TenderRibs' Great Adventure


Down Under


TenderRibs wrote:

I saw your posting on Jack's Tickle Rack, and read your stories *grin*, and thought I'd have to e-mail you both and say "Hi" to another Aussie (and his mate) who seems to love tickling. I love both the tickling and being tickled side of things. Definitely being restrained or having a restrained partner to tickle silly... :)

While I am not really interested in guys myself, and have always preferred the female pics, I do like to see a guy tied down and being tickled; usually thinking it could be me... *grin*. I guess only after reading some of these stories on Jack's page, and seeing some pics, I've thought of myself being at the mercy of some guys with tickling and teasing in mind.

Hmmm, and sexual release...? Well, just *thinking* of tickling gets me aroused, so I guess I'd soon be begging.

So what do I like? Well, being tied up and restrained in numerous ways while being tickled all over... and, yes, I am ticklish. Very. Put it this way: whenever my girlfriend just lightly caresses up my leg and around my waist I can't stay still...! My toes, soles, heels, ankles, all the way up to my balls, my hips, tummy and sides, and even my poor armpits, would be open field day for you guys! And don't even think of squeezing my knees, please.

But another side of what I some times fantasize about, is the sexual teasing that can go with the merciless tickling. Being slowly brought to the brink and teased and tickled there for a hour would be wild... I guess by another guy only more so, because you'd know just how a teased cock would feel *grin*, more than a woman could imagine. But the second stage to this would be the total reverse of slowly teasing my cock. And as my first orgasm would hit, fingers would massage my shaft just behind my balls, while my cock is pumped, and palm and fingers roll over and around my glans relentlessly, firmly rubbing all around the very sensitive tip, coaxing spurt after spurt of cum out, which during the end of my orgasm is so sensitive, even I don't rub it. And then to have this kept up, along with the tickling of course, until I orgasm again and again...

I guess that's my most extreme fantasy of tickling and teasing... Oh, along with doing the same to a female, or even a male... I must admit, I love the feel of my own cock, and sometimes think what another would feel like to tease and caress one not my own...

I'm only into "pleasurable" teasing torture though... no pain stuff. The real BDSM scene does nothing for me, nor does spanking, or nipple clamps, or that type of stuff. But - keeping me in howling fits of laughter, begging not to be tickled, is what I call fun.

Again while I'm very ticklish, I've only ever been tied down once, my a, umm, "lady of the night", but she could only manage mild tickling. It's probably in the touch. Some people have just stroked my side, and I swear if they had me restrained I'd be tickle history for the night...!

I guess why I am writing, is to see if you'd like to trade some tickle/cock teasing stories. I'd love to hear of any other experiences you've both had, and if my fantasy stories I can describe get you hot, well great...!

I don't live in Sydney though... and I am committed in a straight relationship. A great one, but just minus the tickling interest... Can't have everything I guess. But I just may be down in Sydney soon for a few days and, now and again, I have thoughts of really seeing just how ticklish I am...

Oops almost forget to tell you what I look like..!!! Well, 31 years old, about 175 cm, 70 kg, average build, and I do enjoy the gym but wish I was more regular. Fairly fit, blondish hair, brown eyes, and soft feet. (Maybe nice for foot jobs... hmm, then that's another fantasy. I'll tell you one way I masturbate if you like... in the shower, massage some conditioner over my cock and, while sitting down, get my left foot slippery with the conditioner, then firmly holding and pumping my cock with my right hand, rub my cock head and the underside over my sole slowly, getting faster and faster until I cum into my foot... sort of a sideways across the middle of the sole to the arch. Half the glans and the whole underside is caressed this way, and boy do I love it! Try it one day... the softness of your foot feels wonderful. I'd just love to have my cock trapped between two slippery stroking soles, with maybe a third pressed down flat over the tip of my cock, rubbing away... hmm, get the bondage gear out for that one!!! )

Oh, also I'm cut as well... um about 7" I think. Soft pinkish head, which can ooze precum like crazy..! Happy tickling, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Down Under writes:

So that's the letter we received from TenderRibs. Pretty hot fan letter, don't you agree?

