School For Scandal



Dr. Von Roehem was not really an evil man, but he did have a few... quirks. He was certainly handsome enough with straight black hair combed straight back and strong, masculine features. A smirk was usually present on his mouth. His past adventures would easily fill several volumes, but this writing concerns only his present exploits here in St. Louis, of all places.

About eight months ago, the good doctor was appointed headmaster for an experimental school which took in 18 and 19 year old trouble makers who had flunked out of high school. The idea was to get the kids straightened up and into jobs before they ended up in prison. Some of the guys had been sent to the school by frustrated parents, others by judges who had no desire to send an 18 year old to prison for a minor offense, and a few poor fools had actually volunteered to enter the place.

The school building itself was a foreboding looking place with high walls surrounding the premises and steel bars on all of the windows. The place had a Gothic feel to it.

The latest arrival to the school made Von Roehem smile. The lad was handcuffed, but he had to be held by two beefy looking guards in brown uniforms as he was fighting and kicking and cussing the whole way to Von Roehem's office. The guards led the boy into the office to face the headmaster. Von Roehem could scarcely conceal his amusement as he studied the boy. Vinny, the miscreant's name he noticed from the file set before him, was 19 and he had a string of minor violations - mostly fighting and disorderly conduct. He certainly looked like he had a lot of spunk, thought Von Roehem. The kid was about 5' 10" and weighed about 165 lbs., obviously muscular. His hair was thick and dark and a strand had fallen over one eye. Vinny had on the uniform of today's troubled youth - faded Levis ripped at the left knee to reveal a smooth, tan leg, hi-top Converse (Chuck E's), a white T-shirt, and a jean jacket. He looked defiantly in Von Roehem's eyes. This was a cocky one.

"So, Mr. Artino, you've been a bad boy. Fighting, causing trouble at home, dropping out of school. You know, you're fortunate that the judge sent you here. We'll work with you, make you into something you can be proud of," Von Roehem told the lad.

Vinny spit in his face and told him to fuck-off.

"That was very unwise, Vinny. You see, I am in charge here. I'm not your father. I am not a judge. I am not bound by any societal restraints or morals. My job is to straighten out cretins like you, and I have free reign to do as I please. I had thought we might be friends, but I'm rather pleased that you chose to defy me. That means we both will get to have an ... um...interesting time.

"I ain't afraid of you, Sperm breath."

"Gentlemen, bring Mr. Artino with me."

Dr. Von Roehem led the two guards and the struggling Vinny through a hidden door into one of the many secret back rooms of the school. This room, like many of the others, was entirely sound-proofed and had the look and feel of a dungeon. Strange looking devices filled the room and for the first time, Vinny felt just a little less sure of himself.

"String him up."

The two guards obeyed at once and Vinny found himself hanging by his wrists form a chain connected to the ceiling. His jacket had been removed and the chill of the room made him shiver involuntarily. His feet were planted on the floor and his ankles shackled.

Von Roehem approached the boy and held his face by the chin. Vinny's eyes burned with hate. The doctor spoke, "I'll go easy on you this time, boy, to give you taste of what to expect here. By the time you leave this place, if ever, you will be a respectable citizen".

Von Roehem ripped the dingy T-shirt off with one swipe, revealing a smooth young torso. Vinny was tan and hairless except for a sparse under each arm. His pecs were firm and well defined with little pink titties that hardened under the cool air. His stomach was flat and defined with a deep belly button.

"What are you gonna do now, faggot?" Vinny spat.

Von Roehem smiled his most evil smile and brought his hands over to grip Vinny's sides. Vinny jumped when the hands made contact with his flesh and got a little worried look on his face. Von Roehem began stroking the supple young flesh very lightly-over the belly and up and down the sides, stopping just short of the armpits.

Vinny began squirming and getting scared ass the fingers seemed to increase their and their territory. Every once in awhile, Von Roehem would tweak a nipple which always brought a yelp and a jump.

