Officer Cole's Secret



He's a rookie on the Rocklin Police force. I remembered him from high school. He played small forward on the basketball team. Strange, I never thought of him as someone who might make a candidate as a police officer. He wasn't special or nothing, just a towhead kid who did everything the coach said, and wasn't all that good. He was kinda quiet, and no rocket scientist in class. He hung out with guys like himself, guys who didn't say much and seemed kinda invisible when we were in school. I knew he'd gone to the local J.C. in Stanger after he graduated, but after a year he'd applied to the Carlin County Police Academy and was accepted. After his six months of hard physical training, and another six months as a "baby" officer during his probation, he made the Rocklin squad. Then again, the standards weren't that high. Our local cops were strong guys, tough guys, but didn't need much else going for them. Fuck, if they seemed like regular guys, got a hardon from holding a gun, and chased local pussy, they were halfway through the necessary requirements for a local cop.

I ran into him at the pond by Brock Adams' farm. After work I'd driven my truck down to the pond to take a swim and drink some beer. Shit it was hot, and the thought of that cool pond water under my balls, and a cold beer to warm my gut, sounded like the best thing since sliced bread. I hadn't dropped a load for the week, since Jenny Haskins had given me a sweet blow job last Friday night, and then I'd had my dick sucked at the glory hole in the bar off the freeway on Saturday night. Shit, I couldn't find a cunt to fuck anywhere, and I knew that I could drain a load in the bar john...there was always a cocksucker in one of the booths ready to suck off some drunk, or any guy who had blue balls and no pussy.

This week had been long and I'd worked too many damn hours. The thought of the pond and a beer seemed like the most energy I could muster even though my dick had that needy tingle. I stripped down, dove in and skinny-dipped. Then I lay out buck naked on the edge of the pond under the tree we used to swing from over the water as kids. Jesus, the air smelled thick, sticky and sweet with the scent of the summer honey-suckle. Lying on that blanket, no one around, it didn't take no time at all for my dick to start getting hard after a week of neglect. Looking down my rock hard abs with their dusting of brown hair, to the root of my cock in a nicely shaped forest, made my prick get itchy. That sweet fucker just started to stiffen up, fill with blood, stretching out so the big fat knob could start to jerk. When your fucking hung and horny, what else are ya gonna do but throw a bone with a week's worth a juice jammed up your tubes?

He must have parked his cruiser down the road, and walked silently to the pond. I didn't see or hear him, and I don't know why he didn't announce himself when he saw me. Ya never know about those quiet ones. They seem straight enough, but when ya get alone, and push just right, ya never know....When he came up to me, I was in the process of fisting my meat slowly, torquing my rough fist over the engorged tip and grimacing from the sensation of my pre-sap lubed calluses scraping over the heart of my white trash dork. Nature hadn't made me smart, and I wasn't going to win any awards for initiative, but Jesus did I have a body and a dick of death. Cunts prayed for me to pork 'em, and any time that my cock appeared hard through the hole in some dirty john, cocksuckers thought their prayers had been answered. I just liked the feel of a gooey lips and slippery tongues, glazing over my aching rod.

Each time I'd reached up a hand to pinch one of my fat, erect tits, my tight, pale, white and hairy buns would grind into the blanket, long, curved toes gripping from the sweet sensation of my bloated balls getting close to shooting scum. He must of been standing to my left, his own hairy paw gripping the hard bulge in his uniform pants, watching me beat my meat like some slutty teen punk. When I saw him, I nearly jumped outta my skin...but when I saw the flushed ruddy cheeks, and sweat dripping from his brow under the bill of his cap, and the way his fist kept kneading that fat crow bar in his pants, eyes glued to my prick...I figured I'd just continue to pull my meat, kinda thrusting up my hips so he could really see me acting like I was in hardon heaven. Maybe I had a faggot cop on my hands, and I was gonna get a blow job rather than a five finger workout on my needy pork.

