Tarzan's Torture




Everyone knows about Tarzan and his many adventures in the jungles of deepest Africa. This story, however, is one that Tarzan tried to keep secret...

While Tarzan was revered by most tribes in Africa where he was a legendary figure, there were some evil tribes that had a "price" on Tarzan's head. Tarzan had rescued many men and women from savage treatment at the hands of these cannibalistic warriors, and soldiers from at least 7 tribes had orders to kill Tarzan on sight. His body would be worth both riches and fame to the lucky man who slew the Ape Man. One tribe, though, had a different sort of bounty out on Tarzan's body.

The Chief of the Zubucu tribe ordered Tarzan captured and brought to him ALIVE. Word had it that the Chief had fallen in lust with Tarzan at first sight. The Chief, who was a also a powerful witch doctor, placed a spell on his ten bravest warriors that made them invisible. Cloaked by the Chief's magic, the warriors were able to locate Tarzan drinking from a fresh water stream early one morning and overpower him. Tarzan put up quite a struggle for the ten warriors. Tarzan's body was lean and very muscular, for he had been born with the strength of five men, but eventually the ten massive warriors subdued the handsome Ape-man. The warriors tied Tarzan to a long pole by his hands and feet and carried him back through the lush jungle to the Chief's hut. The journey took two days and one night. The still-invisible warriors brought Tarzan to the Chiefs lair a few hours after sunset on the second day of travel. Tarzan did not struggle as he was brought into the lavish abode of the Chief. He knew that saving his strength was important now in order to escape from the Zubucu tribe. Tarzan had gotten out of tighter spots than this before, he thought to himself, so he decided not to be worried--yet. The warriors had all heard rumors that Tarzan had the courage and stamina of five men as well as being super-strong. The rumors appeared to be true!

Tribal masks hung on the wall, and many brightly colored pots were collected by a fire in the center of the hut. Beautiful fabric hung on the walls of the Chief's dwelling, and the ceiling of the hut was lined with feathers of all sizes and colors. Tarzan studied the Chief and his surroundings carefully. Then with a sudden sweep of the Chief's hands, Tarzan watched in shock as the ten warriors suddenly became visible again. Tarzan was still a bit stunned by the Chief's magic as he watched the powerfully-built warriors file two by two out of the room with orders to keep out until the Chief gave further word. The Chief hand-picked only the bravest, handsomest, and most virile men to be his personal warriors and bodyguards. The Chief was known to have quite a fondness for virile men, and he was beside himself with joy having Tarzan in his private chamber. The Chief smiled lustily as he let his eyes pass longingly over Tarzan's body, head to toe. Tarzan was the most beautiful man the Chief had seen. The Chief studied every inch of Tarzan's smooth body; his massive chest, long black hair, chiseled jaw, dark eyes, and powerful legs that led down to big sexy feet. This ape-man put every one of his greatest warriors to shame, the Chief thought to himself. Tarzan was still bound to the pole by his hands and feet, but the warriors had placed him so that his back was resting on the soft fur of the Chief's tiger skin rug. Actually, Tarzan looked quite comfortable--for now!

With a big grin, the Chief pulled out a bone-handled dagger and showed it to Tarzan, making the Ape man start to worry just a little bit. It looked to Tarzan that the knife's handle was made of a human bone! Tarzan's muscles tensed up as the Chief came closer with the blade. Tarzan still wasn't worried much because he knew that he was practically immune to physical pain. The Chief reached behind Tarzan's head and cut off a long clump from Tarzan's hair. Then the Chief did what he had wanted to do for a long time now, he cut Tarzan's loin cloth off with one flick of his blade. Tarzan's big cock flopped free as the loin cloth landed on the tiger skin rug. His cock was uncut and surrounded by black pubic hair. The Chief was salivating! Still, Tarzan noticed, the Chief seemed to pay the most attention to his feet. The Chief even tickled the soles of Tarzan's feet a little, but it didn't do anything. Tarzan was not ticklish. The Chief, still grinning, crossed the room and picked up two of the colored pots by the fire. The Chief sprinkled yellow powder from the pot over Tarzan's body all the while muttering a tribal incantation. The Chief then pulled out a handful of tiny feathers from the other pot. He waved his other hand over the feathers and repeated the incantation again. The Chief then sprinkled the feathers all over Tarzan's body. As each feather landed softly on his skin, Tarzan felt a strange tingling sensation all over until his whole body was throbbing. When the throbbing finally subsided, Tarzan could tell that his body had become hyper-sensitive from the Chief's spell and that he was no longer impervious to pain.

Tarzan opened his eyes to see the Chief holding a voodoo doll of about 12 inches in height in front of Tarzan's face. The doll was very detailed to look exactly like Tarzan with little feet, little hands, and even a little uncut cock. Tarzan noticed that the hair that had been cut off his head now made up the doll's hair. With an evil chuckle the Chief reached up and took a feather from the ceiling of the room and began stroking it across the Tarzan doll's chest. Immediately Tarzan felt an unbearable tickling on the same spot on his own chest. The Chief watched as Tarzan threw his head back and howled with unbridled hysteria. The nipples on Tarzan's chest became hard as the feather crossed the nipples on the doll, seemingly of their own accord. Never in his life had Tarzan felt so helpless! The Chief showed no mercy as the feather crossed the doll's chest and underarms again and again, making Tarzan thrash around and laugh uncontrollably. The Chief varied the movement of the feather across the Tarzan doll. The Chief found that running the feather from the doll's head to it's little toes made Tarzan hop around on the fur rug as if it was on fire. Tarzan's howling laughter could be heard by the whole tribe who was gathered outside the Chief's hut. They all rejoiced that Tarzan was getting the punishment he deserved!

