Tickling a Cute, But Shy, First-Timer


Down Under


My partner and I met TJ through a tickling bulletin board on the Internet. After several e-mails back and forth and then several tentative phone calls over a six month period (during which I realized that TJ was not only nervous and shy, but also extremely inexperienced as regards sexual matters), he finally agreed to meet me for lunch.

He was cuter than I anticipated. Tall, dark hair, boyish face, friendly smile. Very, very nice. However, I just don't think his self-esteem would allow TJ to let himself think that he might be desirable to others. I could certainly relate to how he must have felt. He was 27 years old and still a virgin. (I was, too, until I was 26!) Several times, flatmates and friends had propositioned him, but he always found a reason to turn them down.

He also considered himself overweight (he wasn't!) and his very hairy body to be unappealing, so TJ endured regular, painful, hot wax treatments to his chest, back and arse. This often caused temporary blotches, sweat pimples and ingrown hairs, so he also submitted to regular visits to a solarium. If only TJ realized what a turn on that resultant smooth, hair-free, tanned body was. To top it off, TJ was ticklish. Ticklish beyond belief. I guess this also contributed to his reluctance to be too intimate with other people.

During our preliminary discussions. I described our previous tickle scenarios involving various compliant third parties, both successful and disappointing. We established that TJ preferred not to be blindfolded when the tickling began. However, he was prepared to be tied up, spread-eagled and face up, to the bed, to endure 60 minutes of intense, unrelenting tickling, plus bodyshaving/removal of his pubic hair. Furthermore, he preferred that the event have symmetry: because there were two of us, our approach to tickling should be complementary, with us taking an underarm, a side or a foot each.

When TJ arrived, I introduced him to my partner, and we relaxed with a coffee. I reassured TJ that this event would be pleasurable, with as many of his previously mentioned turn ons incorporated into the scene. TJ was very nervous, so we coaxed him onto thin padding on the floor, face up and fully dressed, and ordered him to close his eyes and relax while we slowly caressed his twitching body through his clothes.

Slowly we explored the long, thick, soft, dark hairs covering his legs between his thick sports socks and the hem of his shorts. Gradually, we slid our fingers up under his Tshirt and enjoyed the deeply tanned, smooth skin of his belly. I slide a hand down under the waistband of his shorts. Eventually, we had the shirt off, his sneakers unlaced and removed and his shorts sliding right down to the ankles and off. I carefully removed TJ's socks and found warm, sweaty, trembling bare feet inside them, Beautifully formed and well tanned toes. Yum. I explored his long toes and sensitive soles with my tongue and his first giggles were uttered. A huge wet spot had developed around the ever-growing tent pole inside TJ's expensive grey underpants.

I grabbed his knickers by the waist band and pulled them down. TJ's cock sprang free and he simultaneously let out an extremely embarrassed groan, as if he had at last , only just, come to grips with the enforced intimacy that would happen with the intense tickle experience that was imminent.

We added leather wrist bands to his arms and escorted TJ into the bedroom where we efficiently tied him to the four ropes attached to the bed corners. No ropes were to rub against his skin, so scarves were placed around his ankles. Soon he was tightly stretched and tied. As per TJ's earlier request, we returned to the doorway... and made a slow, choreographed approach towards his exposed underarms, one per side.

TJ's laughter was no disappointment. What a buzz! TJ laughed loud and long as we gave his underarms and then ribs, sides and stomach a complete workout. He vibrated against the bed. He puffed, he panted, he screamed. Using our tongues and fingertips we made our way down TJ's legs to his gorgeous feet. Again working in tandem, we sucked TJ's toes, one captive foot each, two toes at a time, until they were all glistening with saliva... and TJ himself was bucking and heaving with hysterics.

Amazingly, never once in the first 40 minutes of tickling, did TJ use our 'stop' word, "Cease". Prior to the session, we had agreed that, in case of cramp, pain, lack of breath or just lack of desire to proceed/continue, saying the word "Cease" would bring an end to the scene. Should he have screamed, "Stop, please stop" (a common plea of ticklees), which he did call out often, we would just continue as if he hadn't spoken.

There is a theory that hairy guys are often hairy because they sweat a lot. This theory seemed to fit TJ, since he certainly worked up an amazing amount of sweat during the session. Because his body was hairless, the long rivulets of sweat literally poured down his golden skin. The sheet beneath him looked as if it had been soaked in a bucket of water.