"Feel good, my boy?"

Vinny glared, but said nothing. His whole body felt sensitized from this feather light stroking and he twitched. The suspense of the inevitable was getting to him. He could take this, but the thought of real tickling made him weak.

Suddenly, Von Roehem dug into the boy's ribs. So it began. Vinny tried to retain his image, but it soon cracked as the Doctor began exploring his vulnerable pits. Every inch of his bare torso was reached by the Doctor. Von Roehem began drawing little circles in his armpits and Vinny started babbling. He was actually begging for him to stop in between fits of helpless laughter, but the headmaster kept on. His ribs, his belly and his sides were stroked, prodded and teased until Vinny thought he would lose his mind.

"You'll never spit on me again, will you.", Von Roehem said calmly as the fierce tickling continued.

Finally, the good doctor stopped. He allowed his fingers to gently the sides of the weeping, shaken boy which caused occasional jumps, but was nothing compared to the torture that had just ended.

Vinny was sobbing and still giggling a little as Dr. Von Roehem began his speech. The sweat was dripping off of the boy after his ordeal, and he felt as weak as a kitten.

"Now, Vinny, that was just a taste of our disciplinary procedures here. When you're bad, you're punished. This brief session was nothing compared to what I could do to your body. Stay in line, or pay a very dear price. Next time, it's going to be your feet."

Vinny gasped and shuddered involuntarily at the thought of his feet being tickled. He promised with a shaky voice that he would be good. He was released from his bondage and half carried off to his new home - a dorm like room with bars on the windows. A very Spartan room.

Vinny thought that his roommate looked cool, even if the room was a drag. The guy sitting on the bunk was big-about 6'2" and tough looking-the kind of guy who would just as soon beat the shit out of you as talk to you. A guy after Vinny's own heart. He had a scowl on his handsome face as he checked out Vinny.

"Over here, now, faggot," he barked pointing to the floor in front of his feet.

"Fuck off" shot back Vinny, his old cockiness returning.

The roommate stood up and strode over to Vinny before Vinny even knew what was happening. He grabbed Vinny's wrist and twisted so that he had Vinny's arm bent back behind him.

"Look, boy, you're fresh meat here. That means you do what I say. If not, I can make Von Roehem seem nice. You're responsible for keeping the room-and me-clean. You fuck up, I fuck you up. Now, You are gonna get down and lick my feet and work your way up. By the way, my name is Steve, but you can call me Sir."

Steve let Vinny's arm go and Vinny shook it a few times, glaring at the blond guy smirking at him.

"Get started on these sweaty feet, boy."

"Fuck off."

Steve sighed and again grabbed Vinny before he could do anything. He threw Vinny down and pinned him on his back, one massive had holding both of Vinny's wrists above his head. He started tickling the already weak Vinny who was soon begging and promising to lick his feet. Steve smirked and let him up. Then Vinny red faced and embarrassed, took hold of Steve's ankle and brought the big, veined foot up to his face. He began licking at the smooth sole as Steve wiggled his toes appreciatively. For some perverted reason, Vinny felt a stir in his loins at being in Steve's power.

Things went smoothly for a few days after that. Vinny made sure not to get Steve upset, and Steve was actually nice to him as he showed him how things operated at Dr. Von Roehem's school. Vinny met the other guys at the school, and even though he still hated being there, he did his best to conceal his cockiness. The headmaster kept a dose eye on his new boy, but Vinny did nothing to warrant scolding. Until he refused to do the laundry.

All of the students had assigned tasks that had to be carried out. Vinny was assigned to do the laundry of his hall one day and he refused, claiming he wouldn't handle dirty underwear or smelly sweat socks. Worse, when the guard tried to make him, he pushed the man and bolted, trying to escape.

Poor simple boy. He was caught before he got out of the building. He was cuffed and led cursing to Von Roehem's office.

"Well, well, well. I had a feeling we would be seeing you again."