Like I said, I'm built. I've got the body of a fuck horny young stud, the kinda shit that people drool over, and wonder what it would be like to lick and touch me. I'm 6'3" tall, 196 athletic lbs. with just a hint of a beer gut starting to develop. I got light brown hair with dark brown roots. You know the type, the hair under my arms, my eyebrows, and my bush are dark brown and thick. There's a sweet line of dark hair from my navel to my pubes, and the hair fans out on my abs and between my pecs gettin' lighter as it goes. Under my balls, and up the crack of my ass, there's that dark valley of deep, dark, hair that looks so tasty and inviting. But on my head, and my pubes, are more blond than dark. My chest is rock hard, with firm, jutting pecs. My nipples are little brown peaks with stiff, rubbery tips that stick out just over a quarter inch, and ache when my t-shirt rubs them too much. And my cock. Well some people might think its not fair to have my face, my body, and this dick as well. It's six inches soft, but hard it closer to nine, aimed straight down getting wider from its base until it reaches a long, fat, spongy helmet. I'm cut, but when folks see my dick hard, jutting up over my big hanging balls, with that big knob wet and sticky with pre-cum, well I ain't ever had any complaints. My cock root's thick, wide and hairy, hanging down below my ass to my balls. I love it when I'm on my knees, and some bitch is licking that root while her long finger nails are grazing up and down my pecker. My thighs are big and hairy, leading to nice hairy calves, and ankles that look so good in crew socks and any kind of work boots. Once had a gal who sucked my toes like they were little pricks; loved those long beauts, the high muscular arch of each foot, and my narrow heels. Those big size twelve's, pale and covered with veins, were like the rest of me the product of generations of trashy pea brains who could fuck like rabbits. And man do I love it when the bitches scratch their nails along my soles, and into my instep when they're worshipping my fuckin' feet. Those thoughts crossed my mind as I watched Officer Cole's big wide black boots moving toward me, toasting his own big hooves from a day of work in the sweltering heat.

Officer Derrick Cole just stared, like a starving man. I guess he couldn't help himself, though I would never have knowed that he was a faggot in high school, or afterwards. Yeah, he kept to himself, but I saw him once in a while with some big titted gal once a month or so, so I figured like most cops he was getting his share and making it count. But now, he was standing nearby, worrying his fuck bulge and looking like a grade 'A' cocksucker. A little wet stain was developing at the point where his own fat prick tip was jutting out from his briefs and grazing against the rough wool material of his pants. You know how that feels, when you through and bone and your dick head gets worked by your Levis...almost like ya gotta grab it for the tickling and ache. I figured, with that hot needy look on his face, I'd go ahead and speak, see if this pig could be put in a sty:

"Hey buddy, if you're gonna be part of this game you gotta come down and join," using a tone that wasn't cocky yet was scared either.

At first he didn't say anything. He just kept staring at my straining meat and slapping fist. But he gulped hard, looked up at me guiltily and tried to defend himself from the implication behind my invitation. "What the fuck are you know this kinda shit is some kinda queer or something, playing with yourself out here in public?!"

I liked his spunk, he wasn't gonna go down without a swing, but inside I was smiling. Fuck-shit, who was he foolin' wasn't me copping a look at some guy wanking his dick. "Hey Officer," I half whined, "can't a guy get some relief without breaking the law? I just drove out here after work...cause it was all hot and shit, I thought I'd take a dip, drink a beer, and drain my nuts. Shit, don't you ever get horny riding around all day...?" He just stared at me as I jawboned, then returned his eyes to my fist which continued its slow path, riding up and down my pulsating, drooling pole, pausing to irritate the big, itchy head.

Without saying a word, he walked over to where I was lying. His uniform crotch was full, and now punched out toward me, the wet stain moving from the side to the front caused by his own painful boner. "You should be at home doing this can't just whack-off out in public like this...its fuckin' indecent. Some...some fifteen year old gal comes along and...and sees you and...and the next thing you know you're up on charges...." His words slowed as he spoke, almost as if he was losing his concentration. He seemed to lose his concentration, and his eyes began to move up and down my torso, stopping each time they passed my taut tits looking like juicy little cones shining on the edge of my pecs and poking out from a halo of hair. The perspiration had soaked his forehead under the bill of his cap, which he pushed back so that he could cool off a bit. His armpits were now wet. The stain at his crotch was bigger...the fuck-up couldn't even see that he was the one in jeopardy, a cop with a big stick in his pants, poking all out and looking obscene. I had this little fuck-head, the prospects were making me giddy; a cop with cock on his brain was nearly in my hands.

