The Prisoner



The Background and Contract

"The Prisoner" has just been captured behind enemy lines. "The Interrogator", via spy information, has been informed that "The Prisoner" knows the secret 3-word "pass-phrase" which will enable "The Interrogator's" side to break into "The Prisoner's side's banking system and steal 120 million dollars. Each of the 3 words will enable the theft of 40 million. "The Prisoner" knows that in only 90 minutes, his side will automatically change the "pass-phrase" rendering his now valuable knowledge useless to "The Interrogator". If "The Prisoner" can endure 90 minutes of tickle torture without giving away any of the "pass-phrase" he will save the day and be treated as a hero by his side. However, if "The Prisoner" reveals any or all of the 3 words in the "pass-phrase" he will be subjected to additional tickle-torture by his own side. The penalty for each word revealed is a full hour of non-stop tickling which will commence exactly 30 minutes following the initial 'interrogation.' If "The Prisoner" incurs any penalty tickle-torture time during the 'interrogation', he may escape his punishment by offering one of the following substitutions:

1) "The Prisoner" finds one or more substitute ticklish males (within 5 years of the age of "The Prisoner") who are willing to be bound and tickle-tortured in his place for the total penalty time (which may be divided among several ticklish men).

2) "The Prisoner" finds at least one other male (within 5 years of the age of "The Prisoner") who are willing to bind and tickle-torture "The Interrogator" for the total penalty time. The only requirements: "The Interrogator" may only be tickle-tortured in another apartment and must be tickled by at least 2 men ("The Prisoner" may be one of them).


I, "The Interrogator", ________, agree to do exactly the following to "The Prisoner" upon signing this contract:

I, "The Prisoner", _________, agree to have exactly the following done to me by "The Interrogator" upon signing this contract:

1.) I will order "The Prisoner" to remove his shirt (leaving his shoes and socks on) and to lie on the bed (face up) so that his feet dangle off the end. If "The Prisoner" resists even for a moment, I am to immediately remove the shirt and push him onto the bed.

2.) I will proceed to tie "The Prisoner's ankles securely to the foot of the bed. I will then proceed to tie "The Prisoner's wrists over his head exposing his armpits. The bondage must be secure enough so that "The Prisoner" cannot extricate himself from this position. Ask "The Prisoner" to attempt an escape from his bonds. Tighten them accordingly...

3.) Ask "The Prisoner" for the secret "pass-phrase" (The "pass-phrase" is "Manhattan Sucks Shit"). If he tells me he doesn't know it, I will tell him I don't believe him... I will give him another chance by asking him again..

If I still doesn't tell me, I will tell him that I am going to tickle-torture him until he gives me the "pass-phrase". If "The Prisoner" still doesn't give me the "pass-phrase", I will begin tickling him above the waist. I will be as cool and sadistic as I possibly can! No matter how much "The Prisoner" begs me to stop, I WILL NOT SHOW MERCY! I will continue tickling him for 5 minutes! After 5 minutes, I will stop and tell him to think about the situation...

4.) After a minute or so, I will ask "The Prisoner" again for the secret "pass-phrase". Casually, I will tell him that if he doesn't come up with it, the tickling will only get worse. I will blindfold him. (Note: Once he is blindfolded, then you may read from these notes.) I will tell "The Prisoner" that I am going to very slowly remove his shoes and socks. If he doesn't reveal the "pass-phrase" by the time both socks are removed then he will be tickled for 90 full minutes. I will tell him that once the tickling commences it will be non-stop unless one of the 3 words of the "pass-phrase" is revealed. Each time a word is revealed, a 2 minute break will be granted.

(2 minutes is long enough to enter the word into the computer and steal 40 million dollars)

5.) I will go to the foot of the bed and begin slowly undo-ing each shoelace...slowly removing each shoe and each sock...Once "The Prisoner's" feet are bare I will remind him that as he cannot pull his feet away, he will have to endure being tickled...For the last time I will ask "The Prisoner" for the "pass-phrase"...If he doesn't say "Manhattan Sucks Shit" I will begin tickling his feet, or his upper body ..I will Ignore all pleas to end the interrogation unless I hear all 3 words which make up the "pass-phrase", or when 90 minutes has expired (whichever comes first) If "The Prisoner" endures the entire 90 minutes without revealing even a single word of the "pass-phrase", then he is free to go on to hero-dom. If any or all of the "pass-phrase" is spoken, "The Prisoner" is then subject to the penalties or options for substitutions as outlined. Should "The Prisoner" choose one of the substitutions, he has one hour to make the a substitution happen, or be subject to immediate penalty tickle-torturing.

I, "The Interrogator" __________, agree to the above-mentioned


I, "The Prisoner", agree to the