"Take these fucking handcuffs off of me!" Vinny had obviously forgotten his position.

"Not doing your chores is a serious violation, Vinny. Running away was not very bright, either. Take him to room A."

Vinny was dragged down the hall to room A. Inside, he saw that it was tiny room with only a slab with a mattress in it. Vinny was thrown down and lashed to the table. He was relieved to find that his shirt was left on and his arms were tied to his sides. He also noted that his feet were pressed up against the wall. There was no way he could be tickled - no room at his feet and his arms at his sides protected his ribs and pits. He thought that they were just going to leave him in solitary.

Poor simple boy. The guard pressed a button and a small panel of the wall opened just where his feet were. He felt a sudden breeze and heard a lot of noise. Sounded like the cafeteria- The guards moved the slab forward about a foot so that his feet were sticking out. They unlaced his hi-tops and removed them along with his dingy white socks. One guard snickered, "Look at these feet. They're smooth as a baby's bottom!"

It was true. For all of Vinny's toughness, his feet, while big and masculine looking, were incredibly smooth, with rosy heels and soft soles. His toes were long and crooked with shiny nails. Vinny was getting very, very nervous. He had never been tickled on his feet because the slightest touch usually caused him to freak out. In fact, he never even went barefoot, which was why his feet were so smooth.

The guard pushed another button and a different panel descended, this one designed with two arches that pinned Vinny's ankles to a table on the other side of the wall, exposing his big vulnerable feet to the entire cafeteria.

"Now Mr. Tough-guy, I'm going to put this sign on the table by your feet, and every guy in this place is going to have a go at your feet."

Vinny said nothing, but the terror in his eyes made the guard laugh. He lay there on the table strapped down and helpless and waited for the inevitable. Soon, the cafeteria would be filled with the lunch crowd and his big bare feet were on display for anyone and everyone to abuse. Knowing the students at this school, Vinny was sure to suffer. The worst part was not be able to see his feet. He wouldn't know when someone was about to attack.

He heard an increase in the number of voices and knew that lunch must be starting. He heard a shout and then the voices grew nearer until he could hear them clearly.

"Well, well. What a lunch time treat, eh guys?"

"Yeah, look at these babies. Pretty smooth lookin'"

"He's gonna go nuts!"

"Wait'll he feels the claw!"

Vinny was really sweating now. He couldn't tell how many voices there were, but even one person -tickling his feet would be too much. Suddenly, someone touched his foot. just touched it, but Vinny's whole body spasmed and his foot jerked violently. Everyone laughed. "This is gonna be good," someone said.

One guy began lightly scratching his right foot and someone else started playing with his toes on his left. Vinny was squirming and going crazy and he knew it would only get worse. He felt more hands on his tender soles and now someone was going after the tops of his feet. He felt his two big toes being tied together and then all of his toes bent back and held while his soles were attacked in earnest. Vinny thought he would go insane from the feeling of all of those fingers on his feet. When someone got tired, there was another set of fingers ready to replace them.

If the guys torturing Vinny could have heard him through the sound proof wall, they would have been amused (and more likely to step up the action). Poor Vinny was thrashing about as much as his bondage would allow. His face was red and tears were streaming down his perfect face. He was begging like he had never done before, and it all fell on deaf ears. "P-P-Please! AAAH! HAHAFLAJ-LAAAAA HEEE! N-N-N-NOOOOO! AAAAGH! HA-HA-HAAAARGH! 0000! NN-N-NO-NOOOOO! AAAAA-A-A-FIHARRRGH .......

One of the guards chuckled at Vinny's reaction and pointed to the boy's crotch. "Hey, this guy actually gets off on his feet being tickled. Check out that boner."

It was true. Vinny's cock was rock hard. The sensations in his feet were unbearable, yet they made him wildly excited against his will.