I resumed grinding my butt into the blanket. The little pucker of my dark hole winked at Officer Cole from under my balls and the thicket of hair which parted, wet and sweaty as I spread my knees. My head lolled back, and I closed my eyes and moaned as my meat strained more stiffly from the rough work of my palm and fist. "Oooohhhh, jeeeezzzzzz Officer....I'm sooooo fuckin' horny....Christ, I need some relief....give a guy a break huuuuhh........whadda about some help....aaaaaaawwwwwww yeeeeeaaaahhhh."

For the first time, Officer Cole looked me straight in the eye: "Are ya crazy, whadda ya mean some help? What if someone comes by here...I just told ya we could get into shit for this...are you fuckin' dense or what?" But his eyes moved back to my fist, just easing over the crown of my bulging knob, torturing the flange with a slow jerking motion. He unconsciously moved closer, and had used the expression "we" might get into shit. My drooling pecker had snared him, and I was getting ready to use my fleshy cunt reamer to hook a big blue fish right in the mouth.

"Shit, Officer, no fuckin' body is around here this time a day...just you 'n me. Come on, man... we could help each you've got scum up to yer eyeballs too, couldn't you drop a load and get some relief? I've been hard up all week since my last blow job, and my joint's achin' to get wet and worked." He looked at me like I was crazy, but he wasn't moving either. Yeah, my odds were improving by the second. Each time my fist forced of bubble of sap outta my leaky dick, that dim wit cop was gettin' more mesmerized. I continued to hammer at his fading resistance.

"Aw get offa-it, man...there's no fucking way anyone is gonna find us out here. It's too fucking hot for anyone to be out, `cept us. And we're both too hot to skip this chance to drop a load." I took the advantage, and pushed him further over the edge. "Aaaaaaggggghhhhm, man my big dick needs some needs to be worked...and some tender lovin' care....fuck, I need to get drained! Don't you get fucking hard up, aaawwww fuck, I got throw a load, I need to get off....jeezzz, can't ya help me man...can't you see I'm fucked up...shit, I need some help bad dude...YOU'RE A FUCKIN' COP, and I'm a citizen who needs help, a dude out, huh?" I leaned toward him and grunted some more, as I slipped my thumb over the pebbled crown, again and again, sluicing through the clear sap that dripped out steadily from the wide piss lips, basting my knob and shooting shocks up my dork, past my tits, to my brain. "Com'on Officer, please man, get down and help a guy out...shit, (sounding needy and kinda helpless)'on guy, come down and help me huh?...." Without thinking or speaking, the big bodied cop slipped down to his knees in the grass near my blanket, the moist green blades immediately staining his pants. He didn't fucking care...he was too pre-occupied with my gnarled fist, the calluses on my thumb grazing the fuck out of my dick tip. "That's it baby...shit yeah, com'on down and help a guy. Jeez, get a whiff of these balls...piss, fuck, shit...I'm as horny as a goat in heat...and ranking up the place...yeah, you know how it is, when you're lying in bed late at night with a bone thinkin' about some bitch you've wanted to fuck to death, and ya rub you fingers in your ball sweat and bring 'em under your nose and smell that man scent, ready to shoot crud...yeah, take a sniff man."

The dumb ass cop lowered his head cause he knew what I was talking about and something in his fevered brain told him to smell another man's balls. As if he was in a trance, he lowered his head and his hat fell off to the side. He didn't even notice. He closed his baby blues, and took a deep snort of my rank, sweet, big ball sweat wafting up from my hairy nards. "Yeah man," I grunted, as his nose bumped into my sweaty, roiling nuts, "get a deep whiff buddy, take a good smell...oooooohhhhh yeeeaaahhhhh Officer, I need your help man...jeez do I need your help." I continued my helpless, overcome-by- fuck-heat, charade.