Inside the tent, the Chief was coaxing an erection from Tarzan by gently stroking the doll's cock and crotch area. Tarzan laughed, writhed and moaned in tortured ecstasy. Every touch of the feather on the doll stimulated and tickled each individual molecule in the corresponding place on Tarzan's body. The tickling was not just on the surface of Tarzan's rock hard cock, but in every single molecule of his cock! The sensation of a million tiny feathers on his crotch was driving Tarzan insane. Tarzan pleaded and begged for the Chief to stop tickling him.

Across the doll's feet the Chief rubbed the feather again and again. Tarzan howled and screamed as the sensation of a million tiny feathers danced across the soles of his feet, back and forth. Tears ran down Tarzan's face. No pain could ever be as unbearable as this, thought Tarzan as he threw his head back in continuous gales of laughter. Tarzan curled his toes and wiggled his feet to get away from the sensation, but the Chief had no intention of stopping now. He was only beginning! Tarzan knew that just getting free from the ropes that bound him would not be enough to escape the torture, anyway. Voodoo was so strong that Tarzan would feel the unbearable tickling sensations wherever he was, as long as the Chief had both the voodoo doll and hair cut directly from Tarzan's head.

The Chief swirled the feather up and down in the doll's armpits, then on the stomach, then across the doll's cock, back and forth on the soles of its feet and then started over again. The Chief's sadistic appetite for tickling was insatiable! The howls of Tarzan's laughter continued long into the night as the Chief made sure to cover every inch of the doll. The backs of Tarzan's knees, the crack of his ass, his inner thighs, his chin and neck--all of these out-of-the-way places made Tarzan's sweaty body squirm and strain at his bonds until the sun began to rise over the African horizon. The Chief spent most of his time torturing Tarzan's feet and cock because these two areas got the reaction that the Chief most wanted to see--hysteria and extreme sexual arousal. Tarzan could not help but be about to shoot his load from the constant tickling sensation of a million tiny feathers in every one of his cock cells. Tarzan's balls ached from tension. Whenever he felt that he would surely cum any second, the Chief would tickle Tarzan's feet instead, making Tarzan howl while his toes curled in a futile effort to get away from the endless tickling sensation.

Tarzan prayed that the endless torture would end. On and on the Chief tickled the voodoo doll. The Chief concentrated on Tarzan's armpits for a while. Tarzan pulled at his bonds to get away from the tickling sensations in both armpits. The Chief's spell had made Tarzan into the most ticklish man alive. Tarzan screamed and howled as the feather stroked back and forth--first in his right armpit and then in the left. All up and down the doll's sides went the feather and Tarzan reacted with more laughter. Across his stomach the tickling continued. Tarzan's feet were the most ticklish part of his body. Each new stroke across the doll's toes brought new laughter and struggling from the beautiful Ape-man. Tarzan's powerful legs jerked and pulled at his bonds, but it did no good--the tickling continued for hours. Even when the Chief stopped tickling the doll; Tarzan was now so sensitive that his laughter continued just from the sensation of the air on his skin! The Chief loved the way that Tarzan's bound feet wiggled and squirmed. The Chief ran the feather slowly between the doll's toes and watched Tarzan's own fleshy toes try to get away from the sensation.

At dawn of the next day, Tarzan's laughter could still be heard throughout the village. All night long the Chief's evil tickling magic had kept him helpless and squirming, but unable to release the huge orgasm the tickling had aroused in Tarzan's rock hard (and now purple) cock. Tarzan had never been so aroused or had to come as badly as he did then. Tarzan felt one cursed feather stroke back and forth over the tip of his uncut cock while another feather continued twirling between his toes. Whenever Tarzan felt like he was about to cum, the Chief eased up on the cock-tickling. The Chief knew that not being able to cum was Tarzan's most effective torture, especially combined with the foot tickling. Still, the Chief had a plan though that would send Tarzan even farther over the edge of ecstasy into tickled madness! Finally the Chief could stand it no longer--he must see how Tarzan reacts to the ultimate tickle torture. The Chief took the Tarzan doll and turned it over and spread the doll's little cheeks. Tarzan could feel a sensation of his ass spreading, and then the sensation of countless tickling feathers on his asshole and prostate gland. Tarzan's entire asshole, sphincter muscles, and throbbing prostrate burned with the unbearable feathering of the voodoo doll. Tarzan shrieked with insane laughter at the sensation. The Chief didn't stop there. He rubbed another big feather over the entire doll from head to foot while tickling Tarzan's prostrate gland with the other so that not one inch of Tarzan's body was spared the torture.

The Chief finally allowed Tarzan to reach an epic climax with a roar that, legend has it, caused the lavish dwelling of the Chief to explode (and freed Tarzan of his bonds)! In the confusion, the Chief didn't feel Tarzan rip the doll out of his hands. The Chief did, however, feel Tarzan pull out a handful of hair from the Chief's head.

When he had run a safe distance away, he re-laced his own hair on the voodoo doll with the Chief's hair. Tarzan knew that any spell the Chief had put on him was now broken. Tarzan rubbed the doll's feet with his finger. Faintly in the distance Tarzan heard the Chief's yelping laugh. Revenge would be his, thought Tarzan! When he got back to his tree, Tarzan gathered a band of his chimps and gave them instructions how to tickle the doll with not one, but five feathers. Back in the Chief's hut laughter filled the air as the Chief rolled around helplessly in tickled rapture. Every so often the Chief would scream as he reached yet another tortured orgasm. Still, Tarzan was not a total barbarian. He had given the Chimps instructions to tickle the voodoo doll only until the sun had risen and set... for 60 days.