A Well-Thought Plan Goes Awry




I would like to share my first experience in Male to Male bondage. There isn't a whole lot of tickling in it, but hopefully you guys will enjoy reading about it as much as I enjoyed experiencing it.

To begin with, let me introduce to you the hottest 18 year old I have ever met: his name is Scott; he's somewhat younger than me, but a great buddy nonetheless. He has dark brooding eyes that can see thru to your very soul, dark brown hair as soft as the finest silk, and the sexiest smile that could melt even the worst of moods. Scott and I have been friends for a little over two years and I have constantly fantasized about completely dominating him.

One hot summer day, Scott had stopped by my somewhat small mobile home 1/2 mile off the main road, far enough away from civilization to be very handy at times. Scott and I had wrestled frequently and he always seemed to get the advantage over me, even tho I have him outweighed by some 20 pounds. He is very muscular, tho, and unfortunately, I am not, so it usually didn't take long for him to have me pinned. This particular day, I was feeling in the wrestling mood, so I immediately provoked him into a match by talking various degrees of shit to him. As we writhed on the floor, I had the ingenious idea that I would get a sneak attack on my nubile buddy and have him at my mercy. As he pinned me face down to the floor, I "gave up" and he released me. I told him "good match" and we had some small talk for a while before I retreated to the spare room to put into motion my devious plan.

I found some very long pieces of leather shoe lace from an old pair of boots and concealed them in the back pocket of my blue jean shorts as I returned to the living room. I had a guilty look on my face, apparently, because he immediately knew I was up to something. I then tried to pin his arm behind his back, but soon found myself again on the floor on my back. "Oh, so you planned to tie up the old Scottster, huh?" he asked with that sexy devious smile of his, "I don't think so," he snarled as he expertly bound my hands in front of me. Shit! Now I was in for it! He pulled me up and led me to my bed and as he pushed me back onto the mattress, he informed me that I was now going to find out what being tied up was all about.

I tried in vain several times to run, everytime thwarted by his strong arms pushing me back onto the bed. "Well, I see that I am going to have to make sure you REALLY learn who's in charge here!" He then lifted my hands above my head and secured them very tightly to the headboard with my leather belt. My pleas fell on deaf ears as he secured my ankles to each of the bottom posts. I was completely at his mercy (and secretly LOVING it!) and I wondered if he could see the growing bulge in my shorts. Again, I begged him to show mercy on me, and with a roll of his beautiful eyes, he began to laugh at my pitiful situation.

I could see him surveying the room and suddenly his eyes lit up about the same time that my heart sank in dread...Scott had spotted the roll of duct tape so carelessly left on my dresser. He pulled off a long piece and after shoving a t-shirt from one of my drawers into my mouth, he secured it in place with the duct tape. Sheesh! Here I was, the victim of my own nefarious plot against my own intended victim. I was securely bound and gagged and wasn't going anywhere until HE said so!

He studied me thoughtfully before the idea came to him....I knew the look...he had come up with the perfect torture for me...as I lay still vainly struggling to get free, he rose to leave, cockily telling me "don't go anywhere" ...he retreated to the kitchen. I heard the water running and then the sound I dreaded most: the freezer opening! Holy shit! I knew that I was really in for it, remembering that I had told my buddy how ticklish I was.

He returned with a cup of water, a bowl of ice cubes, and an evil smirk on his face. He removed my gag and held my head up to give me a drink of water, for which I was grateful. I asked him what he planned to do with that ice....he let out a devilish chuckle as he dipped an ice cube into the glass of water and began to graze my erect nipples...oooohhhhh god Scott, please stop! I begged.....as he slid the ice cube down the center of my chest he could just smirk as he told me that he wasn't even started yet. He left the one ice cube melting in my bellybutton as he retrieved another and looked at my exposed feet so vulnerably tied to the bed posts.

"OH NO....GOD PLEASE......DON'T!!!" I yelled! He lifted my left foot and began running the ice up and down the length of the bottom of my foot as I jerked and writhed in erotic agony...."Oh man, PPPPLLLLEEEEASE STOP! I will do ANYTHING!!! JUST STOP WITH THE ICE....ha ha ha ...oh pl..hee ha ooooh...." It seemed the more I pleaded, the more he enjoyed it! After completing the same torture on the other foot, some hours later, he asked me if I meant what I said about doing ANYTHING to regain my freedom as he held up another ice cube..I said "yes, I meant it...please buddy, let me go, I will do ANYTHING you ask." He looked anxiously at the ever-increasing bulge in my shorts and began to undo the button as he told me I may regret those words....

As I stared into Scott's eyes, I knew he meant business...he was really going to make me live up to my promise to do ANYTHING to gain my release. I could tell that he was a bit nervous, as was I..Scott and I were extremely close, but had never gone past the point of "petting" and now we were at a crossroads. I began to wonder if anything was really going to happen or if it was going to be another one of those times of relieving myself in the shower.

"HHHHOOOOOAAAAHHH" Scott said, "what the fuck..." and took off his shorts, exposing one of the nicest dicks I had ever seen, already rigid from the anticipation. He looked at me with a seriousness I had never seen before and said, "Dude, I have wanted to do this so many times in the past, but I was afraid that you would reject me, but now that I have you in my grasp I am going to take full advantage of the situation."

I had no time to respond, for just as I was going to reassure my buddy that I too had wanted this for a long time, he took me into his mouth and began what was to be the most sensual and LONGEST oral sessions I have ever had. He would work on my lower body for a while, tonguing my poor delicate feet and toes, bringing me to a somewhat erotic laughter; then he would work his way up to my stomach kissing and licking, making me harder with every flick of that gorgeous wet warm tongue of his. As he began to kiss my sides, I flinched in my bonds and began to giggle...uh oh...he had that evil gleam in his eyes again...but he smiled and said, "I will remember that for next time.."

As he straddled my chest and I took his 9 inches into my mouth (no I am NOT kidding, this dude is HUNG) all I could think about was how wonderful it was to have all of my fantasies fulfilled at once: being bound and unmercifully and erotically tortured by my gorgeous best friend and knowing he wanted me just as bad as I had ever wanted him. We both climaxed at the same time, him in my mouth and me all over his back and my stomach. As we lay in the afterglow of the most erotic experiences of our lives, I began to plot my revenge...........

THE END.....or IS it? (don't worry fellas, when I exact my revenge, you all will be the first to know...even before he does...ANY SUGGESTIONS????)