I used the hand that had been tweaking my hard tits, and scratching them into painfully hard erections, to get a firm yet gentle grip of his damp hair. Then I slowly pulled his head deeper into my crotch, and ground his nose and lips against my stinking balls as I squeezed my thighs together to hold him in place, flexing them so he could breathe, then closing them again to keep him snuffling under my balls. "Yeaaaahhh, that's it got me good now....get in there real close....yeah...take another whiff, and maybe a bout that, huh, can you get that tongue out and give me a little help...right there, yeah, right where your nose is...oooooohhhhhh fuck yeah." His long tongue snaked out, and swiped against my damp balls, and almost slipped behind them toward my cock root.

"You know how it is man...a guy gets a bone-on, and his balls get steamy and know, just like your big dick and hot nuts are right now I bet. Gotta have someone lick 'em a bit, get that heat 'em down...yeah....that it baby, you got my big boy nuts in you control... just keep lickin' 'em...oooooohhhhhh yeah, you got me got me....aaaaagggghhhhhh!"

The dick brained cop was lost. He was slurping his licker all around my big bag of nuts, diggin' into the long dark hairs, sucking up the damp ball sweat. His nose was pressed against my nuts so he could keep breathing in that rich, heady smell of starch. And I kept urging him on. "Aaaaaggggghhhhhh, fuck your the best man....that tongue of yers knows its job...shit, it really knows its business man...oh yeah, run that slimy fucker all round my big balls...take 'em in your mouth and give 'em a bath. Aaaawwwwww yeah, you got me by the short hairs, work me." I pulled one of his hands up, and those fat fingers of his felt the nub of one of my tits, and without any encouragement, they began to gently pinch and ply the worried teat.

I noticed that he had unzipped his pants, and his other fist was itself working a six inch bone that must have been five inches around, with a head like a over-ripe plum. He was grinding the fucker's head with his own fist, torturing it as he licked and sniffed my big balls. This was gonna be an afternoon to remember. He was lost, and even though he had my balls between his teeth and I was whining about how he had me, I knew I was in control.

Within minutes, I got him over on his back, with his wand stickin' up out of his pants, waving in the hot air, drippin' and droolin', his legs slightly spread and his black shoes pointing outward. His shirt had come out of his pants, and the lower buttons had come undone. I sat on his stomach, then leaned forward until my ball bag was hanging onto his chin. I let him begin to lick up the thick, curved muscle of my cock shaft, slurping up the tangy goo that drooled from my meatus. This cop was gonna become a dick slave before the day was through, and his fist on his dick was the last pleasure he was gonna give himself. I didn't want the fag cop to suddenly get off and squirt his crud on my back.

After five minutes of him playing nurse-maid to my pecker, I cajoled him in his dazed condition into the back seat of his cruiser, urging and leading him on like he was in charge of me, taking control of some trashy perp. After persuading him to radio in that he was going to make a check of a remote area behind the Adams farm, while I gently tugged on his tits through his shirt, I put him in the back seat and cuffed him with his own cuffs behind his back. I lay him back down on the seat, unbuttoned his shirt, and pushed up his tee. My lord, what a firm hairy chest, with two pumped pecs covered his firm, sweaty chest was covered in black hair damp with his sweat. I made a search to find his pink, coned teats among that curly forest, so I could play with them, roll them in my fingers, scratch my nails across their tips, and gently give 'em a tug. He growled, and buckled, pushing up his hips and his now abandoned erection, gasping as my fingers worked his whorish tits. Then to keep him in line, I unbuckled and dragged down his pants along with his briefs, to his shoe tops. His rigid dork snapped as his briefs rolled over the fat head, and I took a quick swipe at his rigid boner making him hiss from the lightly stinging sensation of my palm against his dick head, splattering his pre-fuck on his shirt and thighs. But the clincher was when I raked my fingernails across his hard abs.