I wrote back, telling him more about some of our more successful BDSM and tickle scenes (some of which had no tickling, but were still exciting for different reasons).

We heard back from him a few times, and then he flew down to Sydney...

It has now been about two months since TenderRibs came all the way from interstate to visit that Sunday morning. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that an extremely cute, blond straight guy would ever actually ASK me to kidnap him, strip him naked, tie him up, tickle him into hysterics and then milk his cock to orgasm after orgasm in an amazing four hour session.

Yet that is what happened. Maybe I was in The Twilight Zone, but I guess if I was, then so was my boyfriend AND TenderRibs.

Since announcing the developments of the session on Jack's board, I've had many e-mail comments asking me to write up this true tale. It's been rather hard to do. It really does seem unbelievable to me. And yet it happened. I tickled TenderRibs and gave him a fantasy-come-true the three of us will never forget.

I don't think TenderRibs intended a full-on scene on our first meeting. At first, he wrote:

"Actually I'd enjoy meeting up and talking to some other people who are into tickling. Coffee sounds great, and if you have some tickle videos, I'd love to see some. I've only seen pics, and some short clips. I'd love to see a real intense tickling scene.... Maybe even experience at least a mild one myself and, if we all enjoy it, I may just be game to give you free tickling reign of my body for several hours... :-) If you'd be interested in teasing and tickling a straight guy into begging for an orgasm that is..."


After numerous e-mails back and forth, the agenda was prepared, likes and dislikes and limits established and with enough planned surprises to keep everything fresh.

TenderRibs rang from the airport, as promised, right on cue. We've had our share of big talking "no shows", but this guy was eager! His voice was fairly confident, even though I strained to sense a hint of nervousness. Yep, he was just a little... scared. TenderRibs had promised to shower before his flight, but not apply any deodorant. (I hate the taste of antiperspirant. Give me fresh man sweat any day.) He was also to be wearing the agreed choice of clothing: nylon tracksuit pants; brand new Nike runners; striped shirt; plus special underwear selected from a shop with the help of his (still unwitting) girlfriend, with which he hoped to excite us. As he headed to his city hotel in a cab, we headed to the same location in our car.

As planned, TenderRibs was awaiting me in the foyer of the hotel, having dumped his bags upstairs. He was just standing there, eyes darting from man to man, desperately wondering which guy was about to step up to him and say...

"G'day! I understand you've just checked it. I'm here to take you for your complimentary city tour and massage."

We shook hands, and I escorted him to the car where my boyfriend was playing chauffeur. TenderRibs climbed into a back seat and we were off. The small talk was no different to the talk of most cab rides, but eventually he forgot himself and asked our occupations.

"We're masseurs, of course!", I said.

TenderRibs gave a little swallow. I think his soon-to-happen fate was beginning to sink in.

Arriving at my apartment, I suddenly whipped out a fur-lined leather blindfold and slipped it onto him.

"Ah, does this have to stay on?" he asked. "I wanted to see at least some of this."

"Trust us," I replied. "We promised you a massage you'll never forget. And we promised you variety. You are about to have the time of your life."

We ushered our blindfolded "victim" into the lounge room. Soft environmental mood music was playing in the background. The oil burner was sending wafts of fragrant, sexy, patchouli oil into the air. We led TenderRibs to the floor, still fully dressed, laid him face down on a doona and left him to relax.

But not for long... Soon we were lightly stroking the length of TenderRibs' body. And feeling the ever-so-slight trembles that were pulsing along its length. Just imagine the sheer and unique pleasure for a guy, so used to a woman's caress, feeling (for the first time) four, strong, male hands massaging and smoothing his tense muscles through his shirt and shiny nylon pants.

