Oh, Mary!: Helpful Tickle Torture Hints

Posted by Jack on September 04, 1997 at 16:48:44:

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Mary -

Good question. Here is some free advice (and worth every penny) from an active player. I am mainly a top man, but I regularly engage in both sides, with both straight and gay guys.. I assume from your question that you are the "ticklee", but most of this is GENERAL information about how to make tickling more torturous.

First, maybe you could go to the archives of this board and read some of the real experiences I've had, along with this cool guy Tormenter, who really knows his stuff. Reading about it may give you some ideas. Go to the July Archive and read what happened to me in High School. It's posted under the thread "High School Tickling" (7/18/97). Then go to the August Archive and read all the stories under "M/M Ticklish Wagers" (8/11/97). Some good torture techniques are used. I hope to re-post the final part of what happened to my roommate Zack real soon, to this current board.

These will give you an idea of how torturous tickling can be.

(Jack's Note: The above-mentioned accounts by me and Tormenter (now known as "D") can be found on the current site. Look for "First Tickle Bet" and "Roommate Tickle Wager: Craps-You Lose" under "Tickle Wagers" and "Locker Room Revenge" under "Revenge Tickling")

Next, good tickle torture requires good bondage. Read up and learn about bondage techniques and the psychology behind bondage. It is a fact that most people are more ticklish when they are tied up and helpless. For instance, my size 13 feet are unusually ticklish. When my ankles are tied up, my feet FEEL even more ticklish. And when my toes are tied up, making my feet virtually immobile, they FEEL unbearably ticklish. It's partly the psychological knowledge that one is trapped and helpless, and partly the reality of not being able to physically escape the tickling. Good, tight, even awkward, uncomfortable or painful bondage positions can add immeasurably to a good tickle torture session. The confusion of the senses between dealing with an uncomfortable position, coupled, for instance, with light, relentless tickling, can and often does send a person over the edge. Some of my tougher jock buddies and I take this to extremes, creating very muscle-taxing, forced-workout scenarios, with tickling as a punishment for muscle-failure or as an incentive to keep working out. This is tickle torture to us. And hot man-to-man endurance challenges. Not for the squeamish, Mary.

Two suggestions for you to read more about bondage are the best Net resources I've come across. I have attached the URL for the first, the Bondage Factsheet in the Deviant's Dictionary, to this posting. The second, the Soc.Subculture.Bondage-BDSM FAQ List, can be found at:


Read, absorb, and practice on yourself or with a partner. Good bondage is a basis for good tickle torture. And there are a million hot positions to tie a victim into.

Next, don't forget about the psychological aspect of torture. In this case, verbal or visual teasing can play a major part of the "Hell" a victim can be put through. Being tied up, and just TOLD about the tickling that is about to be inflicted can get a person squirming and begging, without even touching them. Punishment / reward games are also very effective. Punish the victim for not being able to hold back their laughter while being tickled. What should the punishment be? More tickling, of course. Have a stopwatch or kitchen timer handy, and tell them exactly for how long the tickle-punishment is going to continue, non-stop. Punish them for asking for a "break" by giving them a break, but each break adds ten minutes to their total tickle punishment. They will be forced to think twice about requesting breaks. Try hooding or blindfolding. Removing the use of one sense can heighten the others. Not knowing where they are about to be tickled heightens the suspense and can drive a person nuts. Interrogation scenes, where the tickling doesn't stop until certain information is revealed, can be great torture, especially with a tough or cocky or stubborn victim. I've found that this works well on my jock buddies. They would rather DIE than give in, especially to another jock. A matter of masculine pride.

Don't forget about sexual teasing and orgasm denial as part of a tickle torture scene. This can go on for hours, overnight, or even days. Also, at least with guys, forcing them to orgasm, and then continuing the tickling can be devastating, as a guy is usually much more ticklish at that point. Does this work with women, too? Forcing a victim into multiple orgasms, coupled with merciless tickling, can be the ultimate torture.

Finally, get to know your partner / victim's weaknesses. Thoroughly explore every possible ticklish place, and take full and merciless advantage of it. Use any means at your disposal. Collect an arsenal of tickling implements and keep them handy. Almost every week, I add things to my box of tickle torture implements. But I often find that my fingers and fingernails are the best weapons. Play hard, take no prisoners, but always play safe.

I hope this helps, Mary.




Re: Oh, Mary!: Helpful Tickle Torture Hints

Posted by MaryT on September 05, 1997 at 08:57:45:

In Reply to: Oh, Mary!: Helpful Tickle Torture Hints posted by Jack on September 04, 1997 at 16:48:44:

I just read some of the archived postings by you and the Tormenter. Yup, I would say, you really are sadistic (but the good kind, the exciting kind). The guys that you tickle tortured - when they wanted to stop, do you think they said "stop" but secretly wanted more, and you knew that and you did not stop. And would you know when to stop if it really put their health in danger? I wonder, because in the B/D/S/M scene, there are very testosterone-powerful tops that say they won't adhere to a safe word but actually, it's only a kind of bluff, they actually would stop when they see you've hit your limit.