He bolted upright, trying to bend from the ticklish sensation. What have I here I thought to myself with a sassy grin. I pursued it, and wound an index finger into his navel, while I scratched a tit. He grunted like he'd been fucked, and he rolled from one side to the other to wrench my hand from his pussy navel. Then I let my fingers slide up and down his sides, from armpit to love handles. He jerked like a puppet, whining with a hiccuping laugh that turned into a grunt or squeal, before I backed off. The fuck head didn't say nothin', just kept his eyes closed and wheezed after I would tickle him. He was a pig in a poke, and I was gonna poke him every way from Sunday. I had learned what I needed to know from that short stint, this was goin' to be a fuck-fun day. I left him like that, stretched out...shirt up and pants down, with his legs hanging out the backdoor for a minute, his dork sticking straight up, pale, hard and wet, while I quickly parked my car behind some trees near the pond. Then I shoved his feet into the back door with him lolled out, and got in the driver seat of the cruiser and drove up to the mill ruins behind the Adams' place.

Once at the mill house, I took him in, making him duck walk with his pants still around his ankles, pushing his arms up to the middle of his back, and using a finger on my other hand to goose his butt hole so he'd push his chest and crotch out, drippin'' dick slappin' back and forth on his hairy thighs. Once inside, I cuffed him to a chair, and then tied his feet apart to the legs of the chair, with his pants and briefs still bunched and spread. He looked so nasty and unkempt, like a guy who'd do anything for some fuck lust, eyes closed and chest heavin'.

I had this cunt cop where I wanted him. So he was a fucking fraud. He dated cunt, but wanted to be run by a man, made by a guy who could tell him how it was gonna be. Yeah, this was gonna be fun, working over this shit-for-brains pig, and seeing him sing when I 'tickled his fancy.' First I climbed up on the side of the chair after taking my walking boots off. My moist stockinged feet were planted next to his thighs, and my big hard dick was aimed straight at his mouth. I had him duck his head down under my nut sack and lick my starchy balls again. I even had him snarf down under my balls and all the way to my asshole, and then I leaned over him so his hair goosed my navel and my nuts rested on his eyes. That way he could slip that lizard like tongue that had been tentatively sluiced up into Janie Apperson's pussy a few times, into my sweaty, hairy hole.

Now my tone had changed, and he didn't complain: "Yeah, you big dicked cop, get your long, sticky tongue in there under my nuts, that's where that tongue should be all the time, licking under the sweaty nuts of horny guys. That's what you need isn't it baby, you need to be trained and worked by men. You need to pull off some guys shoes and socks and suck man toes, you need to lick man butt, you need to suck man dick and you need to eat man cum. I'm gonna take good care of you, and keep that dick of yours in line; yeah a Dick who needs his dick managed. If you're a good boy, maybe I'll let you beat your meat, and lick the cum from your own hand. But no more playing with that fucker while I'm waiting for my crud to spurt. Yer gonna be a good boy, and help me keep my nuts cool, aren't ya faggot?"

I kept his tits and dick hard, but only teased them like a cunt's tits and clit, enough to keep him itchy and horny, but not enough to get his nut. Finally, I slipped my big boy dick down his greasy throat, and let his sloppy spit and tongue bathe and baste my aching schlong. When my fat knob lodged in this throat without making him choke, the vibrations of his throat muscles made me go rigid, my prick tip expanding and I howled as I shot streams of tangy gism down to his stomach. "Ooohhh Yeah faggot, ooooooooohhhhhh fuckin' yeah....suck my crud, suck my shit, drink cum you cocksucker, drink my sperm till you drown....aaaaaagggggggghhhhh yeeeeeeeaaaaahhhh." When I finally withdrew, my cock was still dripping dregs which coated his flicking tongue and puffy lips. Then I went to work on his dim mind.

With one hand stuck up under his t-shirt plying and scratching his tits, and the other using some dry straw stems from the mill house floor to graze and tickle his aching prick knob, I made him beg for relief. I used some chaff from the straw to mix with his sweat and sperm, and soon his dick stalk and prick tip were red and itchy as I used the harder straw to scratch up and down his achy dong. After a while, I just let the hard scrabble straw scratch his bloated prick tip, making him buck like a bronco, and beg for mercy... "Aaaaaaagggggghhhhh fuuuuuucccck... nnnnoooooo....pleeeeeezzzzzee...don't tickle mmmmmeeeeeeeee....aaaaaaahhhhhhhh.... Help ....oh jesus help.....not my dick, pleeeeeezzzeee....not my dick...! As he whined for some help, I taunted him: "Yeah big guy, you had me didn't had my big dick in your mouth and my nuts on your had my jewels under your control, then you made me shoot shit till the cows came home...yeah, buddy, you're the best, helping out a guy like that, making him cum hard. But now I bet you think its your turn dude, those cop nuts have been roiling and steaming with scum all afternoon, and you've drooled a pool in your pubes, soaked your dick meat with clear you think now its time to work off a load, huh? But I ain't no cocksucker, like you. I don't play around with guys' dicks, or get their fuck juice on my hands or in my mouth. And I don't want you shooting shit all over me. Guess we're gonna have to find a way to let you get your nut, huh big guy?" And if you don wanna have that big dick tickled, maybe we can find someplace better to stick that itchy straw...maybe up your hairy asshole? How bout that, huh?