As I realized time was quickly passing, I decided not to bring out the electric clippers at this stage, but instead to continue the tickling while TJ was so wonderfully helpless. The shaving could always happen after we had set him free, since TJ was so looking forward to being hair free in the pubic area. And TJ had no idea how much time had passed.

Instead, I decided to try a special trick, which I had done only ever once before. Indicating to my partner what my plans were, he quickly understood what I wanted to do. My partner lifted up TJ's body from the bed slightly. Stripped completely naked, I slid underneath TJ, resting my hard 8" cock along the length of his arse crack. TJ begin to panic, terrified that I was about to insert my dick into his hole. I whispered into his ear that I "wasn't going to do anything" and he relaxed a little. "You came to us a virgin and you'll leave as one. But this is gonna be something very special."

Getting into position caused a few grunts of discomfort from TJ. However, the result was worth it. The effect for me was as if I, too, was now pinned to my bed. TJ's weight and his tied limbs were certainly keeping my torso immobile. Additionally, my presence underneath TJ had the effect of arching his body and tightening his bonds even more. Stretching my feet down, I positioned my feet tops so that they were brushing the length of TJ's ticklish bare soles. My hands reached across his trembling chest to explore TJ's nipples, his chest, his underarms, his ribcage, his belly button. Also his pubes, cock and balls. My teeth were positioned near TJ's shoulder and I found that sinking them lightly into TJ's neck produced squeals of delightful agony. With my partner exploring areas of TJ which I was neglecting, we began to tickle him ruthlessly.

As TJ bucked and screamed, he began sweating again. Boy, did he sweat! But, this time, the plentiful moisture was causing a wonderful slippery sensation between our bodies. The light, manly smell of fresh sweat filled the room and our nostrils. The more I tickled, the more TJ sweated - and the more he slid all over my body. My cock was being massaged by his clenching buttocks. And both of us were soon panting heavily.

Alas, our hour was almost up. We still had so much to try. Wanting to do some concentrated work on TJ's cock, I asked my partner to lift TJ and out I came. Wow! Now we positioned ourselves alongside him, full length. As we stroked his body, we began suggesting how silly TJ had been to put himself in such a difficult position. Fancy a 27 year old virgin allow himself to be tied to a stranger's bed! (This had been another request of his from our earlier meeting to plan the scenario.) Leaning forward, we both licked at his balls and I then attempted to place his swollen cock head in my mouth. Just about to... - and TJ shouted, "Cease!"

Panting and near-hysterical with fear and excitement, TJ explained that he had never tried oral sex and that he would prefer not to try it yet. Maybe one day, but not yet.

This was a good opportunity to continue the verbal aspects of the scenario TJ had requested. I quickly told him about the gorgeous, tall, blond university student who lived in the apartment next door and that he'd no doubt heard TJ's screams.

"I could go out and knock on his front door, and bring him in to see what we're up to..., or I could do this!" I whispered, reaching towards TJ's cock again with my tongue.

"No, no!" he cried.

"Keep saying 'no'," I reminded him. "'No' doesn't make us stop. Would you like me to bring Marty in to see you tied to my bed, naked? Or... I could do this."

Between giggles of frustration, TJ actually said "Yes" to being seen naked by my cute neighbour, rather than being sucked off for his first time. We'd been bluffing of course, but the concept was both appealing and very funny. We all broke into hysterics.

And at that point, the hour was up. Keeping to our promise, we sadly set TJ free and sent him into the shower. Meanwhile, my partner and I went out to the lounge room and set it up for a long, lingering, sensual bodyshave.

When TJ emerged from the bathroom, it was hugs all round, though there was some resistance from TJ. We invited him to lie down for the clippering and shaving to begin, but he begged off on that component, pleading that he'd been taken "far enough" for one day. (My boyfriend and I would have to relieve our tensions together when TJ had left!) Not wanting to jeopardize frequent return visits by TJ, we relented and put the jug on for making coffee.

It was a very fulfilling afternoon. We had introduced TJ to many more levels of tickling than he had ever read or dreamt about. He's a wonderful, trusting guy, and (amazingly!) still a virgin. And we can't wait to see him again... and take him a little further.

PS. Recently heard back from our victim. Yes, he enjoyed it very much, but it was the total nudity that freaked him out. He only "might" be game for a rematch. What a pity. He was cute!

Down Under