As we massaged, we began to be more vigorous. And we were rewarded with soft giggles to accompany the twitches. TenderRibs buried his face deep into the pillow and let his body submit to the tickles, while the two of us teased him verbally about being sensitive to our touch. When his bucking became more uncontrolled, one of us easily held him flat to the floor, while the other elicited more giggles and trembles.

Now it was time to begin removing clothing. I unsnapped the bottom press studs of his trackpants and unlaced the hot-looking Reeboks. He made as if to stop us, but then seemed resigned to continue and let the scene progress. Before long I had his shoes off, revealed two whit sweat-saturated sports socks. As promised his feet were very nice: small, but with soft, flat soles and tops covered in downy blond hair. And ticklish!!!

Meanwhile my boyfriend was removing TenderRibs' shirt and, after a rather abrupt tickle attack on his sweaty underarms, not to mention some deep inhalations of his freshly sweaty pits, we grabbed our victim's trackpants, one side each, and peeled them down ssssllllowly. Now, revealed for the first time, were the sexy "thong" briefs he was wearing. His female partner had helped him to choose them, he had explained in an e-mail, but little did she know we were getting the first true look at them in action.

Both of TenderRibs' white, slightly furred arse cheeks were exposed to our view. We embarrassed him with a few raunchy comments about his taste in underwear, and a little elastic snapping, then went back to tickling.

Finally, we had the guy completely naked except for his blindfold. I added a leather D-ring strap to each wrist, then we lifted him up and escorted him to the bathroom. Here we fastened each wrist strap to an end of the metal towel rail, then widened his feet further apart to attach a leg spreader to his ankles. He must have been getting worried, because his erection shrank quite a bit. Then we dressed him in a lockable, black leather chastity belt. (The balls and cock are placed through the hole in the pouch. Padlocks hold the back strap and front zips in place. A molded leather cup shape goes into the pouch before the zips are fastened, putting the cock and balls completely beyond reach. It's wild.) Feeling fully exposed and helpless, TenderRibs had no choice but to scream with laughter as we continued to explore his body with our fingers.

About twenty minutes later, I left my boyfriend tickling our victim and I snuck back to the lounge room. My heart was pounding as I stripped naked. I had a sneaky plan, and I couldn't believe I had a chance to do it. About five minutes later, I rejoined the scene in the bathroom and announced that the blindfold would be removed.

TenderRibs sighed in relief and blinked several times as his eyes caught the light. Suddenly his face registered surprise. He stared at me, then smirked a little.

"You're wearing my clothes...?" he said to me, incredulous.

"Yes," I gloated into his ear. "All of them..."

TenderRibs' eyes widened as he cast an eye up and down. Shirt, track pants, runners... He realized that I was probably even wearing his sweaty socks and new thong underwear as well. And he was right.

Again, we launched a tickle attack. When our victim was really panting, we relented, surprising him again by untying the ropes holding the wrist cuffs to the rail.

"Okay," I said. "You must be in dire need of release. You now have my permission to masturbate until you cum."

Immediately, TenderRibs hands moved towards the leather pouch which was hiding his cock and balls from view. Then he felt, for the first time, just how secure the chastity belt was. There was no way to stimulate his cock. The hard leather cup inside the pouch prevented all tactile sensations. His fingers even attempted to gouge under the leather against his crotch. To no avail.

"Time's up!" we shouted after about five minutes.

TenderRibs could only shrug in desperation. His cock was pulsing inside the pouch, we all knew, but it was not yet permitted release. His wrist cuffs padlocked together, we raised his arms above his head and tied them to a picture hook high in the wall. Once again, a tickle attack commenced on TenderRibs' underarms, nipples, kneecaps, ribs, and thighs...