He was still swallowing hard from the wads of cum I shot down his throat, some still dripping from his lips and chin towards his heaving chest. With his dick straining, wet and dripping, and him begging to get off, I took a couple of photos with the Polaroid camera kept in the cruiser for crime scenes. I got a close up with my crud still clinging to his chin, with his cap askew and his shirt pushed up showing his hard tits. I took another with his dick up hard and slimy and his face in the background, showing him tied up and with his nightstick lodged between his thighs and under his balls like some obscene cop dildo. Then I told him how it was gonna he was nothing but "pond scum" (excuse the pun), and that cops like him should be kicked off the force. I warned him about the photos, and told him that if he wanted this to be our secret, he had to do everything I asked. He babbled how I'd made him do this, and that he was straight. But when I waved the pics in front of his face, he just groaned and whimpered, and asked what the fuck I wanted in a dejected and sullen tone.

"First off, you're gonna jack off...but not with your fist, cop. From now on, your dick is off limits to your hands when you're with me. You haven't earned the privilege to use your hands on that fat peter. You're gonna hump shit, and when you done, you'll lick up your scum. He said "no way" and told me to "fuck off." But his heart wasn't in it, and each time I stroked his fat cock tip with the hard straw, he would hiss and groan, hanging his head and panting in need. I'm gonna let you rub that dirty dong on my big feet, and jack off against my long toes. Then you're gonna suck the cum from those toes after you make your deposit. That'll start us off the way it should be, with you licking my feet, and sucking my toes whenever I tell you too. Get it, dick brain?" He just groaned and moaned, but when I sat down in a chair across from him, and raised one of my feet up to his face, and the other between his legs and near his dick, he started grunting and shoving that sticky sucker against my hard, long digits. I used the foot near his face to tickle his lips, scratch he cheeks, and rub his nose and ears, my long toes working like expert fingers. Finally, when my other foot started scraping against his dick knob, as he gasped I thrust my big toe in his mouth and the cocksucker began to suck it like a dog. I used the nails from my toes between his legs to tickle and scratch his boner, which he vainly humped and rutted against my muscular foot when he could make contact. His face was a mask of lust, eyes shut tight as he sucked on one foot, and masturbated himself on the other. Jesus, it was scene, seeing this butch cop worship my big feet, and using my strong toes to work his shaft, the soft soles making a perfect cushion onto which he could rub his dick head. He huffed and puffed, but after about ten long minutes, after he'd soaked his shirt with sweat from his exertions, he yelled and screamed as he shot ropes of cum, which I made sure coated my toes and foot. For good measure, I made him squeal and howl by pinching and flicking and scratching his prick knob with my wriggling digits after his come had ended.

Jesus he looked sexy as hell a minute later, with his cop hat back on, his tie to one side, with his tits poking out under the edge of his t-shirt, and one of my feet lodged in his mouth, sucking his own scum from each thrusting toe, licking my sole and arch. My other foot now toyed with his dick, which never went soft; tickling and poking at it, using the rough nail to scratch it. Beside the fact that he hadn't been able to give his dick the rub it needed, he was fuck horny from my jock feet, and my making him slurp and suck 'em. Whether or not Officer Derrick Cole wanted to admit it, he licked my toes stuck in his mouth like a starving man, attacking, then nursing them with his voracious tongue and lips.

I wanted some terms and conditions....and I got them.