Meanwhile, the lunch boys were having a ball. One big guy named Rod seemed to be the ring leader. He kept up a steady stroking of Vinny's right foot and let the other's work over the left. Rod had big hairy knuckles, but his fingers were soft and he expertly found the most sensitive places on the foot. Rod said, "Boys, I think it's time for the claw."

A general shout of approval went up and the "claw" was passed to Rod. Actually, it was a simple device, yet one that always drove its victims over the edge. The claw was only a bent fork, but when Rod pulled back Vinny's wriggling toes and lightly scraped the instrument up the length of his foot again and again, Vinny screamed and shot his load in his jeans. Then, mercifully he passed out.

Vinny awoke in a room he had never been in before. The room seemed very different from the other rooms in the school - very bright with white walls. Kind of clinical looking, but definitely not dungeon like. Vinny was lying on a white mattress on the white floor and he was naked except for a pair of tight black bikini briefs. His crotch felt strange-bulky. He pulled down the briefs and gasped - over his entire crotch was some sort of metal mesh-like cage. And it was locked.

"Yes, it is locked, Vinny. And I have the only key right here."

Vinny's head snapped up and he saw Dr. Von Roehem standing in the doorway holding a tiny key.

"What's goin' on here, man. Get me outta this thing ... Sir."

"I am afraid that's impossible, boy. You see, I witnessed your -- um - lack of self-control at lunch. Disgraceful. You need to learn to control your excitement. From now on, no cumming until I say so. Once a week, we'll remove your cage, and if you've been good, then you'll be allowed relief. If not, you'll be punished and you won't be allowed any satisfaction."

"No...oo. Please, I'll go nuts!"


"Fuck this, I'm getting outta here!" Vinny charged the doctor who calmly sidestepped him and got him in a headlock.

"Will you never learn?"

Von Roehem called the guards to come in and Vinny was quickly hog-tied. Von Roehem went to one of the bare walls and pressed a hidden button. The floor opened and a machine resembling a Nautilus rose up. Vinny was tied onto this thing. His feet were spread wide and tied onto stirrups, not unlike a gynecologist's set up. His hands were raised above his head and lashed to a bar stretching out his smooth torso and exposing his armpits. The leather seat had a huge hole in it so that most of his ass hung out. The black brief was ripped off and the cock cage removed. Vinny was hard in spite of himself and blushed furiously at Von Roehem's smirks. He struggled to remain still and Von Roehem's warm, fingers stroked his cock. "Now you will learn how delicious it is to suffer."

Von Roehem attached several feathers to the bar right above Vinny's crotch so that they dangled innocently over his hard cock. the feathers gently trailed over his cock in no set pattern and merely made him squirm a bit, pleasurably. Von Roehem looked at the guards and they started in. One took the feet and started gently running his fingers up and down the smooth soles. The other one began caressing the boy's ribs and sides. All of this made Vinny squirm, but it was not at all unpleasant - yet. Then Von Roehem produced a stiff red feather and stroked Vinny's face with it.

"Now boy, I'm going to stick this feather up your ass. Your little pink hole is wide open and just asking for abuse. I'll bet you've never been touched there, have you. Imagine what this feather will feel like...Ha Ha Ha."

With that he reached underneath and began stroking the exposed hole. The boy's whole body spasmed, and he tried to clench his cheeks together, but his legs were spread and bound. The feather teased his hole and finally entered him. He was being violated by a feather! His virgin ass was being stroked and teased by a fucking feather! And his squirming made the intense feelings worse. This gentle, relentless stroking over his whole body and inside of him was maddening-worse than anything he could imagine. He shook his head from side to side and whimpered. Anything would be better than this-even the fierce foot tickling. Von Roehem smiled, his most evil smile and lifted a paper for Vinny to read. Through his tear filled eyes he read it and moaned even louder. Von Roehem held a Court order which extended Vinny's two month sentence to one which was to last until Vinny reached 21.

"Yes, my dear boy, this is only the beginning..."


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