Another twenty minutes had passed and we allowed TenderRibs' arms to be lowered. As his chest heaved with deep panting, he watched, twitching, as I slowly unlocked the two padlocks of the chastity belt, unzipped the pouch and removed the evil device. An eager cock sprung to attention. My boyfriend now grabbed TenderRibs' cock, and we began the first of the long-dreaded milking sessions. Within a few brief minutes, TenderRibs was groaning... moaning..., and then began spraying hot, white cum up onto his chest. Wave after wave of cum.

We untied TenderRibs, replaced the ubiquitous blindfold, and then dragged him into the bedroom and threw him, exhausted onto the bed to recover. For a few seconds, anyway.

Barely allowing recovery time, TenderRibs was bound face up, spread eagled to the bed's four corners with scarves and ropes. More intense tickling ensued and, believe it or not, we even coaxed his cock back into an erection. Once again, we masturbated his cock to orgasm - cum everywhere! - then continued to caress the cock head over and over, extracting shrieks of giggles from our victim as we coated it with his own cum.

I decided to try my favorite party trick, which I had done only ever twice before. Indicating to my partner what my plans were, he understood what I wanted to do. My partner lifted up TenderRibs's body from the bed slightly.

Having already peeled out of TenderRibs' sweaty gear, I was completely naked. Now, I slid face up but underneath TenderRibs's body, resting my hard 8" cock along the length of his arse crack.

TenderRibs didn't panic, because he immediately recognized this scene from the true story of First Timer TJ which I had sent him. He knew that I would not insert my dick into his hole. I whispered into his ear and reminded him I "wasn't going to do anything" and he relaxed somewhat. "This is gonna be something very special," I suggested.

Getting into position, we made sure TenderRibs' head was comfortable with some pillows. My presence underneath TenderRibs had the effect of arching his body across mine, and tightening his bonds even more. The effect for me was as if I, too, were pinned to my bed. TenderRibs' weight and his tied limbs were certainly keeping my torso immobile. Stretching my feet down, I positioned my feet tops so that they were brushing the length of TenderRibs' ticklish bare soles. My hands reached across his trembling chest to explore TenderRibs' hardened nipples, his trembling chest, his underarms, his ribcage, his belly button. Also his pubes, cock and balls.

My teeth were positioned near TenderRibs' shoulder and I sank them lightly into his neck producing squeals of delightful agony. With my partner exploring all areas of TenderRibs which I was neglecting, we began to tickle him ruthlessly. Again and again.

As TenderRibs giggled and bucked, he also began sweating. Not as much as our previous victim, TJ, but he did sweat! The aromatic moisture was causing a wonderful slippery sensation between our bodies. The light, manly smell of fresh sweat filled the room and our nostrils. The more I tickled, the more TenderRibs sweated - and the more he slid all over my body. My cock was being massaged expertly by his clenching buttocks. And both of us were soon panting heavily.

At no time during his experience did TenderRibs call out "Cease", which I found very impressive. Feeling quite exhausted, we decided to try milking his cock one more time before setting him free. Off came the blindfold again. Grabbing his cock, we pumped it again. The third milking produced a little more cum and many more moans of delight. Three orgasms in three hours, amid waves of relentless tickling.

It was now time to relieve our own tensions. I oiled up TenderRibs' bare feet and slid my cock between his soles till I was really throbbing, then let my cum spatter across his body. My boyfriend's cum soon joined mine on TenderRibs' torso.

It was now time to let our cute straight boy free. He staggered into the shower, totally spent. That afternoon, we relaxed a little with some erotic tickle videos which I had here. Then, I took TenderRibs into the city for a meal and we finally parted company, with TenderRibs heading off to investigate the conference he had come to Sydney to attend.

Even now, all three of us find it hard to realize this event truly happened. I doubt that TenderRibs will ever be the same again. I wonder if his girlfriend noticed that he was a changed, and deliriously happy, man when he arrived home?

Thanks TenderRibs. This was a memory we'll cherish forever. We hope you feel the same. Wherever you are...


Down Under