I don't spend any Saturday nights down at the bar's glory hole no more. No more anonymous cocksuckers for me. I can have a dude at my feet...literally, whenever I want. If I can't get a cunt to put out for me some night, I know where I can get my nuts cooled. Like I said earlier, I'm no genius myself, but nature gave me what girls and guys crave. And those feet of mine are something special, on top of the hunky package I bring from face to dick. Twelve years of little league and American Legion baseball helped develop my feet. Jock toes, that's what the guys call 'em. Long and curved , with a high arch and slightly pigeon toed, and those muscular ankles and veins all over the pale tops. I keep 'em clean, and healthy cause you never know who will want to suck 'em. Dated one gal a year ago who liked 'em as much as my dick. One night after I got her drunk and took her back to a bud's apartment, she sucked the toes of two other guys from my summer league ball club, and we banged her silly. I can still see Johnny Stevens' big toe slipping in and out of her ragged pussy lips, her lying with her legs spread so he could sit in a chair and toe fuck her. At the same time, she sucked Billy Graham's long toes while he sat over her jerking his long, skinny dick. What a trip.

Last weekend, I had Officer Derrick Cole trussed up in my apartment. I took the wood ironing board I found out at the Mill House, and used an auger to cut a huge hole in it. Then I strapped Officer Cole on his chest down, with his ever hard prick, sticking outta the hole. Then I tied his feet to a broom bar, and cuffed his hands behind his back. I attached his cuffed hands to the bar, pulling his feet at ninety degrees from his knees that were resting on the ironing board. I put a heavy wood bolster under the board, so I could lean back on my bed with Derrick's face at my crotch level. At the same time, I could cross my legs under the bolster and my feet were clamped around Derrick's throbbing poker. With his arms pulled back, his head was forced up to just the right level.

His police cap on, and his night stick greased and gently lodged up his tight little butt hole, tied in place with laces from a pair of my old baseball shoes. I got a couple of whore clips on his titties, and his dick is encased in a rubber with nettles from a sticker bush biting into his cock skin and prick tip, making him itch and hurt a little all at the same time. His dick is harder than steel, drooling like a whore's cunt. But what I found out about his feet, has made this even more fun.

While he's got my pork deep in his throat, I got a long handled brush that I found in the garage that my Dad bought offa a TV commercial to use on the car when he washed it. I just use that stiff bristled brush on its three foot pole, on Derrick's face, his back, over his ass cheeks, against his tight hairy balls and his sensitive cock root, on his rigid and ticklish abdominal muscles (when I tie him face up), but most importantly on his upturned size eleven feet. Jesus, when I made him strip for an inspection, had him spread his cheeks, part his bush and show me his asshole, pinch his own tits, licking his fingers and jerking them, slide his meat in his fist and fingers in various ways, and finally give him a foot check, I found his feet were pale and soft in spite of his athletic body. He had the prettiest feet for a big old goof you could imagine. Trussed up on the ironing board, with my meat as his pacifier, I just used that long-handled brush over his soles and arch mercilessly and he grunted and laughed, with my dick in his gullet, his throat muscles giving me a blow job to die for. And all he could do was leak juice from his straining, aching schlong into the rubber, making the nettled stickers even more ticklish over his entire cock meat. He couldn't cum and his dick waved back and forth in frustration, itching horribly and unable to get any relief other than my feet rubbing it once in a while like it was a piece of wood being worked to start a fire. All that did was to work the sticker dust into his pecker more, and made him mad with the need to cum. After I got a sweet tongue fuck deep up my asshole, with one leg on his back and the other spread wide so he could get his face right into my crack, and after he sucked both my big feet while I drank a beer and I slipped my mom's vibrator up his bung to let it buzz his sensitive prostrate into submission, I made him suck my dick to two enormous ejaculations....Aaaaaahhhh fuck yes...that was sweet.

