'm begging you, don't...hahhahhhahhhhhaaaaaaa!"


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