I liked hearing about the part where you tied each of the guy's toes in all different directions.

P.S. I've been involved in the gay community for the last 5 years (love it!) and whenever I've gotten kissed by a gay man, it was extremely strong and powerful, not like some straight guys kiss (although, the gentle romantic kisses are great also, just I've noticed a difference in general between straight and gay men's kisses) . Do you find this to be true? Again, it's that powerful testosterone which I think the gay men win over some straight men? Any comments?


Safeword? What's a "Safeword"?

Posted by Jack on September 08, 1997 at 09:46:37:

In Reply to: Re: Oh, Mary!: Helpful Tickle Torture Hints posted by MaryT on September 05, 1997 at 08:57:45:

Thanks for complimenting my sadistic streak, Mary. It is a finely-honed side of my personality, one that I enjoy venting whenever possible. Hey, tickle torturing a guy is better than pulling the wings off flies, huh? I also really admire a sadistic streak in other guys, especially a creative, diabolical one. Only a rare few of my tickle buddies have what it takes to truly and sadistically put another jock through hell, especially a good bud from Canada (you know who you are, dude.)

None but the wimpiest of guys would say "Stop" when they secretly wanted more. I have played these kind of tickle scenes, too, but I do not find them half as exciting as working on a real, masculine tough guy who would rather die than give in to another guy.

Yes, Mary, I DO know when to stop or change tactics if there is the possibility of any real danger. I play hard, but safely. For instance, you would not believe the number of guys who have passed out or temporarily "lost it" while I had them in extreme bondage. This is usually due to them not being in as good shape as they thought they were in, or because they haven't had anything to eat before they come to play, or they drank too much, etc. I always take good care of them, untie them, get them into a comfortable position, and help them recover. But every single time, once they are on their feet again, they have been re-tied and the session has continued. The toughest guys can usually handle what I dish out, but I almost always break them eventually.

Yes, I would say that I am a "testosterone-powerful" top, and I enjoy mixing it up with other brass-balled guys.

Safeword? What is a "safeword"?

Just kidding, but I NEVER play with a safeword. Gives way too much control to the victim. I use my head and my senses to monitor the victim's reactions. It takes concentration and sensitivity to what the victim is going through, and I orchestrate the session accordingly. I don't think many people realize how much effort and hard work it takes on the part of the TICKLER to conduct an intense tickle torture scene.

The way I usually work it, the guy has to completely give in, in order for the tickle torture to stop. He has to humiliate himself, beg, say stupid things, confess, or agree to do things in return for relief from the torture. He reaches the state of complete submission, total exhaustion, or near-collapse. (A buddy of mine and I recently tickled a tough young jock into this state. It was a lot of work but great fun, and after the guy recovered, he said it was the most intense workout he had ever been put through. He thanked us for the experience. The two of us were also exhausted, but we were grinning like Cheshire cats.)

Even after total submission, I often go into "overtime", keeping the tickling up for a while longer, sometimes A LOT longer, just to punish the guy for being so stubborn or cocky. Now this moves into a potentially dangerous "non-consensual" area, and you've got to know who you are playing with for this to be effective. You don't want the guy coming back the next day with a shotgun, looking for you. But once again, a rare few of my buddies and I think that THIS is the point where a session can really kick into high gear and get interesting. Definitely separates the men from the boys. However, there is also an issue to be addressed here, as in other heavy S/M scenes, about the need to eventually build your victim back up after totally demolishing him. Damage control, to be sure that there is no lasting emotional trauma. After all, you will most likely want to get together again, and deep down, you really do care about one another. I'd like to discuss this here with anyone who is interested or has some thoughts.

So, to my mind, forcing your victim into this state still gives him some control of his fate (he can "wimp out" whenever he has to, he will just never live it down, that's all), but it is way hotter than any dinky "safeword". So, you're right, it IS sort of a bluff, coming off as the meanest, hard-assed Drill Instructor in the world, but actually being very sensitive to the victim's reactions. But please don't tell this to any of my potential buddies. You'd blow my cover.

Glad you liked my tying of that guy's toes in all different directions. Very severe, creative foot and toe bondage, making the feet totally immobile and helpless, is one of my favorites. I love to trade ideas with guys about just this subject. You can tell that I enjoy torturing a guy's bare feet a lot. It's one of the best spots to break a tough guy down. Especially tough jocks.

I've never really been passionately kissed by a straight guy, Mary, so you got me there. But I do agree that some gay guys are tougher and more masculine than a lot of straight guys. Maybe our testosterone kicks in harder because society puts us down so often, and we feel we have to over-compensate and prove our manhood.

That'll be 5 cents, please.



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