Finally, I let him get on his knees, arms still cuffed and legs still held apart with the broom, and let him rut against the brush after I took the rubber offa his pecker, and while I gently twisted the night stick up his sweaty fundament, and pinched his tits. He shot and yelled, the itching little bumps all over his dick now freed from that rubber finally getting some relief as the bristles on the brush tormented them into a soothing, tickling sensation that drove him to ejaculate. Later, for good measure, I used the car brush on his stomach muscles, while he was on his back, hands cuffed behind him and legs tied apart. I let him fuck my batting glove, oiled from many games, but covered with prickly pear hairs. You shoulda seen that dick jump into my fist, needing to be soothed from the nettle bumps on his dick head, and now truly getting scrubbed by the prickly pair hairs that scraped over and round his rod so he could shoot yelling and screaming. He couldn't stop fuckin' my fist, even after the cum had spewed from his overworked pecker, and I just let him baste his oversensitive glans in his own cum to relieve the terrible itching that still tortured his spent prick tip. Then he had to lick every savory drop of his thick, jelly that I could catch in a dish I held under his cock while it was spurting that final time. I've made him use the brush on his own dick, which is even more of a turn on, and he doesn't scream any the less.

He's so obedient--and more than just cause I've got more great pics of him--that I can ask for special favors. I still like a tight cunt for a night, but I get off on hunky guys who have to beg for my body. Something about making a guy grovel that makes my dick leak. One time, Cole got that little shit Hardin Richards down in my basement. Derrick picked him up for drunk driving last week and discovered some pot in his car. Now the little eighteen year old punk is doing penance with us, rather than face charges. Derrick just brought him over, and asked if I'd like to work him into our games. I said fuck the brooding little bastard got dragged down the stairs. We strap him down on the work table in my basement on his back. His legs are in slings that keep them secured up and apart. His arms are tied down to the side of the table. Derrick has his hairy blond ass over Hardin's lips, and he's using an electric tooth brush on the kid's long feet and long toes. There's something special about the way he attacks Hardin's well padded, muscular feet. He seems to find the softest spots, and aims the whirring bristles of the toothbrush to them. The more the kid flexes and curls his toes, frantic to pull them out of the maddening tickle, the more Cole seems to work that spot. He'll even lean down to suck one foot, while he's working the other, to totally distract the kid, and confuse him, making the tickling all the more effective. As he works the toothbrush and his sucking mouth on those athletic feet, the kid howls into that tight little anal knot, and works like hell to get his tongue up and in so Derrick will give him some brief respite, a moment's rest. In the meantime, two fuck horny cocks are leaking and drooling, bumping into each other; one aimed straight out, the other from below, aimed straight up. Cole's thick short spike, and Richard's long, thin curved snake, bouncing against each other, slopping clear goo from one another on the other. They keep rubbing against each other, but not long enough for any relief for either. I coat them with nettle juice or brush em with a prickly pear, and let them try to rub against each other for relief.

Eventually, I slip my dick covered with a French tickler up Richard's tight, hairy teenage fuck hole, lubed with Vaseline and nettle dust mixed up in a wicked little potion. As I fuck him, I take the electric tooth brush and work Cole's tits and dick. His hands are now tied behind his back, his ass is still squarely above Hardin's slurping mouth. From time to time, I switch from Derrick's raging boner, to Richard's throbbing erection. When I'm ready to cum, I work the buzzing bristles back and forth over each dick head as I hold them together. Finally the screeching little punk can no longer hold his jizz and he erupts in jets of teenage gism. His ass starts clamping down on my wrangling fuck pole that's rubbing his job spot and making him grunt and shoot even more. That forces the rapier tongue of the helpless punk deep into Officer Cole's butt, and I twirl one of his taut tits as he shoots spontaneously, writhing with the need to have some rough fist work his spurting dick meat, and only getting the elusive buzzing bristles on his flange and glans.

One of these nights I gonna ask Billy Graham and Johnny Stevens if they'd like to join me, and see how many times we can pork these two fuckheads into cums without ever letting them touch their dicks, and watch them suck each of our feet after we play in a ball game one night. I also had an afternoon with little Hardin when Cole wasn't around. Shit, I'll have to share that with you some other time. I also want to see Hardin and Derrick suck each other's toes, while they've got plastic gloves on coated in nettle juice and Vaseline to jerk their respective partners horny, throbbing dick. Man who shoots first has to use the electric tooth brush on this dick until he cums again....Nothing like law and order to keep a guy's dick hard.


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